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Muslims Infiltrating The BBC?

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1It seems incredible, but the Muslim influence is starting to spread to our TV screens because they now want less Christian worship and the addition of Muslim worship programmes on ‘the box’.

A report by  Aaqil Ahmed, the BBC’s head of religion and ethics, states that the BBC’s output is too Christian and has suggested Muslim, Hindu and Sikh faiths should get more airtime.

Aaqil Ahmed

Aaqil Ahmed

Mr Ahmed said in a statement: “Christianity remains the cornerstone of our output, and there are more hours dedicated to it than there are to other faiths. Our output in this area is not static, though, it has evolved over the years and we regularly assess it. We do look at the number of hours we produce, and measure that against the religious make-up of society.”

The number of Muslims has risen drastically in the last ten years to more than three million. It has been suggested by Ibrahim Mogra, of the Muslim Council of Britain, that the BBC should give TV coverage of the Friday prayers from a mosque and give more coverage to the Eid.

Songs Of Praise - A Christian Programme

Songs Of Praise – A Christian Programme

A BBC spokesman said which programmes would be stopped to allow more Muslim content is not yet known but, “We … are actually intending to do more programming around Christianity and more on other faiths as well, so there is absolutely no question of an ‘either or’ on our output.”

What are we going to see next on our TV’s, Muslim game shows or news broadcasts. The mind boggles, and anyone who thinks that the Muslims will  not try to take over the country in time is a complete fool!


The Axe Is Falling At The BBC

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Its seems the current economic crisis is about to hit the BBC  like a ton of bricks, and as usual, all the wrong decisions have been made to save money. It would seem 20% budgets cuts are required to keep the broadcaster  afloat and ‘on air’. This could mean major job losses and programme redundancies, but has the BBC not been too ambitious over the past twenty years?

Broadcasting House - Home Of The BBC

Why does the ‘Beeb’ need so many TV channels and radio stations? Why does practically every city and town in the UK need its own local BBC radio station, and so many ‘county’ TV channels? Why does the BBC need to broadcast all across the world? Over the years, it has over-reached itself and is now financially in trouble.

The national broadcaster currently hosts 59 radio stations from Land’s End to John O’Groats and Northern Ireland. Why???? They  also have 12 TV channels, and this does not include the area variants. Why?????

Many TV show hosts get exorbitant salaries. The dipstick Johnathon ‘Woss’ (now fortunately gone) comes to mind, who reportedly received a salary of £5million over three years. This almost puts them on a par with the prima donna’s in football. Why???? Personally, I don’t think any of them are worth that amount of money.

Formula1 - Lewis Hamilton

Many sports events that should be ‘free-to-air’ are getting the chop, like coverage of Formula 1 next year. Considering the ‘Beeb’ had the rights to broadcast this event until the end of 2013, I found it astounding they should sell half the rights for next year, and all rights for 2013 to bloody BSkyB, which as we all know costs a lot of money to view. This selective broadcasting of major sporting events is outrageous.

What it means in effect, is the huge following of this sport in the UK, which is one of the premier F1 countries alongside Germany and Italy, will next year only be able to view half of the races, and the following year none. It is scandalous!!! Naturally enough, none of the football fixtures have been chopped to ‘save money’, but many of the nations favourite TV shows may well be cut for the same reason.

Just Some Radio Channels

To me, it just doesn’t make sense. If the BBC wants to save money, they should shut down most of these petty regional radio and TV channels that serve only a small part of the UK. They should be looking at closing down one of the two children’s TV channels (Why do we need two), and why five main channels when, say, three will do? BBC Three (Youth and ‘comedy’ sitcoms) and Four (Niche programming – i.e. for a select few)  are not renowned for their high viewing audiences anyway.

Why Is The BBC Broadcasting To Arabia?

As far as radio goes, the accent should be put more on area radio like Scotland, Northwest, Northeast, Central, Wales, Southeast and Southwest and Northern Ireland, i.e. seven stations covering the country instead of 59.

It’s all too complex to go into detail here, but I am sure the hierarchy of the BBC could make substantial cuts to services without affecting the majority of people. The ‘Beeb’ has reached the stage where the essential services have to be cut to keep the ‘nice -to-have’ things going.

My message to the bosses of the BBC is: Get your act together people. Get rid of the ‘nice-to-have’ things and concentrate more on providing a quality service that everyone can enjoy, like you used to. Remember, quantity is no substitute for quality!!!! Words to live by!


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