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The Treaty Of Utrecht And Gibraltar

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The news is full of the spat with Spain over ownership of Gibraltar, Well, here is the original text of the Treaty of Utrecht, concerning the agreements over Gibraltar signed in 1713 by Spain’s king, Phillip V. It clearly states that the territory known as Gibraltar is handed over ‘in Perpetuam’ to Britain.  The following is the text of the treaty relative to Gibraltar:

The Original Document I'm Sure The Spanish Government Can Read It If They Wish.

The Original Document
I’m Sure The Spanish Government Can Read It If They Wish.


13 JULY 1713

The Catholic King does hereby, for himself, his heirs and successors, yield to the Crown of Great Britain the full and entire propriety of the town and castle of Gibraltar, together with the port, fortifications, and forts thereunto belonging; and he gives up the said propriety to be held and enjoyed absolutely with all manner of right for ever, without any exception or impediment whatsoever.

But that abuses and frauds may be avoided by importing any kind of goods, the Catholic King wills, and takes it to be understood, that the above-named propriety be yielded to Great Britain without any territorial jurisdiction and without any open communication by land with the country round about.

Yet whereas the communication by sea with the coast of Spain may not at all times be safe or open, and thereby it may happen that the garrison and other inhabitants of Gibraltar may be brought to great straits; and as it is the intention of the Catholic King, only that fraudulent importations of goods should, as is above said, be hindered by an inland communications. it is therefore provided that in such cases it may be lawful to purchase, for ready money, in the neighbouring territories of Spain, provisions and other things necessary for the use of the garrison, the inhabitants, and the ships which lie in the harbour. 

But if any goods be found imported by Gibraltar, either by way of barter for purchasing provisions, or under any other pretence, the same shall be confiscated, and complaint being made thereof, those persons who have acted contrary to the faith of this treaty, shall be severely punished.

And Her Britannic Majesty, at the request of the Catholic King, does consent and agree, that no leave shall be given under any pretence whatsoever, either to Jews or Moors, to reside or have their dwellings in the said town of Gibraltar; and that no refuge or shelter shall be allowed to any Moorish ships of war in the harbour of the said town, whereby the communication between Spain and Ceuta may be obstructed, or the coasts of Spain be infested by the excursions of the Moors.

But whereas treaties of friendship and a liberty and intercourse of commerce are between the British and certain territories situated on the coast of Africa, it is always to be understood, that the British subjects cannot refuse the Moors and their ships entry into the port of Gibraltar purely upon the account of merchandising. Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain does further promise, that the free exercise of their religion shall be indulged to the Roman Catholic inhabitants of the aforesaid town.

And in case it shall hereafter seem meet to the Crown of Great Britain to grant, sell or by any means to alienate therefrom the propriety of the said town of Gibraltar, it is hereby agreed and concluded that the preference of having the sale shall always be given to the Crown of Spain before any others.

Arch Duke Charles Of Austria

Arch Duke Charles Of Austria

As you can see, part of the text covers the importation of ‘fraudulent goods’ but allows trade with Spanish territory for normal goods (i.e. food, and everyday items), but also gives Spain preferential treatment should Britain wish to leave the peninsular at any time. Apart from that there are no restrictions on ownership and it is forever.

King Philip V of Spain - The Catholic King

King Philip V of Spain – The Catholic King

This treaty was signed willingly by the Spanish king as a final act to end the War of Succession that had raged from 1701 to 1714 which concerned who had the right to succeed  the last of the Habsburg kings of Spain, Charles II who had no legal heir. It must be remembered that the royal families of Europe intermarried like crazy to maintain the bloodline, which meant that both France and Austria had claim to Spain when Charles died.  It is all far too complicated to mention here, but suffice it to say, war became inevitable when the royal houses of both France and Austria laid claim to the territory of Spain, especially taking into account the many overseas countries it controlled.

Louis XIV Of France

Louis XIV Of France

In any event, this led to the Succession Wars and in a bid to end the conflict the Treaty of Utrecht was signed. It laid down the borders of modern Europe with concessions being made to the victors. Part of those concessions included Gibraltar.

Gibraltar - Constantly On Guard

Gibraltar – Constantly On Guard

The wording of the Treaty shown above is quite clear in that the Spanish gave up all right to ownership and influence in the territory forever. It is therefore unreasonable for the Spanish government to now claim this document never existed, or was signed under duress. The cold fact of the matter is that Spain has no rights to Gibraltar unless Britain no longer wants it, and the people of the peninsular will have a lot to say about that.


Some People Have No Shame!

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Of all the shameless episodes I have ever heard of, this one ‘takes the biscuit’! I am sure everyone remembers the terrible events surrounding the Josef Fritzl case in 2008 when he was arrested for imprisoning his daughter and continually raping her for a period of 24 years.

He kept her locked away in a secret dungeon in his cellar and fathered a total of seven children by her, sadly the youngest died three days after birth. He received a life sentence in March last year for the death of the child, multiple rape, false imprisonment, incest and coercion (did I miss anything?).

The incredible thing is, since then, every two weeks she receives a letter from him begging money. He said he needed £3,500 ‘to study to be a lawyer so I can defend myself’. On top of that, he complains he ‘cannot even get a Cola’ and needs a special
shampoo for his implanted hair.

It seems he still doesn’t realise what he actually did to his daughter, and the terrible life she must have had. Not only to be held for 24 years in a space less than 60 sq/m with six children, but to be constantly raped by her own father must count as one of the worst things a father can do to his child.

Thankfully, she and her children are now doing well with the help of the people in her village, but for his wife however, the story is different. She is practically destitute, has lost 14 kilos, and because Fritzl owed over £2m on his house, she cannot take anything from their 66-room home which was sealed. She now lives in an apartment where she stays, and paints pictures.

Fritzl of course is not so badly off. He was given his choice of prison after sentencing, and, like most prisons these days its more like a holiday camp. But still he complains.

Personally, I think he got off lightly.


For more background on this story check out ‘Justice Be Damned’ from March 2009

Justice Be Damned!

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It has been revealed today that Josef Fritzl will serve his sentence in what amounts to a five star hotel. He was jailed for ‘life’ last week for murder, rape, enslavement, coercion and incest after locking his daughter in his cellar for 24 years, and fathering seven children by her, six of whom survived. Fritzl now gets to choose from three prisons under Austrian law.

His lawyer, Rudolf Mayer, says he will choose Garsten which is a former Benedictine convent converted into a prison. The facility has a gym equipped to the standard of any commercial venue, a choir. and one of the the largest prison libraries in the country. His hobby is reading.

The facility is set in woodland at the foot of the Alps and gives him the opposite of what he gave his daughter and her offspring, fresh air and light.

Although sentenced to ‘Life’, he will be eligible for parole after only fifteen years, living in conditions that many old age pensioners would give five years of their lives for. Whilst ‘inside’ he will be given the opportunity to follow many hobbies including tennis, art classes and darts. In fact, he will be living in conditions far superior than those of most working-class families today.

The one overbearing question that comes to mind is: Why? Whatever happened to Justice and the rule of punishment for a crime committed. In the last thirty years, Justice has become so soft that some criminals deliberately commit another crime just to get back ‘inside’.

I remember well in the 1960’s when Wakefield Prison in England was first opened. After seeing it on the TV News I and my collegues were disgusted, because the prisoners were housed in better conditions than we were in the RAF. In the Forces we were still living twelve to a room with a personal space the size of the bed plus a bit. These prisoners even had curtains on the windows so they would not feel bad if they saw the bars.

Now, in most ‘civilised’ countries, prisons are more like a five star hotel with everything provided for free, well except to the tax payer of course. Gone for good are the days when a criminal was punished for his crime, now many live in better conditions than they ever did ‘outside’.

The ‘Do-Goody Brigade’ was of the opinion that prisoners should be treated as poor misguided people that need comfort and reassurance with large dollops of luxury to get them back ‘on the right track’. Cobblers!!!!

More than half of criminals released early from jail for ‘good behavior’ go on to re- offend within weeks if not days.

In my opinion, it is time to bring back the ‘Cat’ for minor offenders, especially those under legal age, and for the rest, the good old chain-gang. There is so much good work these people can be doing for the country instead of working out in the gym, playing pool, reading books and generally lounging about at tax payers expense.

Should the Justice System ever get back to reality and make prison a place to be feared, I am sure people who have been ‘inside’ will not want to return. Once we resume making the punishment fit the crime the sooner we see a drop in murder, violence, robbery and crime in general.

For someone as heinous as Fritzl to be given such a punishment for his terrible crimes is downright immoral. It is disgusting and depraved. It is doubtful that his daughter, who is now 42, and her six children will ever be able to live a normal life, considering the horrible mental scars they must carry with them.

Referring to my previous Post dated March 15, It would appear that if you defend yourself or your property, or are maimed mentally and/or physically, you get a harsher sentence than the criminal who perpetrated the crime in the first place. Madness!

May your days be untroubled, and your nights serene.


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