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Suspected Iranian Nuclear Cover-up

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Intelligent people who are convinced of Iran’s’ nuclear ambitions will not be surprised to hear there appears to be a major cover-up of nuclear activity taking place at Parchin Military Base in Iran prior to an inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Iran has for a long time forbidden inspection of this facility while allowing the IAEA into other carefully selected areas, and it seems to have been easy to pull the wool over the eyes of this august body, until now that is.

To this simple soul it seems obvious that the sites were cleansed prior to any inspection in order to uphold the myth that Iran’s’ nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes only. Anyone who believes that is a fool.  

Parchin Cover-Up?

Satellite images recently made available to the Press show increased activity at the Parchin Base and show buildings have been demolished. A senior Western official told Reuters “Iran is worried that the agency might find something there. Otherwise it wouldn’t be going through the sanitization process”. Other images are purported to show  “extensive evidence of earth displacement.” 

Just about anyone who has kept up to date on this story will know the Iranian government has been stalling for the last six or seven years about its nuclear ambitions, and has successfully refused access to IAEA monitors to all its nuclear sites at the same time. They are not doing this to be awkward, but more to hide their real intentions, which is clearly to become a nuclear weapon nation. Its the old game of ‘which cup is the pea under’. You can inspect A, B and C while we hide our stuff in D. After several months you can inspect A, B, and D because we moved all incriminating evidence to C. Iran has played this game of hide and seek for more than a decade, but now satellite photography is catching up with them.

I am sure the Iranian government would have loved to surprise the world with a nuclear weapon test, but thankfully many people have seen through the web of lies they have woven. Naturally, the Iranian government is sticking to its story of ‘peaceful purposes’ and Ali Asghar Soltenieh, Iran’s representative to the IAEA, said these allegations were “childish and ridiculous”. Bleat all you will Mr. Soltenieh, but no intelligent person believes you any more.

The IAEA were last allowed to inspect the facility at Parchin twice in 2005 but not the buildings that have just been destroyed and removed. Should the inspection teams be allowed to do radioactivity measurements in these areas, and the pond where the rubble has been dumped, they may well find some interesting results. For one thing is sure, you cannot hide a radioactive footprint. It is thought that one or more of these buildings may have housed a containment chamber, which it is believed may have been used more than a decade ago for nuclear weapons-related high explosives testing. The Iranian government has said it will grant access to Parchin, but only in the context of a framework agreement to resolve all remaining questions about Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

In my opinion, Iran most certainly has something to hide, for if that were not so, they would have thrown open the doors to all their facilities without question and allowed the IAEA full and unrestricted access. You only play such games when you have some deep dark secret.

There can be little doubt that to the Iranians, their secret is worth all their prevarication and lies, and will have untold consequences for world peace.


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