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Why Is Abu Qatada Still Here?

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Some weeks ago Abu Qatada, considered by all to be “Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe”, had his ‘final’ appeal to the International Court rejected and has still not been deported to Jordan. Why? Now his lawyers are trying to get him released on bail.

This S.O.B. Will Not Be Smiling When He Eventually Gets To Jordan!

After trying to get rid of him for ten years the door appeared to be finally closing on this disgraceful episode in english law, but still it lingers on like a bad dream. It seems, according to his lawyers, that he should not remain in prison but be allowed out on bail because they were assembling ‘significant evidence’ which would not be ready until September. Consequently, Mr Justice Mitting has said that both sides should be ready for a hearing in October. So now the saga drags on for a further five months while the defence gathers what to me would be questionable evidence against the Jordanian legal system. It smacks to me of yet another delaying tactic on the part of his defence team, much like Iran’s attempts at stalling the UN nuclear inspection team.

According to his defence lawyers, they will continue to bring his case before the International Court if his appeal is turned down in October or November. Really, how can the law be such an ass as to let this man make a mockery of justice? How many appeals are the judges going to allow before he is finally on the plane? Could it possibly be that he will spend the rest of his miserable life in one appeal court after another until he finally croaks of old age? To me it just shows that the criminals these days are much more clever than the judges, and the law is an absolute farce.

Personally, I think it is way past time for all this ‘pussy-footing’ around and the Home Secretary should put him on a plane before weeks end and to hell with the consequences. Once in Jordan he is (a) no longer our problem, and (b) he can protest and wave his ‘evidence’ in the judges face as often as he wants.

This miserable excuse for a human being has already cost the British tax payer £3 million in court costs, plus further millions in benefit payments to his family, so it is high time Mrs May grabbed the bull by the horns and sent him on his merry way – hopefully all the way to Hell! Mind you, he is probably expecting Paradise with a hundred virgins, but with all these Islamic promises of virgins in the afterlife, it makes me think they are all just dirty old men!


Met Police Exonerated in ‘Kettling’ Case

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Much has been said and written about the Metropolitan Police (Met) tactic of ‘kettling’ protesters when a demonstration turns violent as with the G20 protests in 2009. ‘Kettling’, i.e. the containment or corralling of protesters into a small area during violent demonstration used by the ‘Met’ on several occasions, has proved  to be very effective.

Well Done Lads!

It has however resulted in a storm of protest in itself which resulted in a High Court ruling in April 2011 that stated the police went too far and was labelled “unjustified force”. Thankfully this ruling has now been overturned in an appeal by the Met. It’s good to know there are some level-headed people in the Justice System.

Lord Neuberger

Appeal Judge Lord Neuberger ruled that kettling “was justifiable on the ground that containment was the least drastic way of preventing what the police officer responsible for the decision reasonably apprehended would otherwise be imminent and serious breaches of the peace”, adding: “there was no valid basis for concluding that [Met Chief Superintendent Michael] Johnson’s decision to contain the Climate Camp at 19.00 on 1 April 2009 was unlawful”.

As a law abiding citizen, I fully concur with this ruling, for surely it is better to have violent protesters bottled up in a side road than allow them to run rampage down the High Street causing havoc, as happened during the riots of last year. To me it is basic common sense that you do not want malcontents smashing shop windows, setting fire to cars and terrorizing the population in a huge swathe across the city. Rather that they be contained in a small area where they can do less harm and the damage is restricted to a small area.

When you consider the numbers involved in this sort of behaviour these days the police are usually stretched to the limit when trouble breaks out, last years riots are a prime example of this. The tactic of ‘kettling’ takes some of the pressure off the police, for when the movement of these people is severely restricted less police are required to contain them.

Why the Mask?

In my opinion, we should be grateful to the police for greatly restricting the freedom of these idiots bent on destruction, instead of constantly complaining about them. The police are in the front line against these agitators who want to destroy something because they themselves cannot have it, and they don’t care whose business, car, or home is destroyed in the process. 

I am well aware many people these days would rather cheer on the thugs, providing that is the incident is not taking place in their street! But how attitudes would change if it was their shop that got smashed or their car that went up in flames. Oh how fickle we are!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peaceful Protest?

It is a proven fact that most of the violent types who turn up at demonstrations have no interest in the original protesters agenda, but are there purely to ‘have a little fun’ at everyone else’s expense. To the violent fringe of todays’ youth the opportunity of smashing a few shop-fronts, setting fire to few cars and more importantly, having a go at the police, is like a holiday in the Caribbean. They love it!

Neither we, nor the police, can stop these maggots from oozing out of the woodwork every time there is a legitimate protest somewhere in the country, but we can ensure our police force has the necessary power to crack down hard on them when they do.

In conclusion may I add, that there is nothing wrong with peaceful protest. We have seen many in which a minimum of police presence is required and there is no violence committed by anyone. To those who wish to protest in this lawful manner I say, good luck, and may you be successful.


Burgler’s Prison Sentence Breaches His Human Rights!

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Now I know the British Justice system is rotten to the core! It has been announced that convicted burglar Wayne Bishop has been released on appeal after serving six weeks of an eight month sentence for burglary and dangerous driving.

Unthinkable Reunion

Why? Because it breached his right to respect for family life under article eight of the Human Rights Convention. So argued his lawyer Ian Wise, as he pointed out that Bishop was the sole carer of his five children during the evenings. According to the clever Mr. Wise, the eight month sentence had had a “disproportionate’ impact on Bishop’s family life and the children should have been a “primary consideration”.

Quoting article eight of the Human Rights Convention Wise told the appeal judges;  “We submit that the judge erred in law in failing to have proper or any regard to the children that he (Bishop) was the sole carer for. The interests of the children should be central to the decision making process where children are affected by a decision.”

A Scroungers Best Friend

In other words, if you want to be a criminal, make sure you have plenty of dependent children and you can get away with murder! Oh! And like Mr. Bishop, make sure you are on benefits as well!

At least one MP will be happy with the decision, and that’s Ken Clark, because at least Mr. Bishop will not be a burden on the tax payer while in prison. On second thoughts, he will be making more money on the outside drawing his benefits, but that won’t come under the Justice Minister anyway, so who cares!

Tired Of Your Job?

All this just proves how messed up the legal system and human rights law in Britain is. With each passing day we hear more and more ridiculous stories, like my post yesterday about one of Mugabe’s torturers being given sanctuary in Britain.

Just how much longer will it be before we get back to a sane system of justice that puts the fear of God into criminals so they do not want to offend again.

There can be little doubt we have not heard the last of this ruling for it has set a precedent in law, and will be used again.

Whatever happened to: If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime! I guess its irrelavant now because there is no ‘time’ anymore.


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