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AAAARGH! Its the Apocalypse!

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I really don’t know why I’m writing this because chances are there will be no-one around to read it tomorrow, at least that’s what many people believe. At the moment I am torn between going to church to make my final peace or going out and getting drunk!

Because the Mayan calendar stopped on this day many people believe that the world will end and none of us will be here to enjoy the fruits of life and love tomorrow – how strange? I am sure I will still be here on Saturday the 22nd because I haven’t finished paying off the mortgage and I’m damned sure the bank will not accept a little thing like the Apocalypse as an excuse, plus, the electricity bill is due any day. Reason enough to think that life will continue!

Where the Hell Is Batman When You Need Him?

Where the Hell Is Batman When You Need Him?

This whole business of believers travelling all the way to various Mayan ruins in Central America to watch the final ceremonies by the locals, and those who truly believe that all will end today makes me laugh. Don’t they realize that whoever made the calendar in the first place probably just got tired of it and one day turned to the chiefs and said: “Sod this! I’ve covered the next 2000 years, I’ve had enough – I’m going home!” The sad thing is there are still people who believe that just because the guy gave it up the world will end! Whoever the guy is, I bet he’s lying in his grave laughing fit to bust at the antics of today’s believers.

Hang On - I Haven't Finished My Coffee

Hang On – I Haven’t Finished My Coffee

In China there are many people who think all is lost, in fact one farmer is reported to have built seven survival pods, each of which can contain 14 people. In several so-called survival areas like the Rtanj mountain in Serbia and the Turkish town of Sirince, which are said to be ‘Apocalypse proof’, all the hotels are full to bursting as people flock to the places they believe will survive the end of the world. What makes these places so special is anyone’s guess, but maybe the rumour was started by the hotel owners in an effort to drum up more trade!

On the other hand there are those who think today brings a new era for mankind. In the city of Merida in Mexico hundreds of spiritualists have gathered wearing white robes to celebrate this. One man, spiritual leader Alberto Arribalzaga said earlier this week, “A galactic bridge has been established…The cosmos is going to take us to a higher level of vibration… where humanity is in glory, in joy.” To be honest, I doubt that because the bank will still want its money and the electricity bill will still drop into the post box next week!

Me? I gave it all up for Lent! See ya tomorrow!


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