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Lethal Injection Or Firing Squad

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An argument is currently raging over a Utah State vote to allow firing squad executions to replace lethal injections for criminals sentenced to death. It would seem that the lethal drugs used in American States are bought from European companies who are refusing to supply them because of European public pressure against the death penalty.

More Executions - Less Murders

More Executions – Less Murders

This I find intolerable. I do not believe any European company has the right to refuse orders on the grounds stated, but of course they are frightened for their profits if sales fall because of public indignation.

On top of this there have been two ‘botched’ executions that received a lot of attention in the press, and of course the Human Rights groups jumped on the bandwagon with gusto.

George W Bush

George W Bush

This has not yet become law in Utah for the State governor Gary Herbert is yet to sign it, but critics of this system have said that such a move would damage Utah’s reputation internationally but I fail to see this. There will most certainly be some righteous indignation in the beginning, but people will get used to it and justice will be done. The director of ‘Utahns for Alternatives to the Death Penalty’ Ralph Dellapiana said, “I think Utah took a giant step backward,”

I have always supported the death sentence as a just punishment for certain crimes, for I believe its abolition has led to the rampant murder rate we have experienced over the last forty years.

UK Prison Cell - A Home From Home

UK Prison Cell – A Home From Home

In Britain at least, the fact that a killer can be back on the streets after a few short years behind bars just does not register with the abolitionists, for they still consider this a just sentence.

It is clear that those who oppose the death penalty have never suffered as the victims of these killers have, for if they had they would perhaps not be so righteous. If their child had suffered multiple rape and torture at the hands of some sadist they would rapidly change their minds. It just goes to show how  hypocritical people can be today.

This whole farce of execution by humane methods has gotten totally out of hand because we have to ensure that the convict does not suffer in any way as he/she is put to death, but scant thought is given to the suffering of their victims. We have become so sympathetic to these people that it has become ridiculous.

Your Child?

Your Child?

Some killers have put their victims through excruciating pain, sometimes for hours or even days on end, and yet we must be humane when we put them to death for their crimes. I do not advocate unnecessary suffering for these people, but we should not have so much sympathy for them.

Firing Squad

Firing Squad

Another point that comes to mind is that the cost of four bullets is far less than an expensive execution chamber and special drugs, so why do we do it? A bullet is also quicker because being hit by four of them means death is instantaneous with no suffering at all. This is too good for some of the maniacs out there!

It does surprise me that so many convicts in America can be in prison for ten years or longer before the sentence is carried out. In my view, when someone is sentenced to death for a crime there should be a set period of perhaps a year or eighteen months for further evidence and appeals, but after that the sentence should be carried out. To keep these people on ‘death row’ for such a long period is both wasteful and counter-productive.

Barack Obama's View

Barack Obama’s View

There can be little doubt that the justice system in many western countries needs a big shake-up, for the ‘Do-Gooders’, ‘Politically Correct’ idiots and the self righteous groups like Amnesty International  have made a complete mess of the whole system. These days you can torture to death a hundred victims and still only get a prison sentence that will often not mean life in prison.

The prisons have become more like holiday camps these days where prisoners have been given all the comforts of home and time to enjoy them. The only thing they miss is their freedom of movement. This to me is not paying penance for a heinous crime!

I am sure this post will ruffle the feathers of many, but thank goodness we still have free speech and I can air my views. Er! I won’t be executed for this will I?


The Farce That Is Human Rights Watch

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The events in Pakistan last week have convinced me that Human Rights Watch (HRW) are a bunch of sanctimonious idiots, and not for the first time. Just about everyone knows of the tragic terrorist attack on a school in Peshawar in which 149 were killed, including 132 children, and now it seems these idiots are siding with the militants.

In This Case That's All They Are Good For!

In This Case That’s All They Are Good For!

Why do I say that? Well, Human Rights Watch have strongly protested the decision by the Pakistan government to end the suspension of hanging insurgents who have been found guilty of terrorist offences.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

Last Friday the death sentence of two militants found guilty of terrorism offences in 2003 and 2009 were carried out on orders of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who stated that the death sentence, suspended in 2008, would be reinstated. This was in reaction to the horrific killings in Peshawar.

The two terrorist who were hanged last Friday in Punjab Province were Arshad Mehmood, found guilty of being involved in the 2003 assassination attempt on former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf, and Aqil, who was convicted of taking part in an attack on the army headquarters in Rawalpindi in 2009.

The Taliban Killers Just Walked In And Opened Fire On The Gathered Children - 142 Died

The Taliban Killers Just Walked In And Opened Fire On The Gathered Children – 142 Died

Human Rights Watch launched a world-wide protest at the hanging of these two terrorists, calling them  “a craven politicized reaction to the Peshawar killings”, and demanded that no further hangings be carried out.

In a statement the group said, “Pakistan’s government has chosen to indulge in vengeful blood-lust instead of finding and prosecuting those responsible for the horrific Peshawar attack.” This begs the question, when the Pakistan Authorities do find this group of merciless killers and condemn them to death, will the HRW contest their execution as well?

Even SADISTIC Child Killers Amnesty?????

Even SADISTIC Child Killers Amnesty?????

Amnesty International has also jumped on the bandwagon, releasing the following statement: “This is a cynical reaction from the government. It masks a failure to deal with the core issue highlighted by the Peshawar attack, namely the lack of effective protection for civilians in north-west Pakistan.”

Even the United Nations has contested the deaths by saying, “the death penalty has no measurable deterrent effect on levels of insurgent and terrorist violence” and “may even be counter-productive”. “No measurable deterrent”? There’s one thing for sure, neither of them will be committing terrorist offences again!

Islamabad Pirison

Islamabad Prison

Security has been stepped up at all prisons holding militants to prevent an attack to free the thousands of terrorists held in them, for it would not be beyond the realms of possibility that the insurgent groups would make an attempt to free their compatriots.

I am afraid that I agree with the Pakistan governments position in that anyone convicted on terror-related charges should receive the death sentence.  But I would go a step further. Knowing the Islamic fear of pigs, I would cover these people in pig’s blood before hanging them. This means in the Islamic faith that they will not go to heaven, and therefore not get their 72 virgins. That should scare the crap out of them!

Victims from The School

Victims from The School

The one thing I fail to understand is the attitude of groups like HRW and Amnesty International. These do-gooders are always mouthing off at any hint of true justice for perpetrators, but I wonder how they would feel if their children were amongst the dead in Peshawar, or the same thing happened in their home town?

It seems to me that these protest people live in ‘cloud cuckoo’ land, and have failed to recognize the true brutality of these Islamic terrorists. We live in an age where life means nothing to these people who are so bent on sowing death and destruction wherever they can, all in the name of Islam.

Clear How Parents Feel!

Clear How Parents Feel!

I wonder what they would have to say if some of the I.S. militants were to be caught and brought before the court. Remember, these people have beheaded hundreds of innocent civilians in Iraq and Syria! Perhaps HRW, Amnesty and the UN would rather they were imprisoned in a nice cosy cell with waiter service, a TV, game station and library?

It is not until sad people like these are on the receiving end of terrorist brutality that they realize what the world is fighting against. If these people object to the death sentence for such atrocities, the courts could always assign these rabid mongrels to be looked after and cared for by these idiots who are against the death sentence. I would love to see how long their ‘humanity’ would last with a terrorist living in their house, raping their wife and children.

Bin Laden Hideout

Bin Laden Hideout

I must say that to a great extent Pakistan has brought this atrocity on itself, for many members of the government, especially the Intelligence Service, have in my view been in collaboration with the Taliban all along. How else could Bin Laden have lived within a mile of a military base for several years without being caught?

Taliban Strongholds

Taliban Strongholds

Even when the government ordered the troops into the North West Provinces a couple of years ago they did not go all the way to the border and root these terrorists out. No, they stopped before the job was completed and the whole episode was a waste of effort. The government, instead of going all the way and wiping these criminals out, have since tried to appease them for fear they will attack and take over the country.

Where this entire scenario will end, and when, is anybody’s guess. Of one thing you can be sure, many more thousands will die before this sad episode in man’s history is over.


Spain’s ‘Illegal’ Deportations

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Amnesty Internationl

Amnesty International

Spain has recently been castigated by Human Rights Groups complaining to the U.N. and the E.U. about the situation in Cueta and Mellila, two Spanish enclaves on the North African coast. For a long time migrants from many African countries have been trying to get into the Spanish territory in order to get to Europe.

For many months now hundreds of African’s have attempted to scale the 7m fence to gain entry while the Guardia Civil (Border Police), have been trying to hold them back. It is a fact that many running battles have been fought along the wire as the desperate migrants try to get into the Spanish side. Once there they expect to be transported to the mainland of Spain, and when admitted to the E.U. travel on, more often than not to Britain, hence the problems in Calais that hit the headlines recently.

Security Swamped By Those Trying To Get In

Security Swamped By Those Trying To Get In

Of late, the police tactic has been to round up those who manage to cross the fence and they are immediately shipped back to the Moroccan side. Personally I see nothing wrong with that, for both Cueta and Mellia are not very big, about the size of a small town, and just cannot handle the numbers trying to get in.

The Spanish government has been criticised  for passing an amendment to the laws on immigration that would allow all ‘trespassers’ to be immediately sent back to Morocco. But of course this has got the hackles up of the human rights bleeding hearts brigade, for they think these people should all be treated as refugees, given a cup of tea and sent on to wherever in Europe they want to go.



If these people were in charge Europe would be so full that Europeans would be moving out in droves, or there would be open warfare on the streets. However, don’t think I condemn totally the work done by Amnesty International or any of the other groups, for I don’t, I just believe sometimes they start shouting without thinking of the consequences.

Personally I would allow all these migrants in and then assign them to individual members of Amnesty International and the many other rights groups complaining. They would then be charged with taking them into their own homes, and caring and feeding them from their own pockets. Let us then see how long it would take for them to change their stupid minds. These idiots whinge and whine about human rights but do not themselves bear any of the hardship caused by these people. How long before they realize that the growing numbers of migrants just cannot be absorbed by European countries any more.

The Schengen Nations Of Europe

The Schengen Nations Of Europe

It is difficult to control the flow of migrants in Europe because of the Schengen Agreement passed many years ago that did away with internal border checks. We now have free travel all across the European countries without borders or passport checks. This has made life easy for the inhabitants, but makes it almost impossible to control the flow of migrants once they are on the European mainland.

Much of  the problem is caused by the trafficking gangs that operate far and wide in North Africa. They charge $2,000 to $3,000 to get these people to the northern border, and often put them in leaky boats to get them across the Mediterranean Sea. You have to ask how desperately poor people obtain that amount of money to pay these crooks. If they can get such a huge sum why are they trying to get to Europe. In most poor countries such an amount would keep their families fed and cared for for a couple of years. To help stem the flow it really needs an international effort to shut these gangs down.



I do not blame the migrants for seeking a better life in Europe, but somehow, sometime, it has to stop otherwise everything will fall apart. Europe cannot house and feed three quarters of Africa, the Middle East, and Pakistan. At some time in the future the flow has to stop. I do feel sorry for those who are trying to escape persecution and war, but many of them are really economic migrants who come here to Europe to find a job….or get the handouts.

Already Britain is full, with record numbers of unemployed, a collapsing national health and benefit system leading to economic disaster, plus a major housing shortage. We cannot even feed, house and educate our own properly any more because of too many immigrants, and still these bleeding hearts want us to accept more! The same is true in Holland, Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany and many other countries.

Night Crossing

Night Crossing

International law states that migrants may claim domicile in the first country they come to after leaving their own, but that never applies these days. These people pass through several countries to get to northern Europe where they seek a new home. Many are attracted by the generous benefits system of many European countries where their pockets are stuffed full of money without them lifting a finger, like Britain.

Border Guards

Border Guards

It is sad there is so much inequality in the world where in some countries inexcusable wars are being fought, and I can accept that people want to get away from the fighting. But they should be looking to neighbouring countries for help. Unfortunately, Europe is the big magnet for them all. People fleeing the endless secular wars in the Middle East should be finding assistance in other Arab countries, and admittedly some do, but the rich nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait have all turned their back on these people instead of joining together to do the right thing by people of their own race. Sure, they have refugee camps in places like Jordan by the dozen, but the standards of living in these places are little better than what they left behind because one nation cannot cope with the numbers. If Arabic nations put some serious effort into looking after their own people, perhaps with assistance from the UN and the richer nations, we might see some progress, and it would not be necessary for these desperate people to come all the way to Europe.

Bringing Water To The Desert

Bringing Water To The Desert

With the African nations it is not much different, and I believe nations should be helping these people by improving their life in their own country. In some areas desperate drought means crops cannot be grown and the people starve to death, so what if an international effort were to sort out this problem? By improving life in these places, giving them the tools to be self sufficient we can put an end to the mass migrations of these people. Just imagine that a €0.10 cent tax was imposed on all 741 million people in Europe, this would raise €74.1 million to provide water to the arid areas. Yes I know, that is but a drop in the ocean but how much would you raise over a year? Answer:- €889.2 million. That amount of money would go a long way to redressing the balance in many North African countries when spent wisely.

I just hope that the problems of the world can be successfully sorted out and sanity can once more return to humanity.


Death Penalty Outlawed – and Now Look At the Mess!

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Killers Nightmare

As I read the comments of people writing about newspapers articles involving crime recently, it would seem there is an overwhelming desire among the general public to see hanging back in Britain. High profile crimes over the past decade or more, linked with the ever decreasing sentences, appear to have sparked the idea in people’s minds that the death sentence may be the only way to stop the spiralling serious crime rate.

Violent Crime

While 58 nations world-wide still have the death penalty, Britain abolished it in 1969, the last execution taking place in 1964. Human Rights activists labelled the death penalty as “cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment” while Amnesty International considers it to be “the ultimate denial of human rights”. To me, it seems these people do not have a thought in their collective heads for the victims of violent crime, and the savagery meted out by today’s young criminals. Maybe they consider the lives snuffed out by murder and torture to be insignificant. I doubt the relatives of the victims would agree.

There is little doubt in the opinion of many that although Labour has repeatedly promised to be “Tough on Crime” before every election, there has been nothing to show for these empty promises. The rate of serious crime has risen sharply year on year, despite what the official ‘massaged’ figures from government show.

Just Two Years Old

Every day sees a new horror story in the Press of someone who has been brutally murdered, more often than not by children as young as nine. We have only to remember John Venebles and Robert Thompson who led away, tortured, and then savagely murdered little 2 year-old James Bulger. Another case in point is the terrifying ordeal of two youngsters in Edlington who were sadistically tortured and left for dead by two brothers aged ten and eleven.

But it is not only children that form a major threat to law-abiding citizens, there are also career criminals like Waleed Salem who got off scot-free from a charge of aggravated burglary on the home of Munir Hussain. He had 50 previous convictions but had only ever spent a total of 42 days in jail for all of them. In most cases all he got was a community service sentence. After his run in with Munier Hussain he openly boasted outside the court that the law couldn’t touch him, and the sad thing is, he turned out to be right.


Because of the overcrowding in prisons, many often violent criminals are released early after serving only a small fraction of their sentence. In a large number of cases, these people go on to re-offend within weeks of release, and sometimes it involves murder. Once again the case of Venebles and Thompson comes to mind with them being released and given new identities after serving only five years for their horrendous crime. As we all now know, Venebles is back ‘inside’.

The ‘Barmy Brigade’ felt they should be released early “because they were only children” and “came from dysfunctional homes”, as if that excused their vicious crime! It is an inexcusable fact that in lower class homes in particular, although not exclusively, parents today have little or no control over their offspring. In fact, I would dare say there is little interest in bringing up children correctly. Judicial punishment for dysfunctional parents is long overdue in my opinion.

Many parents today seem to think it is the schools responsibility to give their children the necessary lessons in good behaviour, so without the required guidance, is it any wonder we have a generation of tearaways and thugs!

Home From Home

With ever shorter sentences and prisons like 5 star hotels, we are in a period where the average criminal has absolutely no fear of Justice? More often than not, even vicious felons get Community Service for a few weeks and are left in the public domain to continue their nefarious trade. It has been proven time and again that this system does not work because the criminal just ignores the whole thing, and usually no-one can be bothered to check up on them, and they know it. So really it is nothing but a gigantic farce.

All this is put in place because the prisons are full, but are we building new prisons? No! Plans have come and gone, but none have been built. You cannot possibly turn hardened criminals from their chosen way of life unless the punishment is so severe they will not dare re-offend. At the moment its quite the reverse in fact.

The “Do Gooders’ and ‘limp-wristed’ Liberals are so set on making prison life as easy as possible with the intention of “giving the criminal a sense of morality and easing them back into society”. Its pretty obvious they have never been attacked or robbed! Prisoners are released on licence for days at a time during their sentence to allow them to ‘get used to being around people again’. There have been cases where criminals have ‘settled old scores’ on such breaks, meaning someone got killed.

The first job of any new government is to get these ‘Goody Goody’ idiots back out on the street where they can do no more harm, and put an end to all this pussy footing around.

There is a good case for bringing back the death penalty in whatever form, for only then will it be driven home to these lowlifes that the public will not stand for it any more. Kill and you will be killed.

There are of course many who stop short of actual murder but commit vicious crimes nevertheless. For these there should be a regime of hard labour awaiting them once convicted. It is time to end the period of criminals lounging around watching TV, using their computers or playing pool. It is time to stop taking young killers out for a day to Manchester or Blackpool, or to the cinema. It is time for more serious sentencing, because I see little point in a Judge sentencing a killer to 20 years with ‘a minimum of eight to be served’. If you give someone 20 years it should BE 20 years end of story, but Oh Damn! We can’t do that because the prisons are full and Amnesty Int. says every prisoner is entitled to his own cell with all the comforts of home! Atishooo! Sorry I’m allergic to bullshit!

Unless we bring back the death sentence for murder, torture and terrorism, start making prison a thing to be feared, and hand down sentences that fit the crime, we as a society are lost, for the crime rate will continue to spiral out of all control. After all, Britain has certainly the highest crime rate in Europe, and is probably only second in the world to the USA. Crime has not escalated to epidemic proportions in most other countries because they are not run by sleazy governments that are soft on crime, and have not handed responsibility for the running of prisons over to idiots. It is way past time that we returned to the strict regime of the 1940’s and 50’s.

Bringing back the death penalty will not only make killers think twice before committing murder, but it should also help to solve the prison overcrowding problem. Mind you, we may end up with a cemetery overcrowding problem then.

Ah Well! I guess you can’t have everything!


Taliban Revert to Human Shields

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Once again the Taliban is reverting to its usual tactics when things do not  go their way. A news report from Afghanistan is saying that once again they are using human shields in the fight against NATO Forces.

Taliban Human Shields

It is a tactic synonymous with guerilla fighting over the past twenty years, and has been put to good use by insurgents in many parts of the world. It was used by Hamas in Gaza last year, and by the Hezbollah in Lebanon before that. When the going gets tough, line up the civilians and create as many innocent victims as possible! There are those that will deny this, but there is more than sufficient photo evidence to prove it.

All these terror groups are well aware of the propaganda value civilian deaths have on world and public opinion, and it is sad that most people cannot tell the difference between human shield deaths and accidental deaths. Many see the headline “12 Civilians Killed” and are immediately filled with righteous indignation at the cowardly armed forces who shoot innocent civilians, not thinking that the whole scenario was engineered by the insurgents. The extremists are fully capable of exploiting this fact, and as we all know, it is only when, for example, the Israeli’s shoot a civilian that it makes banner headlines across the world. To me, it proves yet again these insurgents are not fighting for ‘their people’ as they claim, but purely for their own gain.

Some may presuppose all this is NATO propaganda, but this time the reports come from the senior Afghan Commander, not the Americans or British.

The reports indicate that Taliban fighters have been lining civilians up on rooftops and then firing from behind them. Afghan soldiers have seen women and children in the windows of houses from which these brave ‘freedom fighters’ have been firing. It has made things extremely difficult for the troops as they have to put themselves in extra danger in an effort to prevent these civilians casualties. The Taliban tactic is working, because it has now slowed the rate of advance of NATO forces into the city of Murjah.

Hamas Human Shields

Today’s news has also revealed another Taliban tactic aimed at the American and British forces facing them. Afghan soldiers have found burnt copies of the Koran, the Muslim ‘Bible’, at positions they have vacated. Once more they are attempting to generate hatred of the NATO forces among the local population because to burn the Quaran is considered a great insult to Islam.

The usual Human Rights groups, led by Amnesty International have of course jumped on the bandwagon. A statement by the group said that NATO “lacked a credible mechanism” to investigate claims of civilian deaths. It went further to say that the use of human shields by the Taliban was “inexcusable”, and “could constitute a war crime”. Only ‘inexcusable’, and ‘could’ be a war crime? If the NATO forces had used human shields they would have been screaming their heads off. But once again, as in Gaza last year, Amnesty can be very selective in its criticism which is why I have lost all respect for this group of individuals

Human Shields

It urged both sides to ‘comply with legal obligations to protect the thousands of displaced civilians and those still trapped in areas of intense fighting’. They should make sure the Taliban know of their concern for the NATO forces are well aware of their obligations. What a pity the Taliban neither care nor take notice of these outbursts by a group that has had its image tarnished by its one-sided outbursts in recent years.

You are wasting your breath if you try to appeal to the better nature of the Taliban because they, like all extremists, do not have one. They are fanatics who are ready to blow themselves up for their beliefs so why should they balk at the idea of a few civilian deaths. Once Amnesty gets its collective mind around that one they may change their tune.

The use of human shields is not old, it is a phenomenon of our times started by insurgents and extremists as a way to create the maximum of bad publicity for their enemies, and to save their own skins. In general, the Israeli’s had to bear the brunt of the bad publicity for this tactic as it was used to such good effect by Hezbollah and Hamas against them. But for most people they are not the bad guys, the Israeli’s are.

How sad people do not want to recognise the truth.


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