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A Catastrophe Is On The Way

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I read with surprise today that Brazil is to open up 860,000 acres of the Amazon tropical rain forest for logging, farming and mining. If this continues the human race will be in big trouble for we rely on trees to give our atmosphere oxygen. They soak up the carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere and convert it to oxygen among other things.

“Urban forests help to improve our air quality. Heat from the earth is trapped in the atmosphere due to high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other heat-trapping gases that prohibit it from releasing the heat into space. This creates a phenomenon known today as the “greenhouse effect.” Therefore, trees help by removing CO2 from the atmosphere during photosynthesis to form carbohydrates that are used in plant structure/function and return oxygen back into the atmosphere as a byproduct. Roughly half of the greenhouse effect is caused by CO2. Therefore, trees act as carbon sinks, alleviating the greenhouse effect.”

I guess it is no surprise that profit comes before the continuance of mankind on this planet. Already the Amazon rainforest has been cut by nearly a third thanks to illegal logging, cattle farming and agriculture, and it seems it will get worse. So few people seem to realize that we rely on trees to provide us with a breathable atmosphere.

In the last fifty years forests across the world have been decimated to produce more agricultural land, and it would seem that it is not over yet. Why do governments not understand that we need trees to provide us with breathable air? If this keeps up and huge forests such as the Amazon disappear and we will have no oxygen to keep us alive.

The problem is we are so ignorant of the basic facts of life that we only think of money and profit. This will surely lead us to the destruction of our planet and the end of human life on Earth.

When I was young we had woods and forests all across Britain, but now most of them have disappeared as farmers cut down the trees just to get a little more land on which to plant crops. It’s the same all over the world, with huge forests disappearing at a steady rate. Many of the forests across the world have been decimated to make way for agriculture.

It is time the human race woke up to the fact that without trees life will end on this planet of ours.

Already this year we have had temperatures so high and that has never happened before. Here in Spain we have had temperatures in the high forties. In the Middle East temperatures are reaching close to fifty degrees, again, never seen before. You can bet your life that temperatures will continue to rise year on year and it is all the fault of mankind.

Drought areas in America and other countries make it impossible to grow crops to feed us. Flooding in many parts of the world have caused chaos with people losing their lives and homes being destroyed. This cannot go on.

Say what you will, but we humans are to blame for this sorry mess, and if we continue to ignore the warnings it will be too late to correct the current problems.

Most of the contamination in our atmosphere comes from the traffic on our roads which are poisoning the atmosphere. It is time for world-wide governments to greatly reduce the number of cars on the roads and to make them cleaner. If they do not do this it could be the end of mankind on this planet.

Another great contributor to oxygen is the oceans, and we have successfully contaminated them with plastic. Massive areas of the world seas have seen the rise of plastic around the world and this is another contamination that is slowly destroying our world.

If mankind is to continue its existence on the planet we have to do something to clean up our world. Otherwise, in maybe a hundred years humans will cease to exist.


No More Renewable Resources for This Year

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A True Statement

A True Statement

The time when the Earth’s natural renewable resources are used up is rapidly shrinking as year on year it happens earlier than the year before. Scientists say that we have already used up all the Earth’s renewable resources this month – August, just 221 days after the beginning of the year. This means that for the rest of the year we are adding to the pollutants in our atmosphere.

What this means is that now in August, over-fishing, over foresting and dumping more carbon emissions into the atmosphere than can be absorbed has reached its climax, and for the rest of the year we are adding more than the Earth can absorb. On average, it has moved up only one day a year over the past five years, compared to an average of three days a year since it started being tracked in the early 1970s. The future of life on this planet is steadily getting more and more dangerous as we continue to destroy that which we call home.

Mathis Wackernagel, co-founder and CEO of GFN and Balakrishna Pisupati, head of the biodiversity, land and governance programme with the United Nations Environment Programme, said “If humans continue to use the Earth’s resources at this rate it could have “disastrous consequences” in terms of climate change, the erosion of topsoil through the conversion of grasslands and forests into farmlands, and an overall loss of biodiversity. The longer we continue viewing natural resources as unlimited, the faster we are jeopardizing the very capacity of our planet to provide us with the renewable resources that we need to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves.”

I know that most people will just cast this off as nonsense because they do not see any changes in their daily lives, and think, “I don’t see any changes. What are they on about.” If the scientists are correct, our children and their children will suffer horrendously. That is something for everyone to think about.

With the amount of pollution that we pump into the atmosphere daily from cars, lorries, and factories, we are adding more than the atmosphere can absorb, so you really should start thinking about where we are headed.

Our continued reliance on fossil fuels is killing the Earth and we have no viable substitute. CO2 is steadily clogging our atmosphere, and there can be no doubt that average temperatures are rising year on year. I know because even where I live it has been much hotter than last year, and is set to increase even more next year.

It has been clearly recorded that temperatures are steadily on the rise on our planet which can be seen by the massive ice melt at places like the North Pole where most of it has disappeared. We are even losing our mountain glaciers at a fast rate. But there again, it is not affecting me at the moment so who cares they say

What happens when our planets resources finally run out, as they must do at some time in the future? We give them no time to regenerate, for we just take take take!

What happens when the oil runs out? No more cars, no more factories, no more gadgets because the factories had to close. Please don’t be so naive as to think that mankind will come up with an alternative source of power sufficient to power our world and industries, because it just will not happen in time.

We destroy forests at an ever increasing rate knowing full well that they are the number one oxygen suppliers to our planet. We rape the seas of fish to the extent that stocks are steadily decreasing,  and we poison the ground with chemicals just to get crops to grow because we have used up all the natural resources in the ground.

The think tank lauded the goals outlined in the Paris climate agreement which was adopted by nearly 200 countries in April. The GFN said “there is nothing holding back these nations from achieving the goal becoming carbon neutral by 2050 except for political will. Such a new way of living comes with many advantages, and making it happen takes effort.The good news is that it is possible with current technology, and financially advantageous with overall benefits exceeding costs,” he said, adding that the transition will stimulate emerging sectors like renewable energy while preventing the risk and costs tied to adapting infrastructure to the impact of climate change.

One thing is for sure, this cannot continue, for humanity will be in dire straits if we carry on as we are. I sincerely hope this hits home with at least some people, and they make changes to their daily lives to help save our world.


The Amazon Debate Rages On

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Once again the Amazon Rain Forest is under threat, and it looks like the greedy Brazilian farmers will not be satisfied until its all gone. One month ago the government approved a bill that will undoubtedly see more huge swathes of this mighty forest disappear for ever. The losers will be the whole of mankind in years to come.

Yes Dear! Soon You Will Have To Look Hard To See The Trees!

The only person who could stop this wholesale destruction has ‘chickened out’, for despite calls from environmental groups world-wide and an international petition signed by almost two million people, the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff has failed to veto the entire package. Instead she has opted for vetoing only 12 points of the bill which she says will preserve the ‘protected’ areas of the forest. Most of the forest had been ‘protected’ for decades but it hasn’t stopped farmers and illegal loggers from destroying huge areas of this beating heart of the planet.

One item that the President vetoed is an amnesty for illegal logger farmers ‘provided they plant more trees on their cleared land by 2020’. If that isn’t a prime example of a waste of time I don’t know what is. Does this silly woman and her inept government really think these people will start planting trees again just because they say so? And by 2020? It’s too ridiculous for words. I am sure if we examine the situation in that year we won’t see a single planted tree!

From 1978 to 1989 an estimated total of 1.98 million ha yr−1 were lost, a figure that declined to 1.38 million ha yr−1   between 1990 and 1994. However, the total  rose again between 1995 and 2000 to 1.90 million ha yr−1. Brazilian government calculations show that in the 12 months ending in August 2004, a total of 10,088 square miles of rain forest were destroyed.

The Graph Tells It All.

It should not be forgotten that this same devastation is taking places in the other rain forest belts across the globe like Indonesia, Thailand and  Africa etc.

How The Rain Forest Generates Weather

A simple comparison of weather data from 1980 to the present day shows significant changes in world weather patterns which of course we are all aware of, but does it change the attitude of countries like Brazil etc. towards their rain forests? Not a jot, for as usual greed over-rides everything.

Not many people know that the volume of freshwater that flows into the Atlantic Ocean from the Amazon River is so great that water samples taken 200 miles from the mouth of the river show greatly reduced levels of salinity in the sea, such is the power and volume of the Amazon freshwater as it enters the ocean. However, if we cut down the forest and the rains continue to dry up, the river will become a shadow of its former self. In turn, this will see more devastating changes in weather patterns for the Caribbean and Northern Atlantic countries.

And When It’s All Gone? What Then?

The really sad thing is, massive tracts of rich tropical forest vegetation is being burnt to the ground during the clearance procedure in order for farmers to plant crops of soya and the like, but clearing away the forest is resulting in the major loss of rain in these areas and the cleared ground rapidly loses its ability to sustain crops necessitating more ground clearance. In this way its a never ending cycle of destruction.

Roads Increasing The Destruction Rate

Yet another nail in the coffin of the Amazon is a government plan to build roads across this vast region. There can be little doubt this increased access to the heart of the forest will speed up the destruction to an extent never seen before. I really do despair at mankind sometimes, their stupidity and greed are mind-boggling to say the least.

This year the Amazon area is suffering its first major drought because so much forest has been cleared there is insufficient rainfall. If this trend continues, and it may well do, it could be catastrophic and do significant harm to the whole economy of Brazil, and by rote, the whole planet. but no-one seems to notice. There are currently too many people who live for today and to hell with tomorrow.

It’s OK for people like me to sound the alarm but if no-one listens what’s the point. Humans have become so self-centred these days, few stop to think about the harm they are doing to the future of the planet, and for all the lives of their children. Ask many people what they think of world rain forest destruction and they may say “Oh That’s Greenpeace’s job isn’t it?”, or they have no idea what you are on about. Ask these same individuals why they find it necessary to have three or four cars in the family and the lame reply is “Well, we need them”. Yea! Right!

Believe it or not, I am not a ‘doom and gloom’ character by nature and usually have a very positive attitude towards life, but this rape of our planet and the massive effect it will have on future generations is something I just cannot ignore, unlike most people these days. I do care about what sort of world my children will grow old in, and I do care about the continuance of the human species on this planet. We humans have achieved so much and have as yet boundless possibilities in what we can do, if only we can get over this period in our evolution where we seem determined to self-destruct.

It is possible that many people will agree with the sentiments I put forward here and ask themselves “What can I do about it?”. As we go about our daily lives its hard to imagine we could have any influence on world rain forest destruction, but sometimes making minor changes to the way we live, or just spreading the word and writing to your MP demanding international action on the issue would be of some help if sufficient people do it. I am convinced that saving the rain forests will only come about by international pressure on countries like Brazil and Indonesia etc. For we can be sure that the  governments of the nations concerned are not willing to take any positive steps themselves which is a shame.

Ah Well! Like most of the older generation, I am sure it won’t affect me, but I hope the rest of humanity wakes up before its too late, for anything less would be tragic.


Save the Rain Forests – Save the Planet

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Last year, and again currently, Australia is suffering the worst forest fires in its history and, last year we saw similar events in Spain, Greece and California among others. The Southern United States experienced it’s worst hurricanes a year ago, and Africa has for decades endured prolonged droughts.

This years record temperatures and long drought have been blamed for the fires in Australia, and indeed in other countries, and even now, Northern Europe is in the grip of its worst winter in a long time. Britain in particular has been hard hit by unusually heavy snowfalls across the whole country, and other parts have record low temperatures. Northern European summers are a joke these days. Most years we don’t get one, hence my move to Spain!

I am old enough to remember the wonderful warm summers in England during the fifties, followed by a real winter, with in between a proper Spring and Autumn. Remember March winds and April showers and those balmy September days. Now all that has changed, and not for the better.

But what is the real reason for all this global climatic change? The scientists have their theories, few of which seem to coincide. Some say it is Global Warming which is either a cyclic thing or the result of too many emissions. But as a layman, I blame one thing: The huge reduction in the world’s rain forests.

Weather satellite images show clearly that the weather patterns for the Eastern United States and Europe, in particular the west and north, are generated by the rain forests in South America. This extremely humid mass of vegetation, covering thousands of square miles, is responsible for the moisture-laden tropical depressions that shoot out into the Atlantic and eventually meet the hot dry air coming out of Africa.

It is easy to follow the track of these weather systems on weather satellite images, and see how they form hurricanes during the season when conditions are right for the generation of these destructive storms. It is also possible to see how weather systems track north into, and across the Atlantic to Northern Europe.

We should not forget the Gulf Stream, that current of warm water that moves across the ocean to the northern tip of Scotland which is the reason for the temperate climate generally experienced in the United Kingdom.

So why is everything turning upside down? It cannot be a mere coincidence that the changes in weather patterns experienced by many countries surrounding the Atlantic started to happen a few short years after the rain forests of South America were put to the chainsaw!

In 1995 and 2004, a total of 11,220 and 10,590 square miles of rain forest respectively, were destroyed in a single year. Since 1988 a total of 137,169 square miles (conservative estimate) have been destroyed by clearing for cattle pasture, colonization or the subsistence culture, road building and logging.

The ever-increasing export of Brazilian beef products to Europe, 40% of production in 1990 rising to 80% in 2003, has driven the increase in forest destruction for cattle farming purposes.

The Brazilian Government is deeply involved in giving forest land to poor people who clear it with slash-and-burn methods to plant crops. This is the governments way of getting rid of the poor people out of the cities.

The government is also responsible for the huge tracts of forest that have been cut down to make roads. They had a plan to build a 2,000 mile motorway right through the heart of the Amazon to open up the interior to loggers, farmers and cattle ranchers. Thankfully the scheme failed.

Agriculture, in the form of soya bean farms, is expanding to such an extent that the slash-and-burn farmers are being pushed further into the forests. Last of all, are the loggers who enter an area and leave a wasteland behind them; all for profit.

Perhaps the worst crime is the poor farmers. They are given an area to settle by the Government and clear the ground with a slash and burn technique that involves setting fire to the undergrowth, and after that has burnt out they clear away what is left. After about six months work they have an area of land cleared where they can plant crops, but the sad thing is, the ground will only support crops for one year before it becomes useless. This means the poor farmers must then move on to another piece of forest and do it all again, and so on and so on Ad Infinitum. What is left behind is dead ground where practically nothing grows, or will grow. In 25 or 50 years time, I wonder what they will call the great South American desert???? This state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue, for the sake of the planet.

Back to the main point, and the Amazon’s effect on the weather. We have already seen major changes in weather patterns since 1988 when large scale clearance began but what of the future? What will the effect be on global weather when these rain forests have all but disappeared?

Don’t forget, we are not only talking about the loss of the Amazon, because exactly the same thing is happening to the rain forests in the Far East, and their weather is changing too.

One other important factor for the survival of mankind is the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. Among other things trees provide us with the oxygen we breath, and the rain forests, outside of the oceans (plankton etc), are the biggest providers of oxygen on the planet.

So, what do we do? First of all, international pressure must be brought to bear on the governments of Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, The Congo and all other keepers of the world’s rain forests to stop the destruction of one of the earths most valuable resources that are vital to mankind’s survival on this planet. Secondly, and this goes for most countries, plant trees, trees, and more trees. We in Europe and North America are just as guilty, although on a smaller scale, because we have systematically removed forest and woodland for the sake of agriculture so we could produce more food than we can eat or export. How stupid is that? Long gone are the days when fields were separated by hedgerows filled with birds and insects that ate all the pests that attacked our crops. Now we rely on pesticides! But that is another story!

The people need to come together in concerted action to stop this rape of our natural resources, and get the Planet and Mother Nature back into equilibrium. It is not enough to give a few pence to organizations like Greenpeace and leave it up to them. If action is not taken on a global scale, the weather phenomenons we are experiencing today will become the norm, so get used to it.

Hug a tree today, or better still: Plant One!


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