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Keep Your Mouth Shut – You Might Offend Someone!

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It’s really got to the stage where you almost dare not open your mouth to say anything for fear of upsetting some ‘holier-than-thou’, high and mighty dipstick these days. Words have become an almost useless means of communication because no matter what you say, you are bound to upset someone.

The Paparazzi - Step Outside  Your Door And They Follow Your Every Move.

The Paparazzi – Step Outside Your Door And They Follow Your Every Move.

I refer in particular to the flak being thrown at Charlize Theron for something she said a couple of days ago. During an interview with Sky News she said that being constantly dogged by the paparazzi and having her entire life becoming “Fodder” for the type of journalism that “exists in dark places” is like being raped. Oooh! Shock! Horror! That really set the blood rushing through the veins of the goody-goody crowd!

No sooner were the words out of her mouth than the holier than thou crowd started baying at the moon in protest, demanding that she apologize! This is all despite the fact that Charlize has for years been an avid anti-rape campaigner and appeared in a number of advertisements for the cause.

Rape victim Jill Saward told Sky News Theron’s remarks are “abhorrent” and she should apologise. She said: “I was really shocked and disgusted by what she’d said. Being in the situation she’d been in, campaigning for rape, she definitely ought to know better. I think that press coverage can be very damaging, it can be very difficult, but it is absolutely nothing in comparison.”

Katie Russell of Rape Crisis in England and Wales, said: “We are concerned when anyone uses rape as a metaphor for less serious issues and uses the language around sexual violence casually because it trivializes sexual violence and it fails to acknowledge what is a very serious crime.”

People, get off your ‘high horses’ and think for a minute! It was most likely an ‘off the cuff’ remark, and I can well understand her drawing such a comparison.

Anything For The Right Shot

Anything For The Right Shot

It must be hell on earth to be followed around by low-life paparazzi photographers every time you step outside your door, usually hoping for a shot of an unguarded moment that will embarrass you. Just like the case with the Duchess of Cambridge and her battle with the wind in recent weeks. You can have no idea what it is like not to have a private moment outside your own home. I draw another comparison with the Duchess in that while on a private holiday in France, some low-life with a very big telescopic lens managed to photograph her topless while she and Edward were relaxing by the pool, and they were splashed all over the media.

Such situations are like being raped, especially for a woman! We all know, well those of us with a functioning brain, that Charlize was not drawing a direct comparison with the actual act of being raped, but more with the feeling of hopelessness that you can do nothing about it.

Sure, if you become a famous film star you must accept photographers and reporters as part of the fame, but these days it has become a nasty, vicious and sordid business where these people will go to any lengths to get you in a compromising position.  This has been proven many times over in recent years. Look at how the paparazzi chased Lady Diana to her death for crying out loud!

Fancy A Camera In Your Face EVERYWHERE You Go!

So for heaven’s sake, stop being so high and mighty and get on with life because its short enough as it is. Pretty soon anyone in the public eye will be afraid to even say “Good morning” to the postman for fear that their words might be misconstrued as meaning something else.

To all you ‘do-gooders’, high and mighty idiots and ‘holier-than-thou’ clowns I say this: Before you start on someone for an innocent comment (a) Make sure your own house is in order (b) Make sure you understand what is said and why, and (c) Mind your own bloody business!!!!!!

Dear Mr. Cameron: Can we please have the Outer Hebrides to house these trouble-makers?


Why Hollywood Sound Directors Should Be Fired!

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How often have you strained to understand what an actor is saying under the BLARE of the movie soundtrack? How often do you wish you had a volume control in your hand when you went to the cinema? Answer yes to one of these questions and you are among many who are getting fed up with the movie industry.

"What Did He Say?"

My wife and I are firm film lovers, but sadly so disillusioned at the music levels in movies over the past decade or so, that whenever we watch one at home, be it on DVD or a TV channel,  we need to constantly have the volume control in one hand. We listen to two actors having a conversation but are suddenly deafened when the music cuts in. We make a grab for the volume control to turn down the volume, and then put it back up again when the actors say something again!

Many times, when you have both music and speech, you cannot understand a word of what is said because the voices are drowned out by the music. What ever happened to the good old days when conversations were crystal clear and the soundtrack was at a level not inducing headaches and tinitus?

It seems that today, the music is far more important than the script, and we might just as well go back to the days when actors and actresses didn’t say a word. Why should an actor bother learning a script if no-one can hear it?

It is time for the film industry to take a long deep look at itself and sort out which is more important, the spoken word or the music. Considering that every film is watched from beginning to end by the director before release someone surely should notice that the music drowns out the script.

The Sound Man

It would seem film and sound directors have forgotten that for a cinema audience to have full enjoyment of the film, they need to understand clearly what is being said. Otherwise, what’s the point? How can you follow the plot of a movie when you can’t hear the voices? They seem to have forgotten what the word ‘balance’ means, i.e. the correct volume level between music and speech that makes the movie experience a pleasurable one.

John Wayne - Always Crystal Clear!

Watch an old movie from the 50’s or 60’s and every word spoken is clearly understood while the music does what it is intended to do, provide atmosphere and background. Not today, and I have to ask why!

The technical ability of today’s sound engineers is incalculably better than the rudimentary systems in use 50 years ago, but it seems while technology has advanced, the minds have gone backwards.

These days movies are all about sensationalism, but I guess its just the times we live in. But whether people are watching a period drama or an action movie, I think if you asked them, they would prefer to hear the actors and actresses once in a while. It does help when trying to follow the plot. How often has your partner turned to you and asked, “What did he say?” Its not unusual to rewind a DVD a little and repeat something in an effort to make out what was said, often in vain. In most films you may catch only snatches of any conversation taking place on the screen and trying to piece it all together is tiresome.

The Director Not Doing His Job?

Perhaps it’s just coincidental that when this phenomena first started, studios began complaining about dropping cinema audiences, hence the loud blockbuster, action-packed movies of today which is Hollywood’s attempt to lure people back. I guess it could also be to do with disco’s, clubs, and some shops today having music so loud that you need to shout in the ear of the person you are talking to.

The Name Says It All

Hollywood, if you want people to continue watching your movies try more ‘balance’! Going to the cinema, or watching a film in the comfort of your own home, should be a pleasurable experience – not a quiz show! “What did she say?????? Hell, I missed that!!!!!”


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