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Abu Hamsa Runs Rings Around The Justice System – Again!

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When is Britain finally going to get rid of the terrorist Abu Hamsa? Well, not yet it would seem! Two days ago the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) turned down his appeal to prevent him being extradited to the USA on terrorism charges, and now he has lodged another appeal to evade justice.

Abu Hamsa Preaching Terrorism

This has been going on since 2004 when he was originally arrested on an American warrant. That was eight years ago! Now this scum is being given yet another appeal which has been upheld by the British Courts thus preventing his deportation to the States. Is this farce going to continue until he dies of old age?

There can be little doubt that cases such as this, and that of Abu Qatada who is waiting extradition to Jordan, are making a mockery of the entire British justice system. Its certainly taking Tony Blair’s “Let’s not upset the Muslims” policy to ridiculous lengths.

Personally, if I were Home Secretary I would have had him on a plane yesterday and waved him goodbye at the airport. I am sure a lot of people would have breathed a sigh of relief to see him gone.

Abu Qatada Smiling On Release Yet Again

It would seem that his defence team have miraculously come up with ‘new’ evidence that will make it impossible to extradite him. Yea right! It is well-known that the least trustworthy people on the planet are lawyers, and you can bet they don’t want to see ‘the goose that lays their golden egg’ shipped out on a plane to the USA. They must be making a fortune out of this animals defence!

I just cannot see why these people are allowed so many appeals. Its time the law laid down some rules, like a maximum of three appeals and you’re out. I fully agree with the appeal system in general because it would be a tragedy for an innocent person to go to jail for someone else’s crime, but in cases such as the two mentioned here, there has to be a limit. Between them, these two men have tied up the legal system for a total of eighteen years.

It is no wonder the West is suffering from terrorists and street demonstrations in support of them, because its time we started getting tough with these people. That is where the government should step in and stamp out this cancer in our midst before it destroys the country and everything we believe in.


Update: Today (3/10) it seems that Abu Hamsa has played his last card by having his lawyers declare that he ‘is unfit to stand trial in the USA’. After all the other countless appeals of the past eight years have achieved nothing his defence attorney has now stated that he is suffering from chronic sleep deprivation and depressionmemory loss, diabetes, and extensive psoriasis, all brought about by his stay in Belmarsh Prison. I’m only surprised they didn’t add bubonic plague, Ebola and toothache!!! They contest that extradition must be stopped until Hamsa has had an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) which will ‘prove’ he is mentally incapacitated.

Strange that all this has only come to light after his final appeal was turned down last week! It just goes to show to what depths some lawyers will sink to bend the justice system to their clients will! Thankfully the judge was not convinced but we will have to wait for a ruling on Friday.

Update: 5 October: Bye Abu! Bye! I just wish I could have been at the airport to wave the son of a bitch off! Now all we need to do is get rid of the other one – Abu Qatada!

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