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The UN Human Rights Committee Should Mind It’s Own Bloody Business

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I was angered yesterday when I read that the U.N. HRC is telling the British Government to ban all smacking of children as a form of discipline. The commission was ‘surprised’ to hear that corporal punishment had not already been banned in the country.

UNHRCThe report says,”The state party should take practical steps, including through legislative measures where appropriate, to put an end to corporal punishment in all settings, including the home, throughout (the) United Kingdom. It should encourage non-violent forms of discipline as alternatives to corporal punishment, and conduct public information campaigns to raise awareness about its harmful effects.”

Are these people living on the same planet as the rest of us? I would like to know what forms of ‘none violent’ punishments they think will work with todays British children.

So UNHRC! How Do You Handle This Little Devil?

So UNHRC! How Do You Handle This Little Devil?

In Britain these days if you tell a child not to do something they take no notice, or in many cases tell you to ‘F’ off! So what are you supposed to do in such a situation? Tie them to a chair and lecture them on good manners and doing as they are told? Don’t make me laugh! I rather think that many of the idiots who come out with this garbage don’t have any children themselves, or if they do, they are brought up by a Nanny because the parents are too busy pontificating to do it themselves.

It is a totally different scenario from when I was a child in the forties. Children in general were well-behaved, they were respectful, honest and did as they were told by their parents because they knew that if they didn’t they would get a smack. Very few got into trouble with the law, and if they did it was for silly things that kids do as a prank.

It is a sad fact that we currently have a ‘lost’ generation of teens and young people who really do not know where they fit in in society because they have not been brought up correctly. Very often, if you want to know where your child is today, go to their room and you will find them in front of the computer or on their smart phone trading nonsense with others on Facebook or the like.

Kids Playing In The 1950's

Kids Playing In The 1950’s

What happened to the days when young kids went out to play with others instead of just lounging around?

These days, everywhere you look you will see youth on their phone, walking down the street or at a table in a cafe. But, take away this essential apparatus and they wander like mindless sheep not knowing where to go or what to do. In our local shopping centre I have lost count of the number of people who have almost walked straight into me because their whole concentration was on texting someone on the phone.

 On The Booze Already?

Nine Or Ten Years Old On The Booze Already?

Today many of the teens and youngsters are totally out of control, depending on drugs and/or alcohol for enjoyment. Some are extremely violent, fight on the streets, steal anything they can, and kill without remorse, so you try chastising them with words!

The British crime rate for those under thirty is the highest anywhere in Europe, and this includes rape, robbery and murder! Never in the history of this country has there been so many brutal killings, murders and rapes every year, a few carried out by young children, and many by teenagers.

In One Ear And Out The Other

In One Ear And Out The Other

So why do you think this is? Could it be that we have not sat our children down often enough and given them a good talking to on discipline as the UNHRC suggests, or could it be that children have quickly become aware that we can do next to nothing against them if they do wrong because of the anti-smacking laws. You work it out!

You cannot get away from the fact that if you wish to have a well-behaved child who turns into a responsible and hard-working adult you need discipline at a very early age. You can tell a child a hundred times and they will take no notice, but one small slap on the behind or back of the leg and they get the idea immediately. This system has worked for centuries, but now suddenly its a No! No!

I freely admit that in the past there have been parents who have gone over the limit with chastisement and have been excessively cruel to their children, but that is not a good enough reason to ban it altogether. Every day there are car accidents – should we therefore ban all cars??? No of course not, common sense has to prevail. Wherever there are cases of child abuse go after the perpetrators but don’t ban all forms of discipline!

On The Times I had It At School, It Stung For A Short Time But NEVER Did Me Any Harm.

On The Times I Had It At School, It Stung For A Short Time But NEVER Did Me Any Harm.

During my childhood I had the cane from the Headmaster a couple of times, and my step-dad gave me the slipper across the backside a good few times for misdemeanors. It did me no harm, but taught me never to do it again.

Later in life when I brought up my own son and daughter I used proper discipline from very early on. In the beginning I found with my daughter for example that a very light slap on her leg and a stern look was enough to warn her not to do something. By the time she was three I never had the need to touch her. If I told her not to do something she didn’t because she knew I meant what I said. My son took a little longer, (boy’s will be boy’s) but with a few light slaps to the legs he did as he was told.

I am happy to say they both grew up to be exemplary adults, and never got into trouble or did drugs or alcohol.

My wife and I started with them very young and they quickly learned to do as they were told without fuss, and most importantly, without resorting to any violence. It is essential to start as soon as they are able to understand, but keep the punishments very mild. They will learn very quickly and then a warning look is all that is needed.

Heed The Message

Heed The Message

This business of sitting your child down in front of you and having a conversation with them about what they have done wrong is pure rubbish. There is only one system that makes the necessary impression on a child’s mind and that is a slap on the leg or behind. When they actually feel it the message goes home. Anything else is a waste of time.

I am however deeply against those who go too far with children. I believe that those who go beyond a mild slap should be punished to the full extent of the law. There is no excuse to brutalize children for whatever reason.

These namby pamby do-gooders need to know the value of proper discipline with children to ensure they grow up to be worthwhile members of society, and not clogging up our prison system.


Raising A Generation Of Whimps!

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Cheltenham Ladies' College

Cheltenham Ladies’ College

I could hardly believe what I was reading when a news report said that Cheltenham Ladies’ College, a girls school in Cheltenham, was considering dropping homework for students over the next five years because it was causing them depression. Instead they would get weekly meditation classes.

I have always maintained that if you pay proper attention in school, instead of, for example, writing text messages under the desk, you will learn all you need to learn. But, I do have to say that teachers today leave a lot to be desired in their methods. In my day, if you didn’t understand something you held up your hand and the teacher would explain until it was as clear as glass. Nowadays, many teachers don’t take the time to explain things to those pupils who don’t fully understand, and that is presuming they know enough about their subject to be able to.

Sir Anthony Seldon, Headmaster At Wellington College In Berkshire

Sir Anthony Seldon, Headmaster At Wellington College In Berkshire

Sir Anthony Seldon, headmaster at Wellington College in Berkshire, said in an interview that “mental health is a massive problem in Britain in schools and universities”. He said it was good the school was doing something about the problem, but doubted if banishing homework was the answer. He went on, “Life is stressful. Adult life is stressful, so unless we teach them to cope with that we’re not going to prepare them to cope in the adult world. That’s what schools are about – helping children learn to become adults, to learn to take responsibility themselves, rather than pampering young people.” Oh how right you are Sir!

Many people today are unable to handle even a little stress, and that is mostly due to their upbringing, or more likely, lack of it. Most children today are spoiled rotten by their parents, but when they get introduced to life’s problems they have no clue on how to handle it, and before anyone mentions it, I know there are exceptions, but the majority of youth can’t handle real life when they grow up because they have not been shown how to.



The main problem with kids today is that they get everything handed to them on a plate. When they cannot get what they want, like a laptop or the latest mobile phone they sulk and get depressed. Most often they cry  “All my friends have one. Why can’t I?” This philosophy has many drawbacks, for firstly it does not teach them the value of anything, and secondly can cause the deep depression that so often leads to drugs, and/or alcohol abuse.

Headteacher Eve Jardine-Young of the Cheltenham School said the average age at which depression was first diagnosed had fallen from 29 in the 1960s to 15-and-a-half early this century. She said, “What we’ve been reflecting on a lot in the last few years are the big national trends and international trends in the worsening states of adolescent mental health. We’ve created this epidemic of anxiety for ourselves as a society, and if our obligation as educators is to try to the best of our ability to set young people up as best we can for whatever the future may hold, then to ignore this whole area or to trivialize it is really irresponsible.”

This Is No Way To Escape Facing Real Life

Binge-Drinking – This Is No Way To Escape Facing Real Life

Personally, I doubt that stopping homework is going to cure the problem, for all it will do is make these youngsters less likely to use their brains and increase their desire for ‘an easy life’. Young people today have no idea whatsoever of what they will have to face when they eventually leave school and have to work for a living.

This is one reason for the drug epidemic we have today. Instead of having the mental strength to face what life throws at us they turn to the only escape they know, drugs, or in many other cases, alcohol. Go through many towns and cities in Britain on a Friday or Saturday night, and you will find many teens comatose on the pavement or getting into a fight on the streets. For them alcohol is an escape from the problems of living in today’s society, but in the long term it does not help.

Teachers Need To Interact More With Their Pupils

Teachers Need To Interact More With Their Pupils

As a parent it is your responsibility to educate your children in such a way that they can understand that life does not hand them everything they wish for. Naturally the schools are part of this process, for children need to know that they must work hard to get what they want, and it begins with a good education. Teachers must be able to spot those having trouble with the lesson material and do all they can to make them understand.

If the children/teenagers are getting depressed because they cannot handle homework then the answer is not to stop it, but to make them understand that it is an essential part of their education. It will make them think, and use their brains to come up with the correct answers.

Life As A Teen Is One Big Party - But Wait Until The Crunch Comes!

Life As A Teen Is One Big Party – But Wait Until The Crunch Comes!

If I went to work and was feeling somewhat depressed I would not expect my boss to say, “It’s OK Roy. Take a couple of days off until you feel better!” Ha! Fat chance of that happening. Life today is full of pitfalls and traps that can cause people to feel insecure, but you must have the mental strength to overcome these problems and move on. Something today’s generation seems to be lacking.

The sad thing is, as we move forward in time and these youngsters have children of their own, the problem will get even worse because they will have no idea on how to handle such a situation with their own children because their parents let them down.

It's Time For Parents To Take An Active Interest In Their Children

It’s Time For Parents To Take An Active Interest In Their Children

If you wish to bring a new life into the world then you must be prepared to guide them as they grow up, and teach them that life is not the proverbial ‘bowl of cherries’ by preparing them for the hardships of becoming an adult. Teach them to recognize right from wrong, teach them that to get anywhere in today’s world you must have knowledge and be ready to work hard. Most of all, teach them that drugs and alcohol are not an escape from life’s problems.

I think that unless something drastic is done to educate our children in the correct way, and prepare them properly for adulthood, we are headed for major problems in the future. May God help us all.


One Up For France

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It would seem that France is not bowing to pressure from the rest of Europe on an important issue. It concerns a law that was accepted by the rest of Europe but not by the French, and for that I applaud them, for they at least are showing common sense.

images (1)You may be wondering what I am on about so I’ll tell you. This post concerns France’s refusal to enforce the ‘no-smacking’ rule for children that has cascaded across the world ever since Sweden first banned it in 1979. It is now forbidden to use ‘corporal punishment’ (i.e. smack a child) in 44 countries across the world, but to date France refuses to back it. I think they have the right attitude.

I still remember the old saying: “A smack in time stops a crime” and its as true today as it ever was. During their formative years children must learn right from wrong, but few do these days. If they do not, we end up with a mess like we have today, where teenagers and young adults are the cause of a good proportion of the crime in society today, run wild whenever they feel like it, drink excessively and take to drugs.

The Statistics Tell It All

The Statistics Tell It All

It is essential to teach from a very early age what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. If you begin early enough just a light tap on the hand or buttocks is enough to teach them right from wrong. Naturally, I do not advocate ‘beating’ a child for that is over the line.

With my own children I used the prescribed method from the time they learned to walk, and a light slap on the buttocks was necessary only two or three times and they learned quickly. When my wife or I said they should not do something they stopped immediately. In later years they both conformed to the norms of teenage and adult behaviour without a problem. I am happy to say they both turned out to be exemplary adults who never turned to drink or took drugs.

People's Opinion

People’s Opinion

In contrast to this, a brother of my wife used the ‘no-smacking’ rule and his boy was such a nuisance that the family told him to leave the boy at home when he came to visit. He used the old and tried method on his second son and he was as good as gold.

When I look at the world today, I see Britain’s youth in particular, running wild on the streets especially at weekends when they all go out drinking to excess. There are fights in Disco’s and on the streets and the Police are constantly trying to stop them. We have children as young as nine or ten committing murders and many of today’s’ teenagers hang around on street corners in gangs looking for likely victims and even robbing convenience stores on the High Street. Teenage crime has gone through the roof since I was a child, in fact crime in general has escalated to levels unheard of in my time.

GoodI blame the ‘Anti-Smacking’ Laws that have all but made it impossible to teach a child discipline, honesty and respect when they need it most. This fact is most noticeable these days in the general attitude of many who think of themselves first before considering the needs of others.

It is true that in the old days some parents overstepped the limit when it came to child chastisement and were excessively brutal, but in general these were few and far between in my experience and certainly did not warrant a blanket law for everyone, but it happened and now we are stuck with the consequences.

So all things considered, I applaud the stance taken by France where normal child chastisement is allowed. I hope they continue with it and not bow to outside pressure from the E.U.


The Science Of Child Spanking

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Scientists are losing touch with reality, that’s my opinion of today’s report on research published in the autumn 2012 Journal of Family and Marriage by researchers Andrea Gromoske and Kathryn Maguire-Jack into the psychological effects of spanking recalcitrant children.

Child Temper Tantrum

Child Temper Tantrum

The researchers believe that giving a very young child a smack across the bottom when they are naughty will make them more aggressive around age three, and lead to depression at age five. What a load of hogwash! I have never subscribed to the belief that you should not smack your children when they misbehave and I never will. At the age they are talking about a light smack is all that’s required to get the message home. It should never be necessary to give a small child a walloping on the backside because I believe that is bordering on child abuse.

Naturally Kids Are Against It

Naturally Kids Are Against It

Over the past thirty years, parents have been told they should never smack their children by people who are ‘in the know’, and look what has happened in the world. These ‘do-gooders’ have forced their opinions onto everyone and had laws put in place that actually forbid you giving your child a smack when they misbehave. Instead you are supposed to use psychology on children and tell them what they did is wrong and they should not do it again, but if they ignore you as most do, what then?

No Discipline

No Discipline

When this idea first gained a foothold in the seventies one of my brothers-in -law at the time used this approach with his first born son. He turned out to be a right little B&*T+*D and many of the family told him to leave the child at home if he came to visit. As you would expect, with his second child everything changed and he turned out well!

Binge Drinking Be-gets Violence

Binge Drinking Be-gets Violence

Many of today’s teenagers, are extremely aggressive, have little or no respect for anyone or anything, ‘binge drink’ and more often than not take drugs as a way out because they are unable to handle the normal stresses and strains of life. Many wonder why!

People have forgotten the basic fact that baby’s are like a blank slate and everything they learn comes from us, their parents. It is up to us to teach them the essentials in life like respect for others and the law, honesty, reliability, disappointment, and the basic ability to shoulder the many ups and downs of life in general.

Your Child?

Your Child?

The massive failure of parents over the last thirty years has led us to today where many teenagers turn to drugs as an escape from life’s troubles, get into gangs, steal, and in general look for an excuse to ‘have-a-go’ at the police as is witnessed regularly by rioting teens. In my opinion, any parent who really cares about their children would make the effort to teach them right from wrong at every opportunity. If as a parent you are not ready to do this, you don’t deserve to have children.

The trouble is, it often takes a smack across the backside to enforce the message, and this is what the scientists are saying is making very young children aggressive, and turning 5-7 year-olds into depressives. Poppycock!

Old Style Discipline - And It Worked!

Old Style Discipline – And It Worked!

Parents have been using this form of discipline for centuries and it has worked ninety-nine times out of a hundred without children having the symptoms these researchers describe. When a young child starts to get aggressive this must be got out of them at the first sign in the firmest way. They have to learn from a very early age that aggression is not the way to get what they want. That is why you have to be strict with children from the very beginning, for then they learn quickly and it no longer becomes necessary to repeat a chastisement. Given the opportunity, all children will get aggressive if they think they can gain by it – it’s human nature after all.



In countless supermarkets I have seen many young children throw a tantrum because they want a bag of crisps or sweets off the shelf and mother doesn’t want to give it to them. More often than not, as the child screams and shouts, she cannot be bothered to stand her ground and gives way. Naturally, the child learns that if they throw a tantrum they can get what they want and the seed is sown. Here a soft smack on the back of the hand or leg makes the point that they cannot have what they want when they want it and they should behave. Shouting at them to behave achieves nothing. But of course now we could get in trouble with the law because if you chastise your child in this way in public, there is always some ‘holier than thou’ arsehole who thinks they know better and calls the police. The answer is to either go outside or find a quiet aisle.

All Grown Up And Ready To Face Life

All Grown Up And Ready To Face Life

When my two children were growing up they both got a few smacks across the buttocks when they wouldn’t listen and in fact I even used a slipper with my son on a couple of occasions. I only needed to chastise them in this way three or four times and after that they took notice when I told them something. I never went in for child abuse or anything even close and I abhor those that do, but I taught my children all the qualities that are required of people and I am happy to say they both turned out to be exemplary adults, honest, hard-working and respectful. You never saw my son hanging around on a street corner wearing a hood and causing trouble for passers-by.

This Approach Will Never Work On Its Own.

Don’t Waste Your Breath Madam!

So I am afraid these scientists have got it dead wrong in my opinion. I have always believed that it is essential to draw a line on what is and is not acceptable behaviour, and make children understand what they need to know to be a success in life. It’s the old saying: “If you give them an inch they will take a mile”. The kind of message that is being sent out by this ‘research’ is extremely misleading and inevitably many parents will consider it ‘The Holy Grail’ of parenting. They will find out in future years when their off-spring go off the rails.


‘Milking’ – The New Teen Craze.

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To watch a video of some idiot pouring a pint of milk over his/her head makes me think that as a race we have finally lost all our marbles. ‘Milking’ is just the latest in a long line of crazy things that today’s youth seem to find ‘cool’, and to reach such depths I guess they must be bored out of their gourds. The following links will take you to some of these crazy stunts:

This latest craze is as mind-numbing as ‘planking’ and posing as owls, but thankfully not as ridiculous as jumping from a fourth or fifth story balcony into a swimming pool below. This latter prank led to the deaths of many teenagers here in Spain who, while on holiday, thought it would be ‘cool’ but ended up splattered all over the tiles surrounding the pool. The following link will show you how dangerous this stunt is:

Teenagers have a lot to contend with these days I know, but most of their problems are centred around the fact that they have no real direction in their lives. For this I blame society, but mainly the parents. If you really care for your children, as a parent you are obligated to instill three basic rules into your kids: Respect – Honesty – Responsibility. Sadly today most if not all are sadly lacking. As a parent, try and remember the last time you had a heart-to-heart with your child about these three requirements for a responsible life style? Can’t remember – I’m not surprised!

Because these three basic principles are missing from teenagers today most have little or no respect, even for their parents let alone society. Their lives are so ‘directionless’ they do not know what is required of them. Its all about binge drinking, drugs and violence these days, and if your child is not involved in one or all of these they are usually tied to the computer. The period of going out and having a good time without getting ‘smashed’ or lost in drug haze has disappeared in the mist of time, probably never to return. Why is this? The simple answer is that the three basic requirements mentioned previously were never taught.

So where do we go from here? Good question – but one thing is sure, teenagers will continue their quest for the insane, zany and ridiculous because they have nothing better to do. Perhaps in a few years time the YouTube sensation of the year will be a video of some young teenager topping himself just for the sheer hell of it. Impossible, I don’t think so.


The High Cost of Teenage ‘Binge’ Drinking

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The Facts Speak For Themselves

A shocking report out yesterday from the health campaign group Balance has finally put into perspective the results of UK teenagers ‘binge’ drinking. The high consumption level of alcohol among today’s teenagers reached the point long ago where it became a national disgrace, but now, after research by this group, the the real dangers are becoming clear.


Cirrhosis Patient

The medical profession has become increasingly worried by a 400% increase in alcohol related liver disease over the last eight years. This figure compares with a 61% rise nationally, and is related to persons between 30 and 34. In  2002, 89 cases were reported in North-Eastern England alone, but this has now risen to 189 last year. Balance highlighted the fact that many cases are among young people in the age group 20 to 25, and some are as young as 11. Quite rightly, doctors describe the results as an epidemic.

Balance Director Colin Shevills said; “It is particularly concerning, as here in the North East we have the highest rate of 11-15-year-olds who drink in England and the highest rate of under 18s admitted to hospital because of alcohol.”

Life's Great! - To Hell With Tomorrow

I still remember what it is to be young and brash, and to feel that it will never happen to you, but the drinking habits of Britain’s’ teens has gone way beyond the reasonable. As a teenager you think only of the moment and don’t even worry about the hangover you will have in the morning, but many are now finding out there is a price to pay, and it will affect the rest of their lives. For a young life, with hopefully a long a fruitful future ahead, the news that you have an incurable liver disease will be devastating.

Typical Saturday Night

To try and reason with teenagers on such a subject is useless, for they naturally enough I suppose, feel as if they are invincible, something we have all felt I guess. Many 20 to 30 year-olds are now being diagnosed with terminal liver disease, and at such a young age that is tragic, but there always come a time when you must ‘pay the piper’.

Alcohol Related Deaths Rising

One particular case quoted in the report is of a 41 year-old ‘party animal’ who drank 3 bottles of wine plus lager a day, and now suffers from cirrhosis of the liver and will be taking close to 100 pills a week for as long as she lives.  The pills will not cure her sickness, but only keep it in check, hopefully. She also spent almost half of the last two years in hospital and her liver could fail at any time. Cirrhosis sufferers have a very poor quality of life, and never know when their liver will fail completely, which of course leads to death.

Three For the Price of Two?

According to many experts, the problem has developed because of the availability of cheap alcohol in supermarkets and other places, and of course non-adherence to the laws forbidding the sale of alcohol to persons under age. Part of it is also the lack of future prospects felt by much of today’s youth, trapped as they are, jobless because of poor education standards due to the failure of the education system in Great Britain. Parents must also share a major portion of the blame for not exercising proper parental control. Something that seems to be out of fashion these days.  

Top of the League

In many British towns and cities the Saturday night picture is always the same, teenagers vomiting and urinating in the street, and the park benches and pavements littered with comatose drunks. Of course there is also the question of young girls getting ‘wasted’ on a Saturday night and finding out shortly after that they are pregnant. Britain has the highest rate of unmarried teenage mothers in Europe. Let us also not forget the violence that often accompanies ‘binge’ drinking.

The Body Can Only Take So Much Abuse

It’s a sad snapshot of life in today’s Britain and the likelihood of the pattern changing in the near future is bleak. Only a tiny few will perhaps read the report in the newspapers, and those that do will ignore it as being something that will never affect them. Well, let’s face it, liver disease is something old people get. Right!


Britain’s Drunken Youth

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Once again Britain is in the news for all the wrong reasons. A report out today by the think-tank Demos, shows that British girls are the biggest drinkers among females in the developed world, and for that you can read ‘on the planet’.

Early Start On The Road To Hell

A third of all 13-year-olds questioned by the survey team from YouGov stated they had been drunk at least twice, and one in three aged between 11 and 21 said they had drunk so much they had lost control and/or thrown up. As if that is not enough, half of all 15 year-olds said they had been drunk at least twice, which is double the average for other OECD countries where these statistics are gathered. Researchers reported that many drank to excess because (a) it made them feel good, and (b) they could forget all their troubles.

Binge-Drinking UK:

It has been known for many years that much of British youth are often obnoxious drunken louts, which is evident from the general attitude of foreigners who witness their antics when they go abroad on holiday. My wife and I live in Spain, and every year during the holiday season we see the same spectacle repeated over and over. Just one look at the faces of passers-by is enough to see their disapproval.

Good Night Out Last Night? – I Have No Idea!

Young girls dressed up like tarts (which seems to be the fashion at the moment) yelling their heads off, shouting insults at each other and passers-by with mouths full of foul language like no other. And as if that is not enough, they care not where they empty their stomachs of the excess of alcohol, and are as likely to urinate in the street too. Make no mistake, the young males are just as bad, but according to the report, they do not rank as high as their female counterparts.

One Careless Night Out Can Ruin Two Young LIves

The Demos report links the high consumption of alcohol among young women with the dramatic increase of teenage pregnancies during the last decade or so, another point where British scores are highest. It goes without saying that a drunken girl is more likely to have sex with some young stud feeling ‘hot under collar’ than a sober one. Some 11% said they had sex without a condom and the same number said they regretted it later. The number of young girls giving birth has rocketed in recent years, some as young as twelve or thirteen.

It does not surprise me that the report indicates most of the blame for this current behaviour can be laid at the feet of the previous Labour government. It was Labour who brought in the longer opening hours for pubs, bars and clubs, and admittedly, this would not have been a problem in any country other than Britain. But so fixated are the British youth on booze that all they see is the opportunity to stay out all night drinking.

A David Attenborough ‘Tongue-in -Cheek’ Look At Binge-Drinking:

A Regular Sight On A Saturday Night

More to the heart of the problem I believe is the steady erosion of family life in the UK, where parents have no idea what their children are doing, where they are, or who they  are with. The parents are usually sleeping blissfully, untroubled by their offsprings whereabouts when they stagger up the garden path at 3 o’clock in the morning, and make a dive for the toilet to throw-up.

The steady increase in the number of broken homes has also had its impact on teenage behaviour, as they often feel they have no-one to turn to when they are troubled. The survey shows that for many, drinking is an escape from all their problems.

Young people rarely have anyone to talk to about their troubles because the parents as a rule do not have the time, or the inclination to sit and talk to them, and for this reason they must find their own way, which sadly is often the road to ‘binge-drinking’.

The Labour tactic used to address the growing problem was government messages to ‘Drink Responsibly”, which naturally fell on deaf ears.

Parents And Binge Drinking:

In The Cold Grey Light Of Dawn!

The Demos report suggests that the government should do more to prevent people under the drinking age  from obtaining alcohol in any form. They suggest that TV and Internet advertising of alcohol should be banned, but to be honest, I do not see that solving the problem.

Social attitudes must change, and parents need to make more effort in becoming involved with their children by giving them better guidance as they start life’s perilous journey. But there again, considering the shortfalls of the present generation of parents, who will be fit to do this?


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