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Ahmadinajad – The Devil’s Disciple?

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Ahmadinajad - The Voice of Iran

The much publicised visit by the Iranian Leader Ahmadinajad to Lebanon recently caused a furore in the world press, with Israel calling the visit an outright provocation while most other countries voiced their concerns in a more muted fashion.

Whatever the world thinks, it was clear he achieved his aim, that of bolstering the Iranian position with the Hezbollah group in Southern Lebanon.

Many Lebanese, in particular the Sunnis and Christians, have voiced their disquiet at the visit which was pointedly aimed at Hezbollah despite the Iranian leaders denials, saying he is trying to drag Lebanon into a war with its neighbour Israel once again.

Ahmadinajad made it clear to anyone with ears that Iran backed Hezbollah to the hilt in its contest with Israel, having provided the group with money, weapons and missiles for decades.

2006 - The Aftermath

There are many indications that Hezbollah’s war with its southern neighbour in 2006 was carried out with the collusion of not only Syria, but also in a lessor role by Iran, which has stated publicly on more than one occasion that Israel should be ‘wiped off the map’.


The Shiite Hezbollah Militia, now an extremely influential group in Lebanon, has seen its power increase significantly in recent years, even so far as to become part of the western orientated government. This rise in popularity came about through the efforts of Hezbollah in rebuilding the towns and villages torn apart in Southern Lebanon during the 2006 war.

A laudable feat one may imagine, but it is now emerging the finance for all this reconstruction came from Iran with the intention of bolstering Hezbollah into its current position of power.

In the MInd of Ahmadinajad?

To observers, it should be clear that the visit of Ahmadinajad is designed to consolidate and extend the influence of this militant group within Lebanon. With Hezbollah in complete control of the country Iran would I am sure, not hesitate to have them start another war with Israel, one in which they would feel obliged to assist, thereby bringing chaos to the entire Middle East.

Iran With Nuclear Capability?

On the other side of the coin, are Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Iran has always been a militant nation, backing and/or training insurgents and terrorist organizations going as far back as Arafat and the PLO, and it is for this reason that no-one believes Iran when they say they want nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

Should the leaders of this belligerent country ever achieve nuclear weapons, no-one in their right minds is going to think for a minute that they will maintain the peace with Israel, or keep the weapons to themselves.

If Iran manages to achieve its aim, I can see them exporting the technology, or the weapons, to other Middle East countries and any other nation, or perhaps terror group, that does not like Israel, the West or America. As a result, the world could become a very dangerous place.

To me there is little doubt that Iran, given the opportunity, would love to bomb Israel out of existence, and even the fear of retaliation from Israel may not be sufficient to stop the fanatics that rule in Tehran.

Noisy Neighbours!

This Lebanon visit by Ahmadinajad has all the appearance of a blossoming power struggle for control of the entire Middle East, and the outcome could see Iran in control if it achieves nuclear capability. Should this happen, it does not take a great mind to realise that the very existence of Israel will be in jeopardy.

Projecting this scenario into the future, one possible outcome could be we end up with a mini-Cold War front in the Middle East with Israel and Iran having nuclear weapons pointed at each other, each with a nervous finger on the trigger.

Israeli Military Power

The three saving factors for Israel are without doubt the steadfast backing of the United States, its own superb intelligence network and an efficient armed forces. I am sure the Israeli’s are keeping a very close eye on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, for they above all others realise what it could mean. Should they ever discover that Iran is close to making a nuclear weapon, action will be taken to ensure it is never finished.

Naturally, Iran will see this as an act of war and quite probably retaliate, proclaiming their innocence to the world at this ‘unprovoked’ attack, but they will not be able to stand up to Israel alone, and would therefore need to convince the rest of the Arab world to fight. This is by no means a forgone conclusion. An attack through Lebanon by Hezbollah would make a fine distraction for the Israeli’s right on their border.

Throughout all the years of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict most Arab countries have stood on the sidelines and done nothing. Ever since Israel crushed Egypt, Syria and Jordan during the 1967 Six-Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War they have all chosen to sit on the sidelines and leave the rhetoric and hate speeches to Iranian leaders like Ahmadinajad.

The Assassination of Rafic Harriri.

Syria had given tacit backing to Hezbollah for many years before the Iranians stepped into the void left when Syria withdrew after the assassination of the previous Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Harriri.

For some time the finger of suspicion was pointed at Syria for this act, but it would seem from recent reports that Hezbollah are now the number one suspect for that deed, and it would indeed fit nicely in the frame if that is the case.

There is little doubt Hezbollah wishes to be in total control of Lebanon, and with the help of Ahmadinajad and his cronies they may well do so. Should this eventually be achieved, it would be fair to say the warning bells will ring in the halls of the Israeli military and government.

It is significant indeed for the Israeli’s that they do not have a common border with Iran, for had that been the case, world history could well have been significantly different regarding the Middle East.

Out of Reach?

Geographically speaking, it is fortunate for the whole area that the two main protagonists in the Middle East are unable to get at each others throats directly. Iran must therefore enrol Iraq and Syria into any conflict to get at Israel directly, or create a base from which to strike within Lebanon, run by their lapdogs the Hezbollah.

What this means in effect, is that Iran, should it wish to strike at its arch-enemy, will need to use a different approach which it appears to be striving hard to achieve; i.e., the nuclear option.

Suitcase Nuclear Weapon

Without doubt, many pundits will scoff at the idea of Iran launching such weapons against Israel thereby causing widespread radioactive contamination over the Middle East, But if you think about it, nuclear weapons come in all sizes, even as small as a suitcase. Such a weapon with a small yield and an easterly wind would be sufficient to wipe out Tel Aviv for example with little or no widespread contamination.

But, I hear you cry, no-one would be stupid enough to start a nuclear confrontation in today’s world, not even Iran, but if you think that you do not know the psyche of fanaticism. The greatest joy for followers of the Qu’ran is to die for their religion and Allah and earn their place in Paradise.

Have you ever heard of a christian or buddhist strapping on a bomb and blowing themselves up? No, and you never will for we do not have the same level of indoctrination associated with our religious beliefs. Any soldier will tell you the worst enemy to fight is one that is praying for death!

So, the final question remains; How will all this end?

Israeli Attack on Iran's Nuclear Facilities?

To be honest, I would not like to make a prediction, but certain things are clear. First and foremost, whether Ahmadinajad and his ilk like it or not the USA is still top of the heap and will clearly not desert the Israeli’s on this issue. Secondly, Israel itself is not asleep, and well capable of defending itself against Iran should the need arise. Thirdly, the reluctance of other Arab nations to become involved with this issue may well put an unwelcome brake on the aspirations of Ahmadinajad and his cronies.

One of the crucial aspects of the whole contentious issue is whether or not the USA, and indeed the rest of the world, will be able to prevent a nuclear arms race in the Middle East with Iran at its head.

For some time now the Iranians have prevaricated on the issue, gaining precious time to further their research while the rest of the world tries to get them to the negotiating table.

Personally, I see one of two things happening; they will either achieve their aim secretly, or they will eventually be forced to abandon their nuclear programme and submit to international inspection of all their facilities.

Ahmadinajad Inspects a Nuclear Facility in Iran

Whatever happens on the nuclear issue, Iranian control of the Lebanon if achieved, will continue to be a thorn in the flesh of Israel. Having their number one enemy on the doorstep will do nothing to further the peace process in the Middle East if Hezbollah are used as a tool by the ambitious Iranian government to strike at its hated adversary.

It is a shame that the word ‘Peace’ is such an empty word today!


The Mavi Marmara – Does Israel Really Deserve All the Criticism?

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I realise that what I write here may be extremely contentious and many people will not agree, but I feel it has to be said by someone, and before anyone thinks it, I am not Jewish, nor am I an Israeli sympathiser. I just take my time, sit back, and look at events from all angles.

Mavi Marmara

Since the ‘attack’ on the aid ships last week in which 9 people died, Israel has come under a storm of criticism from all over the world. Country after country has condemned the action, bemoaning the fate of the Palestinian people in Gaza and praising Hamas.

We have all heard the stories from activists of people being shot without provocation, but you would not really expect them to say anything else would you. They would never admit to being wrong. I am sure each of them will tell you about Israeli atrocities aboard the ship. But I have to ask, why fight in the first place, because they must have known what the outcome would be.

From Turkish doctors we heard of the dead being ‘riddled‘ with bullets and shot in the head from close range ‘many times‘, but there again, you cannot expect a country with a Muslim majority to say anything that would back Israel’s claim of their soldiers being attacked, and the evidence has been conveniently buried.

The Israeli Military insist their men were attacked with knives and clubs, and shots were fired at them. Insofar as the knives and clubs are concerned, there is video evidence enough. In their words they were defending themselves. So who do you believe?

Firstly, I have to say the entire ‘aid’ operation was in my opinion, designed as a deliberate provocation intended to force the Israeli government into taking some form of action and thereby generate negative press for Israel while providing much needed propaganda for the Palestinians. In this it succeeded, far beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. The actual aid was I believe, of secondary importance.

Soldiers on Board

The activists must have known before they set out that the Israeli government would never allow their ships to reach a port in Gaza, and they expected to be boarded and diverted to an Israeli port. It would seem they did not take into account some hot-heads among their ranks who thought they could battle it out with the military.

From the casualty list it would seem many Turkish Muslims got into the fight, but from the video it is obvious almost everyone had a go, and who can categorically deny that among the activists were a couple of insurgents, there for the sole purpose of initiating the shooting by firing at the soldiers as they landed? It’s not rocket science to work out that possibility.

Secondly, no-one in Israel would be stupid enough to deliberately board those ships with guns blazing, knowing they would face a storm of condemnation from the rest of the world. That would be political suicide for any government from whatever country. The Israeli’s are tough and nobody’s fool, and lets face it, Israel gets blamed for just about everything that goes wrong in the Middle East. It just doesn’t add up.

Something did prompt the shooting, but I doubt very much it was a purely Israeli action. As in any military operation, the soldiers would have been briefed, and probably told to expect little resistance. I am positive they were told in no uncertain terms to avoid civilian casualties for fear of just such condemnation as they are now receiving, but it is a soldiers natural instinct to open fire when threatened. It’s what all soldiers are trained to do, world-wide. If someone came at me with a knife I would certainly open fire, and so would you! You do not try and negotiate under those circumstances.

Terrorist Disguised as a Politician

My last point is the Israeli justification for the blockade. There is no doubt Hamas has been a source of torment to the people of Israel, especially since winning the elections in 2006, for they have ensured a steady rain of explosive rockets onto towns and villages near the border with Gaza, killing indiscriminately men, women, and children on the Israeli side. But when that happens it may get a by-line on the back page in the press, whereas anything to do with the ‘poor’ Palestinians means banner headlines.

There can be no doubt arms were being smuggled into Gaza by Hamas on a regular basis, and for that reason Israel closed the border. It is noticeable that since the blockade has been rigourously enforced the rockets on Israel have practically ceased. That I think proves a valuable point.

Hamas Rocket Destined For Israel

Much is said about the Israeli embargo on building materials for Gaza, but yet again I believe this is justified. I agree that the Palestinians do not have cement and bricks to re-build houses, but neither does Hamas have the materials to build tunnels with which to smuggle in arms. Even insurgents cannot fight without weapons and explosives, as is evident by the recent lack of action against Israel by Hamas.

So is the blockade justified? If you look at all the facts, and are not swayed by the biased rhetoric coming from the anti-Israel brigade or the “We love Hamas” army, you cannot escape the truth; It is!

Yes, I agree, the Palestinian people are suffering, but to a great extent they have no-one to blame but themselves. I am convinced the pain of these people, while shocking, is to a great extent self-inflicted, for the longer they allow themselves to be represented by a hard-line Hamas, so much longer will be their misery. It was after all the people of Gaza who voted in Hamas, who are let’s face it, nothing more than terrorists in suits. It was a bold experiment, but as events have shown, achieved nothing.

Hamas still refuses to recognise Israel’s right to exist, despite the fact the more moderate Fatah faction on the West Bank have agreed. You only have to compare the living standards of the West Bank with Gaza to see who is right.

The time for armed resistance to Israel is long over and a waste of effort that only causes suffering among the people Hamas are supposed to represent. Proper negotiation is long overdue. If Hamas were willing to come to the table for constructive peace talks without an AK47 in their hands they may well achieve far more than in all the years of struggle.

On the Receiving End of Hamas Rockets

At this point I would also like to say that not all the fault is with the Palestinians for Israel has made many mistakes, chief among them the contentious settlements they insist on building on Palestinian land. For a fair and just settlement of the conflict they must all be torn down or handed over to the Palestinians.

It is certain that no country will intervene militarily on their behalf against the Israeli’s. The surrounding Arab nations tried it twice and were heavily defeated and I doubt they feel like trying it again. This is evident by the years of silence on the part of Syria, Jordan and Egypt on the matter of the Palestinian question.

No! The solution must come from within Gaza if the suffering is to end and ultimately it is up to the Palestinian people to decide their future, not a terrorist group calling itself a government.


Israel – Obama’s Dilemma

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No-one in their right mind would think President Obama is looking forward to a direct confrontation with Israel, but things seem to be headed in that direction.

After recent discussions between the President and Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, in which Obama made it plain that all West Bank settlement construction must cease, it would appear the Israeli Government is not prepared to play ball.

Since his return to Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it clear they will stick to an agreement made with George W. Bush, i.e. that construction would be restricted to ‘natural growth’ in established settlements. This can be interpreted to mean; We will continue to build and expand all existing settlements, but we promise not to start any more!

Both sides of the argument are easy to understand. On the one hand, President Obama cannot be seen by the Arab World to be favouring the Israeli’s, while on the other, any attempt by the Israel government to halt construction would mean their downfall, with perhaps even more serious repercussions.

You have to look a long way back in history to find the Israeli justification for the settlements. They say the West Bank and Gaza was their land two thousand years ago, which gives them the right to build. The fact that the land has belonged to the Palestinians since then is, in their eyes, irrelevant.

There is a comparison to Argentina claiming the Falkland Isles and Spain claiming Gibraltar from Britain, both of which were taken by the British three hundred years ago by conflict. In today’s world you cannot claim something because it used to be yours centuries ago. I do not think the case for the Israeli settlers under those rules is acceptable.

The settlements first began some time after the 1967 Six-Day War with Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. For a time the Israeli Government would not allow settlements to be built, but this rule was relaxed and eventually it actively participated in the plan. With regard to the West Bank, religious Zionists claimed the lands of ‘Judea and Samaria’ (ancient Jewish lands) had finally been liberated, while the Government thought building the settlements would give them an extra bargaining chip at any future negotiations. For the Military, it was an opportunity to have a buffer zone between Israel and its Arab neighbours, Jordan and Syria.

On the accompanying UN map, the orange areas mark places in the West Bank that are restricted or forbidden for Palestinians. Many of the roads that service the Jewish communities have military roadblocks and are forbidden to local Palestinian people. Most of the world population is not aware of these measures taken by the Israeli’s. You must also bear in mind that all the settlements, and the travel restrictions placed on the Palestinians, have been pronounced illegal by the United Nations and the International Courts of Justice under International Law.

President Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia today on an official visit, prior to giving what will probably be his most important speech so far. He will leave Saudi for Egypt where he will address the Arab World, and possibly the subject of Israel will come up. This speech is eagerly awaited by the whole Arab and Muslim World, and I am sure they will judge him, and his intentions, on it. Successive US presidents have tried to settle the thorny issue of the Israeli Palestinian conflict, but none have yet come up with the magic formula.

Whatever happens, the settlements will remain at the heart of the solution. One only has to look at a map of the West Bank showing their locations to realise that Israeli settlers have colonised much of the West Bank as far as the Jordanian border, and as some Jewish web sites record, a proportion of them are on land stolen from the Palestinians. There is no way you can justify this!

Ideally, all these towns and villages built by Israeli’s in the West Bank must be torn down and their residents rehoused inside the 1967 borders of Israel. When you consider that in excess of half-a-million people now live in the occupied areas, it must seem impossible.

President Abbas of the West Bank Palestinians stated during his visit to Washington that he is no longer prepared to talk of peace until the building programme on the West Bank is halted. This seems a reasonable request considering how vast the Israeli occupation of the West Bank is and it’s illegal status. Unfortunately for Obama, he must walk a tightrope between the two.

While he is reaching out to the Muslim world in a way no previous president ever has, he must be mindful he doesn’t alienate the Jewish State, especially with Iran’s nuclear ambitions in the mix, and the threat of an Israeli ‘solution’ to the problem.

So what is the answer to this half-century old problem? Could there in fact ever be a Palestinian State in co-existence with an Israeli State recognised by the Arab World? Personally, I think yes, but it will take many years and a lot of soul-searching and tough action by the Israeli Government.

In 2005 the Israeli Government removed all the settlements in the Gaza Strip by force and rehoused its citizens within it’s borders. The same is possible logistically for the West Bank, but it would be a huge undertaking. Any who refused to be removed could have the right to become citizens of Palestine. One measure that could force many to leave would be the withdrawal of protection by the Israeli Armed Forces.

Of course there is also the option of the land of Israelistine being run by a joint Jewish/Palestinian government with Arabs and Jews living side by side in harmony. Now wouldn’t that be a miracle!

Whatever happens, eventually common sense must prevail, and both sides will realise they cannot go through the rest of eternity at each others throats. Either that or the Iranians will solve the problem for them.

I wish President Obama success in his mission.


How Do We Solve The Arab-Israeli Conflict?

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For sixty-one years the Israeli’s and Palestinians have been at each others throats, and what has been achieved? The answer is, nothing!

The divisions are now as deep as they were in November 1947 when the United Nations decided to form a partitioned homeland for the Jews in Palestine.

This was not as arbitrary as it may sound. Europe was awash with Jewish refugees from the infamous Nazi concentration camps, and there was a historical precedent for the positioning of a Jewish State in Palestine, namely ancient Judea, the original Jewish lands of biblical times.

Judea had been conquered by the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Byzantines among others, before eventually being made part of the Ottoman empire in 1516, to which it belonged until the 20th Century. Each conqueror tried to remove the Jews from the land and almost succeeded, but a small number always managed to remain around Galilee.

Following the United Nations decree, Israel declared independence on the 14th of May 1948 and the new Jewish state was born. Since then, a continuous conflict has been raging between the Jews, Palestinians, and bordering Arab nations.

Several wars were fought between Israel and its Arab neighbours, and each time Israel came out on top. This led to the formation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) under Yasser Arrafat in the late sixties-early seventies, which carried out devastating attacks against Jews and Jewish interests world-wide, including the killing of the Israeli Olympic Athletic Team at the 1972 Summer Games.

In 1967 Syria, Jordan and Egypt massed armies on Israel’s borders, but were defeated in a pre-emptive strike by Israeli Forces in what is now referred to as the Six-Day War. Israel occupied the Left Bank, the Golan Heights, Gaza, and Sinai peninsular to the Red Sea. There followed another war in November 1973 when they were again attacked. Once more Israel carried the day, despite suffering heavy losses.

Later that same year, the Egyptian President Anwar Sadat became the first leader of an Arab country to recognize Israel’s right to exist, and signed a peace accord. He was later assassinated by members of the Egyptian military during a parade.

Since that time, several US Presidents, and many different governments have tried, and failed, to get the two sides to agree on a solution to the problems. But what are the problems?

They are, not necessarily in order of importance, the return of Israel to the pre-1967 war boundary’s i.e. return of the West Bank and Gaza to Palestinian control, the Golan heights to Syria and the Sinai to Egypt, removal of all Israeli settlements on Arab land, and the return of East Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

Each of these have been rejected by successive Israeli governments for a variety of reasons.

First lets look at the boundary’s. Israel insists on having a buffer zone between it and its Arab neighbours, and, there are a large number of Jewish settlements on Palestinian land. Israel would also lose its vital port on the Red Sea, Elat.

Secondly, the removal of all settlements on Arab land would be very unpopular with the settlers, causing widespread condemnation of any government that tried it.

Thirdly, the returning of East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, who also want it as their capitol, is a very thorny issue, being as it is probably the most important religious site in the world. Judaism, Islam and Christianity all lay claim to the city as one of their most holy sites. On top of this, there are 465,000 Jews living mostly in West Jerusalem, and 232,000 Muslims living for the greater part in East Jerusalem.

The Israeli government insists the city remain united under their control and should be their capitol. Meanwhile, the Palestinians insist Israel retreat to its pre-1967 borders, thereby giving up East Jerusalem. Like two dogs fighting over a single bone.

There are without doubt very tough problems to solve, because Israel sees its security as a number one priority, which is understandable; and the Palestinians want their lands back, which is a reasonable request.

Perhaps the biggest stumbling block to a peace deal is purely the length of time this conflict has been going on. So much mistrust and hatred has built up on both sides over the years, that the two sides may never agree on a solution. Then of course there is Hamas.

The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has taken a softer line with the Israeli government, and appears more willing to negotiate than Hamas, who refuse to recognise Israels right to exist.

Hamas is a terrorist organization that still continues to attack Israel at every opportunity, most recently evoking a week long attack by Israeli Forces on Gaza after they attacked southern Israel with rockets. The stand Hamas has taken is also responsible for splitting the Palestinian nation.

In my opinion, both sides have to be prepared to make big sacrifices if peace in the Middle East is to be achieved.

With regard to Israel’s safety, I believe the only solution is for the Palestinians to accept a de-militarized zone around Israel until such time as sufficient trust is established. Israel should be allowed an observation post on the Golan Heights to ensure no militarization of the land around the Heights by Syria.

So far as the settlements are concerned, the inhabitants should be given the ultimatum of returning behind Israel’s borders with government financial help, or remain where they are under Palestinian control.

Jerusalem should become an open city, perhaps under UN or joint 50/50 Israeli-Palestinian control, so neither side can claim sovereignty. Both sides will need to find somewhere else for their capitol.

For its part, the Palestinian government, along with Hamas, must recognise Israel as a sovereign state and guarantee its borders.

It may seem to some that Israel is making more concessions than the Palestinians, and that may be true, but if they are to live in security with their neighbours I believe this is the only way. At least both nations will be able to flourish and prosper without the continued threat of war.

I further believe that such an agreement will take the wind from the sails of Iran, who has for decades been fermenting hatred and distrust of the Jewish State, plus arming people like Hamas. If the rest of the Muslim world can accept such an agreement, they in their turn should bring the necessary pressure to bear on this rogue state and bring it into line with the rest of humanity.

Here’s hoping Allah and God can shake hands on this agreement.


I Thought The U.N. Was Unbiased!

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Oh how naive I am! I have just read a report on the BBC from U.N. investigators under the leadership of Sri Lankan lawyer Radhika Coomaraswamy, and to be honest, I am amazed at the one-sided blame-laying she and her team have indulged in.

Before I go any further, let me state quite clearly, I am not on anybodies side and I do not support the actions of one group against another. Having made that clear I will continue.

According to Ms Coomarathingy, on the 15th of January Israeli soldiers used an 11 year-old boy as a human shield by forcing him to walk down streets ahead of them ‘for several hours’. This is one of ‘hundreds’ of such cases reported by her and the U.N. team for the protection of children.

Her report also includes soldiers shooting Palestinian children, and women, bulldozing a house with a woman and child inside, and shelling a building they had ordered civilians to enter. These, she said were just ‘a few of the incidents’ that had been ‘verified’ by U.N. officials in the Gaza Strip.


Hamas Not Guilty of Using Human Shields?

I guess they must have been talking to Hamas fighters, and civilians with a Hamas gun up their backside to get stories like this. The Hamas propaganda machine is very efficient in such situations.

Worthy of note, is the total lack of commentary on war crimes by Hamas, like using human shields, or shooting from homes, except to say it is ‘under investigation’, which means nothing will ever come of it because it’s an everyday occurrence, and anyway, they are such poor defenceless people.

Israeli Ambassador Aharon Leshno Yaar told the U.N’s 47-nation Human Rights Council, it was “unable or perhaps unwilling to address attacks against its civilians by Palestinian militants”. He further added, “The report claims to examine Israel’s actions while it wilfully ignores and downplays the terrorist and other threats we face”. He should have added their methods!

An Israeli Military Spokesman dismissed the claims as “inaccurate and politically motivated”. It is obvious that excesses have occurred, and the Israeli Military have confessed this and are dealing with it, but that too is the nature of war. It happened in the Second World War with Allied troops also. In war, none of us are ‘clean’.

All Muslim terror groups like Hamas know full well that in any conflict, the press love to report in full on civilian casualties, and have made good use of this fact.

Perhaps this will help clear it up for you, published with the kind permission of Osama Bin Laden:

Excerpt from a terrorist training manual: “Wow Achmed! Don’t forget, if the cursed Israeli’s shoot in your direction, grab the nearest child or woman! Also, don’t forget to go into the nearest family home if they start shelling you. That way you will be safe, well maybe not, but we will have great propaganda stories to tell the world press and the U.N. OK?” If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny!

Hamas have been using these tactics for years, and yet not one word of condemnation has been seen in the press or from the U.N., not even for the rocket attacks on southern Israel.

I do not condone it, and I do not agree with it, but the thing that sticks in my craw is all the blame is being put on the Israeli’s, while groups like Hamas are all lily white.

In my view, if you cannot report these things totally impartially, you can better keep your mouth shut and stay at home. You certainly have no business in this business!

May your dreams be untroubled.


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