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Is The Whole World Going Mad!

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We see all over the world fighting going on and it will not stop. When I was young the world was at peace, except for the Russians and they did not do anything except make threats. The world was a peace in the sixties, but today the world has moved on and war is everywhere. In the Middle East and the Far East war is everywhere. There are demonstrations all across the globe and it will never end unless the governments does something about it.

It is up to the United Nations to do something about it and stop the wars that are created havoc across the world, but they sit on their fat backsides and do nothing except complain about the wars that going on. They should gather together an army and stop these wars. In 1960 they took action against North Korea and put a stop to it so the world could live in peace once again. But they do nothing about the wars in Syria and other places except complain about it. They should gather an army and stop these many wars that are going around across the globe and finish it once and for all.

Demonstrations are going on in South America and other countries, and this has to stop. Let the governments listen to the people and make changes so that everyone can live in peace. But they do not listen to people and this leads to demonstrations across the whole the world. Even in Europe there are demonstrations in most countries, although Europe is living in peace. The governments should listen to the people and make changes.

The world is getting darker and the people are rebellious about the governments who have no mind about the people. The governments continue to make their own rules without disregard for the people. They are the governments which rule the countries and it a sorry state of affairs that they do not care for the people.

I can see that the whole world will be in turmoil in few years time, and the governments will be wiped out as the people and will turn to anarchy. I am 74 years old and I do not wish to see anarchy in my lifetime.


Wishes For World Peace

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The whole world is in turmoil at the moment, and it has been that for years. When is the world going to be at peace? It does not seem likely for the future unless we go to war in which the whole world will be destroyed. When the war is over then there will be peace on Earth and the few survivors will be able to start again.

It is a shameful world that we go on fighting for the sake of land-grabs the search for power, and the terrible thing is most of us will not survive. There will be a few people that will survive and they will be living in hardship.

The weather will take most of the Earth and spread the radioactivity in most places across the world, except perhaps the north and south poles. Those who survive will be in the wilderness, and they will find it hard to continue living. Whales and seals will be their food and they will find it hard as the numbers dwindle.

Most other people will die of radioactive poisoning and the world will be nothing but a ruin. Only the north and south poles may be excused for the terrible trauma the overtakes the world.

We have to find a way and the will, bring the world to peace once and for all.  No-one cares about way the world is going, and they will have a shock when war breaks out among the major nations of the world.

People will be scurrying for shelters, but that will not do them any good as the shelters, and there are not many, will be blocked by the Army and the politicians.  We have come to an impasse where there are many conflicts around the world and most of it is due to the Muslims. There are battles raging across the Middle East and the Far East and they are trying to take over countries.

The United Nations should be able to handle this, but they sit on their fat backsides do nothing. It time for the U.N. to realise that the world is going to pot and they should do something about it. The United Nations have to do something to stop the Muslims from taking over the world, and that means they should take action. Once the Muslims are defeated then the world will return to peace.

The Veto Scandal

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Is it any wonder that Russia vetoed the Security Councils resolution on the Syria chemical attack? The veto has been a thorn in the side of the United Nations for the last forty years.

Russian Veto

In my view the only reason Russia is backing Assad is to retain their military bases in Syria. Practically the whole world  blames Assad for the chemical attacks on his own people but Russia still stands by him, and has done since the beginning of the conflict.

Russia has a naval base in Syria on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea given to them by Assad and they don’t want to lose it, which is why they are backing him.

Negotiations have been going on for years trying to stop Assad from using chemical weapons on his own people, but all have failed because of Russia’s backing.

Founders of the United Nations

The veto goes back to the time when the United Nations was formed by Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin after the Second World War and they initiated the veto to stop other countries from putting the world in danger. It has survived up to the present day and many of the decisions made by various countries have stopped positive action being taken against nations that have caused problems. The only exception was the Korean War which took place in 1950. Here the United Nations acted as it was supposed to and stopped the Communists from taking over the whole Korean peninsula.

But when you get to the present day the veto has caused more problems in the world. The United States vetoed any action against Israel during the war with Egypt in 1973 among many others, and Russia has constantly vetoed any action against Assad.

In my view the veto should be scrapped, for all countries must have a say in how the world is run. If it is, then we can stop many conflicts around the world before they get started.

I have for a long time said that the United Nations has a duty to put an end to the ISIS threat once and for all. It should gather a group of nations and go in and wipe them out. Once ISIL has been thoroughly defeated then the world can return to peace, and Islam will get the message that they will never end up ruling the world. Assad should be arrested and put on trial for the atrocities he has committed against his own people.

It is only by the concerted efforts of all countries that this debacle will end. The sad thing is, it will never end until Russia stops backing Assad.

Sad to say, the United Nations has lost its original mandate and become nothing more than a talking shop that does not achieve anything when it comes to world peace. The true purpose of its foundation was lost years ago, and today it does nothing more than verbally ‘condemn’ actions by countries or groups that want to cause trouble.

The Syrian war has been going on for years, but if the United Nations had stepped in positively at the beginning it would have been long over.

It is time for the United Nations to start acting as it was intended, and prevent wars breaking out. If it does not, then we might as well scrap it.


Where Is Our World Heading?

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Not since the Second World War have there been so many problems in our world as today. It makes me wonder what our future holds for us. On every continent there is trouble and strife, unbounded crime, often violent demonstrations by the public, and in many cases war.

What does the future hold for the human race? Are we headed for complete annihilation in a few decades? The steadily rising tensions between the United States and Russia are an indication that we could be headed for a nuclear war if someone doesn’t do something to cool down relations between the two countries.

This has all been brought about by the rising tensions over the battles raging in Syria because the Russians back Assad, while the West considers him a criminal.

The ISIS insurgency is causing major problems all across the world from the Far East to Western shores and currently there is no end solution. As I have often said, if the U.N. were to put together an international force to wipe out ISIS and all other Muslim insurgents wherever they appear we could return to peace, but they just don’t seem interested. So consequently we have many nations fighting this terrorist organisation and they cannot all agree on the way forward. This is causing tensions among many governments and has led to major disagreements between Russia and the western nations.

Also there is the rising tensions between China and many Far Eastern countries over control of the East and South China Seas, which China claims for itself. They have no right to do this, and many countries including Japan, are fighting against it.

On top of this we have the governments of many lands at loggerheads with the population in many parts of the world where people want a change of leadership. This is evident in places like South Africa, Venezuela, Libya, Yemen, Japan and even Singapore among many others. Unrest is spreading across the globe as more and more people are dissatisfied with their government. The world has never seen as many problems as we have now.

The big problem for mankind is, where will it all end? If Russia and the West cannot solve their problems we could see a nuclear war breaking out, and that would mean the end of life on this planet. The leaders of the world need to come together to work out plans for peace before we end up starting the Armageddon process from which there would be no turning back.

The United Nations (even the name is a farce for they are a long way from being united) needs to come together with no preconceived ideas, and talk to each other honestly and with sincerity if the human race is to survive.

All countries need to work together if we are to solve the tensions that exists between nations. On top of that, they need to discuss the many problems that face the world like famine, hunger, over population, climate change, and of course the threat of wars breaking out.

Ever since the United Nations stepped in to stop communists from taking over South Korea in 1950 it has done nothing but stand on the sidelines. There have been many high level discussions about problems in the world, but all have achieved nothing.

To my mind the United Nations has outgrown its usefulness for they seem incapable of solving any of the world’s problems. I have not heard yet of a top level meeting between the five nations of the Security Council to solve the ongoing problems between Russia and The West. You have to ask if they are capable of doing such a thing, for everyone is out for their own interests.

With the rising tensions across the world one would expect the U.N. to be in the forefront of attempts to make peace, but no, they just sit on their fat backsides and do nothing.

People in most countries not directly affected by these tensions go about their daily business without a care in the world, for they do not see the building of tensions among certain countries and what could ensue from this.

If mankind is to survive there has to be serious discussion and agreement on tackling the problems of the world, otherwise we are all lost. Lets hope that in the near future the people at the top will see the sense in this.


Why Is The U.N. Not Fulfilling Its Mandate!

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Removing The Bodies In Ivory Coast

Removing The Bodies In Ivory Coast

The latest terrible attack in Turkey, and the killing of holiday makers in Ivory Coast reinforces my belief that the United Nations, instead of sitting on its fat arse doing nothing, should step in to solve this terrorism threat to the world.

When you consider that it was formed to ensure world peace, ever since the Korean War in 1950 it has done nothing to solve the world’s problems. Now, since the rise of terrorism, all it has managed to do is verbally ‘condemn‘ the actions of these radicals who enjoy killing so much.

These terrorists are nothing more than religious fanatics who think that one day they will rule the world. The rest of us know this will never happen, but in the meantime they are killing tens of thousands of people in many countries.

Considering that the number one mandate of the United Nations is to eradicate war, you would imagine that this body of people would step in and do something to end the violence. But no! they just sit on their fat behinds and talk, talk, talk before verbally ‘condemning’ the actions of these vile people.

Meanwhile people across the world are being slaughtered and tortured, with women being forced into sex slavery for these maniacs. It has to stop!

Terror Once Again In Ankara

Terror Once Again In Ankara

It is a fact that the majority of the victims of these killers are their own people, but it brings home to the rest of us what animals they are when they attack places like Paris, Ankara and holiday destinations like Africa. Of one thing you can be sure, it is far from over, for Islāmic State have already made clear that a series of attacks will take place in Europe in the near future.

Angela Merkel’s insane invitation to immigrants to come and live in Germany has already ensured that there are literally thousands of I.S. fighters who have crossed the Mediterranean among the refugees, and are now busy getting themselves organized for some major attacks. It is only a matter of time before they strike. Once they are here it is very difficult to find and arrest them before they can do some harm, but we must try.

The U.N. should get together an international force and go to any country where these bastards live and wipe them out to a man. There is no need to interfere in that country’s politics, just go in, do the job and leave.

U.N. Mandate

U.N. Mandate

Currently there are Islamic terrorists in  139 countries across the world. We do not get to hear of most atrocities because the main Press attention is fixed on the victims of Islamic State and other Middle East groups.

The world just cannot go on like this, otherwise we will end up in a world war with almost every nation involved as they all battle with these radicals on their own soil. There has to be some concerted action coming from somewhere, and it is up to the nations of the world to come together at the U.N. and unite against these despicable people. It they do not, it will continue for years and years and eventually millions will die.


If I Hear The Word ‘Condemn’ One More Time….

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Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa

Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of hearing politicians world-wide ‘condemn’ acts of terrorism but doing nothing to stop them. Now after the tragic murder of the Japanese reporters  Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa by Islamic State (IS), once again they are trotting along to the nearest microphone to ‘condemn’ this latest atrocity. Despite the disturbing reason for this, it is almost becoming a game in modern politics to see who will win the race to the microphone.

I.S. Leader - Does He Look Impressed That  Politicians Condemn His Actions?

I.S. Leader – Does He Look Impressed That Politicians Condemn His Actions?

Do these idiots really imagine that religious fanatics like I.S., Boko Haram, al Quada and all the rest of these killers are the slightest bit interested that they ‘condemn’ their acts of barbarism? For more than a decade the world has had to put up with terrorist groups killing innocent people in this Muslim ‘Holy War’ and still no-one has had the guts to stand up and say: Enough is enough!

Abubakar Shekau Boko Haram Leader - He Doesn't Look Impressed Either!

Abubakar Shekau Boko Haram Leader – He Doesn’t Look Impressed Either!

After all the excesses of Boko Haram in Africa at least now the African Union is talking about coming together to do something positive about this group by forming a multi-national fighting force to go in and destroy them. I await the results.

The sad thing is, this should have happened when the true colours of this group became known. The same can be said for others like I.S., al Quada and the Taliban.

I believe part of the trouble is that people and governments all across the world have become so hardened to terrorism after all these years, that so long as it happens to other people in another country it is nothing more than a news item.  It is however a lot different when it happens in your own country as we saw in Paris a couple of weeks ago.

Victims Of The Baga Attack

Victims Of The Baga Attack

But did anyone in Paris and across the world think for a moment about the 2,000 Nigerians killed in the town of Baga in a senseless slaughter by Boko Haram during the same period. Not One! All eyes were on Paris because that one hit home.

Many nations across the world have suffered at the hands of these religious fanatics who seem to think that Islam will rule the world and are determined to do whatever is necessary to achieve this goal. The sheer barbarism of these people has been highlighted often enough during the public displays of I.S. when they beheaded people on world-wide television.

I have to ask (yet again) how long does the world plan to stand by and put up with these atrocities before someone decides that we must do something positive to stop this senseless bloodshed?

In previous posts I have asked why the United Nations is not taking action to stop this outrage. Is it not time these politicians got off their fat backsides and did something positive for world peace?

The Aims Of The United Nations - Some Joke!

The Aims Of The United Nations – Some Joke!

 I am sure that if just one man had the balls to stand before the council and ask for volunteers from all nations to come together and strike at these people there would be volunteers enough.

There are some 27 countries world-wide that have, or are suffering attacks by Muslim extremists, and there have been 48 major terror attacks across the world from New York to the Philippines in the last twenty years.

The Spread Of Terrorism

The Spread Of Terrorism

Instead Of Parading Let Them Do Something Useful

Instead Of Parading Let Them Do Something Useful

Its not enough to say “Oh, it’s an Arab problem” and leave it at that, because now even Middle East countries are beginning to feel threatened by these terrorists. The I.S. leader has already been quoted as saying that attacks should begin in Saudi Arabia.

There will come a time when the whole Middle East will be embroiled in civil war if these people are allowed to continue. I am sure everyone will realize the grave danger of such a thing happening.

If You Are Not Going To Use Them For The Benefit Of The World Why Have Them?

If You Are Not Going To Use Them For The Benefit Of The World Why Have Them?

There can be little doubt that terrorism has become a world problem, and as such it must be dealt with by a coming together of military forces from all countries to defeat it before it gets any further. To continue ignoring the threat will only result in chaos, death and eventual subjugation of the people, for it is clear that groups such as I.S., Boko Haram etc. will not be satisfied once they achieve their goal of forming a Muslim state under their control, but will wish to spread outwards.

Rest assured that all countries ignore this threat at their peril, for it will not stop until all terrorist groups have been annihilated.


Syria’s Children To Become The Lost Generation?

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Reports out today suggest that children living in areas controlled by the Islamic State (IS) in Eastern Syria, could become the lost generation due to restrictions placed upon them by the militants. Last December I.S. closed all the schools until a new curriculum is released.

Damaged School

Damaged School

In all, an estimated 670,000 school children have been banned from attending until the curriculum has been sanitized to conform one hundred percent with Islamic Law by the terrorists (or at least their version of it).

The I.S. has also informed all teachers that they must undergo retraining before being able to teach again. Obviously with the intention that they teach what the I.S. wants and nothing else. From this we can assume that children attending schools in these areas will be groomed to believe in the I.S. version of Islam and follow their ideals.

Survivor Of Incendiary Attack On A School

Survivor Of Incendiary Attack On A School

Last year in Syria alone, an estimated 160 children died, and 343 injured in direct attacks on schools, or when their school was caught in the middle of the fighting.

Between 2.1 and 2.4 million children in Syria are unable to attend school regularly  because of the fighting, which means the country could end up with a lost generation who must survive without a full education.

This is without doubt a tragic situation, for a good education is everybody’s right. It is however noteworthy that in the Islamic religion girls are not educated to the same level as boys on religious grounds.

UNICEF's Syrian Representative Christophe Boulierac

UNICEF’s Syrian Representative Christophe Boulierac

UNICEF’s Syrian representative Christophe Boulierac, said in statement: “In December there was a decree of the Islamic State ordering the stoppage of education in areas under its control.” He added, “Attacks on schools, teachers and students are further horrific reminders of the terrible price Syria’s children are paying in a crisis approaching its fifth year.”

This brings me to the question, why has this war been going on for five long years? With all this upheaval in the Middle East why hasn’t the United Nations stepped in and put an end to the war and forced the perpetrators to sit around the negotiating table? Just like the current trouble in Ukraine they are sitting on the sidelines doing nothing when they have the power to stop it.

Syrian School

Syrian School

Someone needs to stand before the entire U.N. Council, wake them out of their slumber and give them a good talking to! The U.N. was formed with the idea of mediating between countries to prevent the outbreak of wars, but instead they sit on their backsides and watch from the sidelines. I know many of my regular readers have heard all this from me in the past, but I would love to give them all a good talking to.

What has been happening in the Middle East is shocking beyond compare, especially when it has cost so many innocent lives and now is ruining the lives of future generations.

Christian Children Slaughtered By I.S.

Christian Children Slaughtered By I.S.

It is not difficult to imagine what the ‘new’ curriculum will contain. For sure it will extol the I.S. propaganda and turn children into radicals that believe in the I.S. version of Islam. This as we now know is based on conformity with what they say, and will include total submissiveness and the worst forms of brutality for non-compliance.

I.S. have already shown the world what they will do to those who stand up against them and their beliefs with their much publicised be-headings and torture.

I.S. Leader Is Already Urging His Followers To Attack Saudi Arabia.

Recent news has shown that they are already starting to push their ideology into neighbouring countries, and chief among them is Saudi Arabia. As usual it starts in a small way, but given time can blossom into a major problem. If nothing is done to stop them the whole Middle East could become a war zone.

This is one of the reasons why all countries must come together and stop them, militarily if necessary. If we do not, then what is happening now will be the tip of the iceberg.


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