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Slave Labour In Saudi Arabia

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Satinah Binti Jumadi Ahmad

Satinah Binti Jumadi Ahmad

It seldom reaches the news pages, but in Saudi Arabia thousands of young Indonesian girls and women are working as virtual slaves in the homes of wealthy Saudi’s.

Until recently it was common practice for the family they were working for to confiscate their passports and keep them a virtual prisoner. They were paid little for working almost 24 hour a day and time off was almost non-existent. They were totally at the mercy of those that ’employed’ them.

Reading an article from last year I came across the fact that one such person, 41 year-old Satinah Binti Jumadi Ahmad had eventually snapped and killed her employer, stole 37,970 Saudi Arabian riyal (£6,140) and fled the house. Although she has always claimed she acted in self-defence, she was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death by the Saudi court – unless her family paid the sum of seven million riyal in ‘blood money’ to the family. From the report it would seem that this is acceptable practice under Islāmic Law.

Her family immediately tried to raise this ‘blood money’ from donations but fell far short of the target. Thankfully the Indonesian government stepped in and paid the al-Garib family their ransom.

Saudi Execution

Saudi Execution

From the report it seems that it is not uncommon for Indonesian women to be in this situation, for at the time of the report there are some 246 migrant workers on death row awaiting execution. The Indonesian government says it has so far saved 176 migrants from the death penalty by paying the ransom.

After saving Satinah Binti Jumadi Ahmad the Indonesian government entered into negotiations with the Saudi government to try and improve the living standards of its citizens working in the country. According to the Human Rights Watch, in February of this year negotiations were agreed that allowed Indonesian domestic workers to keep their passports, communicate with families, have time off and get paid monthly. Mind you, for the government to agree to this and have the affected families follow the new rules is something else again.

With all their money it would hardly seem credible that wealthy Saudi families would stoop so low as to keep what accounts to a slave in their house. It is clear that in Saudi immigrants have little or no rights whatsoever. It does not surprise me that eventually some individuals snap and kill their employer when forced to work under such conditions. Having to take beatings day after day is not what I would call ’employment’.


Now Bus Drivers Hold the Olympic Games To Ransom

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The gaze of the whole world will be on Great Britain and London in a few weeks time and it should be every Brit’s desire to make the event pass off smoothly, but what do we get? Yet another example of the greed in today’s society unfolding as now London’s bus drivers threaten to strike for more pay during the Olympic Games. They are one of a long list of public transport workers who have threatened to strike either before, or during the games, which start in just a few weeks.

The bus drivers are complaining that they should receive an extra bonus of £500 for working during the games over and above their normal wage and overtime payments. They say that London Underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Railways, Network Rail and Virgin will all receive between £500 to £900 pounds in extra payments and they feel they should receive the same. Who will be next, street cleaners, bin-men, traffic wardens, parking attendants, shop assistants, hotel bellhops and people walking their dog? The list is endless and its too ludicrous for words.

There will be an estimated 800,000 people travelling on the London bus network for the duration of the games, but that doesn’t give these money grabbing parasites the right to hold the country to ransom just so they can earn more beer money, and the same goes for all the other transport workers!

The Famous London Double-Decker

There are around 20,000 bus employees involved, and a £500 bonus for all would cost approximately £10 million, which you can figure will immediately be passed on to passengers in higher fares, as will the bonuses received by other transport workers.

These people know how vital their role will be in getting olympic visitors to their various destinations, and they know they hold all the aces, so this is just sheer profiteering at the expense of the public and the nation. The sticking point at the moment is that Transport for London (TfL), the company responsible for the buses say the drivers are all hired by 21 private firms so it not them who can decide.

Kavanagh In Action

The Unite Union’s regional secretary for London, Peter Kavanagh, said: “With 72 days left until the Games begin and a strike ballot under way, it’s astonishing that bus operators are still doing zero to resolve this dispute and TfL is refusing to get involved. Passengers should direct their anger at TfL and the bus companies. Their behaviour is a massive dereliction of duty to London”. He added, “If bus workers take strike action up to and during the Olympic Games the bus companies and TfL will be to blame.” Bullshit!

There can be little doubt that all the transport workers in London in general have held the nation to ransom in order to get an unjust payment over and above their normal salary and overtime bonuses at a time when the pride of the nation is at stake. These idiots are directing their wrath at the bus operator which has clearly stated that is has nothing to do with the rates of pay of drivers employed by private companies, but this doesn’t seem to sink in.


Leon Daniels Of TfL

Leon Daniels, TfL’s managing director of surface transport, said: “London bus drivers are employed by private bus companies and their pay and conditions are set by those companies. If bus drivers are required to work additional hours they are always paid overtime accordingly.”

The idea that you do your job on a daily basis for a fair day’s pay seems to have evaporated over time. In my opinion, just because the bus and train systems in London are going to be busier than usual does not entitle any of these vermin to an extra bonus. When is the next demand for a bonus going to come? Perhaps when we have extra visitors during the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, or the next European Football Cup or World Cup.

Is this now going to be the pattern for the future? If it is, then pretty soon even the rich will not be able to afford to ride on the trains and buses in London. Whatever happened to national pride and the idea of gracious hospitality? I find it really sad, and a fine example of the petty greed and self-interest that is so prevalent in today’s society.


Is Greed Holding the 2012 Olympics to Ransom?

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With the Olympics less than six months away we now see the greed of some British workers surfacing. First of all we had the London Underground workers last year demanding pay rises and a bonus for the Olympics. Now the taxi drivers are demanding higher pay, knowing that if they go on strike during the Games it will cause chaos. Sometimes I despair at my fellow man and wonder where they get the audacity to hold the entire Olympic Games success to ransom.

London Underground - Fast and Efficient, Normally

Bob Crow, notorious leader of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), wanted a deal similar to the one previously agreed with Network Rail staff of a 10% pay rise over a two year period, plus a one-off payment of £500 for RMT members. Last May a deal was reached, and the prospect of underground train drivers staging strikes during the Games was averted. Now with little more than four months to go the taxi drivers are trying it on.

Internationally Famous

London’s black cab drivers are wanting to raise their fares by 22%, which to my mind is blatant greed just because their industry will be heavily relied upon by those attending the Games. They also demand access to the 50 kms of special traffic lanes set aside for the Games designated to ferry athletes, officials, media and VIPs to venues on time.  The threat of industrial action by the cabbie’s must be taken seriously by Boris Johnson and the London Council for they are, and have always been, an integral part of the London transport system. The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) union said between 30 percent and 50 percent of its members did not intend to work during this period. The LTDA, representing up to 10,000 of the capital’s 25,000 black cabs, has suggested allowing their drivers to use weekend and night-time premium rates during the Olympics, in an effort to get some back on the road. As a result, this means fares would rise by between 13 and 22%. The drivers rejected the deal.

The Greatest Show on Earth

Subsequently, there may be a serious shortage of black cabs over the period of the Games, although the minicab drivers will not mind for they will probably have more work than they can handle. If the black cabbie’s do go on strike, I hope they don’t make a cent during the games, and let’s face it, it will be their loss in the long run. The only sad part about it is, it will tarnish the reputation of Britain immeasurably. I just wonder how long it will be before someone else jumps on the band wagon!


What to Do About Somali Pirates?

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Today we hear that yet another super tanker has been hi-jacked by pirates operating from Somalia, and pundits have speculated that if these actions continue, our oil supplies could be put in jeopardy. Do we really want new petrol shortages and prices going through the roof because sailing through the Gulf is too risky?

So what do you do against a gang of skilled, successful thieves who hold ships and crews for ransoms running into millions?

The Samho Jewelry Rescue

Despite the successful recapture of the ship Samho Jewelry in January by a South Korean Navy vessel in which 8 pirates were killed, and the freeing of a Russian tanker by Russian Navy commandoes a few of weeks ago, it is a difficult situation for the forces of law.

The pirates hold the crew of the vessel they have taken as hostages against any rescue attempt. In fact, the captain of the Samho Jewelry was shot in the stomach during the rescue, and last January, two Thai crewmen were killed by the pirates in a similar situation.

The second major problem is, there are no international laws covering such a situation. Ok, so you recapture a ship and take the pirates prisoner, but what do you do with them. Who do you hand them over to, and who puts them on trial? It is a legal problem that has so far resulted in the Somali’s being released on the spot to attack another ship.

In Control

In this respect, the Russians recently took a positive step by sinking the pirate’s boat and setting them adrift in a rubber dingy 300 miles from shore. Whether they made it to shore or not is unknown, but for that matter, who cares. Certainly not the Russians!

It is clear the first step is to amend maritime law to cover such situations, and perhaps this could be done by an agreement that pirate suspects are tried in the International Court of The Hague, or in the country that owns the ship in question. Whatever the international community decide, we need a decision soon.

The Seabourn Spirit

As far back as November 2005 the pirates even had the audacity to attack a cruise liner the Seabourn Spirit with RPG’s in an attempt to hijack the vessel. A quick increase in speed by the ship made it impossible for them to board, and although more such bold attacks have taken place, none thankfully have been successful. A fully laden tanker however does not have this option, which makes them an easy target.

Pirates Armed With RPG's

Since March 2010 at least 29 vessels have been captured, with an estimated number of crew hostages put at nearly 700. Considering the pirates receive a ransom in the millions of dollars for return of the vessel and crew depending on the ships value, you can imagine it’s a very lucrative business. The latest capture, a Greek super tanker called Irene SL, carries a cargo worth $200m.

In the beginning, attacks only took place within 2 or 3 hundred miles of the coast of Somalia, but since then the pirates have become better organized and bolder, using so-called ‘mother ships’ far into the Indian Ocean to increase their range of operations. In January this year a ship was hi-jacked 1,300 miles off the Somali coast.

The Choi Young - Rescuer of the Sanho Jewelry

The United Nations has for some time had warships from various countries patrolling these waters, but far too few to cover an area of ocean in the region of 4 million square miles.

To me it is clear decisive action needs to be taken to stamp out this menace.

It seems the majority of Somali’s indulging in this lucrative trade may well be Muslims, so perhaps vessels travelling the area should carry tanks of pigs’ blood with which to spray the approaching menace as they come alongside. We all know a Muslims reaction to pork! Put bluntly, it scares the s*** out of them, for if they come into contact with it in any way they will never get into Paradise and bang goes the chance of 77 virgins!

Let Them Paddle Back Home!

Secondly, perhaps we should take a leaf from the Russian approach. As we have no system of justice with which to deal with these people, we should sink their boat and set them adrift. If sufficient of them set sail on their nefarious cruises and never return it might be enough to discourage the rest. To ensure they do not starve to death we could always give them some healthy bacon sandwiches for their journey back to the coast.

The only other option from where I sit, is a marine landing at their bases and take them out once and for all. Either way, it is time for this assault on our maritime trade to cease.


The Millionaires of Somalia

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There must be a lot of millionaires in Somalia considering the number of successful ship hi-jackings that have taken place in recent times. Although few organizations admit to actually paying a ransom to get their ships and crew back, they all do.

There is an entire industry in London England that deals with paying ransom demands by pirates. It involves many lawyers, negotiators and security personnel, all of whom make a living from this sordid practice.

It is estimated that the cost for their services approximately doubles the ransom paid, which is usually between $1 and $2 million. An awful lot of people are making a huge amount of money out of this piracy, and they are not all pirates!

Lawyers of course don’t take any risks, that is left up to the security specialists, because the most hazardous part is always delivering the money. The normal method is to transport the cash by small ship or boat to the captured vessel. The only trouble with that apparently, is that the delivery boat may get held up by other pirates.

Last November the ransom for The Sirreus Star oil tanker was delivered by parachute. Safer for the delivery boys providing it lands on the ship.

Last year alone a total of $50 million was paid for the safe return of dozens of ships and crews that had been seized. It is estimated that some $15 million of that was ‘For Services Rendered”.

According to most experts this is a purely criminal activity, and if lawyers are involved you can bet it is! However, a Kenyan Arms Analyst, Bruno Schiemsky believes much of the ransom money goes to a radical Islamic Group called Al-Shabab. Apparently, the pirates pay a large percentage to this group. I wonder what they use it for??

What really amazes me, is the presence of warships from various nations do not seem to deter these people, but today I read a news article that explains it all. When the Navy ships capture these pirates, they let them go!

In the last two days alone, Somali Pirates caught by the Navies of Canada, The Netherlands and the USA in the act of trying to board and hi-jack ships, or were holding hostages, had been captured and then released!

In today’s news, it states that the pirates held this weekend by a Canadian warship were released because they could not be prosecuted under Canadian Law. Why Not? What about the International Law of the Sea? The report does not say why those captured by the Dutch and Americans were released.

It’s no wonder they sail back to their lair, re-arm, have a six-course dinner and a few glasses of champagne, before setting off again to take another vessel thereby ensuring their lifestyle is secure.

So far as I can tell from the news bulletins, there is only one pirate facing justice, and that is the survivor from the group that held hostage Captain Richard Phillips from the MV Maersk Alabamha last week. The other three were all shot dead by snipers from the American Warship USS Bainbridge. The survivor will be tried in Kenya.

The nations of the world will never solve the piracy problem around the Gulf of Aden and the East African coast with such pansy actions. There is only one solution in my view. Blow them out of the water and be done with it.

If every time one of their vessels sets sail and doesn’t return, the problem will go away overnight. Not even a pirate wants to go on a suicide mission!

When travelling the Middle East, it’s safer by air (usually)!


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