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North And South Korea

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Iran With Nuclear Capability?

Will It Come To This! We Hope Not!

After many years of conflict between North and South Korea we have reached an understanding between the two countries. They are now in talks to end the conflict, and it seems it is going well. Kim Jong-Un and his counterpart Moon Jae-In are talking about ending the rivalry between them. It is a momentous occasion that the two countries are talking.

The people in North Korea are ignorant  of the fact that these talks are taking place, but in South Korea it is being greeted with joy, as is the rest of the world. Trump has expressed his desire to talk with the North Korean leader sometime later this year, and we must wait and see how this develops.

Currently the talks between Moon Jae-In and Kim Jong-Un are going very well and we, hopefully, we will see the end of

tensions between the two countries. Kim Jong-Un has promised he will do away with all the nuclear weapons he has developed, and we must wait and see if this comes true.

Later this year Trump will have a meeting with Kim Jong-Un, and it is hoped this all goes well. For North Korea to get rid of its nuclear weapons will a milestone for the world, for Kim Jong-Un has already threatened America with a nuclear attack, and he has missiles that will reach the United States.

If this does not go well we could see a war between North Korea and the USA, and North Korea would be flattened. This will have a major effect on the rest of the world for the radioactivity will spread across the whole globe. This will have a devastating effect on peoples lives, and we may see the end of humanity on this planet due the spreading of the radioactivity.

Let us all hope that the meetings between South Korea, the USA and North Korea all go well.


The World In Crisis

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It has often been said in the past that mankind will end up destroying itself. A bold statement if ever there was one. But with the current crisis with North Korea anything is possible. Kim Jong-Un has said he will fire missiles at the island of Guam in the coming three weeks or so, and if they are nuclear tipped the world will go to war.

President Trump’s statement that he will attack North Korea if that happens could be the prelude to a world nuclear war, for China has already said that if America unleashes nuclear weapons at North Korea they will retaliate. Who knows which side Russia will back if that happens.

Map: Guam in relation to North Korea

Guam has been an American military base since 1898 when they captured it from the Spanish during the Spanish-American war. Since then it has been the only base for Americans in the Far East. Guam is very important for the Americans and has become known as the ‘Tip of the Spear’ for the American armed forces in the Far East.  The remote 210-square mile US territory, about 4,000 miles west of Hawaii in the western Pacific Ocean, is a vital US military outpost and host to strategic bombers and at least 6,000 US service members. It is just 2,200 miles southeast of North Korea and is vulnerable to North Korea attack.

It is rumoured that the North Korea is developing missiles to reach the mainland of America and they are close to achieving this. If this happens we could see all-out war between America and North Korea. This could possibly mean that China jumps on the ‘band-wagon’ against America.

Many American politicians are of the opinion that this will never happen, but with someone like Kim Jong-Un it is dangerous to ignore this. He has total control over his country and has a huge army that could invade South Korea. If this happens we could possibly see Trump unleash nuclear weapons on the north.

There can be little doubt that if this happens, radioactivity will spread around the world and we may well see the end of mankind on this planet.


What CAN the UN Do About North Korea?

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I read with interest an article about human rights abuses in North Korea from the United Nations Human Rights Council.  I have to ask, what do they hope to achieve by this? The whole world has known about these abuses for fifty years and no-one has done anything about it. In fact, short of invading the country there is not much they can do.

Clap For Me Or You Die

Clap For Me Or You Die

North Korea has for all of its existence been closed to the rest of the world and will never change that policy, for that is the only way the likes of Kim Jong-un and his cronies can stay in power. It is utterly pointless for the UNHRC to bleat about the atrocities and say they want to take it to the Court of Human Rights, for it will avail them nothing. Kim and his henchmen know full well that to allow any foreign interference in their affairs will mean the whole system will collapse.

Michael Kirby, Chairman Of The Independent Commission of Inquiry

Michael Kirby, Chairman Of The Independent Commission of Inquiry

Michael Kirby, chairman of the independent Commission of Inquiry said, “There will be no excusing of failure of action because we didn’t know. Too many times in this building there are reports and no action. Well this is a time for action.” I for one would like to know what action he thinks the international community can take in this situation.

The North Korean Missile Capability

The North Korean Missile Capability

I doubt very much if Kim will yield to sanctions for they have not had any affect in the past. One important thing Mr Kirby should not forget is that North Korea has nuclear weapons and long range missiles. He threatened to use them last year but as we all know this turned out to be a bluff. But who is to say that given sufficient provocation he will not use them for real. The man is certainly unstable enough. Such a man will do anything to hang on to power, even if it means going to war. He may well be crazy enough to think that, if I must go down I will take the country with me. When all is said and done he would not be the first.

Staving North Korean Woman

Staving North Korean Woman

The UN has for years been filled with empty rhetoric that has achieved nothing, and in my opinion, this is no different. When you think about it, even if all the world’s nations united behind the proposal, what could they do short of invading North Korea. Neither Kim nor his followers will take one iota of interest in a plan that wants to put him on trial for crimes against humanity. This also means just about every member of the government would be beside him in the dock for they are all just as guilty.

Very Few Photos Have Reached the West Of Conditions Inside NK Prisons.

Very Few Photos Have Reached the West Of Conditions Inside NK Prisons.

The UN Report is quoted as saying: “These are not mere excesses of the state; they are essential components of a political system that has moved far from the ideals on which it claims to be founded.” The UN “must ensure that those most responsible for the crimes against humanity” are held accountable, through a referral to the International Criminal Court, or a UN tribunal. As you would expect, those in control in the country deny all knowledge and refute the finding of the report. In answer to the charge they said: “The DPRK [North Korea] once again makes it clear that the ‘human rights violations’ mentioned in the so-called ‘report’ do not exist in our country.”

Those Caught Trying To Flee Are Summarily Shot

Those Caught Trying To Flee Are Summarily Shot

It cannot be denied that the North Korean people have lived with great pain and suffering their whole lives. One false word would see you dragged off to the labour camps where you would be tortured and worked to death all for the good of the state. The torture many have suffered in the camps goes far beyond anything you can imagine, for we as civilized beings would never contemplate some of the things that are everyday practice there.

Hero Worship Of Kim Jong-un

Hero Worship Of Kim Jong-un

One of the major problems is that Pyong Yang has the full backing of China as a fellow communist state. Any proposals put forward by the Council would most likely be vetoed by China, so the chances of reaching any farseeing action against North Korea would be nipped in the bud before it got started.

UNWhilst being fully behind this noble idea, for somehow the NK Regime must be brought to an end, taking everything into account I find this to be a storm in a teacup that will lie buried and forgotten within a few months, just like so many other UN reports. The UN is not called the ‘toothless tiger’ for nothing.


North Korea and Iran – The Sanctions Farce

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Both North Korea and Iran have upset the international community for years with their unending attempts to produce nuclear weapons, and it seems all the UN can do is impose sanctions against them. It is all very complicated, but in a nutshell, these mainly include banning weapons sales to North Korea and Iran, stopping aircraft or ships on the high seas bound for either country that is suspected of carrying military equipment or weapons, and preventing the travel of any person associated with the arms trade in these countries. The laughable thing about these sanctions is that the UN cannot really enforce any of them, and all countries are not given real power to do so but must do it on their own initiative!

North Korea Missile Test

North Korea Missile Test

In each case, the UN roundly condemns their actions and is demanding that both countries return to the negotiating table, refrain from further research and tests, and basically, cease all ‘provocative’ action related to nuclear weapons. Both countries take no notice of this at all. This is viewed by many as nothing more than a slap on the wrist, for the UN seems totally incapable of taking any concertive action in this matter.

Many countries have taken unilateral action against both nations, for example, apart from the weapons bans in place, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Israel, Switzerland, the EU and the United States have all put restrictions on the travel of business people in the country associated with that countries nuclear programme. Some countries have put an economic freeze in place by blocking, in the case of Iran for example, the foreign activities of the Bank of Iran and a ban on Iranian oil imports.

For obvious reasons this is but a snap-shot of the depth of the sanctions placed on North Korea and Iran, but the most important point is none of them are having any affect. North Korea is still carrying out nuclear tests and long-range missile development, and the only ones suffering are the poor people. In Iran it is almost impossible to buy imported luxury goods and oil revenues are down, but who the hell cares, “we are on the way to becoming a nuclear nation and sanctions will not stop us” they say!

Iran Missile Test

Iran Missile Test

When it comes down to it, both countries want to be able to stand up to ‘Uncle Sam’, and hence the nuclear weapons and long-range missiles. What these people fail to realize is that if they returned to peaceful ways they wouldn’t need to, because America among others would not be breathing down their necks every day. All they are doing by pursuing this course is to put world peace in danger.

It has been said often enough that countries like Israel and the USA may well take preventative action against Iran if it persists in its desire to have a nuclear weapon and the means to deliver it. In this respect North Korea is a bigger danger because of its huge army, and any provocation could send it hurtling into the South.

The danger from this problem is all around us, but so far no-one has been able to take any meaningful action to stop its escalation, certainly not the UN talking shop.

We could well be on the verge of a new world-wide nuclear arms race, for if North Korea eventually gets  both a nuclear weapon and a viable long-range missile it stands to reason that countries like Japan and South Korea among others will want them too. If Iran reaches its goal, what is to stop many other Middle East states from wanting the same thing for protection?

It would seem to this simple soul that a complete turnaround is required. The UN and all its members should perhaps ask North Korea to sign a proper peace agreement with the South that finally closes the Korean War chapter, in return they would receive full financial and domestic aid to rid the country of its poverty without meddling in its internal political system. If countries could pour billions of dollars into the country and ‘bring it into the 21st century’ it would enrich the lives of every man woman and child, and Kim Jong Un would be immortalised for bringing true prosperity to the nation. Yea! I know, sounds too far-fetched but worth a try?

Iranian Nuclear Sites

Iranian Nuclear Sites

Iran is of course a totally different situation because it is already a prosperous nation, so what could we do for them? Well, for a start we could stop threatening them and give them assurances they will be left in peace to prosper as they wish. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but maybe the first step is to ask them what they want in exchange for the cessation of their nuclear activities. But the one trouble with this prickly nation is its involvement with terrorist organizations such as al Quada and Hezbollah to whom they have long been known to give their backing.

It’s a very difficult situation with currently no end in sight, but one thing is for sure, sanctions are not going to bring these two belligerents to the negotiating table, far from it, it is likely to make them more determined. Perhaps it will take every nation on the planet to line up its guns, tanks and combat aircraft on the borders of these two countries and threaten to invade before they will listen, but the chances of that happening are zero I should imagine. Either way, I hope someone comes up with a sane idea to end the standoff before we all become embroiled in another war the likes of which we have never experienced. Suggestions anyone?


North Korea – What Now?

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The ‘Dear Leader’, Kim Jong-il is finally dead and has been replaced by his son, Kim Jong-un the ‘Great Successor’, ‘Supreme Leader’, ‘Great Leader’ or  ‘Supreme Commander’ (take your pick). A mere 28 or 29 years old (no-one seems sure which), Kim Jong-un is an enigmatic figure who came to the world’s attention a relatively short time ago.

He has now taken over a nation with nuclear weapons, severe economic problems, and is crippled by UN sanctions. It is a country that has the most inhumane and barbaric prison system in practically all the world, and the entire population is brainwashed from birth to think of their leader is a ‘god’.

Funeral Procession

NK Radio broadcast that even nature itself was in mourning for the ‘Dear Leader’ as ice cracked loudly on a lake on Mount Paekto and a glow was seen at the top of the mountain which is revered by North Koreans for it is from there that Kim Jong-il’s father led the resistance against the Japanese. A crane (bird) circled a statue of the departed leader in Pyongyang three times before perching in a tree. Just about anything out of the ordinary was branded ‘nature’s’ grief’.

 Funeral by Official Korean News: 

Kim Jong-un has gained control of the State, the Party, and the North Korean Army all within two weeks of his father’s death, which is essential if he wishes to maintain control of the country. He is a very young man, educated in Switzerland, and the youngest of Kim Jong-il’s three son’s. He has practically no political or military experience and will without doubt be leaning heavily on his ‘advisors’ within the government and military. However, it would seem he has done sufficient for the moment to ‘stay in charge’.

First Public Show of Emotion

The big question on everybody’s lips is; what will he do with all the power that has been thrust upon him at such an early age? Analysts the world over are waiting to see which way he bounces, and with good reason.

As the supreme leader of a rogue state with nuclear weapons he could be responsible for leading the world into another dark period in it’s history, or on the other hand, he could eventually be the one to free his people from tyranny. He has the choice of being remembered by history as just another despot, or a great champion of freedom.

I guess the choice is not all his for there will be powerful men behind him, plus a very capable army. It is for sure, not all the decisions are made by him, as the ‘power behind the throne’ flexes its muscle to see how much it can get away with. This not so unusual in such situations when a young, untried and inexperienced ‘kid’ takes over the ‘family business’.

Eldest Son - Playboy

His history to date has been a closely guarded secret in Pyongyang but it is known he is Kim Jong-il’s youngest son by his third wife. The first two sons were overlooked to take over the reins because of political scandal resulting from the eldest, Kim Jong-nam, being deported from Japan for trying to enter the country on a false passport, and the middle son Kim Jong-chol not being considered ‘manly’ enough by his father, which in plain language means he’s a faggot!

The 'Homo' One

That left Jong-un as the only contender and it’s fairly clear there will be no attempts by his brothers to usurp him, for the eldest is a playboy and the  youngest much the same, so I should think that as long as the money flows allowing them their outrageous lifestyles, they will stay out of the picture. As for the new leader,  he is almost impossible to read, for he has a poker champions face and I for one have yet to see a photograph of him smiling. Even the eyes give nothing away!

While it will be surprising for a power-grab to come from any other quarter in North Korea, there are those among Jong-un’s inner circle, and certainly among the government and military, who have their own agenda’s which as usual in such situations means increasing ones power or influence.

Considering the complete subjugation of the North Korean people it is hard to imagine that any form of regime change will come from there as in the Middle East. It is not possible for any form of action to start a move towards democracy in North Korea for the simple reason there is probably no-one left alive who remembers what democracy is.

Founder of the Kim Dynasty

Since Kim Il-sung began the family dynasty in 1948, all forms of protest and dissention have been punished by incarceration in the labour camps and the entire population have been ‘re-educated’ to follow the party line. It has got to the stage where many of the simpler folk in the country are convinced their leader actually makes the sun rise and set each day. This of course is encouraged by the media and propaganda of the government.

Many western journalists are calling the outpouring of grief at Kim Jong-il’s funeral one of the biggest theatrical con jobs in history. I must admit the scenes I saw on the TV of men and women shedding buckets of tears for the ‘Dear Leader’ were grossly overdone. I get the impression that most of it was for home consumption, because they must have known it would not be believed in the rest of the world.

 Korea ‘Mourns’:

Will Things Change For Them?

But what of the original question; what now for North Korea? In my view, if changes come we will not see any under this new leader for at least five years. If the young man Kim Jong-un has any intention of improving the living standards of his people he will have to proceed slowly, consolidating his power base and waiting for many of the old die-hard generals to die and perhaps replace them with ‘his own people’.

On the other hand, he may be quite content to ‘ride the wave’ as it were just like his father before him. Live the luxurious life while keeping his people under ‘the yoke’.

The one fly in the ointment is the continued affect the UN sanctions will have, not only on the North Korean economy but on the NK political standing in the world. The country is already to all intents and purposes politically isolated, with the exception of Iran that wants its nuclear secrets and the Chinese who tolerate the NK leaderships antics merely to keep the peace.

Korea's Message To the World

It is within the bounds of possibility that Kim Jung-un, if he is indeed a good poker player, can gain much from trading off the NK’s nuclear weapons for aid  through the UN. He would run into problems with some of his generals who naturally enough see the nuclear weapons as a ‘must have’. If he has sufficient hold on power it may be achievable for eventually a ‘bargaining chip’  loses its power if you hold on to it too long.

Whichever way it goes, I don’t see much change for the ordinary people of North Korea, and certainly not for those incarcerated in the merciless labour camps. Life will continue to be a living hell and the ruling elite will pluck the fruits of their labour as always.

In conclusion, will the ‘Supreme Leader’ be the breath of fresh air his country’s people need – maybe, but to be honest I am very doubtful, at least for the forseeable future.


Only Idiots Feel Sorry For Iran!

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Browsing readers comments sent in on internet news articles about the Iran nuclear threat, I can only conclude that many people are either naive ‘in extremis’, or totally stupid.

Iranian Nuclear Sites

Many of them are anti-american and seem to think the Yanks are to blame for the whole sordid affair, and Iran is totally innocent of charges laid against it by the latest IAEA report. All I can say to them is: Wake up people!

None of them seem to have thought about the situation and what it can mean for world peace. The IAEA would not dare to fabricate information about Iranian nuclear ambitions to the extent that a war could result.

Head of the IAEA

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is an international organization that seeks to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and to inhibit its use for any military purpose, including nuclear weapons. The IAEA was established as an autonomous organization on 29 July 1957. Though established independently of the United Nations through its own international treaty the IAEA Statute, the body reports to both the UN General Assembly and the Security Council (Wikipedia). To put it bluntly, I do not believe the IAEA is working  for, or run by the Americans! Many people are crying that the IAEA Chairman Yukiya Amano is American, but in fact he is Japanese, and it just goes to show how idiots jump to all the wrong conclusions.

Aljazeera news item on the latest IAEA report:

Russian Scientist Vyacheslav Danilenko

There has been much disquieting evidence coming out of Iran over the last ten years. As early as the 1990’s Russian scientist, Vyacheslav Danilenko, ‘unwittingly’ (according to him) helped them to develop a nuclear trigger. A nuclear trigger has one purpose only, to initiate a nuclear explosion. Why would Iran need such a thing if their nuclear programme was for peaceful means? The simple answer is they don’t!

Pakistani Scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan

A further disturbing fact is that the ‘father’ of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Abdul Qadeer Khan, assisted Iran to develop a neutron initiator. It is a crucial part of some nuclear weapons, as its role is to “kick-start” the chain reaction. Why would Iran need such a thing if its nuclear programme were for peaceful purposes only? Again the simple answer is they don’t!

These two individuals have admitted this information to the world, but still some dumb individuals think the whole thing is an American plot, and an excuse to go to war with Iran!

You Cannot Hide From the Eye In the Sky!

Most suspect in Iran’s nuclear programme is their continued attempts to hide the entire process. If, as they say, the whole project is totally innocent and for peaceful means only, why have they closed all avenues of international inspection and monitoring of their work? Why is everything being moved into bomb-proof underground shelters out of sight of the rest of the world? If the entire project is for the peaceful generation of power, they should throw open the doors and let anyone who wants to inspect their installations and progress, but in reality they are trying desperately to hide everything and conduct the project in secrecy. This is not the action of an ‘innocent’ power.

To say they have moved everything underground for fear of an Israeli or American attack on their facilities does not hold water, for if they had been open and honest with the world that would never be necessary.

Iran rebuttal of IAEA Report:

Now That’s A Valid Question!

While I freely admit that America loves to throw its weight around in global politics, and they have always considered themselves the world’s ‘policeman’, I do not think that now the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are winding down they are looking for another victim, although many people believe this. I think they are wrong, for the evidence against Iran is overwhelming and the future of world peace could well be at stake.

If you study the facts in the Iran case, you come to only one conclusion; Iran wants its own nuclear weapon. As a Muslim nation with a fanatical leadership, who’s ambitions far outweigh its position in the world, and who for many decades has backed any terrorist organization willing to take on the West, the danger should be obvious, even to an idiot.

Israeli Bunkerblaster

It was bad enough when India and Pakistan both became nuclear, for they have been on the brink of war many times, but Iran, should it get these weapons of mass destruction, would not hesitate to use them against its arch enemy Israel. Israel would naturally respond thereby probably inflaming the entire Middle East, and then where would we be? The least that would happen is meltdown of the world economy!

al Quada Has a Long Reach

As I have mentioned in previous posts on the subject, Iran cannot attack the USA or Europe directly, but it wouldn’t have to. I am sure groups such as al Quada and the Taliban would be more than willing to set off a few nuclear weapons in western cities if they had them, and where do you think they would get them? Don’t be so naive as to think it could never happen!

We have all seen the placards from Muslim protesters on the streets, and heard the rhetoric from Muslim priests that ‘Islam will rule the world’, well, side with Iran and it may well happen sooner rather than later. Anyone who ignores this major threat to world peace is a fool.


North Korea – The Concentration Camps of Death!

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For years, North Korea has been one of the most secretive nations on Earth, but from time to time, the veil of secrecy has been lifted by people managing successfully to escape from the tyranny that exists there. With them, they have brought tales of horror that are hard to believe in this century.

The Infamous 38th Parallel – Korean War Photo

North Korea’s troubles began directly after the Japanese were evicted from the country by their defeat at the end of World War 2. Korea was divided along the 38th Parallel by the United Nations with the North being governed by Russia, and the South by America.

Stalin wanted a system of government in the country that was sympathetic to Russia, so a totalitarian regime was installed in 1948 under Kim Il-sung, who ruled with absolute power until his death in 1994. Since then of course, his son Kim Jong-il has continued to rule with an iron fist.

Such is the unrivalled power father and son have achieved, they are cult figures within the country. It is said the ordinary people are convinced Kim Il-sung created the world and his son can control the weather, such is the depth of control they have over people’s minds. It is a perfect example of ‘brainwashing’ on an unparalleled scale.

In the aftermath of the Korean war of 1950, waged by North Korea with the explicit approval of Stalin and China, the country became more secretive, practically shutting itself off from the rest of the world. Few people have known what goes on behind the closed borders over the last fifty odd years, and many discounted the stories of atrocities that managed to leak out as unbelievable.

It is known the country suffered a catastrophic famine after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which claimed the lives of an estimated 900,000 to 2 million people. This led to Kim Jong-il, who ruled by this time, to strengthen the power of the military and government and thus his own position as undisputed leader.


Anyone caught criticising him or the government, was immediately sent to one of the now famous detention camps. These centres were begun by his father Kim Il-sung, who decreed that three generations of anyone heard to utter criticism of the government or himself would be imprisoned, many for life. He considered this necessary to totally eradicate dissension, for he believed dissenting parents begot dissenting children. So for example, if your grandfather were to commit an offence leading to his imprisonment, your parents and all of their children would join him. This has resulted in large populations of children in the camps, who like the rest, are often worked to death.

The North Korean people have been indoctrinated to such an extent, that they consider it right to inform on family members and neighbours if any word against the state is uttered. In fact, if you did not, you could end up in the camps alongside the perpetrator.

The conditions in the camps have been highlighted many times by escapees who made it to South Korea. Sadly, many who escaped to China were handed back to the North Korean government where most were put to death.

From those who have been successful in gaining freedom, stories have emerged that will chill your blood.

The North Korean Detention Centres

There are five main camps, although there are more less important ones, all totally cut off from the outside world. Once inside, you can expect to work for 14 hours a day on starvation rations. Many prisoners end up there for life, although life is invariably cut short by starvation and disease. After ‘Political Re-education’, some family members may be released after three years.

Women are usually set to work making shoes or leather bags (make sure your G**** handbag was not manufactured in the DKPR), while men work on construction or in the mines. It is strictly forbidden to speak while working, and infractions are punished severely. Anyone who is considered to be working too slowly is beaten or given more arduous work.

At the end of each work shift the prisoners are subjected to ‘Self-Criticism Sessions’ in which they have to criticise themselves and fellow prisoners.

One of the punishments often favoured is to force prisoners to sit or kneel in a certain position, silent, and without moving, for hours on end. The slightest sound, twitch of a finger, hand, or the head brings with it a severe beating. When groups of prisoners are receiving the same punishment they are forced to slap and beat each other for any infringement.

Kneeling Torture

One man was made to kneel for twenty-four hours without moving a muscle. Many who suffered this punishment said the pain was indescribable, and much more painful than a beating at the hands of the guards.

Sexual contact between inmates is strictly forbidden and if a woman becomes pregnant, say perhaps from being raped by a guard, she is given an enforced abortion. Some, who manage to carry their child full term, are forced to watch while guards swing the new-born by the legs and smash its head against a wall or post.

At any time, inmates are forced to beat one of their number for a minor infraction of the rules. Major transgressions are punished by incarceration for up to a week in a box so small it is impossible to stand or sit. As with the immobility torture, I cannot even begin to imagine the muscular pain of such a thing.

The Infamous Water Torture

Water torture, which horrified the world when it was revealed the americans had used it on terrorist suspects, is a daily occurrence in North Korea, yet for this, the world stays silent.

Inmates can receive beatings with an iron rod on the fingernails or the backs of their hands at the whim of a guard. In many cases, prisoners confess to things they have not done just to put an end to the pain.

The list of atrocities committed in the camps is endless if you take the time to do a little research on the matter. It seems incredible to me that such a regime could exist in this age of enlightenment and freedom, but it does by means of its totalitarianism. In such a country, every breath you draw is courtesy of the leader and government.

With the illness of Kim Jong-il the possibility of a change of leadership draws near. There is little doubt that Kim Jong-il’s youngest son, Kim Jong-un, will succeed him for he is already being groomed for the part. The West knows very little of him, but from what I have seen in all the news footage, the one thing that strikes me is I have not seen him smile once. He has the perfect poker face, and to know what is going on behind those cold eyes is impossible.

Kim Jong-un – The Heir Apparent

Many Pundits claim he will be a figurehead, and the real power will lie with the men who surround him. Whether he does gain real control of the nation and turns out to be a leader who brings his country out of the darkness, or plunges it further into hell, remains to be seen. As Kim Jong-un is the youngest son, perhaps we will see a struggle for power from the two older brothers who may feel they should have been chosen to succeed their father, but that is extremely unlikely.

Either way, the West is watching the events in North Korea closely, and only time will tell what the future holds for the down-trodden people of North Korea.


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