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Israel – The Slow But Sure Land Grab.

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What would you say if your neighboring country slowly, bit by bit, started taking over your land and built settlements in your country? Naturally you would be outraged and start doing something about it. So why is the world not doing something about the gradual takeover of Palestinian land by Israel?

Ever since 1947 Israel has expanded its territory into Palestine by building settlements and towns on land that does not belong to them. The Palestinians have complained to the United Nations, and every major country in the world, but all complaints have fallen on deaf ears. If this keeps up, within a few years Palestine will no longer exist because it will have been taken over in its entirety by the Israelis.

In excess of 600,000 Jews live in about 140 settlements built since Israel annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem after the 1967 war, all on Palestinian land. On Wednesday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was moving ahead with plans to set up a new settlement on the West Bank ‘for the first time in more than two decades’.

The announcement came as Israeli police cleared protesters from the unauthorised settler outpost of Amona. Israel’s Supreme Court has ordered Amona to be dismantled because it was built on private Palestinian land. So why have they not done this before?

The United Nations has for years condemned the land grab by Israel, but they have taken no action to put a stop to it except to vocally condemn the actions of the Israeli government.

How would the American’s feel if Canada or Mexico began building settlements over the border and claiming it for themselves? You can bet your life there would be an uproar of protestation, and it might even get to the stage of military action.

No such thing is taking place in Israel and Palestine, for the Palestinian cries of protest have all fallen on deaf ears for years, thanks to the backing of the United States who are solidly behind Israel. Now with Trump in charge we may see a change in attitude by the United States.


The Shrinking Map Of Palestine

The Shrinking Map Of Palestine

When Israel went to war with the surrounding Arab states in 1967 and 1973 they won convincingly and claimed the Sinai desert as their own. Even when Palestinian fighters fought against Israel to try and save their land they were called terrorists and quickly defeated. Since that time the Israeli borders have pushed back steadily until today, Palestine has all but disappeared.

You can be pretty certain that the small areas still under Palestinian control will disappear in the next few years, and Palestine will be wiped from the map completely to become the State of Israel.

Don’t for one minute think that I am a Palestinian sympathiser for I am not, but this injustice has to have a voice somewhere.


Gaza, The Road To Nowhere

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Gaza is till topping the headlines with everyone complaining about the Palestinian casualties. I am going to show you some reasons why people should not be so quick to condemn Israel.

Pictures So Loved By The Press

Picture Of Child Casualty So Loved By The Press

All the major news channels and newspapers are crying out for the Israeli’s to stop the shelling of Gaza city because of the civilian casualties. What people do not take the time and trouble to find out is that the casualties, while deplorable, are being orchestrated by Hamas in order to gain the world’s sympathy. As I have said in earlier posts, anyone who cares to go back over the history of the last ten years or so will find this has happened on an almost regular basis.

Just What al Quada Wants

Just What al Quada Wants

Firstly, people are condemning Israel for bombing civilian areas of the city but this is unjust. Why, because the Hamas fighters are deliberately firing off their rockets on Israel from in the middle of crowded civilian areas and UN facilities. Large stores of rockets have been found inside UN schools and even hospitals, so-called safe havens for the civilians.

These are Hamas fighters firing off mortars at Israeli troops from the grounds of a UN school. The film may be old, but Hamas are doing exactly the same thing today because they do not care for the safety of their children.

Strange how the TV teams and reporters seem to ignore these cases.

Hamas Rockets

Hamas Rockets

So you see, Hamas are not the lily-white victims of the onslaught from Israel. It is war there, and if you were an Israeli fighting in Gaza and someone starts firing mortars or rockets at you you retaliate do you not? I doubt if many of the Hamas sympathizers around the world would say: “It’s OK we cannot stop it because there is a school nearby”. If you are getting shot at it is only reasonable to shoot back.

All the civilian deaths in Gaza are part of a cruel and inhuman plan by Hamas to gain the world’s sympathy and blacken the reputation of Israel. For Hamas, civilian casualties are their favourite weapon against the might of Israel, and they use it to the full. The more the bodies pile up, the more sympathy they gain from all the gullible governments and people in this world.

As I have said before, I am neither Israeli, nor do I sympathise with their cause, I am a bystander who looks beyond the grotesquely inaccurate headlines and think for myself rather than just follow the herd in blaming Israel.

Hamas Tunnel

Hamas Tunnel

One important task the Israeli Army has is to destroy the numerous tunnels the insurgents have built to gain access to Israel from where they can carry out attacks on Israeli citizens. These have been used to great effect by Hamas fighters in numerous hit-and-run raids into Israel.

You will notice in this last report that to build a tunnel costs an estimated $2m, money that could be used to house and feed the population, Also, the materials used were requested as aid to rebuild hospitals and such like. So much for Humanitarian Aid! Do you still think Hamas are innocent? Hamas has over a hundred tunnels, not just at the Israeli border, but also at the border with Egypt through which they smuggle their rockets, mortar shells and ammunition. Work out for yourself what it all costs, and look at how the people of Gaza live! Hamas would much rather buy arms with which to fight Israel than look after their own people.

Hamas are demanding the blockade of Palestine be lifted by the Israeli’s, but think back to why it was put in place initially. Hamas were transporting huge amounts of arms and ammunition into Gaza to be used in their fight against Israel. That’s why the blockade was put in place.

Israel Too Counts The Cost

Israel Too Counts The Cost

People, you have to think for yourselves and not blindly follow all the Press reports, and UN reports I might add, in blaming Israel for this catastrophe. This scenario has been repeated many times in the past ten years and it is time for good people to take a look at what is really happening. Hamas started this conflict by firing rockets into Israel, so what would you expect our armed forces to do if these rockets rained down on your town or city? I doubt very few would just take it and do nothing, while the majority would be screaming for the army to put a stop to it.

Take your mind back a few months and you will remember that this whole scenario was played out last year. It only stops when they have run out of rockets. Once they do, its time to ask for a cease-fire and then the smuggling starts for fresh supplies.

Israel has been accused of bombing a hospital causing many casualties among civilians sheltering there. After it was found out that Hamas was storing and firing rockets from the hospital Israeli Forces told everyone to leave. They received confirmation of  this before firing on the building. Sadly it was another Hamas lie and Israel was blamed for the deaths that followed.

What Is The Arab League Doing To End The Conflict?

What Is The Arab League Doing To End The Conflict?

Ask yourself why Hamas is always using civilians as shields when they fight the Israeli’s? Why are they firing their rockets and mortars from deep within civilian populated areas? The Press and the general public are having the wool pulled over their collective eyes by this mob of barbarians.

Pictures So Loved By The Press

Pictures So Loved By The Press

After all the bloodshed that has been spilled by insurgent and terrorist groups do you really think they care about civilian casualties? They are more than willing to blow themselves up with a suicide vest and think nothing of it, so why should they worry about the death of a few hundred civilians? It is all good propaganda for them because the world looks on with watering eyes and blames the horrid aggressor Israel.

As you have seen, I am not the only person to see through the veil of deceit that has been woven by Hamas around this affair. Thankfully even some Arabic countries can see the deceit of Hamas. This from Egyptian TV:

Aftermath Of Suicide Bomber In Jerusalem

Aftermath Of Suicide Bomber In Jerusalem

As of today, yet another ceasefire has been broken when Hamas fighters used a tunnel to gain access to Israel and a suicide bomber detonated himself to kill some Israeli soldiers. There is also speculation that a soldier has been abducted, no doubt to be used as a bargaining chip by Hamas.

Hamas Leader - He Makes Sure He Is Safe!

Hamas Leader – He Makes Sure He Is Safe!

Part of the reason why many agreed cease-fires break down is I believe, because the leaders of Hamas are not in complete control of all of their fighters. There are several factions fighting under the name of Hamas, but each has its own leadership and way of bringing the fight to Israel. There are those who will never agree to any peace settlement arranged between Hamas and Israel because they will not stop fighting until Israel is wiped from the map and the whole world is Muslim. All across the world there are groups such as these who will not stop fighting until they are either dead or in total charge. Many speculate that should they reach their objective they will then begin fighting among themselves  as in Iraq.

So from me, the message is, don’t fall for all the Hamas propaganda you see on TV or in the Press. Don’t jump on Israel for trying to defend its people from the audacious attacks from Hamas. They can be grateful they have their missile defence system, the Iron Dome, for without it the casualties would have been horrific in Israel too. As I have said already in earlier posts, if the people of Palestine want to live in peace, then stop firing the rockets!


Oh How Blind Are Those That Cannot See!

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With such a title I could be writing about almost anything, but today I concern myself with the farce that is the current Gaza conflict. I did write about this recently but now the pace has stepped up to bordering the ridiculous. I say this because there are many, like those causing the recent riots in Paris, who just cannot see the wood for the trees as they saying goes.

Paris Riots In Support Of Palestine

Paris Riots In Support Of Palestine

Once again the masses are wailing about all those killed in Gaza with the news programmes emphasising the number of civilians, and especially children, who are killed by Israeli gunfire. Scant mention of the Israeli casualties, and after this hypocrisy we have now had two large demonstrations on the streets of Paris that turned into riots, protesting at the Gaza casualties.

As you would expect, all the hatred is being directed at the Israeli Army and government for their “brutal” slaughter of ‘innocent’ Palestinian civilians. To these small-minded people Israel should ignore the more than a thousand rockets that have been fired at Israeli cities and towns by Hamas and continue life as normal.

Deadly Hit On Sderot Israel

Deadly Hit On Sderot Israel

To all those deaf, dumb and blind people who demonstrated in Paris, let me ask one question: What would you expect your government to do, if say Germany started raining rockets down on Paris and its suburbs? Oh that’s alright, lets just choose to ignore them! Yea right! Pull the other leg its got bells on! Everyone would be up in arms screaming for retaliation. So that means its alright for you to retaliate but not Israel?

There is one simple way for Hamas to stop the Israeli offensive, and that is: Stop firing rockets at Israeli cities and towns! 

Palestinian Casualty

Palestinian Casualty

It is obvious that Hamas has no intention of doing this because they are getting exactly what they want from those among us who do not have the capacity to think straight – anti-Israeli rhetoric at the mounting civilian casualties! The more civilians killed the more it plays into their hands, for they get the sympathy while Israel gets all the hatred. Its an old story that has been repeated several times during the last two decades. Only when they run out of rockets will they be happy to negotiate a ceasefire. Until that time the civilian casualties among their own people are a huge propaganda victory for them.

Self Explanatory.

Self Explanatory.

Why else do you think they always fire their rockets from inside built-up areas and not the open countryside? They know that Israel can pinpoint the firing location and will come in with helicopters and or artillery to sanitize the area. That way they get the maximum number of civilian casualties and can blame the heartless Israeli regime.

Hamas even had the gall to attempt a humanitarian ceasefire to which the Israeli’s agreed, and then they promptly broke it by firing more rockets! Their callous attempt to put the blame on Israel for this is beneath contempt, but not many people picked up on it, and henceforth, more hatred against Israel.

The Israeli government dropped leaflets to the Palestinian people warning them to vacate the areas of the city they were going to bombard in an effort to reduce casualties but that did not suit Hamas. They wanted as many casualties as possible to make it look good in the world’s news programmes so they ordered the people to stay, knowing what the Israeli Army was planning. So don’t play into the hands of Hamas and blindly blame the Israeli’s.

Hamas Human Shield

Hamas Human Shield

One thing the simple-minded among us have to understand is that Hamas are past masters at gaining the sympathy of the world when civilians are killed. So far as Hamas are concerned, they don’t give a damn for all the Palestinians killed, the more the merrier because it strengthens their cause. It was Hamas who started using human shields a decade ago, not Israel.

The Hamas leader has demanded the release of terrorist prisoners and an end to the Israeli blockade of their borders, but regarding the blockade, you have to go back a few years to understand why this is in place.

Hamas Smuggling Tunnel

Hamas Smuggling Tunnel

It is there for one reason only, to stop the flow of arms into Gaza by Hamas. Before the blockade all sorts of arms and ammunition were flowing into Gaza at a steady rate, but since the blockade the only method open to them is the smuggling tunnels, of which there are many. For Israel to once again open the borders would mean unfettered access by Hamas to all the arms and ammunition they need, plus of course the rockets supplied by Iran.

All this being said, the Palestinian people can end this themselves by demanding a change of government. Hamas was after all a terrorist organization when they were voted in. If the people of Gaza want peace then they should demand elections and remove these terrorists who pose as a government. It is up to the people to demand a halt to all military actions in Gaza and come to the negotiating table without an AK47 in their hands. Only in this way will Gaza be free of war.

Many of you may think that I am either an Israeli or at least sympathize with them, well you couldn’t be more wrong. I categorically do not.

Israel Growth Over The Years

Israel Growth Over The Years

On the Israeli side they have made a huge mistake by building on Palestinian land that is not rightfully theirs. Should this continue the war will never end. Israel must pull back to the lines drawn by the United Nations in 1967 and hand over the land they stole. Only then can peace be attained. Will it ever happen? Not in my lifetime!


Israel Is Pushing The Limits

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This latest step by the Israeli government to build yet more homes on Palestinian land leaves Hamas and the Palestinian people with yet another axe to grind. Israel consistently says it is willing to negotiate with them  over the formation of a two-state plan, but as everyone knows, these are empty words for what they mean is: We will negotiate a solution on our terms alone and the people of Palestine can do nothing but agree.

Israeli Settlement Growth

Israeli Settlement Growth

Although illegal occupation began in 1948, there has been an explosion of new settlements over the last twenty-seven years, and between 1993 and 2004 the number of inhabitants in illegal settlements almost doubled. Currently there are 516,569 people living on land that belongs to the Palestinians according to the United Nations agreement that Israel’s borders should be fixed as they were before the 1967 war.

However, it is not only the settlements that are causing problems, for because of them huge tracts of Palestinian land have been closed to the people of Palestine and many villages have been removed by the Israeli government for ‘Security Reasons’. The proposed next phase of building to the east of Jerusalem will cut Arab Palestine in half, and forget not that Gaza is already isolated from the rest of the country.

The Growth of Israel

The Shrinking Palestinian Lands (Green)

To me there can be little doubt the Israeli aim is to take over the whole of Palestine ‘by stealth’ as it were. By continuing to build on occupied land they are not only robbing the Palestinian people of their homeland, but eventually subjugating them to Israeli rule. For having ‘colonized’ the entire country they will have built an Israeli State for beyond its legal boundaries which means the Palestinians will have no other option but to become permanent refugees without a homeland, or live under Israeli rule.

Ban Ki Moon recently issued yet another communique condemning these new settlements, but as usual it fell on deaf ears. The Israeli government has no intention of listening to anyone, least of all the U.N. ‘Talking Shop’. Successive attempts have been made over the years in an attempt to get Israel to withdraw to its 1967 borders, but all to  no avail. What is more, it will continue so until its most powerful ally, the United States, withdraws it backing. So long as the Americans continue to put their weight behind the Israeli government there will be no change.

This in itself is a thorny issue, for any United States President or government that withdraws its backing for Israel will commit political suicide, such is the power of the Jewish lobby in American politics.

Israel is in an unenviable position, hemmed in on all sides by Arab countries and although an uneasy peace has reigned since the Yom Kippur war of 1973, there have been a total of eight ‘mini-wars’ with Hamas from Gaza and Hezbollah of Lebanon, but on the international front all has been quiet.

New Settlement

New Settlement

There can be little doubt that so long as the Israeli’s continue to build on Arab land there will be no lasting peace in the Middle East. If they continue to ‘swallow’ Palestine, eventually a breaking point will be reached and all of Islam may decide to end the existence of Israel once and for all time. This becomes much more of a possibility if Iran does eventually get ‘the bomb’.

Should the international community fail to take positive action to prevent this Islamic State from gaining nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them, all hell will break loose in the Middle East, and places like Tel Aviv, Hebron and Haifa could end up as nothing more than smoking holes in the ground.

Surrounded On All Sides.

Surrounded On All Sides.

The Israeli government is playing a risky game, relying on the fact that any country that attacks them will be repulsed by their superior forces, and in the event of nuclear weapons being used the USA will come in on their side. Any American involvement would naturally bring in the European Union, bound as it is to America by its NATO Agreements. I dread to think of such consequences.

As things stand at the moment, there is no solution in sight so long as the Israeli government remains intransigent on the issue of Palestine, and the United Nations remains unable to take any positive action because of the American veto which it has exercised 82 times since 1947, most in connection with Israel.

How it will all end is anyone’s guess, but for sure the Israeli’s will not return to their pre-1967 borders, and the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran will not back down on the issue.


The Israeli Timebomb

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Once again Israel and it’s stance against the Palestinians have hit the headlines. This week settlers have been accused of damaging a mosque in the village of Yasuf, and leaving behind graffiti. It would seem there is little doubt about their guilt. The crux of the whole problem in this Middle-East conflict seems to be three sided; the extremists who consider the whole of the West Bank theirs by right; the Government which is trying to satisfy the international community by curbing settlements in the area, and the Palestinians who have lived there for over a century.

Under International Law, all settlements in the West Bank are considered illegal because it is Palestinian land under the United Nations charter of 1947 that first formed the country of Israel in modern times. The Palestinians had the land for thirteen hundred years before that, and claim it as their own. So who is right?

The Israeli’s lay claim over the land in accordance with the Bible which states that Israel, including the West Bank, is ‘The Promised Land’. However, the land has changed hands many times since Moses led his people there. It was conquered  by the Romans, Byzantines, Islam, the Crusaders, the Mamluk Dynasty and the Ottomans to name but a few.

Following the First World War, Britain administered Palestine on behalf of the League of Nations until 1948 when Israel proclaimed independence. It was only the horror of the Holocaust in World War 2, and the need to find somewhere for all the Jewish refugees to call home, that prompted the fledgling United Nations to proclaim the existence of Israel as the Jewish homeland in 1947. The boundaries were laid  by UN Charter and Jews from all over war torn Europe flocked there in their tens of thousands.

The main point of all this is, the land has been one of the most contested in history, and say what you will, but lands taken so often by war preclude any biblical claim by the Jewish settlers. A look at a map of the region shows that half of Palestine has been taken over by Jewish settlements, many of which are on land stolen from the Palestinians.

The Israeli government removed all settlements in Gaza in 2005 which caused an uproar within the country, but to try this with the West Bank could probably result in civil war within the country. The settlements on the West Bank have become so numerous, and spread so wide, that the situation will never be resolved to the satisfaction of the International Community and the Palestinians. Despite attempts by the government to halt building on Arab land the settlers refuse to listen and continue to take land for themselves.

The red areas on the map indicate the huge swathes of Palestine where the local people have severely restricted or no access due to restrictions placed upon them by these communities in the name of security. Roads are controlled by the settlers, and access to areas near settlements is forbidden to most Palestinians. I have to ask; Is this is what God intended when he told Moses to lead his people to the ‘Promised Land’?

It makes you wonder what the reaction would be if e.g. Mexicans started building homes and settlements in Texas and then closed off the roads and areas around them to all Americans? I think we would see war between Mexico and America in a very short time if these moves were supported by the Mexican government. Just as the Jews lay biblical claim to the land of Palestine, the Mexicans have an historical claim to parts of the southern United States. So what is the difference?

To say that one party is right over the other is difficult in the charged atmosphere that has surrounded this issue for decades. President Obama is the latest in a long line of U.S Presidents who have tried to resolve the conflict, and he does not seem to be making any headway either. The main reason is clearly the settlers refusal to accept restrictions on building on Arab land. This mosque attack is only the latest indication of that.

The Israeli government is also guilty insofar as they have sanctioned, and in some cases actively encouraged  the building of Jewish homes on Arab land for several decades. To now do an about face in the light of international pressure is paramount to suicide for the government. Another factor is the Jewish population living on Arab land is now in excess of 300,000. To forcibly remove such a number of militant settlers would require the Israeli Army as it did in Gaza.

Jewish males and females are required to do their national service, and the number of serving recruits who have grown up in the settlements is growing. As a consequence, one of the additional problems facing the government is they can no longer guarantee the co-operation of the army for fear of a mutiny. Soldiers have already refused to fight in Gaza, and remove settlers from small outposts ordered closed down by the government. So in reality there is little chance the army could be persuaded to remove 300,000 settlers and tear down their houses. And so it goes on.

The Israeli government is caught between the proverbial ‘rock and a hard place’, because it must be seen to satisfy the demands of the Arab World and the International Community, but at the same time cannot go against the strength of feeling within its borders on the settlement question.

The possibility of a lasting solution to the Jewish/Palestinian problem is yet a long way ahead, and I doubt if President Obama will have any more success than his predecessors. I commend him for trying, but so long as the settlement question remains unsolved I see no end to the dispute. With Iran obviously attempting to become a nuclear power perhaps they are the ones who will finally solve the crisis. I hope not for all our sakes.

Some problems can only be solved by time, lots of it!


A Missed Opportunity.

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With his speech yesterday, Binjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Premier, stood on the dockside and watched the ‘Peace Boat’ sail without him. Most people were not expecting any earth-moving changes to the Israeli stance on a Palestinian State, and they were not disappointed.

Apart from a reference to the existence of a Palestinian State, which clearly had to be dragged out of him, he didn’t make a single move that could be called constructive when it came to ending the dispute. Both the USA and European governments voiced muted acceptance of the speech, stating that at least the recognition for a Palestinian State was “a step in the right direction”.

Netanyahu called for a de-militarised State for Palestinians with no control over its airspace, and recognition by the Palestinians of a ‘Jewish State’. This latter statement alone was not acceptable to any of the Arab countries listening. It would mean that refugees from the 1948 founding of Israel would have no right of return to their ancestral home, or as many fear, be second class citizens in a state for Jews.

The speech made no reference to the removal of Jewish settlements on Palestinian land, much of it stolen, and all declared illegal by the United Nations, the EU and USA. It is clear this speech was an attempt to defuse the tension between President Obama and the Israeli’s on the settlement situation. In that I am sure it failed miserably.

President Obama, quite rightly in my view, has insisted that all settlement enlargement on Palestinian land be halted immediately. If you read my post of June 3rd you will see a UN map of the restrictions placed on Palestinians in the West Bank. Not only have the Israeli’s taken over huge tracts of land for the settlements, but severely restricted Palestinian access and travel to more than half of the West Bank (see map-Orange area).

It would be like England taking over half of Ireland, or the USA taking half of Mexico, and saying the local people can neither live nor travel in these areas because of ‘our’ security.

Firstly, I believe Israel does have a right to exist right where it is, but the Israeli hard-line Right attitude of, “It all belonged to us two thousand years ago” will not hold water. Netanyahu’s problem is that this grouping in The Knesset is very strong, and if he wishes his government to remain in power he cannot be seen to make concessions on the settlements. This puts him on a direct collision course with not only the Arab World and The Palestinians, but with the Obama camp. Obama can also not be seen to give in on his demand for all settlement activity to stop, because he made a promise to the Muslim world in his Cairo speech, and let’s face it, why should he, they are all illegal under International Law.

This in effect brings us back to the age-old impasse that has been going on for more than half a century. While I have a certain sympathy with the Israeli cause for a homeland, I cannot approve of the way they have being doing things for the last thirty years at least. I have often come out on the side of Israel’s right to defend itself against attacks by the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah, and I still believe that to be true. Israel has had to fight for its very existence on several occasions and I agree with that, but the current atmosphere is of Israeli making because of their intransigence with regard to the settlements which they believe is their right because of history.

I have to say that were it my choice, all the settlements would be turned over to the Palestinians lock, stock, and barrel! The Israeli’s have no right to be there, and for them to continue in existence would be pure land theft on a grand scale.

I can imagine the outcry if American citizens started building townships on Mexican or Canadian soil along the border and banned the locals from entering this territory. Imagine if you will that all nations acted in this way, WW3 here we come. But the Israeli’s have gotten away with it for the past forty years! Incredible!!

Before any progress can be made towards a lasting settlement of the Israeli/Palestinian question the problem of the settlements has to be addressed by the Knesset.

Last but not least, Netanyahu did not give any ground on the question of Jerusalem. He told his audience, and the world, that the city would remain in Jewish Hands. The Palestinians of course want their Capitol to be in Jerusalem as do the Jews. So once again we have an impasse.

According to the original boundary’s laid down for the State of Israel by the United Nations in 1947, the border runs through the city with Jews and Palestinians sharing. If Jesus were to return today and see the turmoil surrounding this Holy City he would be livid!

I fear this is a problem that will go on and on. I wish President Obama luck in his attempt and I hope he succeeds. I believe the answer lies with the US President and Government, for only they have the power to make the Israeli’s come to the negotiating table with real gifts of compromise. Without the backing of America Israel will become a smoking hole, especially if the Iranians get nuclear weapons, although the Israeli Government may not let it get that far. If they do attack Iran and knock out their nuclear capability, they will bring upon themselves the wrath of the entire Arab and Muslim world, although I think in private many will be relieved.

I do not wish to reiterate my suggested solution to the problems here, for that you would need to read my earlier posts, but suffice it to say, at the moment the whole argument is going nowhere, and things will not improve until Israel starts facing up to reality instead of the past.

Abraham, your people need you – again!


How Do We Solve The Arab-Israeli Conflict?

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For sixty-one years the Israeli’s and Palestinians have been at each others throats, and what has been achieved? The answer is, nothing!

The divisions are now as deep as they were in November 1947 when the United Nations decided to form a partitioned homeland for the Jews in Palestine.

This was not as arbitrary as it may sound. Europe was awash with Jewish refugees from the infamous Nazi concentration camps, and there was a historical precedent for the positioning of a Jewish State in Palestine, namely ancient Judea, the original Jewish lands of biblical times.

Judea had been conquered by the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Byzantines among others, before eventually being made part of the Ottoman empire in 1516, to which it belonged until the 20th Century. Each conqueror tried to remove the Jews from the land and almost succeeded, but a small number always managed to remain around Galilee.

Following the United Nations decree, Israel declared independence on the 14th of May 1948 and the new Jewish state was born. Since then, a continuous conflict has been raging between the Jews, Palestinians, and bordering Arab nations.

Several wars were fought between Israel and its Arab neighbours, and each time Israel came out on top. This led to the formation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) under Yasser Arrafat in the late sixties-early seventies, which carried out devastating attacks against Jews and Jewish interests world-wide, including the killing of the Israeli Olympic Athletic Team at the 1972 Summer Games.

In 1967 Syria, Jordan and Egypt massed armies on Israel’s borders, but were defeated in a pre-emptive strike by Israeli Forces in what is now referred to as the Six-Day War. Israel occupied the Left Bank, the Golan Heights, Gaza, and Sinai peninsular to the Red Sea. There followed another war in November 1973 when they were again attacked. Once more Israel carried the day, despite suffering heavy losses.

Later that same year, the Egyptian President Anwar Sadat became the first leader of an Arab country to recognize Israel’s right to exist, and signed a peace accord. He was later assassinated by members of the Egyptian military during a parade.

Since that time, several US Presidents, and many different governments have tried, and failed, to get the two sides to agree on a solution to the problems. But what are the problems?

They are, not necessarily in order of importance, the return of Israel to the pre-1967 war boundary’s i.e. return of the West Bank and Gaza to Palestinian control, the Golan heights to Syria and the Sinai to Egypt, removal of all Israeli settlements on Arab land, and the return of East Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

Each of these have been rejected by successive Israeli governments for a variety of reasons.

First lets look at the boundary’s. Israel insists on having a buffer zone between it and its Arab neighbours, and, there are a large number of Jewish settlements on Palestinian land. Israel would also lose its vital port on the Red Sea, Elat.

Secondly, the removal of all settlements on Arab land would be very unpopular with the settlers, causing widespread condemnation of any government that tried it.

Thirdly, the returning of East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, who also want it as their capitol, is a very thorny issue, being as it is probably the most important religious site in the world. Judaism, Islam and Christianity all lay claim to the city as one of their most holy sites. On top of this, there are 465,000 Jews living mostly in West Jerusalem, and 232,000 Muslims living for the greater part in East Jerusalem.

The Israeli government insists the city remain united under their control and should be their capitol. Meanwhile, the Palestinians insist Israel retreat to its pre-1967 borders, thereby giving up East Jerusalem. Like two dogs fighting over a single bone.

There are without doubt very tough problems to solve, because Israel sees its security as a number one priority, which is understandable; and the Palestinians want their lands back, which is a reasonable request.

Perhaps the biggest stumbling block to a peace deal is purely the length of time this conflict has been going on. So much mistrust and hatred has built up on both sides over the years, that the two sides may never agree on a solution. Then of course there is Hamas.

The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has taken a softer line with the Israeli government, and appears more willing to negotiate than Hamas, who refuse to recognise Israels right to exist.

Hamas is a terrorist organization that still continues to attack Israel at every opportunity, most recently evoking a week long attack by Israeli Forces on Gaza after they attacked southern Israel with rockets. The stand Hamas has taken is also responsible for splitting the Palestinian nation.

In my opinion, both sides have to be prepared to make big sacrifices if peace in the Middle East is to be achieved.

With regard to Israel’s safety, I believe the only solution is for the Palestinians to accept a de-militarized zone around Israel until such time as sufficient trust is established. Israel should be allowed an observation post on the Golan Heights to ensure no militarization of the land around the Heights by Syria.

So far as the settlements are concerned, the inhabitants should be given the ultimatum of returning behind Israel’s borders with government financial help, or remain where they are under Palestinian control.

Jerusalem should become an open city, perhaps under UN or joint 50/50 Israeli-Palestinian control, so neither side can claim sovereignty. Both sides will need to find somewhere else for their capitol.

For its part, the Palestinian government, along with Hamas, must recognise Israel as a sovereign state and guarantee its borders.

It may seem to some that Israel is making more concessions than the Palestinians, and that may be true, but if they are to live in security with their neighbours I believe this is the only way. At least both nations will be able to flourish and prosper without the continued threat of war.

I further believe that such an agreement will take the wind from the sails of Iran, who has for decades been fermenting hatred and distrust of the Jewish State, plus arming people like Hamas. If the rest of the Muslim world can accept such an agreement, they in their turn should bring the necessary pressure to bear on this rogue state and bring it into line with the rest of humanity.

Here’s hoping Allah and God can shake hands on this agreement.


I Thought The U.N. Was Unbiased!

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Oh how naive I am! I have just read a report on the BBC from U.N. investigators under the leadership of Sri Lankan lawyer Radhika Coomaraswamy, and to be honest, I am amazed at the one-sided blame-laying she and her team have indulged in.

Before I go any further, let me state quite clearly, I am not on anybodies side and I do not support the actions of one group against another. Having made that clear I will continue.

According to Ms Coomarathingy, on the 15th of January Israeli soldiers used an 11 year-old boy as a human shield by forcing him to walk down streets ahead of them ‘for several hours’. This is one of ‘hundreds’ of such cases reported by her and the U.N. team for the protection of children.

Her report also includes soldiers shooting Palestinian children, and women, bulldozing a house with a woman and child inside, and shelling a building they had ordered civilians to enter. These, she said were just ‘a few of the incidents’ that had been ‘verified’ by U.N. officials in the Gaza Strip.


Hamas Not Guilty of Using Human Shields?

I guess they must have been talking to Hamas fighters, and civilians with a Hamas gun up their backside to get stories like this. The Hamas propaganda machine is very efficient in such situations.

Worthy of note, is the total lack of commentary on war crimes by Hamas, like using human shields, or shooting from homes, except to say it is ‘under investigation’, which means nothing will ever come of it because it’s an everyday occurrence, and anyway, they are such poor defenceless people.

Israeli Ambassador Aharon Leshno Yaar told the U.N’s 47-nation Human Rights Council, it was “unable or perhaps unwilling to address attacks against its civilians by Palestinian militants”. He further added, “The report claims to examine Israel’s actions while it wilfully ignores and downplays the terrorist and other threats we face”. He should have added their methods!

An Israeli Military Spokesman dismissed the claims as “inaccurate and politically motivated”. It is obvious that excesses have occurred, and the Israeli Military have confessed this and are dealing with it, but that too is the nature of war. It happened in the Second World War with Allied troops also. In war, none of us are ‘clean’.

All Muslim terror groups like Hamas know full well that in any conflict, the press love to report in full on civilian casualties, and have made good use of this fact.

Perhaps this will help clear it up for you, published with the kind permission of Osama Bin Laden:

Excerpt from a terrorist training manual: “Wow Achmed! Don’t forget, if the cursed Israeli’s shoot in your direction, grab the nearest child or woman! Also, don’t forget to go into the nearest family home if they start shelling you. That way you will be safe, well maybe not, but we will have great propaganda stories to tell the world press and the U.N. OK?” If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny!

Hamas have been using these tactics for years, and yet not one word of condemnation has been seen in the press or from the U.N., not even for the rocket attacks on southern Israel.

I do not condone it, and I do not agree with it, but the thing that sticks in my craw is all the blame is being put on the Israeli’s, while groups like Hamas are all lily white.

In my view, if you cannot report these things totally impartially, you can better keep your mouth shut and stay at home. You certainly have no business in this business!

May your dreams be untroubled.


Gaza – The Dirty War

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Once again the news headlines are full of recrimination against Israel for the deaths of children and women in Gaza. Oh how the TV reporters love to show us the suffering of these people, and stir up hatred of the Israeli’s who committed such a barbarous act! BUT! Just stop and think with your mind, and not your heart, about what is going on here.

As a soldier of whatever army, what do you do when someone shoots at you again and again, ducking into the nearest family home, crowded market, or Mosque for cover between attacks? What do you do when an organization like Hamas uses children? What do you do when your enemy fires rockets at your family and friends from the middle of a dense housing area? Something to think about perhaps?. None of this ever gets reported. Why?

Gaza is the worst form of dirty war because the Hamas fighters are cowards who use the dead women and children for propaganda purposes. If anyone is to be vilified in the Media it should be them. It is part of their strategy to get as many civilians, and in particular women and children, killed by the Israeli’s to feed the frenzy of world media that is so gullible as to accept on face value the ‘Facts’.

I like to think the more intelligent among us can see through this smoke-screen, and appreciate what is really happening here.

The Americans had to deal with a similar situation during the Vietnam War, but it has taken the Muslim insurgents to refine this strategy to perfection. Because we are confronted daily with TV pictures of dead and wounded women and children, the general public is up in arms against Israel. Demonstrations left right and centre by people who have never really studied the facts, but are swayed by the news reports.

Think People, Think! You are playing into the hands of the Hamas propaganda machine! If you have thought it through, you should be condemning Hamas for its cowardly strategy, not the Israeli’s for doing the only thing possible in such a situation.

Now the Hamas Leadership has agreed to a truce, probably because, as in the past, they are running short of rockets and ammunition, and a truce is a golden opportunity to replenish. Yet another tragedy of this war.

Everyone wants to open the borders so humanitarian aid can be shipped in, but Hamas always use these situations to re-arm ready for their next offensive. The Israeli Government knows this, and that is why the borders stay sealed. Logical! Also, if the borders remain open for the passage of people, the perpetrators of this atrocity slip into Egypt when the noose tightens, leaving the ordinary Palastinians to face the guns, missiles and bombs .

If Hamas cared anything for what they proclaim to be their goal, ‘The People’, they would come to the table and talk without a weapon in their hand. Instead this ‘No Surrender’, ‘Tit-for-Tat’ war drags on and on for decades. Successive Israeli Governments have offered peace for the region, many U.S. Presidents, and Leaders of other countries, have done their best to solve this crisis, all for nought, because people like Hamas cannot be trusted.

Perhaps they are trying to incite other Muslim countries to fight on their side once again. It is worthy of note that all other Muslim countries, including the West Bank Palestinians, have stayed very quiet about this conflict. Not one is prepared to go to war against Israel for their Palestinian Brothers in Gaza. Why do you think that is?

Sure, we get a little ‘Sabre-rattling’ from countries like Iran now and again, but we all know that for what it is. Could it be they can all see this conflict for what it is?

From reading this blog you may think I am anti-Muslim or pro-Israeli. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like everyone else, I deplore the unnecessary loss of human life, and the terrible conditions of of the Gaza People, but it should be for the people to decide, not the renegades of Hamas.

I do not excuse the mistakes that have been made by Israeli soldiers, these things happen in war. You only have to look at the Americans, whose favourite past-time is shooting at each other. A soldier, in the heat of battle, does make mistakes, and there are those without conscience who kill indiscriminately, or order others to do so. Remember Mei-Lai in Vietnam?. Where a true atrocity has been committed, those concerned should be dealt with in the severest manner.

I have looked at the cold facts and formed an opinion from them, not from sensationalist reporting on the TV News or newspaper reports. Reporters have for years been totally incapable of unbiased reporting of the facts, preferring to go with the most sensational pictures possible in order to gain the biggest slice of a TV audience, or the most readers. Editors love them if it gets more readers for their Rag, or TV News Channel.

I am aware that not everyone will agree with my assesment of this conflict, and I would be interested to hear your views on the subject.


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