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I Just Can’t Believe This – Boy’s In Skirts?

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Boys In Skirts?

Can you imagine boys going to school in skirts? It would appear that this is the latest new trend in North London’s Highgate Private School! Its all about being ‘gender neutral’, and the school authorities have initiated the idea of allowing boys to wear skirts to school if they so desire.

Girls can already wear a grey pleated skirt or trousers but the boys are restricted to wearing trousers and have to wait until they are sixteen before even adorning themselves with earrings.

Adam Pettitt, headmaster at the school said, “This generation is really questioning [if we are] being binary in the way we look at things. He said some former pupils had complained about the changes. “They write in and say if you left children to their own devices they would grow up differently and you are promoting the wrong ideas,”

Well, I certainly agree with that for allowing boys to wear skirts would ensure they grow up to be homosexuals.

The school already allows children to request that staff address them by a name of the opposite gender, which around half a dozen have done. One boy has also been allowed to wear a dress to school. Can you imagine a boy wearing a dress to school? It is too ridiculous for words!

Its about time this gender idea was knocked on the head, for in my time boys never got the idea that they were feminine. The LGBT crowd have been given far too much freedom these days and pretty soon the world will be filled with them. As you can imagine from this blog, I don’t like homosexuals and lesbians etc. I remember well when I was in Amsterdam seeing men strolling around holding hands and often kissing on the streets. It was disgusting.

I well remember when I went to a friend’s wedding in Biarritz in France. A gang of us went out after the wedding on the town, and late at night we ended up in a ‘gay’ bar. When we went inside we saw men kissing and fondling each other like crazy. It was disgusting to say the least. I kept my backside against the wall for the whole time we were in there.

There are many people these days who accept readily the idea of ‘gays’ but I am afraid I do not. Many people turn up at ‘gay parades’ to watch men dancing around practically naked, in fact some of them are naked.

I have to say that the world is going crazy these days and I am glad I am old, for I do not wish to live in a society that is flooded with these strange men and women.


The Upside-Down World Of Today!

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Richard Cairns - Headmaster

Richard Cairns – Headmaster

Until now schoolgirls wear a skirt and schoolboys wear trousers along with a blazer as part of the school uniform at all schools in England, but a private boarding college in Brighton has changed this tradition. The headmaster Richard Cairns has now removed that rule and the school pupils can wear trousers or skirt as they see fit. This is yet another step in the mad craze of making life gender neutral.

So from now we could see young boys turning up at school wearing a skirt if they are that way inclined, and young girls wearing trousers. According to the headmaster the rule is designed to make trans students or students experiencing gender dysphoria feel more comfortable. On the subject he remarked, “If some boys and girls are happier identifying with a different gender from that in which they were born, then my job is to make sure that we accommodate that.”

Teaching Children About Devious Sexual Practices Is Wrong.

Teaching Children About Devious Sexual Practices Is Wrong.

Cairns believes that students should be able to express their identity both in and out of school, and he believes that being able to choose what they wear is part of that. It would seem to me that he is overstepping his bounds as an educator, for his sole job is to educate these youngsters, not make statements or change the rules to accommodate those who are neither the one nor the other.

It’s almost as bad as the UK universities of Lancaster and Northampton that introduced gender neutral toilets.

You may not hear much these days about those who are confused about what they are, i.e. male or female (and I put that nicely), but these perverts are still hard at work getting their devious message across, especially to the younger generation.

It seems that very many people today want to make these perverts feel at home and give them all the freedom they want to go after whomsoever they please. Sorry! But it does not impress me. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the Muslims take over the country in twenty or so years time, for then all the deviants will be heading for the nearest port or airfield and life can finally return to normal.


‘Gays’ Now Dictate School Policy?

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I see the homosexual fraternity have begun dictating what should be taught in our schools in yet another move to ‘popularize’ their deviance. In 1988 Margret Thatcher tried to save the nation from the advancement of homosexuality by bringing out the famed Section 28 which stated: ……that a local authority “shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality” or “promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship.” All I can say to that is ‘Bravo Maggie’.

This important piece of legislation was scrapped in 2003 by guess who? Tony Blair of course who not only opened the gates for mass immigration, but allowed these deviants to come out of the closet.

As A Parent Would You Want Your Child Subjected To 'Gay 'Propaganda

As A Parent Would You Want Your Child Subjected To ‘Gay ‘Propaganda

It would seem from press reports that many schools have clung to parts of the legislation when teaching about sex in schools. Among the schools criticised were the Crest Academy Group in north London who’s governing body had said: :”Academies and the Governing Body will not permit the promotion of homosexuality.” Another school in the firing line is Colston’s Girls’ School in Bristol who’s Governing Body stated that it “will not permit the promotion of homosexuality”.

It’s happening in America but do we want it here?

There are some 40 schools on the ‘complaints list’ made up by the British Humanist Association, and the Welsh government in particular has promised it will investigate and change policy in these schools. The Department of Education said “schools should not promote any sexual orientation”. Bravo!

Do We Really Want To Promote This

Do We Really Want To Promote This

You may or may not have noticed that in the quotes outlined it said schools will not promote homosexuality. This in my view is correct. In the dictionary the word ‘promote’ means “to help or encourage to exist or flourish”. 

You may inform children that such people exist, and that homosexuality is one of the many paths people follow within their sex lives, but now the ‘gay’ brigade want schools to go further and actively promote homosexuality!

This is both wrong and dangerous, for young children, or even teenagers should not be taught to prefer homosexuality by anyone! I do not think the interests of any child can be served by teaching them that to be a homosexual or a lesbian is preferable to a proper relationship. It can lead to major confusion in any child when they reach ‘that’ age.

That's About The Size Of It!

That’s About The Size Of It!

This whole saga is yet another effort by the homosexual community to further their cause in having their deviance accepted by all as normal behaviour. It is a further step in the escalating campaign which began with ‘gay’ parades, followed by ‘gay’ marriage and ‘gay’ adoption.

These people will not stop until they have convinced the whole world that their deviance is as normal as any heterosexual marriage. Sorry, I don’t see it that way and I never will. To me it is the beginning of disaster in which the whole of mankind will suffer eventually, well, except for the Muslims who still hang deviants, and probably Russia that has been in the news recently.

Muslim Answer

Muslim Answer

Now it seems the homosexuals have turned up the heat and want future generations to be like they are. What is sad is that people like governments and human rights groups are listening to their twaddle and accepting it without making a stand and saying children should be allowed to decide their own sexual preference without all the propaganda. In my view sex education has no place in school except for the biological process of having children, and it should certainly not be taught to children less than ten years old.

To all, parents I ask this simple question: Is this what you want for your child? ‘Nuff said!


Obama, Africa and Homosexuality

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Obama In Senegal

Obama In Senegal

I was somewhat perturbed to read today that President Obama has told the African continent they “should accept homosexuality” during a meeting with Senegal President Macky Sall. I have to say that were I an African leader, particularly of a Muslim country like Senegal, that I would tell Obama to ‘sling his hook‘. Just because the American people have voted to allow homosexuals to get married, have the same benefits as heterosexuals and adopt children, does not mean that they, or their President, can then go to a foreign nation and tell them to do the same. It is presumptuous  beyond words and was probably a statement made to impress the ‘home’ market more than anything else.

As you can well imagine, I am dead against the idea of ‘same sex marriage’, because I believe it is a big step towards the total destruction of what is left of morality in the modern western world. This necessary human value has been fast disappearing with ever bigger strides as people become used to the idea that today, ‘anything goes’. I am of the old school, and am sorry to see it disappear along with basic honesty and integrity.

Gay Pride???

Gay Pride???

As a people, the western nations have become obsessed with this new great god – Human Rights, which is being twisted by dishonest individuals to trample all the old values of human respect, kindness, morality, integrity and the law into the dust. Don’t think for one moment I am against the need for Human Rights, for as I have said many times in the past, they are an essential requirement in today’s world. There is much injustice today where people are treated worse than animals, like the current version of the slave trade, enforced prostitution, the torturing of prisoners, and not forgetting genocide.

But sad to say, the rules laid down to protect innocents from this kind of horror are being used by terrorists and criminals to escape justice, and ‘gay’ groups to get what they want, among others.

Although I find it most distasteful, for me it is an American affair if they wish to allow homo’s to marry, have the same rights as normal people and adopt children. However, having said that, I do not think this gives Obama the right to dictate to the leaders of foreign countries what they should do in this respect.

What Do These Children Have To Do With Homosexuality?

What Do These Children Have To Do With Homosexuality?

In 2011, both the UK and the USA hinted they may “withdraw aid” from countries that do not ‘toe the line’ on homosexuality. This leads me to ask: What does homosexuality have to do with the starving millions on the continent of Africa? Would these two great countries really allow these poor people to starve to death, just so that a bunch of people can shove their deviance in everyone’s faces? Something of that nature would make me ashamed to be a member of the human race! So my message to Obama is: Keep your nose out of foreign politics, religious beliefs and traditions on the subject of homosexuality, and put your own house in order before you start dictating to foreign powers what they should do.


French Government Puts Itself Above the People

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Listen To the People

Listen To the People

Can anyone tell me why it is that governments think they can do as they please, and not take public opinion into account? On especially contentious issues like ‘gay’ marriage, governments make decisions without any reference to the wishes of the people they govern. It’s like we don’t exist in their mind at all as they sit in their ivory towers and pass into law something that the majority of the population are steadfastly against.

Now nine European countries, fourteen world-wide, and some American States, have made ‘same-sex marriage’ legal, along with the right of these people to adopt children. It seems that as soon as a politician is elected, they forget who they are representing and just do whatever suits them. That is one of the main problems in the world today, a total lack of accountability by politicians!

Anti-Gay Marriage Demonstration - Paris

Anti-Gay Marriage Demonstration – Paris

Ever since this ridiculous law was pushed through, the streets of Paris and other cities have been thronging with people demonstrating against the law. No-one in the government bothered to ask the people if they wanted this law, and on such an important issue as this, where morality itself is in the dock, they should have held a referendum. I suppose though, the one good thing from their point of view is that they have certainly secured the homosexual vote at the next election!



As the deviants start adopting children, in ten to fifteen years time I foresee the possibility of big problems with mentally mal-adjusted teens, for no-one can predict to date what affect a child having two fathers instead of a mother and father will have on the child’s development. I suspect in many cases, after years of being bullied in school and a lack of friends, many will not develop properly into normal, responsible adults. But we shall see!

What Happens When the Child Learns MEN Can’t Have Babies?

One UMP member of  the French parliament, Jacques Myard, is reported as saying: “The law has been passed by the governing party “by force” and his party would review it if re-elected”. He went further, saying “There is a ‘huge gap between this government and the citizens’ over the marriage issue. This is something we cannot accept because of the fate of the children. Those people are playing God, because they want to marry, but it won’t stop at this stage. Then they will adopt, and then we will have children in families where there is no father or no mother.”

By then of course it will be too late to turn back the clock, and society will be left with no option than to deal with the problem as best they can. By then of course, all the politicians who caused this disaster will either be long dead or in retirement, so what do they care?

I am quite convinced that had a proper referendum been held in France, and all other countries that wanted to legalize ‘same-sex marriage and adoption’, the law would have received a resounding ‘No Way!’ from the people. We, the common people, are nothing to the politicians except at election time, when they expect us to vote them back in.


The British Government Catches ‘Gay’ Fever

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Last Tuesday the UK House of Commons gave their consent by a large majority to the introduction of homosexual marriage in Britain. This is indeed a sad day for the country, even though the decision is not final as it still has to go through the House of Lords. In my opinion, this issue has become so politicised that governments are bound to adopt any motion of this type because they think not to do so will hurt their chances of re-election.

The Seat Of Government - What Are These Idiots Thinking?

The Seat Of Government – What Are These Idiots Thinking?

The politicians who are responsible for running any country should be more respectful of the wishes of the electorate, and not be thinking purely in terms of the homosexual vote and their re-election chances. It is a sad indictment of politicians today that they think more of doing what they can to keep the masses voting for them than doing what is right for the country and its people. This is true of very many democratic countries, not just Britain. It is a fact that many countries have over the past ten years softened their stance on homosexual marriage but I still believe the majority are against it.

The Younger Generation May Be In Favour, Wiser Heads Are Not!

I am well aware this idea of homosexual marriage has been adopted by many other countries, but I am ashamed that it has got this far in Britain. The whole business of homosexuality has been pushed on the grounds of ‘human rights’ and any other excuse these ‘people’ can find to justify their behaviour, but it won’t wash with me, and many other upright citizens. The problem is we have been bombarded with the business of homosexuality from every angle, and I think many people have just got tired of it and put their hands up in surrender. They even want the right to marry in church for goodness sake, and we all know what God thinks of this issue: “Man shall not lie down with another man….etc”. If such a thing were ever to be allowed it would tear apart everything the church stands for.

Very Funny! Where Are The Police?

Very Funny! Where Are The Police? Do You Want Your Young Child To See This?

One thing I am thoroughly sick of is seeing these idiots cavorting on the streets in various levels of undress and shoving their deviance down the throats of ordinary people with their ‘Gay Parades’. Because they are ‘Gay’, they get away with things that you or I would immediately be arrested for. I know that if you ask many of those watching such an event what they think of it, the idiots among them will laugh and say its just a bit of harmless fun. But its not, its their way of trying to bring the public over to their side before they start pushing for more and more legislation in their favour.

My wife and I were visiting friends last Sunday evening, and during one conversation I asked him what he thought of homosexual marriage and adoption. He replied that he thought it was OK. So I followed this up by asking him if having two parents of the same sex would affect the psychological health of an adopted child. I pointed out that any child growing up with homosexuals would eventually come to realize that they were different from other families. It could lead to bullying in school and it would most likely end in the child itself becoming a homosexual. He stopped and thought for a few seconds, and then admitted he had never thought of that angle, and agreed that children could very well be seriously affected mentally by such an arrangement.

Now that the homosexual marriage act looks like becoming law, unless the Law Lords fail to approve it, you can bet your life the next thing ‘they’ will demand is the right to adopt children.  

If You Want Something To Care For Elton – GET A DOG!

I was thoroughly disgusted when Elton John first announced he was to become the father of a child, and equally so at the second announcement a short time ago that he now has another. Both were obviously conceived through a surrogate mother, i.e. a woman who had the children for him from donated sperm, and I am sure she had no qualms about doing it if she was paid enough money, which I am sure she must have been. Some people will do anything for money these days and Elton has very deep pockets.

I am well aware that homosexuality has been around for centuries, but I prefer the old days where it was not thrown in our faces. What are these people trying to do, turn the human race into bisexual beings at some time in the future? It’s all about me, me, me and what I want. It has nothing to do with the affects such a relationship will have on a child brought up by a homosexual couple.

He's My Mummy - I Think!

He’s My Mummy – I THINK!

I am afraid I do not agree with the so-called ‘experts’ who think that any child raised by two men will grow to be a normal person. How can they? I guess the couple will decide among themselves as to who will be ‘mummy’ and who will be father, but as a child reaches the age of understanding how can they look at a man and think of him as a woman when all their friends have a real woman to call mummy. What sort of reception are they going to get from their friends when ‘mummy’ comes and picks them up after school? How will their sexual orientation be guided by a father and a man posing as their mother?

What The General Public Think.

What The General Public Think.

Their ‘parents’ will of course teach them that there is nothing wrong in their relationship, so how will a young boy react when puberty is over and he start to think about girls, or heaven forbid, boys? Mentally they will be at a crossroads and I suspect they may not know which way to turn because they have been told that both are right? Naturally, their friends will be out looking for girls because they are normal, but an adolescent young male brought up by a homosexual couple will not know which way to turn. The same would be true for a girl brought up by a lesbian couple.

Dream On Boys!

Dream On Boys! You Need The Real Deal To Have A Child!

In many countries where this sort of atrocity is now allowed, in the future there will be a whole lot of kids who have been psychologically damaged simply by the fact that their parents are of the same sex. None of these children have yet grown old enough for there to be any definite evidence of these facts, but as they get older we will begin to see the results of these misbegotten laws.

I know I am not a psychiatrist, but to me it doesn’t take one to recognise the obvious pitfalls that will beset these children in the future. They have a very good chance of becoming to some extent ‘unbalanced’ by their position in society due to their upbringing. Not many of these children will be able to ‘leave the nest’ and lead a normal healthy heterosexual life after being brought up to believe that anything goes in this world.


Has Obama Opened the ‘Gay’ Rights Floodgate?

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When President Obama endorsed ‘gay’ marriage a couple of weeks ago, he may have unwittingly opened the door to a whole series of future law changes. It would seem that having gained this major victory, ‘gay’ rights activists are already racking up a list of new demands.

They are already eying the idea of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, (DOMA) extending Social Security benefits for gay partners, and changing the regulations governing the deportation of immigrants in same-sex marriages. So you see, the story is far from over.

Mitt Romney Is Against It

There can be little doubt that Obama’s move has created a wave of fresh votes in his bid to be re-elected, but he may be getting himself into more hot water once he has beaten his rival Mitt Romney. His opponent has already stated quite clearly on numerous occasions that he will not go down that road and naturally enough, the ‘gay’ community will vote for anyone who they see will help them achieve their aims, which is full parity with normal people in all aspects of life. They have made it clear the fight will not end until this is achieved by any means possible.

It would appear that Obama’s  stand on ‘gay’ marriage has not as yet obtained full endorsement by the Democratic Party as a whole, because the issue is yet to be added to the Party Convention platform.

American States Approving Gay Marriage

The move is sure to lose Obama votes in States like North Carolina where ‘gay’ marriage has been banned. Meanwhile more States, such as Washington, Maryland and Maine are due to hold votes on the subject in the near future.

Repealing the DOMA, which puts into law that a marriage consists of the union between a man and a woman, would be a major step for ‘gay’ activists as would extending Social Benefits to partners in ‘gay’ marriages. Changes to the law governing the deportation of immigrants in same sex marriages is also sought, which means that any illegal immigrant ‘married’ to a homosexual or lesbian could no longer be deported as an undesirable, thereby having the same rights as someone in a normal marriage.

Gays In The Military

Another card the ‘gays’ wish to play is  the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which bans sexual discrimination in the hiring and firing of ‘gay’ people in the federal workplace. This is due for discussion by the Senate in June, but activists say Obama should sign it into law immediately by an Executive Order. Last month, the White House told advocates Obama would not sign the order but opted instead to pursue a multi-pronged effort to induce companies and contractors to prioritize anti-discrimination on their own.

With the changes he has made in removing  the ‘don’t ask; don’t tell’ policy in the military, Obama has already made some inroads into removing discrimination against ‘gays’ and has shown he is willing, up to a point. But certainly, the ‘gay’ issue is a thorny one and will not go away. Considering that he has raised the issue in his campaign, it is certain the ‘gay’ activists will see this as a golden opportunity to push even harder to get parity in all things with normal couples.

Sharia Solution?

This could well turn out to be a millstone around Obama’s neck if he is re-elected, for his current stance will not silence the ‘gay’ community, only cause them to shout louder. You know the old saying; “give them an inch and they’ll take a yard”. The only thing that will effectively silence these ‘people’ is Sharia Law, but considering the downside, maybe its not worth it!


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