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Weather Changes

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As It Used To Be

I remember when I was a boy in England the weather was a lot different to today. We had some snow in Winter, but not a lot, and Spring came with the trees and plants blossoming all over the place. We went for a walk in the forests to see the wild flowers. When Summer came we had sunshine for most months as the temperatures rose to their middle twenties. In Autumn the trees went from green to red and brown as they shed their leaves in preparation for winter.

We have never seen weather like this in the beginning of Spring with floods, snow in some parts of the world, and Summers so hot we are can barely stand the temperatures. Now all that has changed over the years as the contamination of the atmosphere gets worse as years go by. 

The woods and forests in England are all but gone and this is changing the climate. Farmers have cut down the trees that are giving us oxygen to get extra land to grow crops. It’s a tragedy. In all parts of the world forests are being hacked down to give us more farmland and it is destroying the planet.

The amount of vehicles on our roads are slowly clogging up the atmosphere, but no-one takes any notice. Governments are not taking this seriously! In a few years we will have electric cars and lorries rolling across our countries, but will this solve the problem? I doubt it! It may take 100 years to get rid of the poisonous atmosphere, but will we still be around on this planet. I do not know what the future brings, but it will certainly change our lives.

Currently the oceans are full of plastic and that is destroying the fish that some countries feed on. There is a plan to clear plastic from the oceans but that will take years and years, and all the while people abandon plastic on beaches which end up in the the sea. There is a movement to ban plastic for all time and make it reusable. But how long will that take, and it will still end up in the oceans.

Currently the oceans are clogged with plastic all across the globe, and if we are not careful it will be the end of us all.




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In all my life I have never heard of such a stupid government allowing mining in an area covering the size of Denmark (17,800 square miles) in the Amazon. Don’t the Brazil government realise that the Amazon is the largest forest in the world that provides us with oxygen. But it seems that profit is much more of a concern than the lives of people on the planet Earth, which in this day and age is not surprising.


A decree from President Michel Temer published in the official government gazette on Wednesday dissolved the protected area. Brazil is seeking to stimulate economic activity as Latin America’s top economy emerges from the worst economic crisis in more than a century. If the Brazil government keep this up the whole of the Amazon will disappear within a few decades and then what do we do?

The Amazon As It Used To Be

It is said that the government wants to mine gold, iron and manganese which this area is ‘presumed’ to have in abundance. What the President is doing is putting the lives of people on this planet in danger from lack of oxygen if he continues with the plan. Without doubt this activity will extend further if more riches are found under the soil in other areas.

Parts Of The Amazon Now!

We have already cut down huge swathes of forest to increase farming land across the world, but it does not seem to have any impression on the public. What most people do not realise is that the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere keeps us alive and if we continue to cut down trees across the world we will be left with very little.

The oceans also provide us with oxygen, but to a much lesser degree because it is so contaminated. Plastic is the number one contaminant of our oceans and all that is down to mankind. We pollute the oceans all across the world with plastic, oil and chemicals that come from our farmland and make their way into the oceans through our streams and rivers. Already we see plastic in the fish that are caught in the oceans.


I can see in 100 years time that this planet will not be able to support life as it used to because of all the contamination. But it is prophesied that by then we will have found other planets on which to live, but that will only be for the rich. The poor will die here on Earth due to the contamination.

It is without doubt a tragic tale of mankind on this planet, for we are killing ourselves through sheer stupidity and heartlessness. If mankind is to survive on this planet of ours than we need to make major changes to the way we live. Otherwise we will not be around in one or two hundred years time.

Car Pollution Poisoning Your Lungs

When I was young we took care of our planet and did not over-fish, contaminate the atmosphere as we do now, and used natural resources on farmland instead of chemicals.

The population of the world has exploded in the last forty years and it is impossible to feed everybody. Look at the starving populations in Africa and elsewhere where there is not enough food for everybody.

What with the increase in climate temperatures, caused solely by our pollution of the atmosphere with cars and factories, we cannot grow food in many places in the world, the biggest being Africa. If we continue like this it will be the end of us on this planet!


Many countries have said they will do something to limit the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere but to date I have not seen any progress. Have you? We still go on in the same old way with cars and factory pollution and nothing is done about it.

Diesel – The Killer

It is said that in Britain they wish to abandon diesel cars by 2040, but that is a long time from now and far too late. Unless we take strict measures to reduce the pollution in our skies things will get worse and worse. 2040 is far too late for by then the whole atmosphere will be so contaminated people will going around in gas masks. Already people in some country’s wear surgical masks when they go outside for fear of the pollution getting into their lungs. Soon this will spread across the whole globe.

Why can’t people see that they are ruining the planet we live on? I’m just glad I won’t have to live in the future.


Heading For Annihilation

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Water Stress Graphic Across The World

According to the scientific data, in 1975 we reached the the maximum capacity of the Earth’s renewal of the planet’s resources, now in 2017 we are using 175 times the Earth’s replacement possibilities. It may seem strange, but Australia is using 5.2 times the Earth’s ecological footprint and next is the USA with 5 times the ecological footprint. Down at the bottom of the scale is India with o.6. In total the world is using 1.7 times the amount of resources on Earth, and our planet cannot replace it.

It is no surprise that the resources are getting used up quickly for we have been thinking only of ourselves and not the planet we live on. We are also contaminating the atmosphere at an ever increasing rate year on year.

If this continues mankind will cease to exist on this planet of ours. Through overfishing, over harvesting forests, and emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than forests can replace, humans are demanding more from the earth than it can produce, and this will lead to catastrophe.

Another Forest Fire Due To High Temperatures

Our trees across the world provide us with the much needed oxygen, but they are being destroyed by fire because of the dry weather in some countries, and cut down in others at a devastating rate and soon it will hit all of us. The oceans of the world also provide us with oxygen but they are being contaminated as never before.

Natural resources are being used up far quicker than they can be replaced and this too will lead us to catastrophe. “Our planet is finite, but human possibilities are not. Living within the means of one planet is technologically possible, financially beneficial, and our only chance for a prosperous future,” said Mathis Wackernagel, CEO of Global Footprint Network and co-creator of the Ecological Footprint. I fully agree with what he says, for unless we reign in our appetite for more and more we will cease to exist on this planet. When the amount of water, soil, and clean air that our planet can regenerate is spent before the year is up we can expect big problems in the future.

On today’s news it is said that large parts of the Earth, like central Africa, will be uninhabitable by 2040. This is all due to the steady rise in temperatures and the impossibility of growing food. This could also be true of the United States, for it is undergoing huge drought in central areas.

Already we have millions dying of thirst and hunger in Africa, and if we continue to use up the planet’s resources before they can be replenished we will all be in trouble. Most westerners think nothing of this catastrophe, for we have everything we need on hand, but consider other parts of the world where there is drought, famine and a great lack of water and the people that have to put up with this hardship.

On top of this we are using up all the world’s natural resources faster than they can be replaced. Eventually, at some time in the future we will run out of oil and then what will happen. Back to the stone age I guess. Farmers are also grossly contaminating the soil that grow crops in order to make more money. What will happen when the ground is so contaminated that we can no longer grow food? Already our food is contaminated with all sorts of pesticide which in my view is leading to a lot of the illnesses we see in the west.

Governments the world over must make rapid changes to the way we live, or mankind will cease to exist on this planet. Already some European governments are going to ban the sale of all diesel cars by 2040, why not earlier. By then we will be in dire straits as the temperatures continue to rise. Here in Spain we are undergoing a heat wave such as we have never seen before. Temperatures are rising in some parts of the country to over 40 degrees and this is unheard of in the past. With the man-made pollution of the atmosphere these temperatures are certain to rise year on year, and not only in Spain.

It is imperative that we do something to lower the pollution across the globe by rapidly reducing the number of cars on the road and getting rid of all diesel vehicles. This cannot wait twenty odd years, we must start doing it now.

It makes me very sad to witness the madness of human beings on this planet for very few people, especially in the west, don’t even think about the way the world is going and just shrug it off as it’s not their concern. Meanwhile millions are dying all across Africa but who cares anyway, that is their problem.

What people don’t realize is that eventually it will spread all around the world and then what will we do?


Ignorance Is Bliss

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Atmospheric Pollution In Cities

I wonder why today’s generation think that our weather patterns are normal? We have areas of the world today where temperatures are rising so fast that it is becoming unbearable. We have floods that have never been so destructive in the past, and droughts are common across many countries of the world.

In Africa for example, people are dying in their thousands because it is so hot and they have no food anymore. We have tremendous floods across the world where people see their houses washed away and many people die. In places like the United States and Portugal the air is so dry that forest fires spring up and reduce them to ashes. The one thing to remember is that we rely on trees among other things, like the sea,  to provide us with oxygen. Even the oceans are contaminated.

Whatever you might say, this is not normal, for fifty/sixty years ago these things never happened on such a huge scale. The world is destroying itself and there is no-one to blame but us humans.

Most of the weather changes have been caused by atmospheric contamination and we have our cars and factories to blame. If we continue like this I can see the end of mankind on this planet, for it will get so bad that the planet will be unlivable.

The sad thing is no-one is doing much to combat this threat to humanity. We have had climate conference after climate conference but nothing is changing, even though governments promise to do something about it.


To begin with, measures must be taken to get rid of diesel engines for they are the worst polluters. Second, we need to reduce the number of vehicles on our roads drastically. It is unbelievable that many families have three or even four cars per household. This has to be reduced.

All factories must be made to curb contamination by making sure that they do not pump dangerous chemicals into the air. This will take many years to accomplish but it must be done if mankind is to survive on the Earth.

At the climate conferences all countries say they will abide by the rules that are drawn up, but they seldom do. Life goes on as it always has and the pollution is getting steadily worse. Day by day we see cities covered in smog, and in China for example, people go around wearing masks so the pollution does not get into their lungs. As time goes on this will spread to many other cities across the world.

It is time for governments across the world to make some hard decisions about climate change, for it will steadily get worse as time goes by. It is easy to say “it will be alright in the end”, but it will not. As the pollution of our atmosphere gets worse and worse people will have a very short lifespan, and that is inevitable.

Killing The Wilderness Will Kill Us All

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No! This is not some made up story, but in years to come it will come true. The areas of wilderness on Earth, i.e. areas of land like the Amazon in South America and Central Africa among others, are the lifeblood of our planet and yet we are destroying them at an ever-increasing rate.

The Amazon

The Amazon

Before 1970 the Amazon forest covered 4,100,000 sq.kms, but by 2015 it had shrunk to just 3,331,065 sq.kms. This means that mankind has destroyed 768,935  sq.kms (almost the size of Turkey) in just 39 years, reducing its size by 18.8%. Despite all the warnings about what this was doing to our ecological status, the destruction still goes on.

In 1950 the Indonesian forest cover was estimated to be 145 million ha of primary forest and another 14 million ha of secondary and tidal forest.  Between 1990 and 2000 20% of the forest area in Indonesia had been lost (24 million ha) and by 2010, only 52% of the total land area was forested (94 million ha).

According to the World Resources Institute, more than 80 percent of the Earth’s natural forests have already been destroyed world-wide. Up to 90 percent of West Africa’s coastal rain forests have disappeared since 1900. Brazil and Indonesia, which contain the world’s two largest surviving regions of rain forest, are being stripped at an alarming rate by logging, fires, and land-clearing for agriculture and cattle-grazing. And so the destruction of our live-giving forests goes on unabated, and no-one is doing anything to stop it.

Rain Forest Destruction

Rain Forest Destruction

What most people do not realize is that trees are the lifeblood of this planet, and without them we will all die very quickly because they are the number one provider of our most important essential – oxygen. But what the hell, profit is more important that life, right!

We all know that the pollution levels on our planet are steadily rising, what with CO2 pollution world-wide and the ever increasing contamination of the world seas and the ground but no-one seems to care.

Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution

Our oceans are steadily being heavily polluted with plastic among other things which is causing untold problems. We have huge areas of every ocean on the planet where plastic is collecting on the surface called plastic gyers.

For more information you might perhaps  want to read:

Ocean Life Destruction

Ocean Life Destruction

Another problem with the oceans is over-fishing. Where forty years ago a fishing boat would capture maybe a ton of fish, now the giant fishing trawlers are capturing 100 tons of fish in a single catch, and it doesn’t end there.

Not only are we destroying the seas, but also the land on which we grow the crops that feed us. For the last forty years we have increased farming production to the extent where the ground does not have the ability to recover. For this reason we are using chemicals to help make the crops grow, and this is polluting the earth. Not only that, but it gets into our streams and flows into rivers where it ends up in the sea.

Years ago when I was young a farmer would always leave one field without crops for an entire year so that it could recover the minerals that help our crops grow. Now that is all out the window as everyone wants to make more and more profit.

The seas and the ground are important to us, but we are also fouling the air that we breath. From the turn of the century, when there were probably no more than a few hundred thousand vehicles on our roads it has risen to over a billion, and each one is pumping out poisonous gasses that are contaminating our atmosphere. It is well known that the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere are causing problems world-wide. The loss of forests and woods across the world means that nature has totally lost control, and can no longer rectify this problem.

Smog In The Far East

Smog In The Far East

In some Far Eastern cities people have to walk around with a mask to prevent the minute particles from vehicle exhausts getting into their lungs. Western nations have also had their share. The effect this has had on the human population is evident in the increased number of cancer deaths.

Most people will have heard about the disastrous droughts in places like California, parts of Africa and even Europe where there has been no rainfall for many months. This has had a catastrophic effect for farmers, many of whom have gone bankrupt. And yet, more areas are suffering hurricanes in places where this is unheard of in the past, like Britain for example. Our uncaring attitude to the world is causing disasters in places where such things are unheard of. If we continue as we are you can guarantee this will only get worse.

Centuries ago life on this planet was balanced because of the low levels of contamination we pumped into the seas, ground and air. But now with scientific progress all that has changed and we are slowly destroying our planet, and ourselves. If nothing changes within the next few decades mankind will be no more.


No More Renewable Resources for This Year

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A True Statement

A True Statement

The time when the Earth’s natural renewable resources are used up is rapidly shrinking as year on year it happens earlier than the year before. Scientists say that we have already used up all the Earth’s renewable resources this month – August, just 221 days after the beginning of the year. This means that for the rest of the year we are adding to the pollutants in our atmosphere.

What this means is that now in August, over-fishing, over foresting and dumping more carbon emissions into the atmosphere than can be absorbed has reached its climax, and for the rest of the year we are adding more than the Earth can absorb. On average, it has moved up only one day a year over the past five years, compared to an average of three days a year since it started being tracked in the early 1970s. The future of life on this planet is steadily getting more and more dangerous as we continue to destroy that which we call home.

Mathis Wackernagel, co-founder and CEO of GFN and Balakrishna Pisupati, head of the biodiversity, land and governance programme with the United Nations Environment Programme, said “If humans continue to use the Earth’s resources at this rate it could have “disastrous consequences” in terms of climate change, the erosion of topsoil through the conversion of grasslands and forests into farmlands, and an overall loss of biodiversity. The longer we continue viewing natural resources as unlimited, the faster we are jeopardizing the very capacity of our planet to provide us with the renewable resources that we need to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves.”

I know that most people will just cast this off as nonsense because they do not see any changes in their daily lives, and think, “I don’t see any changes. What are they on about.” If the scientists are correct, our children and their children will suffer horrendously. That is something for everyone to think about.

With the amount of pollution that we pump into the atmosphere daily from cars, lorries, and factories, we are adding more than the atmosphere can absorb, so you really should start thinking about where we are headed.

Our continued reliance on fossil fuels is killing the Earth and we have no viable substitute. CO2 is steadily clogging our atmosphere, and there can be no doubt that average temperatures are rising year on year. I know because even where I live it has been much hotter than last year, and is set to increase even more next year.

It has been clearly recorded that temperatures are steadily on the rise on our planet which can be seen by the massive ice melt at places like the North Pole where most of it has disappeared. We are even losing our mountain glaciers at a fast rate. But there again, it is not affecting me at the moment so who cares they say

What happens when our planets resources finally run out, as they must do at some time in the future? We give them no time to regenerate, for we just take take take!

What happens when the oil runs out? No more cars, no more factories, no more gadgets because the factories had to close. Please don’t be so naive as to think that mankind will come up with an alternative source of power sufficient to power our world and industries, because it just will not happen in time.

We destroy forests at an ever increasing rate knowing full well that they are the number one oxygen suppliers to our planet. We rape the seas of fish to the extent that stocks are steadily decreasing,  and we poison the ground with chemicals just to get crops to grow because we have used up all the natural resources in the ground.

The think tank lauded the goals outlined in the Paris climate agreement which was adopted by nearly 200 countries in April. The GFN said “there is nothing holding back these nations from achieving the goal becoming carbon neutral by 2050 except for political will. Such a new way of living comes with many advantages, and making it happen takes effort.The good news is that it is possible with current technology, and financially advantageous with overall benefits exceeding costs,” he said, adding that the transition will stimulate emerging sectors like renewable energy while preventing the risk and costs tied to adapting infrastructure to the impact of climate change.

One thing is for sure, this cannot continue, for humanity will be in dire straits if we carry on as we are. I sincerely hope this hits home with at least some people, and they make changes to their daily lives to help save our world.


By Heck It’s Hot!

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As many people know, global temperatures are going through the roof. It is a matter of record that again this year has been the hottest ever since monitoring began, and you have to ask where it will all end? Will next year be hotter as the temperatures continue to rise?

Holiday Fun On The Beach

Holiday Fun On The Beach

There can be little doubt that mankind is responsible for these changes in our atmosphere, for we have been polluting it ever since the turn of the century, and year on year it gets worse. With the increase in transport and factories over the last fifty years we have steadily been pumping more and more CO2 into the atmosphere than ever before, and year on year it is increasing. It is common sense that at some time in the future there must come a breaking point, at which time people across the world will start dying en masse.

We have had Climate Change Conferences attended by all the major nations in the world, but it would seem that although agreements have been reached, nothing really changes. The politicians are all ready to sign agreements, but when it comes to implementing them very little happens.

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

Climate conferences have been held annually ever since 1995, but when you look at the world outside your window, really nothing has changed. The number of polluting vehicles on our roads has not decreased, as it needs to do, but has in fact increased to well over a billion world wide. As people in places like China and India become more affluent, this number will increase even more.

Say what you like, but this number of vehicles on our roads is pushing so much pollution into the air that our Earth just cannot handle it any more. The same can be said for factories, especially in places like China and India that are not as technically advanced as the West.

This increased pollution of our atmosphere is leading to huge areas of drought in many countries, along with  flash flooding, even hurricanes and typhoons in areas of the world where such things have been unheard of in the past. It must make you wonder what life will be like in twenty years time if this keeps up.

To top all this off, we are destroying the only things they can tip the balance the other way, like the sea and forests and the soil.

Amazon Destruction

Amazon Destruction

When I was a youngster fishing fleets would go out and catch maybe a half ton of fish, but these days the huge vessels we have today catch 100 tons every time they lower the nets. In effect we are raping our seas of all marine life. On top of that we are steadily destroying the forests of the world, like the Amazon and many others.

What we don’t care about is that these things are the real life-blood of our planet, for they provide the oxygen that we breathe that keeps us alive. They absorb the CO2 that we put into the atmosphere and give us oxygen in return. Whatever you may think, nature is finely balanced, but so long as we continue to destroy that which gives us life you can be sure that eventually humanity will disappear from the planet. These days are approaching rapidly in historical terms because we are not doing enough to correct the balance.

Health_effects_of_pollutionIf mankind is to survive we have to make some very hard choices, but most people are not willing to do this because, at the moment, it doesn’t affect them. But you should think of your children and their children, for what sort of world are we going to give them? Will they be wearing a gas mask all day because the levels of pollution are so high? Will people be dying in their hundreds of thousands from pollution right, left and centre? What chance will your grand-children have to live a normal life?

These are all questions we must ask ourselves in this day and age, for if we are to ensure they have a good life then we need to do something now to stop the rot!

Pollution Levels

Pollution Levels

Governments must start taking the measures needed to stop the destruction of our home planet even though they will be unpopular with the people. To begin with they could restrict families to one car only which would greatly reduce the number of polluting cars on our roads. They can do this by improving bus and train services in towns and cities so it is no longer necessary to drive to work.

Earth In Big Trouble

Earth In Big Trouble

Some people seem to think that the electric car is one of the great solutions to our contamination problems, but we have to think logically about this. If everyone drove around in electric cars, which are non-polluting,  it would put a totally unsustainable load on power generating plants, which would be unable to cope.

Governments need to stop the destruction of forests world-wide, and ensure that new trees are planted wherever possible. Were we to have hundreds of new forests across the world this would go a long way to replenishing the oxygen that we all need.

Modern Trawler

Modern Trawler

Also we need to stop the literal rape and pollution of the seas for they too provide us with oxygen. Fish species are dying out at an unprecedented rate, and if we keep on the way we are going there will be none left. I remember when I was young that some cod were caught that were eight or ten feet long, but now you are lucky if they are four feet long. We are killing them off before they have a chance to grow.

Another thing we need to change is the steady destruction of the soil that is needed to grow crops to feed us. We are producing so much farm produce that we have destroyed the natural elements in the soil that allow crops to grow healthily. Farmers have for decades been spraying crops and adding synthetic nutrients to the soil in order to get crops to grow.

Air Pollution In The Future

Air Pollution In The Future

These chemicals are steadily poisoning our food and creating all sorts of sicknesses within the human body. They are slowly but steadily destroying the ground that we need to sustain us with food. Much of it also ends up in streams and rivers and finds its way eventually to the sea.

There can be little doubt that if mankind is to survive for another century, there must be some major changes in the way we live and care for our environment, and everyone must do their bit, and that includes you and me!


Heading For Calamity Through Indifference

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The Way It Is!

The Way It Is!

It is truly amazing how thick-headed some people can be even when the evidence is all around them. The UN Climate Body has just given its strongest warning yet that the human race is heading for disaster unless we change our ways. The funny thing is, people still scoff at the idea of climate change and all it entails. Here are some public comments on the news item:

“Complete and utter rubbish. Major changes in our climate occurred well before the industrial revolution, and clearly occur without any influence by human activity whatsoever then and do so now. It is unclear whether the human beings have any impact, considering all of the predictions by the highly paid lying climate change scientists have proven to be way off, there is no unbiased scientific thought into this that gets published.”

“We’re already past the so-called ‘tipping point’, thus any changes to our habits would be pointless. A ‘business-as-usual’ approach is recommended by all impartial experts.”

“Lies. lies and even more lies.”

There have of course been these warnings before, but never in the magnitude of this one, which was put together from reports by thousands of scientists across the world and 30,000 scientific papers.

Climate Change Conference 2014Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC said: “We have the means to limit climate change. The solutions are many and allow for continued economic and human development. All we need is the will to change, which we trust will be motivated by knowledge and an understanding of the science of climate change.”

The experts are telling us that we have to limit the rise in world temperature to just 2C otherwise we can expect major problems in the future like rising temperatures and sea levels, species extinctions, more heat-waves and intense storms, worsening health and poverty, water shortages and damage to food security.

Rajendra Pachauri went on to say, “To keep a good chance of staying below 2C, and at manageable costs, our emissions (carbon) should drop by 40% to 70% globally between 2010 and 2050, falling to zero or below by 2100. We have that opportunity, and the choice is in our hands.”

Ban Ki-Moon U.N. Secretary General

Ban Ki-Moon U.N. Secretary General

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, who launched the report said: “Science has spoken, there is no ambiguity in their message. Leaders must act. Time is not on our side.”

Now, I really don’t know about you, but this news makes me fear for not only my children, but their children in the years to come. People have become so self-centred and greedy in the last forty years, they don’t even think about the world our children and future generations will have to live in providing they have what they want.

Bury Your Head In The SandWhen you have lived as long as I have, and seen the changes in the world over the past seventy years, you begin to understand a little of what the scientists are talking about. But young people today, without the experience of age, feel so secure in what they have, and the idea that their life style could be threatening the continued existence of mankind on this planet is to them hogwash. Many today do not have the education or imagination to envisage life on Earth in say 50 or 100 years time as a consequence of what we are doing today.

It is a scientific fact that  mankind produced more CO2 in the last 100 years than at any time in Earth’s history. This excess has formed a blanket in Earth’s upper atmosphere and effectively traps heat that would normally escape into space, turning the world warmer, hence the original term ‘Global Warming’.

CO2As we know, CO2 is absorbed by trees and even the oceans, which convert this gas into oxygen and so there is a cycle that keeps us all alive. But that has changed rapidly since the coming of the industrial age and any fool should recognize that we are saturating the planet in CO2 with all our factories, power stations and cars etc.

Saving One Tree Aint Gonna Do It!

Saving One Tree Aint Gonna Do It!

At the same time we are removing at a steady rate one of the major things that redress this imbalance, and that is trees. Country-sized areas of the world’s tropical forests like the Amazon have disappeared along with much of the forests that abounded in countries all over the world sixty years ago. Its like saying you are under water with a bottle of oxygen to keep you alive, but someone keeps changing the bottle for a smaller size until eventually there is not enough to keep you alive. Tests on trees in some areas have shown that many of them are saturated with CO2 and they cannot absorb any more. As the rain forests get smaller so will the production of life giving oxygen into our atmosphere.

No Ice Melt? Yes There is!

No Ice Melt? Yes There is!

Over the last twenty years or so we have seen dramatic changes in weather patterns across the world. Hurricanes like Katrina in America, massive flooding and droughts in places where such a thing is unthinkable, like the UK, and the disappearance of sea ice at the poles. Just this last two years have seen not gales, but hurricanes and even tornado’s causing significant damage in the United Kingdom. The last few years have also seen unprecedented levels of flooding on a magnitude never seen before. All changes unprecedented in our history, despite what ‘the natural weather cycle’ enthusiasts say.

Every country is pushing to produce more and more electricity to keep up with our ever-increasing appetite for power, which means more power stations to satisfy demand, and yet in every city across the world, huge towering office blocks have all their lights on throughout the night, every night. It may look pretty, but it is a disastrous waste of power.

Spreading Fertilizer

Spreading Fertilizer

On top of all this we in the west are poisoning the ground more and more with artificial fertilizers made of chemicals, and this is seeping into our water supplies. In the desperate drive to produce more and more food, with a view to extra profit, the ground has lost its natural ability to replace nutrients that allow plants to grow, so we have been forced to substitute them.

On a global scale, part of the problem with food is the ever-increasing world population that keeps pushing the boundaries of our ability to produce enough to feed everyone. There can be no doubt that our world is grossly over-populated, but currently there seems to be no way of preventing it rising further. In the future this will be exacerbated by weather changes such as draughts that will make huge areas of land currently used for food production unusable.

Sea Level Rise Sceptics

Sea Level Rise Sceptics

Sea levels are rising as more pole ice melts, not that you would notice that on your local beach, but it is happening all the same. The oceans are becoming more acidic due to man’s contamination, which if it continues, will drastically affect fish stocks. We have been raping the seas for decades with factory ships now removing a hundred times more fish in a single voyage than the fleets of old, and catches show the fish are getting smaller and smaller due to them not being given time to grow properly. As an example, when I was young fish like cod were far bigger than they are now, and the likelihood is that in a few decades there will be few left to catch.

There are many differing views on the validity of scientists claims today, but those of us who have many years under our belts will recognize the changes that have taken place over the past seventy or eighty years, and I for one can say with sincerity that the outlook is not good unless we drastically change our lives and the way we do things. Many today shrug it all off as hocus pocus because they have neither the age experience nor the intelligence to see things as they really are. The hypocrites among us shrug it off because they know it will not effect their lives and that is sad for these people will never change.

Think Of Them

Think Of Them

Despite what you may think of this Climate Report, as a species we have to start changing our ways, otherwise our continued existence on this planet will come to an end. For myself, I think this warning, like all the others will be totally ignored by the majority of governments, though some may pretend to follow its recommendations. If everything happens as predicted by the scientists, there is one thing for sure, I will not be around to say “I told you so”.


The Magic Of Yellowstone

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It’s amazing how a small, seemingly insignificant thing can change the path taken by Mother Nature. I saw this amazing video and thought I would share it with you. It concerns the changes that have occurred in Yellowstone Park in the USA since wolves were re-introduced. Far from decimating the park wildlife, they have redressed the balance which has had an amazing consequence. It is worth watching just for the photography, but don’t forget the story-line.

I hope you enjoyed watching the wonders of nature at work. Perhaps there is a lesson here for other parts of the world.


Yeuk! Eating Bugs?

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Believe it or not, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) seems to think we should start eating creepy crawlies! Are they really serious? Well, I think the general consensus is they are, and heaven knows what the effects will be, not only on human health, but on the planet.

Bon Appetite!

Bon Appetite!

For hundreds of years, we have detested the sight of ugly little bugs that infest our homes, damage our crops and plant life, and become a damned nuisance. I suppose it would be poetic justice if we now reversed the roles and began to eat them. The pesky little critters wouldn’t know what hit them.

Biscuit Anyone?

Biscuit Anyone?

For sure, there are already 2 billion people around the world who regularly consume insects as part of their diet “because they are delicious and nutritious,”, according to Eva Mueller, director of forest economics at the FAO. The report states that many restaurants in Europe are beginning to feature bugs on their menus. I have to say that the first time I go into a restaurant and see bugs on the menu, I am out of there ‘tout suit’.

There can be little doubt they have a high nutritional value, being high in iron and protein, but not for me I’m afraid. I just can’t imagine catching a fly in the living room and popping it into my mouth as a snack!

Your Favourite Meal?

Your Favourite Meal?

In some countries, beetle larvae and termites are considered a delicacy, I need to find out which countries they and make sure I never go there. I guess I am an old fuddy duddy who, like many westerners would rather swat a bug than eat it.

The FAO pointed out that turning to bugs could help with world hunger and food shortages, which as any intelligent person will know is inevitable as the world population increases. They also point out that we could start feeding bugs to animals, presumably cattle, pigs and poultry etc. as a way to save vital crops for mankind. As you would expect, the animals will not have any say in this.

American Midwest Drought

American Midwest Drought

There can be little doubt as the population rises still further in years to come, there will be many countries joining the likes of Africa with its millions of starving people. In the future, it could even be America, for as we have seen this last year, tremendous droughts caused by climate change have stricken the growing fields of the central states that supply much of the country’s food. Even tiny England has had its agricultural areas smitten by drought. We have only begun to glimpse the effect global warming will have on our planet.

Rise In Global CO2 Levels

Rise In Global CO2 Levels

We have increased food production over the last fifty years to where the soil has long been exhausted, and now will not grow our essential food crops without masses of artificial fertilizer. We are decimating the forests that supply the planet with oxygen to the extent, that atmospheric CO2 levels have reached a record high that has not been seen on Earth for more than 3 million years. Now they want us to start on the bug population that is essential to continuing plant and bird life on the planet. The mind boggles!

Pretty Soon There Won't Be Anything Left For You Chum!

Pretty Soon There Won’t Be Anything Left For You Chum!

In my view, anyone who thinks that our plant life will successfully survive without bugs is a fool. We rely on the humble bee to pollinate our crops and plants for example, and the bee numbers are already in decline from pesticide use, but now the FAO says they are on the human menu! Birds are essential to keeping down the numbers of insect pests and the pollination of crops and plants, but from an estimated world population of between 200 to 400 billion in 2010, the numbers have declined rapidly as we destroy the forests and wooded areas. What does the FAO think that birds and small creatures eat? Well for the benefit of the illiterate among my readers I will tell you – Bugs! If the human race turns to eating these creepies the chances are it will have a devastating effect on bird and small animal life.

Can You Look At This And Say We Don't Have A Problem?

Can You Look At This And Say We Don’t Have A Problem?

There sure isn’t going to be enough bugs around to supplement the feeding of 8 billion people, a figure that is rising year on year I might add, and feed the bird and small animal population. The FAO seems to think that we can ‘farm’ bugs just like we do everything else, so does that mean all the wild ones will be perfectly safe and will not be gathered as food, or to start a ‘bug farm’.

World Population Reality

World Population Reality

We are successfully raping the planet of its natural resources, and no-one, with perhaps the exception of China, is taking any action to stem population growth, which will eventually destroy us all as more people begin starving and the food sources dry up.

It takes intelligence to accept what we are doing and unfortunately, the lack of it, coupled with the selfish attitude of people today, means all the warnings are being ignored. All that remains to be asked is: What of your children and their children?


Is Sir David Attenborough Right? – Are Humans A Plague?

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I read with some interest the words of Sir David Attenborough, the world famous naturalist who is quoted as saying: “Humans are a plague on the Earth”.  I thought about it and I have to say I agree with him. We are!

Sir David Attenborough - A Much-Loved Naturalist

Sir David Attenborough – A Much-Loved Naturalist

No other species on the planet is so hell-bent on destroying it than us humans. He predicts that humanity’s ravenous appetite will come home to roost in around fifty years, and to be honest, I can find no fault with that. Regular readers of my blog will know my sentiments when it comes to saving the planet and what we are doing wrong.

Spiralling Oil Production

Spiralling Oil Production

It doesn’t take an idiot to realize that we are using up resources at an unsustainable rate, and a rampant population explosion is pushing our world far beyond the limits of it’s capacity to sustain us. Anyone who thinks our world can go on like this is living in ‘cloud cuckoo’ land.

A Starving Child- A Shocking Image

A Starving Child – A Shocking Image

If people think world population growth can be maintained without cost, they are wrong. People who think we can go on pumping oil, and even water, from the ground without the wells eventually running dry is a fool. Anyone who believes we can continue to poison the land and sea with our rubbish without paying a price is crazy. Anyone who thinks we can continue to destroy other species without consequences is an idiot.

Just A Tiny Fraction Of The World's Endangered Species

Just A Tiny Fraction Of The World’s Endangered Species

We humans have become so convinced of our dominance that we think we can do as we please, but the fact is, we are destroying the planet we call home at an ever increasing rate. Faster and faster it goes, and if we ignore it it will end in our own destruction.

It’s sad though that if you say this to the man on the street they laugh and think you are mad. The warnings are all around us, and yet we choose to be blind because it may affect our profits or our life-style! If you say to someone: “Take the bus because there are too many cars on the road and they are poisoning the planet’s atmosphere”, the answer you get may well consist of  two words, one of four letters and the second of three!

Three-car Family

Three-car Family

Scientists the world over have been warning us for a decade or more of what we are doing to our home, and yet no-one wants to listen because they really need the three cars on the driveway, and having multi-bulb lights on in the living room is so much cozier than one or two. We think nothing of tossing away a plastic bag and watching as the wind carries it away; someone, somewhere will pick it up. More often than not they don’t, and it ends up as another piece of garbage contaminating our countryside or oceans.

Just too many cars on the road:

Population Rise By Year

Population Rise By Year

According to the experts, and David Attenborough, our biggest challenge comes from the world population explosion. Naturally this problem is not being exacerbated everywhere, but in countries like India, Africa and many others the population is so huge there is not enough food for all of them. The experts predict this will begin to happen in more countries as they become more developed.

Large Families Will Be The Death Of Us All

As a race we cannot expect to all have five, six or ten children per family, because if everyone believed that it would be ‘standing room only’ for the entire human race. While birthrates have dropped considerably for most western nations, in many developing and third world countries they have gone through the roof and are still climbing day by day. To put it in ‘a nutshell’ our population is growing faster than the world’s capacity to feed us.

On the same theme, global warming is beginning to cost us huge areas that we need to grow food, so we can see that as the population increases, the amount of necessary arable land is decreasing. Oops!

Drought Killed Many Crops In The Mid-West

Drought Killed Many Crops In The Mid-West

The huge changes we have seen in the weather across the globe in 2012 is in my opinion just a taste of what is to come. Huge tracts of land in many countries used to grow crops suffered massive drought, while others had devastating floods that wiped out crops. Temperature changes across the world during the past year, and even now, have been devastating not only for people, but livestock and crops. The only comment I have on these occurrences is: Get used to it!

Within the next twenty to twenty-five years mankind will be faced with the greatest challenge since we first emerged from the swamps, but it will be a monumental task to alter the mindset of people today, for we have become so used to the ‘easy life’ we would hate to see it disappear.

Ocean Oil Rig

Ocean Oil Rig

I can well imagine that a world-wide panic will break out when the oil starts to run out. Already some oil fields across the world have been sucked dry, and it has been necessary to start drilling in the oceans and the Arctic to keep up with the ever-increasing demand. But what happens when they start to run dry? Will we then be forced to look even further afield, like the bottom of the Marianas Trench? We have to face it that at some time in the future it will run out, and as it starts to get scarce many nations will go to war over what is left.

But what of a simple thing like water? Many poor countries in  Africa and further afield rely on water pumped from the ground to keep their people alive, and in some cases, grow crops. This water, trapped underground for perhaps thousands of years is not inexhaustible. Some day the well will run dry, and what then?

African Rain Forest Destruction

African Rain Forest Destruction

Another  bone of contention these days is the ever-increasing destruction of our environment. Rain forests like the Amazon, African Congo, Borneo and Sumatra are being cut down without a thought that they are the lungs of the planet. Much of the climate change we have seen over the past year  can be attributed to the rain forest destruction, and I kid you not!

When Will The Well Run Dry?

When Will The Well Run Dry?

There has to come a point in our future when we are given the final wake-up call. When that happens people’s lives will change drastically. No more two or three cars per family, limits on electricity use, the disappearance of all those electrical gadgets around the home, limits on the number of children you may have, and international travel restrictions. Food and water may well be severely rationed, and to cap it all, your foreign summer holiday may be a thing of the past.

Many people will consider this post nothing more than moaning and complaining, but I believe it is a serious look at the problems mankind is facing, and the more people that bring this subject forward to world attention so much the better. We are without doubt living in the ‘golden age of man’ when you compare it to life in the past. We can travel the world in a few short hours, we have computers and electrical gadgets, personal wealth and unheard of health care, so it will be hard for people to give part of this up.

You Should Worry About Her Future

You Should Worry About Her Future

Most parents worry about their children’s future, but they must realize that it is closely intertwined with the reckless way we live today, and the effect we are having on the Earth. Most parents will recoil in shock if asked the straight question:  ‘Would you like your children to suffer oil wars, starvation and a polluted atmosphere?’ We all want a bright future for our children but we have to realize that we need to change our way of life for that to happen.

At our age it is certain that neither Sir David Attenborough or I will suffer like the generations to come, but I fear for our children and we have no-one to blame but ourselves. In short, unless action is taken and people’s attitude towards Planet Earth is changed drastically, humanity’s  greed will be the death of us – all of us!

Whichever way you look at it, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better unless every man woman and child decides to ‘bite the bullet’ and make the necessary changes to their life-style before it is too late. Good luck with that!


Massive Storms, Flooding, Soaring Temperatures And The Rio Conference

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Over the past few weeks we have seen and heard of huge storms, flooding, landslides, and raging forest fires running out of control across countries from the USA to Great Britain, and India to China, but still the world’s politicians could not agree on concrete action to solve the climate problems at the Rio+20 conference. Doesn’t it make you angry!!!

Homes in Danger

The last five years have seen dramatic shifts in world weather patterns that are causing havoc in many countries across the world, and you would think this will be the spur that politicians need to start talking seriously about changing the way we do things on Earth.

At the moment the human race is living in a house where massive cracks are appearing in all the supporting walls, but no-one considers this important enough to do anything about. At the moment we are trying to save the house by covering the cracks with a fresh coat of paint, but ‘that ain’t gonna do it folks’!

A Drop In The Ocean Compared To What’s Coming!

The Rio conference was the 20th golden opportunity for the world’s leaders to decide on proper measures to at least shore up ‘the house’ until such time as proper maintenance can be carried out. It seems we ask too much!

Considering the amount of times the American people have suffered at the hands of the weather in the last few years, massive tornado’s, hurricanes, drought in the middle west, and the current raging forest fires in Colorado and heat wave on the eastern seaboard, you would imagine the American politicians at least would be scrambling to help solve the worlds weather problems, but no, like most other countries, the USA has been dragging its heels instead of taking a leading role.

Ignoring Global Warming Won’t Make It Go Away

Not one nation has laid out concrete proposals to tackle the catastrophe that is rapidly heading our way, why, because some of the measures necessary will upset the voters, and it costs money. As for the voters, well, they are content with the status quo: “Let the politicians handle it,” or, “none of this is affecting me”.  As ordinary people we sympathize with ‘those poor people’ who have had their homes turned to ashes, or died of hunger caused by drought etc, but let’s face it, we still have a job, a nice home and plenty of money! What we have to ask ourselves is, will it all be here in twenty or fifty years time?

Parents do all they can to protect their children from harm, but do not realize they are leaving them a world that may no longer be able to support them. It is time to start looking further forward in time and recognize that we are dooming our children and their children to a fate that defies description. What a shame no-one has a time machine that can go forward to 2050 or 3000 and see what the world will be like then.



Talk about ‘looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses’ we just seem unable to comprehend what we are doing with our 21st century living styles. World population is running rampant, we are guzzling the world’s resources at an ever-increasing rate and poisoning our atmosphere to the extent where, perhaps within a few decades, we will all have to wear gas masks just to breathe, but what the hell, “who cares” – “I’ll be dead before that happens”, well I will be, but most of you won’t!

It is time to start limiting the number of children per family and passing laws to enforce one car per family as a start. In fifty or so years that will help the over-population figures and make dramatic cuts in greenhouse gases. Just these two measures will ensure that in the next century there will enough food for all, and maybe, we can get our ozone layer back in shape.

Wastage Just From Traffic Jams

An oft repeated warning I give on this blog is the destruction of the world’s rainforests. All deforestation should end, and instead we should be planting trees in their trillions to stabilize world weather patterns. Not enough people realize that the rain forests are the living lungs of our planet, and the more we chop them down, the greater the effects on the weather until life becomes unsustainable! So what’s to stop us?

In a word – Money! The oil companies do not want to see one car per family because that will mean a massive drop in profits. Industry will never incorporate measures to reduce carbon emissions because that too costs money and will hit their profits. Governments will never enact the one child per family policy because they would never be elected again. It was easy when China did it in 1978 because it is an autocratic communist country, but in the democratic West it would be political suicide.

Money – The Root of World Destruction?

In typical human fashion we will wait until the house is coming down around our ears before we stop and think that maybe, it’s more important than profit and the almighty god – money! As individuals, we are drowning in self-importance and greed! Most will not like to be told that, and some may even be offended, but we must return to the time when people were satisfied with what they had. We, and the world were far better off in those long forgotten days.


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