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Only Idiots Feel Sorry For Iran!

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Browsing readers comments sent in on internet news articles about the Iran nuclear threat, I can only conclude that many people are either naive ‘in extremis’, or totally stupid.

Iranian Nuclear Sites

Many of them are anti-american and seem to think the Yanks are to blame for the whole sordid affair, and Iran is totally innocent of charges laid against it by the latest IAEA report. All I can say to them is: Wake up people!

None of them seem to have thought about the situation and what it can mean for world peace. The IAEA would not dare to fabricate information about Iranian nuclear ambitions to the extent that a war could result.

Head of the IAEA

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is an international organization that seeks to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and to inhibit its use for any military purpose, including nuclear weapons. The IAEA was established as an autonomous organization on 29 July 1957. Though established independently of the United Nations through its own international treaty the IAEA Statute, the body reports to both the UN General Assembly and the Security Council (Wikipedia). To put it bluntly, I do not believe the IAEA is working  for, or run by the Americans! Many people are crying that the IAEA Chairman Yukiya Amano is American, but in fact he is Japanese, and it just goes to show how idiots jump to all the wrong conclusions.

Aljazeera news item on the latest IAEA report:

Russian Scientist Vyacheslav Danilenko

There has been much disquieting evidence coming out of Iran over the last ten years. As early as the 1990’s Russian scientist, Vyacheslav Danilenko, ‘unwittingly’ (according to him) helped them to develop a nuclear trigger. A nuclear trigger has one purpose only, to initiate a nuclear explosion. Why would Iran need such a thing if their nuclear programme was for peaceful means? The simple answer is they don’t!

Pakistani Scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan

A further disturbing fact is that the ‘father’ of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Abdul Qadeer Khan, assisted Iran to develop a neutron initiator. It is a crucial part of some nuclear weapons, as its role is to “kick-start” the chain reaction. Why would Iran need such a thing if its nuclear programme were for peaceful purposes only? Again the simple answer is they don’t!

These two individuals have admitted this information to the world, but still some dumb individuals think the whole thing is an American plot, and an excuse to go to war with Iran!

You Cannot Hide From the Eye In the Sky!

Most suspect in Iran’s nuclear programme is their continued attempts to hide the entire process. If, as they say, the whole project is totally innocent and for peaceful means only, why have they closed all avenues of international inspection and monitoring of their work? Why is everything being moved into bomb-proof underground shelters out of sight of the rest of the world? If the entire project is for the peaceful generation of power, they should throw open the doors and let anyone who wants to inspect their installations and progress, but in reality they are trying desperately to hide everything and conduct the project in secrecy. This is not the action of an ‘innocent’ power.

To say they have moved everything underground for fear of an Israeli or American attack on their facilities does not hold water, for if they had been open and honest with the world that would never be necessary.

Iran rebuttal of IAEA Report:

Now That’s A Valid Question!

While I freely admit that America loves to throw its weight around in global politics, and they have always considered themselves the world’s ‘policeman’, I do not think that now the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are winding down they are looking for another victim, although many people believe this. I think they are wrong, for the evidence against Iran is overwhelming and the future of world peace could well be at stake.

If you study the facts in the Iran case, you come to only one conclusion; Iran wants its own nuclear weapon. As a Muslim nation with a fanatical leadership, who’s ambitions far outweigh its position in the world, and who for many decades has backed any terrorist organization willing to take on the West, the danger should be obvious, even to an idiot.

Israeli Bunkerblaster

It was bad enough when India and Pakistan both became nuclear, for they have been on the brink of war many times, but Iran, should it get these weapons of mass destruction, would not hesitate to use them against its arch enemy Israel. Israel would naturally respond thereby probably inflaming the entire Middle East, and then where would we be? The least that would happen is meltdown of the world economy!

al Quada Has a Long Reach

As I have mentioned in previous posts on the subject, Iran cannot attack the USA or Europe directly, but it wouldn’t have to. I am sure groups such as al Quada and the Taliban would be more than willing to set off a few nuclear weapons in western cities if they had them, and where do you think they would get them? Don’t be so naive as to think it could never happen!

We have all seen the placards from Muslim protesters on the streets, and heard the rhetoric from Muslim priests that ‘Islam will rule the world’, well, side with Iran and it may well happen sooner rather than later. Anyone who ignores this major threat to world peace is a fool.


Israel Versus Nuclear Iran and the Gulf States Dilemma

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What would the reaction of the Gulf States be if Israel bombed Iran to prevent them getting nuclear weapons? A tricky question that has arisen, because as the weeks go by, such an action becomes more likely.

The Gulf and Iran

Despite its vehement protestations of ‘innocence’, everyone knows that Iran is desperately trying to develop nuclear weapons. Why? Because it would make them ‘king of the hill’ in the Middle East, and as they see it, get America off their backs. It would also give them membership of the exclusive club of world states with nuclear weapons; i.e. America, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan and Israel (undeclared). A ninth state, North Korea, has tested a weapon of course and is rumoured to have several devices.

The danger with a country like Iran having ‘The Bomb’ is largely the same as North Korea having it. There is ample evidence to suggest they have assisted Iran in getting as far as they have.

Kim Jong-il In Collusion

North Korea is a closed communist country, and is considered by most to be a ‘rogue’ state. Its leader Kim Jong-il, is decidedly unstable when it comes to relations with other countries, in particular the United States and its ally South Korea. Iran on the other hand is not only a ‘rogue’ state, but one of strategic importance to the west.


Another major problem with Iran having such weapons, is their continual backing of terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, al Quada and  the Taliban. The Iranian government has a pathological hatred of western nations, and should it ever come to pass that they do succeed in their ambitions, the rest of us will live in fear of the big bang that will obliterate many of our major cities. For it does not take a huge stretch of the imagination to realise that the Iranian government is capable of providing one of the aforementioned terrorist groups with a nuclear bomb to be placed in New York, Washington, London or perhaps Paris or Berlin. Of course, let us not rule out the fact that Israel will be their first target.

From unguarded comments made by rulers in most Gulf States, it appears that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are not welcome. The Saudi’s have on many occasions accused Iran of deliberately trying to upset the balance of power in the Gulf. Iran is a Shi’ite nation  and according to Saudi Arabia, is fermenting dissention among the minority Shi’ite population of the Sunni led Gulf states. Iran has also been accused of attempting to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in Washington.

Saudi King

As far back as 2008, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia urged a U.S.-led attack against Iran to “cut off the head of the snake” and halt Tehran’s nuclear program. Such sentiments are also held by the majority of Arab nations in the Gulf region, privately of course, for none would dare come out openly against the Iranians except Saudi Arabia which is the strongest.

And then there is Israel! She is without doubt the thorn in the side of Iran, her most hated enemy. As Ahmadinejad said, “Israel should be wiped from the map”, and he would love to be the one that pushes the button. Iran has recently tested a long-range missile capable of reaching Israel, and according to the latest reports from the IAEA and Intelligence sources, they are very close to making a nuclear weapon.

Iran's Missile Test

Over the last eight years or so it has become obvious Iran will not bow to international will and cease operations, so that leaves only one option on the table: Military action!

With vast resources available in the Gulf, America is the obvious choice, but Israel, knowing it would be fighting for its very survival in the event of a nuclear Iran, is more likely to fire the vital shot. You can be sure in such an event that the Gulf States will be ‘outraged’ at such a blatant aggression, but secretly be clapping their hands in glee at the prospect of Iran’s nuclear ambitions being nipped in the bud. In effect, they have it both ways, for they will have achieved the aim of neutralising Iran while themselves not having to lift a finger. On top of that, they will have a ‘ready-made’ scapegoat at which to hurl their righteous indignation and empty threats.

Iranian Nuclear Site at Qom

In essence, it will be a win-win situation for everyone except Iran, for a while at least. I say this because Iran is not likely to take such an attack lying down. There will be reprisals, but they will most likely be aimed at their old protagonist Israel. Naturally, some of their anger will be aimed at their old enemy the United States, and possibly Europe, and it seems inevitable that terror attacks will increase as Iran uses groups like al Quada as a weapon.

One of Our Cities?

Blood will be spilled in the months after an attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities, but when you consider what the alternative could mean for world peace, it is a small price to pay. Should Iran ever achieve its aim of becoming a nuclear power, then the casualties will be numbered in their tens of millions and huge swathes of the globe could be uninhabitable for thousands of years.



Should We ‘Take Out’ Iran’s Nuclear Capability?

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Information has come to light that not only the USA and Israel are making plans to destroy Iran’s nuclear sites militarily, but now Britain is moving to assist in any such undertaking.

Ministry of Defence - Whitehall London

A report out today suggests the UK military chiefs are currently making contingency plans for a potential pre-emptive strike on Iran because the USA will not wish to go it alone. The belief is that the American government may bring forward plans to destroy one or more of the Iranian nuclear sites with a targeted missile strike to prevent that country becoming a nuclear power.

President Obama is naturally reluctant to take military action against Iran at the moment, for the simple reason he has an election coming next year, and such action would doom his chances of re-election, but it would seem events may make that a non-issue. 

Increasingly disturbing reports are coming out of Iran daily, and a new International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report on Iran’s nuclear activities, due for release next week, does not appear to be favourable.

Tomahawk Fired From A Submarine

It is believed, quite rightly I’m sure, that the Americans will not want to do this alone, and will request at least Britain’s help. For this reason, military planners in Whitehall London are now engaged in deciding where best to position both ships and submarines carrying Tomahawk cruise missiles, should a strike on Iran become necessary.

Now, before you start getting hot under the collar and filled with righteous indignation, lets take a step backward and review the reasons for such a drastic decision.

It may have escaped your notice that Iran is desperately trying to develop a nuclear weapon of its own. Over the past five years in particular, the evidence has been piling up until its as high as the Washington monument, and that’s very high!

Stuxnet Virus

Various attempts to slow Iranian production of weapons grade material have proven less than satisfactory. A systematic cyber attack (Stuxnet Virus) which disabled up to half of Iran’s centrifuges last year, proved to be inadequate as they have now all been recovered and in fact increased production.

To detail all the events that have taken place on this issue would require a book, but encapsulated it goes like this.

The Iranian nuclear programme was first launched in the 1950’s when the USA, with help from European governments, offered to help Iran develop and build its own nuclear industry, aimed of course at power production only. The country was led by the Shah during those years, and he was a staunch friend of the USA. However, in 1979 came the Iranian Revolution that toppled the Shah and replaced his rule with a strict Muslim regime that rapidly became anti-west. Nuclear research continued under these new rulers, but without western assistance.

IAEA Inspection Team at Work

The world first became jittery about Iran’s nuclear ambitions in 2003, following an IAEA report that it had systematically failed to meet its nuclear safeguard obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which it signed in 1968 and ratified in 1970. In 2006 the United Nations issued sanctions against Iran for continued noncompliance with international safeguards.

Iran has spent the last eight years in prevarication while continuing its nuclear programme at full throttle. To any observer, it rapidly became clear that Iran was making excuses and offering to comply ‘soon’ in order to gain time.

 Although the Iranian government consistently claims that its nuclear programme is for ‘peaceful purposes only’, few believe it due to the volume of contradictory evidence coming out of the country. Why for example, has Tehran in the last year conducted work on highly sophisticated nuclear triggering technology that could only be used for setting off a nuclear device? This information came from a report issued by the IAEA. You don’t need that kind of technology for ‘peaceful purposes’!!!

Ahmadinejad Inspects Enrichment Centrifuges

In the last year or so, uranium enrichment centrifuges have significantly increased in numbers and production, and many have been removed to deep underground bunkers built into mountains to prevent them from being put out of action by air attack. An un-named Whitehall official is quoted as saying that within twelve months, the entire enrichment process will be housed deep underground and be out of reach of air attack. Hence the current urgency behind the planning.

To run a nuclear reactor, uranium needs to be enriched to a level of 5%, however, this material can also be used to make nuclear weapons, and further enrichment makes any nuclear weapon more powerful. It is estimated that Iran has already enriched sufficient uranium for between two and four nuclear bombs.

Iran and al Quada?

The dangers of a nation like Iran possessing nuclear weapons is clear. This country has for decades been staunchly anti-west, and in particular, anti-Israel. The Iranian leader has often been quoted as saying “Israel should be wiped off the map”. Such utterances, and its continued backing over the years of a succession of terrorist organizations from the PLO in the eighties and nineties, to al Quada and the Taliban currently, have led to total mistrust in anything Iran does.

It is widely accepted that Iran is more than willing to take action against Israel should it have the means, and with an arsenal of nuclear weapons it would only be a matter of time. Do not forget that as early as 2008 they test fired a missile capable of reaching American bases in the Middle East, as well as Israel.

The Nuclear Destruction of a Building

The jewish nation has already made it abundantly clear it will not allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons, and who can blame them, for to ignore this threat would be to commit suicide. It is possible this is linked to a major missile test carried out by Israel this week in preparation for a pre-emptive strike.

The Gulf

Apart from the Israel problem, the west has many friends among the Arab nations of the Middle East, chiefly, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Most, if not all are the main suppliers of oil to the west and any change in allegiance would cause catastrophe.

Iran, with nuclear weapons would be in an unassailable position to totally dominate the Middle East and dictate to its neighbours what they should do and who they should trade with. This, as I am sure you will realise, is perhaps the biggest threat to world peace in the 21st century.

Your City?

Iran has made little secret of its unbridled hatred of the West and is suspected of being behind many serious terror attacks. Should it gain nuclear weapons however, the dangers increase a hundred-fold. What is to stop them from making a nuclear device and giving it to al Quada or some other terror organization? It is not too difficult to smuggle a nuclear device into western countries, and what would the target be: New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin; the list is endless. Would you like to be sitting in a cafe having your morning coffee one second, and vaporized the next? Such an attack would kill millions, plus all those who die later from radiation sickness!

There is little doubt that an ‘unprovoked’ attack on Iran will have its perils. Although unable to strike back militarily, Iran is sure to harness the power of its terrorist friends across the globe, and try and unite the ‘Arab Cause’ behind it using the attack as an excuse. Even if we can stop Iran from getting ‘the bomb’ it will not end there, but it will be far better than the alternative.

The Pentagon

So, knowing now what is going on in the corridors of Whitehall and the Pentagon, don’t ‘get on your high horse’ and start getting all righteous and ‘holier than thou’, for the decisions made today may be the ones to save the world from a nuclear holocaust tomorrow. Rememeber, that the people making these decisions do not make them lightly and they have access to a lot more information than you or I, and are therefore in a better position to assess what is required.

Be left in no doubt, that an Iran with nuclear weapons will be the biggest threat to world peace this planet has ever known.  


Lebenon Terrorists Above The Law

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It has taken six years, but finally arrest warrants have been issued for four people suspected of the murder of Rafiq Harriri, ex-prime minister of Lebanon. Not surprisingly the four are all members of Hezbollah, the Lebanese terror group that has for years been a tool of Iran. Sadly though it seems they will never be brought to trial.

Head of Terror Group Hezbollah

This was made clear by the Hezbollah leader in a speech last week.  It is no surprise that the killers of Harriri will be shielded by their master Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, for he will not want Hezbollah secrets divulged in a court of law.

Civil War-Masked Gunmen Killing Civilians-Their Crime? Probably Being Christian.

Lebanon is a country divided between Christians (40%) and Muslims (60%) but the two sides lived in relative peace with one another after achieving independence from Vichy France in 1943. Lebanon was briefly involved in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, but thereafter became a tourist hotspot until the bloody civil war, which started in 1975 and lasted 15 years.

Also during this period The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), backed by Hezbollah, used southern Lebanon as a base to attack Israel which resulted in two invasions by Israel in 1978 and 1982.

Harriri Assassination Bomb Crater

After the civil war, Lebanon entered another period of prosperity and stability in which the huge amount of destruction caused during the fighting was repaired. Once again Muslims and Christians lived side by side in relative peace, until 14 February 2005 that is, when a massive bomb went off beside the vehicle carrying popular Christian Prime Minister Rafiq Harriri.

Rafiq Harriri-Lebanese Christian Prime Minister

The government leader and 22 innocent civilians were killed by the bomb.


Detlev Mehnis

Following Harriri’s death Kofi Annan, then Secretary General of the United Nations, appointed Detlev Mehnis, a German prosecutor, to head the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) that conducted an inquiry into the assassination.

Ghandy al-Sahmarani-Leader of Jund al-Sham-Found Dead in 2010

He concluded that both the Lebanese and Syrian Intelligence Services were implicated in the plot and was threatened with death by Jund al-Sham, a fringe terrorist group, because they accused him of working for the CIA and Israel.

Although Syria exerted a significant influence in the country through its backing of Hezbollah and had military bases in Lebanon, it was eventually forced to withdraw from the country in what became known as the ‘Cedar Revolution’.

Lebanese Christians At Easter

Year after year since then, Hezbollah has increased its influence in the country with the clear aim of domination over the minority Christian community by systematic assassination attempts against many prominent political figures. Christian of course! 

In January of this year the government collapsed when all ten opposition members and a presidential appointee resigned. This act was in protest against the results of an inquiry that was ready to confirm Hezbollah as being behind the assassination of Harriri. Since then the terrorist group has attained its goal of domination over the Lebanese government and its people by gaining a majority in the parliament and having one of their own elected as prime minister.

Grand Mufti Sheik Mohammad Rashid Qabbani

Grand Mufti (Islamic Scolar) Sheik Mohammad Rashid Qabbani, has today announced that the work of the STL should be kept out of Lebanese politics saying it had been established to achieve justice for  “Hariri and martyrs of the nation, for revealing the killers and prosecuting them and putting an end to crimes going unpunished”. He said that using the STL as a political weapon would “harm the memory of Hariri and all the martyrs who offered their blood to build a sovereign, free and independent nation that can be secure and stable for all the Lebanese.”

I have little doubt that this will fall on deaf ears with Hezbollah for once they have consolidated their power base, we can expect moves to be made against Christians in an effort to drive them from the country, until eventually, Lebanon becomes a fully fledged Muslim state with Sharia Law and all the rest of the trappings.

Hezbollah And Iran Are Big Buddies

I have always been convinced that this has been the aim of Hezbollah from the time of their beginnings, backed by Iran of course. Iran would love to have a satellite  country right on the border with Israel.

Recent events in other parts of the world have shown that Muslims are not prepared to share power with anyone, least of all with Christians. It is after all  a founding principal of the Qu’ran. We can be sure Lebanon’s troubles are far from over, and as for Israel, we shall have to wait and see for she is a sleeping giant.


The “Power’ Drug

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...and you will do as I say, or else!

History has shown us time and again the steps some power-hungry people will take to consolidate their grip on power. One only has to go back to the Second World War and look at the profiles of men like Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin, to find out what some men are capable of in the their quest to remain in control of a country and its people. Today is no different, even though the tactics used by some have changed.

Stalin - The Russian Butcher

Just as in the past, repression of free speech and all dissension against them is used by many, but today the approach by others is more subtle. Voting by the people for their leaders has been a common practice for many years, but these days one can no longer rely on this democratic process.

In recent years, country after country around the world has been embroiled in dispute, and even civil war, after so-called free elections. Famous among these are Zimbabwe, Iran, Myanmar, Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and so the list goes on.

Mugabe - His Countries Assassin.

In many countries like Zimbabwe and North Korea, dissension is a thing of the past, for any word uttered against the leader means instant death. President Mugabe hit the world headlines during the last general election in 2008 when he actually lost to the opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Zanu Victims

Prior to the next round of voting, Mugabe supporters began a reign of terror, carried out mainly by his ZANU party members, who roamed the streets killing, or chopping off the limbs of opposition supporters with machetes.

It was diplomatic pressure from the rest of the world that finally forced Mugabe to accept a supposed power-sharing deal with his opponent Norman Tsvangari, who became Prime Minister. There is little doubt however that the true power remained in the hands of the president.  Lately it has been announced that the deal, which is due for review in February next year, will be scrapped by Mugabe.

Kim Jong-il the Death Merchant.

North Korea, like China, is a totalitarian regime with all the power in the hands of Kim Jong-il who took over from his father Kim Jong-sung when he died in 1994. Even a careless word that is overheard will lead to a lengthy, if not life time period of detention in the infamous labour camps which have been likened to the concentration camps of the Nazi’s.

The Opposition in a Cage - Suu Kyi

Myanmar (Burma) by contrast, solved the opposition problem by annulling the 1990 election in which the National League for Democracy under Aung San Suu Kyi won an overwhelming victory. The military junta placed Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest where she has spent the greater part of the time since 1990 despite international calls for her release.

Currently, we have Haiti and the Ivory Coast in turmoil because of ‘rigged’ elections.

The problem in Ivory Coast is so severe, that it would seem civil war is imminent. Two contenders for the leadership, and now two separate leaders, each with their own ‘government’ vying for power over the whole country which is currently split North/South. The United Nations have told the ‘out-going’ president, Laurent GBagbo that he should stand aside, but to no avail. It would take but a small spark to ignite this tinderbox.

Haiti meanwhile, has its own cross to bear, exacerbated by the fact the country has still not recovered from the devastating earthquake this year, and the following cholera epidemic. But still the politicians vie for power and control.

Chavez - Ambitious Showman

There are also dictators in the making such as Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. After coming to power in 1999 he survived a coup d’etat attempt in 2002 and then set about strengthening his position by removing the requirement under the countries constitution for presidents to serve no more than two terms in office. Since then he has further consolidated his power by taking full control of government.

Lukoshenko - Cementing a Position of Power

The West is also accusing Lukashenko of Belarus of following in the footsteps of Hugo Chavez. In 2004 he also changed the constitution, removing the maximum of two terms for a president. While it seems certain he will once again be voted in as president during the current elections, few doubt that the results have been corrupted.

It makes me wonder why these people are so in love with power, for with power comes huge responsibility.

Cholera Victim - Zimbabwe

If you run a country you are supposed to care for your people by making sure they have jobs, suitable housing, and education. The power mongers it seems, care little for this side of the job. In fact, in countries like Zimbabwe, there is 85% unemployment, rampant cholera, starvation and death. In North Korea there is also widespread starvation and disease.

So what do these megalomaniacs gain from this? They are by rote, extravagantly rich from all the money they siphon off for themselves, they have the power of life and death over the people they govern, and quite often have a significant influence on their neighbouring countries e.g. North/South Korea. They also have political standing in the world, mingling with world leaders and top politicians at many top conferences, and the United Nations at will.

Personally I fail to see the attraction of it all, but there is little doubt many do.


I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

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Although I like to include quirky items on my blog, I don’t normally pass on jokes or funny stuff I get through my e-mails, but this one I had to share. When I saw it I just couldn’t stop laughing.

In addition to communicating with the local Air Traffic Control facility, all aircraft in the Persian Gulf AOR are required to give the Iranian Air Defence Radar (military) a ten minute ‘heads up’ if they will be transiting Iranian airspace.

The following conversation was heard on the VHF Guard (emergency) frequency 121.5 MHz.

I don't know who the Pilot was, but I would love to shake his hand!

Iranian Air Radar: ‘Unknown aircraft you are in Iranian airspace. Identify yourself.’

Aircraft: ‘This is a United States aircraft. I am in Iraqi airspace.’

Air Defence Radar: ‘You are in Iranian airspace. If you do not depart our airspace we will launch interceptor aircraft!’

Aircraft: ‘This is a United States Marine Corps FA-18 fighter. Send ’em up, I’ll wait.’

Air Defence Radar: (total silence)

I have no idea who the pilot was, but he certainly deserves a medal for his cheek!


Ahmadinajad – The Devil’s Disciple?

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Ahmadinajad - The Voice of Iran

The much publicised visit by the Iranian Leader Ahmadinajad to Lebanon recently caused a furore in the world press, with Israel calling the visit an outright provocation while most other countries voiced their concerns in a more muted fashion.

Whatever the world thinks, it was clear he achieved his aim, that of bolstering the Iranian position with the Hezbollah group in Southern Lebanon.

Many Lebanese, in particular the Sunnis and Christians, have voiced their disquiet at the visit which was pointedly aimed at Hezbollah despite the Iranian leaders denials, saying he is trying to drag Lebanon into a war with its neighbour Israel once again.

Ahmadinajad made it clear to anyone with ears that Iran backed Hezbollah to the hilt in its contest with Israel, having provided the group with money, weapons and missiles for decades.

2006 - The Aftermath

There are many indications that Hezbollah’s war with its southern neighbour in 2006 was carried out with the collusion of not only Syria, but also in a lessor role by Iran, which has stated publicly on more than one occasion that Israel should be ‘wiped off the map’.


The Shiite Hezbollah Militia, now an extremely influential group in Lebanon, has seen its power increase significantly in recent years, even so far as to become part of the western orientated government. This rise in popularity came about through the efforts of Hezbollah in rebuilding the towns and villages torn apart in Southern Lebanon during the 2006 war.

A laudable feat one may imagine, but it is now emerging the finance for all this reconstruction came from Iran with the intention of bolstering Hezbollah into its current position of power.

In the MInd of Ahmadinajad?

To observers, it should be clear that the visit of Ahmadinajad is designed to consolidate and extend the influence of this militant group within Lebanon. With Hezbollah in complete control of the country Iran would I am sure, not hesitate to have them start another war with Israel, one in which they would feel obliged to assist, thereby bringing chaos to the entire Middle East.

Iran With Nuclear Capability?

On the other side of the coin, are Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Iran has always been a militant nation, backing and/or training insurgents and terrorist organizations going as far back as Arafat and the PLO, and it is for this reason that no-one believes Iran when they say they want nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

Should the leaders of this belligerent country ever achieve nuclear weapons, no-one in their right minds is going to think for a minute that they will maintain the peace with Israel, or keep the weapons to themselves.

If Iran manages to achieve its aim, I can see them exporting the technology, or the weapons, to other Middle East countries and any other nation, or perhaps terror group, that does not like Israel, the West or America. As a result, the world could become a very dangerous place.

To me there is little doubt that Iran, given the opportunity, would love to bomb Israel out of existence, and even the fear of retaliation from Israel may not be sufficient to stop the fanatics that rule in Tehran.

Noisy Neighbours!

This Lebanon visit by Ahmadinajad has all the appearance of a blossoming power struggle for control of the entire Middle East, and the outcome could see Iran in control if it achieves nuclear capability. Should this happen, it does not take a great mind to realise that the very existence of Israel will be in jeopardy.

Projecting this scenario into the future, one possible outcome could be we end up with a mini-Cold War front in the Middle East with Israel and Iran having nuclear weapons pointed at each other, each with a nervous finger on the trigger.

Israeli Military Power

The three saving factors for Israel are without doubt the steadfast backing of the United States, its own superb intelligence network and an efficient armed forces. I am sure the Israeli’s are keeping a very close eye on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, for they above all others realise what it could mean. Should they ever discover that Iran is close to making a nuclear weapon, action will be taken to ensure it is never finished.

Naturally, Iran will see this as an act of war and quite probably retaliate, proclaiming their innocence to the world at this ‘unprovoked’ attack, but they will not be able to stand up to Israel alone, and would therefore need to convince the rest of the Arab world to fight. This is by no means a forgone conclusion. An attack through Lebanon by Hezbollah would make a fine distraction for the Israeli’s right on their border.

Throughout all the years of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict most Arab countries have stood on the sidelines and done nothing. Ever since Israel crushed Egypt, Syria and Jordan during the 1967 Six-Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War they have all chosen to sit on the sidelines and leave the rhetoric and hate speeches to Iranian leaders like Ahmadinajad.

The Assassination of Rafic Harriri.

Syria had given tacit backing to Hezbollah for many years before the Iranians stepped into the void left when Syria withdrew after the assassination of the previous Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Harriri.

For some time the finger of suspicion was pointed at Syria for this act, but it would seem from recent reports that Hezbollah are now the number one suspect for that deed, and it would indeed fit nicely in the frame if that is the case.

There is little doubt Hezbollah wishes to be in total control of Lebanon, and with the help of Ahmadinajad and his cronies they may well do so. Should this eventually be achieved, it would be fair to say the warning bells will ring in the halls of the Israeli military and government.

It is significant indeed for the Israeli’s that they do not have a common border with Iran, for had that been the case, world history could well have been significantly different regarding the Middle East.

Out of Reach?

Geographically speaking, it is fortunate for the whole area that the two main protagonists in the Middle East are unable to get at each others throats directly. Iran must therefore enrol Iraq and Syria into any conflict to get at Israel directly, or create a base from which to strike within Lebanon, run by their lapdogs the Hezbollah.

What this means in effect, is that Iran, should it wish to strike at its arch-enemy, will need to use a different approach which it appears to be striving hard to achieve; i.e., the nuclear option.

Suitcase Nuclear Weapon

Without doubt, many pundits will scoff at the idea of Iran launching such weapons against Israel thereby causing widespread radioactive contamination over the Middle East, But if you think about it, nuclear weapons come in all sizes, even as small as a suitcase. Such a weapon with a small yield and an easterly wind would be sufficient to wipe out Tel Aviv for example with little or no widespread contamination.

But, I hear you cry, no-one would be stupid enough to start a nuclear confrontation in today’s world, not even Iran, but if you think that you do not know the psyche of fanaticism. The greatest joy for followers of the Qu’ran is to die for their religion and Allah and earn their place in Paradise.

Have you ever heard of a christian or buddhist strapping on a bomb and blowing themselves up? No, and you never will for we do not have the same level of indoctrination associated with our religious beliefs. Any soldier will tell you the worst enemy to fight is one that is praying for death!

So, the final question remains; How will all this end?

Israeli Attack on Iran's Nuclear Facilities?

To be honest, I would not like to make a prediction, but certain things are clear. First and foremost, whether Ahmadinajad and his ilk like it or not the USA is still top of the heap and will clearly not desert the Israeli’s on this issue. Secondly, Israel itself is not asleep, and well capable of defending itself against Iran should the need arise. Thirdly, the reluctance of other Arab nations to become involved with this issue may well put an unwelcome brake on the aspirations of Ahmadinajad and his cronies.

One of the crucial aspects of the whole contentious issue is whether or not the USA, and indeed the rest of the world, will be able to prevent a nuclear arms race in the Middle East with Iran at its head.

For some time now the Iranians have prevaricated on the issue, gaining precious time to further their research while the rest of the world tries to get them to the negotiating table.

Personally, I see one of two things happening; they will either achieve their aim secretly, or they will eventually be forced to abandon their nuclear programme and submit to international inspection of all their facilities.

Ahmadinajad Inspects a Nuclear Facility in Iran

Whatever happens on the nuclear issue, Iranian control of the Lebanon if achieved, will continue to be a thorn in the flesh of Israel. Having their number one enemy on the doorstep will do nothing to further the peace process in the Middle East if Hezbollah are used as a tool by the ambitious Iranian government to strike at its hated adversary.

It is a shame that the word ‘Peace’ is such an empty word today!


The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Lust for Power

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Our Nuclear World

In 1970 The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT) came into force signed by the then three nuclear powers, and ratified by 40 other nations. Since that date many other states have accepted the treaty by accession, and now a total of 189 countries have agreed to abide by its rules.

India and Pakistan

Only three nations, India, Pakistan and Israel refused to be a part of the treaty agreements. India began testing nuclear weapons in 1974 which forced Pakistan to go down the same road. Now both nations have a considerable number of nuclear weapons designed principally to keep the other at bay in their age-old conflict.

Under Scrutiny

Israel is another non-signatory that has developed a sophisticated nuclear arsenal, which is believed to include submarine launched nuclear tipped cruise missiles. In the case of Israel however, surrounded as she is by ‘unfriendly’ nations, one can perhaps understand the country’s predicament.

North Korea, while originally accepting the treaty, withdrew in January 2003, the reason for which quickly became obvious. Iran ratified the treaty on the 5th of March 1970 and although it has not withdrawn, is suspected of developing nuclear weapons.

Now a new player is on the block!

News came in this week that Burma is the latest country with nuclear ambitions despite acceding to the treaty in December 1992, and you know what they say; ‘There is no smoke without fire’. Based on information from a former Burmese Army Major, Sei Theen Win, the accusation has not been corroborated but shall we say, suspicions run deep.

One Way To Make Money!

One of the disturbing factors here appears to be the high level of co-operation between North Korea and the Burmese Military Junta, which is not surprising. North Korea is a desperately poor country, and one of the sure-fire ways of making money and friends is to export its limited nuclear technology to those countries and governments that aspire to being nuclear states. North Korea is known to have collaborated with Iran on its nuclear ambitions.

Nations like North Korea and Iran think they can ‘Stand Tall’ among the international community, and in particular their neighbouring states, by possessing ‘The Bomb’, although many will say for these two nations it is more about military superiority in their sphere of influence. Whichever way you look at it, its all about power!

Burma has been under military rule since the ‘coup d’etat’ by General Ne Win in 1962 which effectively ended democracy in the country. Pursuing a policy of isolationism, the military rulers of Burma managed to keep a lid on things until May 2008, when Cyclone Nargis destroyed large areas of the Irriwaddy Delta which supplied most of the nations rice. The initial refusal of the military junta to allow United Nations assistance to enter the country with much needed supplies caused a backlash for the junta that is still felt today.

After the devastation, civil unrest grew to huge proportions with mass protests in the streets of all the major cities, and the power of the junta was threatened. Opposition to military rule began to ferment, and in order to silence opposition the junta promised to hold elections, but their main protagonist Suu Kyi, leader of the anti-government movement was arrested and sentenced to house arrest by the junta.

This Way Kim! This Way!

Having successfully dealt the opposition a fatal blow they are now, it would seem, turning to the nuclear option. Which ever way you look at it, and whatever spin you put on it, Burma has no logical reason for wanting nuclear weapons unless it is a means for the military junta to retain power. Burma has not been threatened by any nation since WW2, so why would they want such weapons? You are left with the inevitable; Power!

Pull The Other Leg Ahmed!

Iran wants to be ‘Top Dog’ in the Middle East, apart that is from blowing Israel off the map. Fanatics like Ahmadinejad seem the think that with nuclear weapons, Iran will be able to throw its weight around and no-one will dare say anything against them. Because the middle east is the world’s most important supplier of oil, this could have serious ramifications. Again its all about ‘Power!’

Kim Jong-il's View of the World

So far as North Korea is concerned, the regime of Kim Jong-il has felt threatened from outside its borders ever since the end of the Korean war, principally by South Korea  and the USA, and therefore has taken steps to ensure the ‘wolves’ remain at bay. With the regimes finger on the trigger it is for sure that no-one will start a war with the North. By the acquisition of nuclear weapons, Kim Jong-il and his cohorts have successfully stalemated the Far East and ensured their continued survival.

For many governments, regimes and even individuals, power is a drug far more intoxicating than cocaine and must be retained at any cost. Such is our modern way of life.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” words first uttered in 1887 by  Sir John Dalberg-Acton (1834-1902) an English historian.


A New Political Party in America Under ‘President’ Palin?

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Could we be witnessing the beginnings of a new political movement in the United States with ‘President’ Palin at its head? After reading reports of the Tea Party Convention and Sarah Palin’s speech it does look a possibility. America, with its two party system of Government has many people thinking there is not much to choose between the parties. Pretty much the same as in Britain with its Tory and Labour parties dominating the political scene. There is no doubt that in Britain at least, both parties equally manage to make a mess of government and they seldom govern ‘For the People’.

I do not favour a system of many parties vying to get elected, and then having to go ‘cap in hand’ to others to form a majority like Italy and Belgium for example. Any political party should be strong enough to govern alone without the need to make ‘deals’ with others to form a government. In that way the voters do not have a definitive set of policies to vote for.

On the other hand, if a country with two main parties, each of which continually make an equal mess of running things as is amply demonstrated in Britain, and to a certain extent the United States, then it is time for a new party to step forward on both sides of ‘the pond’.

Many voters in the United States and Britain do not like the proposals of either party, and so vote for those they think are ‘the lesser evil’. Politics in general has got to the stage where it is stagnating, and politicians so happy to shake your hand, be photographed with babies, and who will promise you anything to get elected, are everywhere. Once in power all the promises are forgotten and its business as usual.

Politicians are not typically interested in doing what is best, or what is necessary for a country these days. They glibly go about their business making the same mistakes their predecessors made, and do nothing constructive to solve a nations problems.

So is it now time for a new dynamic political party that will do what is necessary to tackle the country’s, and the world’s problems. It is time, but who will dare? How do you gain the support of the voters to carry the day? No party, in any democratic land, has ever gained sufficient support within one term of office of a government to sweep aside the old guard at the following election.

The Tea Party, meeting in Nashville, is trying to turn activism over the past year into actual political power. This is a monumental task, but if Sarah Palin becomes their champion they could succeed. As to the next presidential election, she has admitted, rather demurely; “It would be absurd not to consider what it is that I can potentially do to help our country”. For that you can read she will definitely run given the opportunity.

John McCains defeat at the last election, which scuppered her chances of becoming Vice President, was according to some pundits partly due to her lack of knowledge in international affairs. Since then she has been learning, and has become increasingly vocal, appearing more and more in the news and on TV. It is clear she has already started her bid for the White House, but must be wary of overexposure.

It is still three years to election time in the States and she may have started too soon. I am however reasonably certain she will stay in the public eye until election time, because many of the rank and file voters still do not find her a viable option for the post of president, but there is no doubt, she has charm and that will be put to good use over the next three years.  It would not surprise me one bit to see her eventually rise as nominal head of the Tea Party.

If the Tea Party are successful in becoming a new political party, and can gain sufficient support from the American people, she could find herself in the running for Obama’s job. But would she make a good President?

Personally, I have my doubts. She is, in a word, a hawk and could be dangerous both for the United States, and world peace. Obama is quite the opposite. I am sure that if the chips were down he would not hesitate to take the necessary action, and although many call him soft, I think he is more of a peacemaker than an appeaser, and this is what the world and the United States needs right now. He has his own way of doing things and the American people will have to be patient to see if he succeeds. It is difficult for him when the US Senate continually stands in his way.

Although I do not know the lady, Sarah Palin appears to me to be of the same ilk as George Bush who would readily go in with guns blazing and see about clearing up the mess afterwards. I watched her during the abortive presidential election campaign and got the impression she is a lady ‘with balls’ (if you’ll excuse the pun) but is of the ‘shoot first – ask questions later’ type. Her comments during the convention only go to confirm this conclusion. When talking of Afghanistan she said, “To win that war we need a commander-in-chief, not a professor of law”.

George W. Bush went into Iraq without, in hindsight, just cause, and his son went into Afghanistan after 9/11, could it be that Iran is on the agenda for Sarah Palin if she becomes President?

It is easy to criticise after the event, but personally I am satisfied that the end justified the means in removing Saddam Hussein who after all was butchering his own people, and I am also in agreement with the war in Afghanistan for the main reason that the Taliban had to be removed, not only for the people of Afghanistan, but for the peace and security of the whole world. Wherever fanaticism raises its head it should be stopped for the sake of world peace.

The burning question is, who is best for America? America has been on the short end of a huge amount of criticism since the Iraq war, mainly for its handling of the peace. The country has lost friends all across the globe and is arguably the most hated nation on earth. Nations like Iran and North Korea saw George Bush waving his guns in their direction, and currently, Pakistani’s are dying from American strikes on the Taliban which has led to an upsurge of anti-American feeling. The good intentions are without doubt there, but in my view, Barak Obama has far more chance of defeating the Taliban and dealing with Iran than Sarah Palin would with all her guns. Either way, I believe Ms. Palin has a long road to travel in convincing the American voter she is ready for the pesidency. I may be wrong, I guess time will tell.

As things stand, we will just have to wait and see what the future holds for American politics, and world peace.


Swiss Minerets – The Tip of the Iceberg?

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So the Swiss don’t like minarets! The decision to hold a referendum on mosque minarets in Switzerland has been condemned all across Europe, but has anyone taken the trouble to see into the root cause of such a vote. Not many!

The decision has been flouted as a flagrant disregard for basic human rights, Muslim phobia, and racism. But what lies behind the vote. Why did so many Swiss vote against having more minarets in their country? After all, to date there are only four in the entire land.

In my opinion, the root cause is an awakening fear of the slow and inexorable Islamization of Europe. At this time there are an estimated 54,000,000 Muslim immigrants in Europe from a total population of approximately 328,000,000. A rough calculation puts that at between 16 and 17%. Ok! That’s not so many, BUT! The big ‘but’ is the difference between the birthrates of native Europeans and Muslims.

Over the past four decades the average birthrate for native Europeans has dropped well below the population sustaining rate of 2.11 children per family, to the irreversible 1.38 children per family.

At the same time, the steady increase in Muslim immigrants from a mere 50,000 in 1900 to the present 54,000,000, plus the major contributor of a Muslim birthrate three times higher than that of native Europeans at 3.63 children per family, means in effect we will all be living in a Muslim state by the year 2050 as many experts have predicted. It is a sad fact that history has proven this theory correct time and time again.

When the European culture is finally submerged in the quagmire of Islam, future generations of Europeans will wake up to find their governments run by Islamic Courts, Sharia Law, and no place for any religion but Islam.

Christianity is a religion tolerant of others, preaching ‘Brotherly Love’ to all, but can the same be said for Islam? I don’t think so. In Saudi Arabia, according to sources, Christian Churches are banned. Attacks on Christian Churches, and Christians, in most Islamic countries have increased ten-fold in the last decade.

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad met recently with 30 provincial governors and is reported to have declared, “I will stop Christianity in this country,” vowing to shut down the country’s growing ‘house-church’ movement.

Does any of this leave doubt that Christianity will not be tolerated by Muslims? Not to me!

Worse is yet to come! As the Muslims gain control over our governments and legal system, you can bet the first thing they impose on us will be Sharia Law. A careless word against Allah will see you publicly beheaded or hanged. You think I am talking out of my backside? It happens regularly in Islamic countries for all sorts of minor offences, some of it filmed and put on You-Tube. If you are a married woman, don’t even think about committing adultery!

NO! I think some people are starting to wake up to the future reality of Europe. It has nothing to do with terrorism as many opponents claim, it is a deep-rooted fear that our way of life is coming to an end, to be replaced by something that to us is abhorrent. We fear for our children, their well-being in a society gone mad with religious fanaticism. The continent will be swallowed by a religion that will not tolerate dissent in any form, and which by its own admission, is bent on world domination.

Muslims have made it clear in all countries they have settled in, that they do not wish to integrate, and will not accept the culture, the laws, and norms of their new ‘home’.

Maybe the Swiss have seen the light, and this is the start of a fight-back for our culture, but to be honest, I doubt it.

There are many who will not agree with my words, some because they are blind, others because they never take the trouble to look beyond the veil. Whichever side you are on, history will eventually prove one of us right.

As a final word. let me just state clearly, I am not a racist, I do not hate Muslims or Islam and if they were willing to live in peace with me, I am ready and willing to reciprocate.

Beware Europe, the bell tolls for thee. America you may be next!


The Lust For Power

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For millenia people have lusted for money or fame, but in today’s high power world this has been replaced by the sheer unadulterated lust for power.

That is not to say people no  longer yearn for money, most of us do for one reason or another, but among the power mongers of this world, it is a position of dominance over everyone else that drives them on.

Over the past decades, we have seen many dominant individuals or groups using every trick in the book (plus a few outside it) to hang on to the power base they have achieved.

With rulers, it is most often dictators who will cheat, steal, and even murder, to prevent any loss of superiority they have. As most of us know, Germany’s Adolf Hitler and Russia’s Stalin were in a class of thier own before, during, and after the time of the Second World War. They were by no means the last of their kind however, for even in the seventies there were cruel dictators like Idi Amin of Uganda, who ruled with unconscionable savagery. Anyone who stood in his way just ‘disappeared’, and we all know what that means.

In the eighties, the ruling military junta in Argentina threw the whole country into war with Great Britain over the disputed Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic. Their aim, to distract the attention of the population away from their poor living standards and of course the ‘disappearances’.

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is another who falls into the category of ‘The Power Hungry’. During his years in power, Mugabe has turned the ‘breadbasket’ of Africa into one of the poorest on the continent, and despite what he is doing to his people, he will not give up the Presidency.

It has been reported enough in the press about his machete-wielding thugs going around killing or maiming anyone who supported the opposition during the last election.

All that however was the past. Today’s power maniacs have found a new way to stay where they are – election rigging.

The latest to attempt it is President Karzei of Afghanistan. It was necessary for a joint UN/Afghan body to inspect the election results for fraudulent practices during the recently held national elections.

The resulting investigation showed one third of the votes cast for Karzei had to be discounted, thus requiring a run-off with his rival Abdullah Abdullah. In the past weeks it has only been intense political pressure from the United States, Europe, and other countries that has finally made Karzei agree to run-off elections.

In the past decade, various countries have been through the same turmoil at election time, among the most well known is Georgia, and more recently Iran.

Another tactic common today is changing the countries constitution to allow presidents to run for longer periods than that laid down in the statute books.

Among the countries that have extended, or done away with limits on presidential terms of office are, to name but a few; Algeria, Camaroon, Chad, Bolivia, Equador,Gabon, Honduras, Tunisia, Uganda and Venzuela.

Of these, perhaps Venzuela is the most significant. Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s president, manipulated the government into renouncing all restrictions on his term of office. He has carved for himself such a strong power-base that now, only the foolhardy will ever challenge him in future ‘elections’.

The maintenance of continued power, and the methods by which it is achieved, has taken a subtle turn to bring it more in line with the modern world.

While the rich and powerful get more so, the only losers are the common people – as always.

Thank God the world is not all doom and gloom!


Iran – What Next?

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It would seem the turmoil surrounding Iran’s disputed election is not over, as yet another prominent figure has declared his dissatisfaction at the result. The hard liners are still holding fast to the win of Ahmadinajad, and even though they have tried to stifle opposition to the vote, it keeps resurfacing.

Last Sunday another former President, Mohammad Khatami, who is closely allied with the Association of Combatant Clerics (ACC), has added his voice to the call for reform, and even went so far as to suggest a referendum to end the dispute.

There is without doubt a very strong movement for reform in Iran, with many people wanting an end to the country’s isolation. However, the ‘ruling faction’, under Ahmadinajad seems intent on projecting Iran as a nuclear power, and, more importantly, the dominant nation in the Middle East. Despite its constant denials, no-one on the planet believes that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons.

While Ahmadinajad is the public face of Iranian Politics, it is well known that the real power lies ‘behind the throne’ so to speak. The secretive power mongers of Iran are really various groups of clerics, for example, The Guardian Council, and in particular the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamanie who succeeded Ayatollah Khomeini.

The power struggle has been brewing for some time as a new generation of Iranians start to make their voices heard, and during the last elections they made it plain they want a change from the old ways. So now we have a struggle for control by those allied with the Guardian Council and the Supreme Leader, and the Reformists who would lead Iran down a more conciliatory path with the west.

Among these is ex-president Rafsanjani who voiced his dissatisfaction with the vote hours after Ahmadinajad declared himself the winner. Rafsanjani has now been joined by other powerful voices in Iran such as Khatami, another ex-president.

Where this goes from here is anybodies guess, but one thing is sure, Ahmadinajad will not relinquish the reins of power without a fight, at least so long as he has the backing of Khamanie.

It would seem that the real leaders of Iran are in for a long period of deep thought as to where the country should go from here. I am sure they will look fondly at the prospect of Iran being a nuclear nation with all the prestige that can bring, and therefore becoming the ‘top dog’ in the Middle East, and with it the chance to force the Islamic Revolution onto their western leaning neighbours.

On the other hand, the leaders know they cannot go against the will of the people for too long. As history has repeatedly shown, in a situation like this it is only a matter of time before they are cast down.

May justice and truth prevail.


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