The World Today

bin Laden

Violence, violence, violence that is all we hear today on the news. So many countries are unhappy with their government that they take to the streets in protest, and violence is everywhere. On top of this we have wars going on with terrorists who are trying to take over countries.

When I was a boy the world lived in peace and there were no battles throughout the world. The only intrusion was the the tension between Russia and the United States, but that did not lead to war.

Ever since the attack in New York on September 11th on the World Trade Centre the world has gone crazy. Twenty-five years ago a bomb exploded in the basement of the World Trade Centre, killing six people, injuring more than 1,000 and ushering in an era of Islamic terror attacks. The bomb was made by Akided  Ullah and he brought down the the entire building. This was instigated by Osama bin Laden who for years treated the westerners as trash. He orchestrated many bomb attacks before he died.

Today the world is in a mess and we have to stop it, but that will never happen. Thank goodness the terrorists do not have a nuclear bomb for they will surely target one of our cities. The world is in chaos and its getting worse day by day. Most parts of the world live in peace but South America, the Far East and Middle East and many other countries are going mad.

Terrorists are fighting battles against the army across the world, and the United Nations is doing nothing but ‘condemn’ the brutality of them. It is time they brought together an army of different nations and attacked these terrorists and wiped them out. Maybe then the world will return to peace.

Another problem for the world is the increasing numbers of people across the world. We cannot survive if the numbers continue to increase, for we will run out of food and drinking water in the years to come. Already there are thousands starving in Africa because of the lack of food and water. This will become world-wide in many years time. We have to curb the numbers of children being born in order to survive.

I doubt if anyone has noticed the changes in the weather across the globe. This year we have had massive storms all over the world and it is going to get worse. The problem is the cause of global warming which many people choose to ignore. The number of cars and trucks on our roads is causing this, and we do nothing about it. There are plans to provide everyone with electric cars and lorries, but will it be sustainable? The electricity around the world will be under enormous pressure if this takes place, and it is doubtful if we can provide enough. All over the world we must build new power stations to provide enough electricity. With the number of cars on the road this will be impossible.

And what about the air pollution? if we continue as we are the air will will be contaminated to such an extent that everyone will going around wearing gas masks. I am glad that I am seventy five so I will not see the future of this catastrophe. Those who are young will not be able to breath without a gas mask and that will be disastrous.

We have to do something to clean up the atmosphere and then people will be able to breath normally. We have to ensure that there is one car per family and that will reduce the contamination of the world’s atmosphere. Unfortunately this will take years for our atmosphere to clean itself up. One car per family will not go down well with the public, but we have to enforce it.


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