Was Brexit a Mistake?

We have seen several politicians, including Tony Blair and John Major, say that separation from Europe under the Brexit deal is a huge mistake. Why? Have these people not learned something from the past years. The British people certainly have, for we have been trodden on by the European politicians and the people of Europe together. Our laws have been changed to suite criminals, and we have seen a flood of migrants from European countries who all came here to make money. Now our country is overcrowded and we have economic difficulties that won’t go away.

I for one back us leaving Europe 100%, for we will be able to control our borders once again and trade with whomever we want around the world. It will also allow us to remove those immigrants who are illegal or have committed crimes. On top of this we will be able to hand out proper sentences for killers without the Human Rights Court interfering and telling us we cannot do that. It is a farce that someone who kills gets a ten year sentence but are back on the streets within three to four years.

We will also be able to have lessons in English in our schools once again instead of Arabic, which leaves our children without a proper education. All immigrants who wish to stay in our country must speak English or be removed.

There are so many advantages to this country on leaving the E.U. and getting our borders sorted out, and a sensible Law System in place like we used to have where killers and rapists are properly punished. Not only that, but we have to deport those immigrants who are solely living off welfare and have committed crimes.

It is without doubt that major changes will be made once Brexit is finalised and the country will be better off.


4 Responses to “Was Brexit a Mistake?”

  1. I didn’t know that the EU forces schools to teach lessons in Arabic instead of English. It must have changed a bit since I was there.


    • Hi L nice of you to drop by.
      The E.U. does not force the British to teach in Arabic. The main reason for this is that immigrant families make no effort to teach their children English. In some areas there are so many Arabic children in our schools that they have engaged Arabic teachers and our children get left by the wayside.
      Best Regards,


  2. Alfie Says:

    The answer to the question is of course a resounding NO! On a related note what the heck are the Lords prattling about?
    Perhaps you can lend some perspective.
    EU citizens living in the UK post BREXIT are to be afforded rights etc.
    UK citizens living in the EU getting the same treatment seems to be the other side of the coin.
    Is that something worthy of an amendment and a premeditated stitch up before negotiations begin?
    If its not too personal how could this effect you Roy?


    • Hi Alfie, welcome back.
      It seems that the Lord’s want guarantees for all EU citizens living in the UK which is something May has already guaranteed. Many of our Lord’s make money from the EU and I think they do not want to see that disappear.
      I should hope that British Citizens living in the EU will not suffer under the regulations, for if we allow EU citizens to live in the UK then we should have the same rights.
      As you may know, I live in Spain and I have no idea how this will affect me at this point. We must hope that a mutual settlement will be arrived at that gives equal rights to all Brits living in Europe.
      Best Regards,


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