What The Hell Is Wrong With British Teens These Days

Knife Fight

Knife Fight

I read today of yet another knife attack in a crowded shopping centre in West London. Thankfully the victims wounds are not life threatening, but what does it say about the youth today? Hardly a day goes by that we do not hear on the news of someone either getting killed or attacked with a knife. Its a far cry from the days when I was young, for this type of thing never happened, but today people seem to consider it ‘normal’.

I blame the lack of proper upbringing of kids these days, where discipline has literally been thrown out the window. No longer are children brought up to respect others and have a good time without getting violent. Tempers flare at the drop of a hat and the end result is always the same.

Part of the problem of course is that they never get proper punishment because the ‘Do-Gooders’ rule the country. People like the European Human Rights Council, the Politically Correct Brigade and many others who seem to think that we should not punish criminals too hard. In today’s world murder has become a part of life and is perfectly acceptable.

These days, if you commit murder you can expect to be sentenced for up to ten years in prison, but are released in three or four years. The prisons are like holiday camps and the time served for murder is an insult to the victims and their family. What is more important, it does nothing to persuade someone to change their ways.

The Victim Of A Knife Fight

The Victim Of A Knife Fight

Old people stabbed to death for just a few measly pounds, teachers stabbed to death in their classroom, teens stabbed as the result of a silly argument – where will it all end? In a few years time everyone will need to carry an automatic rifle or a hand gun just to protect themselves and we will be like America. It seems we are headed for total anarchy in the coming years.

Now that we are getting out from under the jackboot of the European Union I sincerely hope that Theresa May will bring back a proper system of justice like we used to have. In my youth murders were seldom committed because the killer knew he would be hung if found guilty.

I know many people will not agree with this, but if we are to stop this rampant murdering of innocents and vicious attacks on our streets, then we need to bring back the death penalty. This one act would see the number of murders in a year drop through the floor, for each individual would know what awaits them if they kill someone.

Life of Luxury In Prison.

Life of Luxury In Prison.

I know of the arguments that our prisons are full to overflowing, but we can partially solve that be deporting all immigrants who commit severe crimes in the U.K. and we should build more prisons and to hell with the cost. Also, our prisons should be a place of punishment, not a holiday camp where they lounge around all day watching TV or playing computer games in their cells. Sentences should fit the crime and not restricted to three or four years for murder.

If nothing is done to seriously stop this escalation in crime everyone will live in fear for their lives in the future. The government must take some positive action to stop the rampant crime rate currently afflicting our nation. I am but a lone voice in this insane world, but it would be nice if someone in authority took notice of what I have said.


6 Responses to “What The Hell Is Wrong With British Teens These Days”

  1. The feral youth are protected against too much discipline at home and in schools by law. Thus balance has been destroyed, respect for elders and authority destroyed, controls which were in place whittled away by whining liberalism.

    Thus children think they are beyond the law.
    Know what? They are probably right.

    It’s reaching a point where the ‘grown ups’ will have to take matters into their own hands.

    As for the politicians?
    Whoever said they were grown up enough to realise what a mess they have made of things.

    As for the police?
    They are forced to work to the lax laws signed off by government. Even then, when they present an offender for punishment, the judicial system is so weakened by those laws as to be largely ineffective.

    The fault lies with the laws and laws are written by governments.


    • Hi t and welcome.
      I agree 100% with what you say, although I think the Human Rights Commission have a lot to do with it. They forbid us to deport known immigration criminals, and are often a lead factor in letting criminals off with very light sentences. Some in fact have got off without going to prison because of the stupid ‘Right to Family Life’ law that they passed.
      In effect, this organization has destroyed our British Law System and controls far too much. I hope when we finally leave the E.U. Theresa May will bring back the justice system we had before in its entirety.

      Best Regards,

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      • Thanks for the reply Roy.
        Yet I’m not holding much hope for Theresa May. Article 50 being triggered may change my mind about her BUT until then, all I’m seeing is stalling and I’ve had enough of that over the years. Thus action is needed not dates in the future.

        Regards back. Paul


      • Fully agree Paul.

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