The E.U. Parliament At Work

Someone sent me an e-mail showing the E.U.parliament at work. See what you think:

All Signed In But Doing Their Own Thing!

All Signed In But Doing Their Own Thing!












You may not believe this, but these people are receiving 12,000 Euros a month for this! It is definitely time for the United Kingdom to leave this ridiculous farce. VOTE OUT!


4 Responses to “The E.U. Parliament At Work”

  1. Hi Roy

    Regarding the ‘Brexit’ situation, I think one of the determining factors will be our mentality of being an Island nation, as such we view interference from Brussels etc. as an invasion onto our land. This is also felt by many of our long established immigrants and many of the new I’m sure.
    Regarding the forecasts of disaster, well, let’s face it politicians are scheming b******s at best and economic disaster will mean they will loose their jobs, do you honestly think they will let this happen, I have no doubt contingency plans are already in place……or are they really as dumb as we think they are.
    I will finish with a quote from the owner of Iceland stores , which clearly shows our stand alone and fight for ourselves mentality….well done Malcolm.
    “We’ve beaten the Germans and we’ll f*****g beat them again”
    The Brits won’t take any more of your s*it Angela.



    • Hi Jack,
      Welcome back, nice to hear from you again! I fully agree with your sentiments. In my view we should get out as quick as we can. We may well go through a hard time for a while, but when we can control our borders and Justice System, and deport all these radicals that infest our streets, Britain will be a safer place for all.
      If we stay in, eventually all our politicians will lose their jobs as complete control is taken from them by Brussels when they form the ‘United States of Europe’.
      I agree wholeheartedly that Merkel considers herself the major player when it comes to Europe, but I think she will be the downfall of Europe with her immigration plan. Already there are very many people in Germany, France, Holland and Denmark among many other country’s who would like to have a referendum such as the British.
      Let’s get out before Brussels completely destroys our country.
      Best Regards,


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