Farage Is Right – Facts Prove it

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has made some very true statements in recent days, mainly that we can expect to see the dead bodies of immigrants washing up on our shores, and that the rape of women will become endemic in the British Isles. I agree with both his statements.

Is This What We Want To See On Our Beaches?

Is This What We Want To See On Our Beaches?

With regard to the first, I think that is inevitable as the people smugglers start sending many more immigrants across the English Channel. The Channel Straits are a dangerous place to be in a small boat and it is certain that as the flow increases we will see more drownings.

The smugglers are already approaching British fishermen to see if they would be willing either to transport these people across the Straits, or lend their boats out to them for a price.

The First Of Many?

The First Of Many?

It is clear these people have no heart and do not care if many drown on the way across, just so long as they get their money. The transportation of immigrants is big business and they don’t care what happens to them. So I would suggest that Nigel’s comment makes perfect sense and it is sure to happen. Only time will tell.

Muslim Philiosophy

Muslim Philosophy

His other comment about the rape of women is already happening in the United Kingdom, and has been for many years, ever since that traitor Tony Blair opened the flood gates to immigrants. What most people seem to forget is that to rape a non-Muslim woman is not considered a sin in the Muslim faith. Any woman who is not of Islam is a prime target for those Muslims who enjoy such things, for the Quran says that it is perfectly legitimate for Muslims to rape women who are not of the faith. As you read this you may not believe this, but its true.

Rotherham  in the U.K. has been suffering this evil trade for the last twenty years with young girls as young as 10 being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. See my post:


Muslim Rape Victim

Muslim Rape Victim

It has been going on here for such a long time and the Labour council did nothing to stop it for fear of ‘upsetting the Muslims’. Because of this the police were not allowed to do anything either. Last year the council was removed ‘en bloc’ and replaced because of the scandalous way they had handled the issue.

Now we are seeing the beginnings of the same thing in Germany, remember the rapes that took place at New Years Eve? Since then there have been many more, and all committed by Muslim immigrants. The rate of rape attacks on women is rising drastically in Germany and the government is not doing much about it.

Islamic Message

Islamic Message

In Pocking for example, women and young girls have been told not to wear revealing clothes, even when travelling to and from the gym for a work-out, for fear of exciting Muslim males and driving them to rape attacks.

There is such a feeling of Muslim sympathy among German politicians that they are blaming the women for all the attacks that are already taking place. One thing is for certain, it will get a lot worse as time goes on, for we have seen that in Britain where ninety-eight percent of rapes are committed by Muslim males.

A Prime Muslim Target

A Prime Muslim Target

To quote a German newspaper, “A German politician was quoted as saying that ‘when Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis.” Anything to excuse Muslim savagery. The one thing you can be sure of is that as more and more pour in over the Mediterranean Sea and the Channel the situation will  get much worse.

Time to lock up your daughters gentlemen!


2 Responses to “Farage Is Right – Facts Prove it”

  1. This is not going to be popular and for the record, I agree that Muslim men are savages and they are encouraged to hate women, but might I say that if the women do not want this kind of abuse, knowing the situation, why can’t they cover up? They should just cover up. They can still swim privately. But if the Muslim men are being raised to think a certain way for the sake of their god, nothing will change it. These women do not have the righteous forces backing them. This is what I would do. I would cover up and I would pray to the only God, the God of Abraham that He and His glorified Son Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit, guide my thoughts and protect my body and let the evil doers be avenged by God and they can’t even imagine how horrible that will be when that time comes. I truly believe that their god is satan in disguise for even satan masquerades as an angel of light. 2 Cor. 11:14


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