Should We Give In To Obama’s Blackmail?


The Two Love Birds

America it seems is now wielding the ‘big stick’ in the Brexit campaign in a shameless effort to get Britain to stay in the European Union. What this has to do with America is beyond me, for it is something the British people must decide for themselves.

But Obama has waded in by saying that should we leave, any trade agreements with America could take ten years to be ratified – Why? To my mind, any trade agreements we have with the USA have nothing whatsoever to do with Europe, for it would be between them and us.

This is just out and out blackmail to help Cameron in his efforts to convince the British people that we should stay in the Union. Now Hillary Clinton has waded into the fray by saying that she too believes we should stay.

To say that these revelations are annoying is putting it mildly, but the American government would control the world if it had a chance, and this is just a another example of their meddling.

I apologise to the American people for this outburst, for this is not a slight against them, for I guess they know as well as I do how their government operates. The USA may well be the most powerful country in the western world, but there is no excuse for throwing its weight around in things that do not concern them.

I may not be a politician or even a businessman, but I fail to see what influence Britain’s separation from the E.U. has to do with trade agreements between our two countries. We have been working together ever since the Second World War and there is no evidence of problems with trade agreements that are mutually beneficial to us both. They are between Britain and the USA and have nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of Europe.

178408_600There can be little doubt that the way the E.U. is heading, i.e. a single state controlled from Brussels is not a good thing, for the members of the European Council have already proven their incompetence time and time again with their stupid rules and regulations.

Our Justice system has been all but destroyed by the interference from the Human Rights Commision, and our country is being overrun by immigrants because we no longer have control of our borders. This is just two of the most important examples.

National government control in all European countries is slowly being eroded away by those idiots in Brussels and to what purpose, to form the United States of Europe under their sole control.

Their total incompetence has also been for all the world to see over the past year with the refugee crisis that has caused major problems for every country in the Union.

Britain needs to get out from under the stranglehold that is tightening around  every European nation, and you can be almost certain that should Britain leave, many other countries will follow.

There is already unrest among the common people in countries like France, Germany, Holland, Sweden and many others, all caused by the refugee crisis. This is a sure sign that given the chance, many would vote ‘out’ because it would mean they can once again control their own borders.

The European Union was a fine idea when it first started because it meant real cooperation between member states, but when you consider that the people in Brussels have got ‘too big for their boots’, the whole plan is falling apart. The amount of control they wish to maintain over member states is becoming intolerable.

I sincerely hope that the people of Britain will not be swayed by Obama’s comments during his stay in the country, for it is up to each and every individual to make up their own minds and vote accordingly.


4 Responses to “Should We Give In To Obama’s Blackmail?”

  1. Roy,
    In America, the rule of law should favor “We the People”.
    Obama has used executive orders to find his way around such notions.
    In almost every way he has aligned himself with George Soros borderless globalization theory.
    Don’t give in to him, Merkal, Soros, or any of the climate Nazis either.


  2. Alfie Says:

    There is so much wrong with Obama’s comments that it’s embarrassing as an American.
    Folks that applaud him are ironically the same folks who found the leader members of Congress wrote to Tehran to be outrageous. The thing is the latter was true as much as it was politics.
    The President pursues trade agreements but ultimately Congress must ratify them. Over here much has been said about how Obama pursued “fast track” powers to secure treaties. He applied this to both TTP and TTIP. The TTIP is one of the other items he’s touting on his farewell tour most notably in Germany. That massive treaty took less than three years to create.
    The peoples of the UK and US could easily dust off,reactivate and pursue new agreements on a host of issues. The Atlantic Council and NATO are two entities that help merely to rapidly rubber stamp any new ones we both desire or more importantly need.
    Obama was shameless in his lies he poured out upon the British people and thats the bottom line.
    People of the UK vote your conscience! I personally think you should leave. The EU is a failure in every way except in its menacing pursuit of a super state that eliminates sovereignty for all but perhaps the Germans and French. Britain would thrive outside of the EU and given its financial trading dealings is a future target of Euro transaction taxation inside or out. I say get out and watch the europeans rush to hide their money in your vaults. Watch the UK be in a better position to protect its interests.


    • Hi Alfie, welcome back.
      I agree 100% with what you say. The bottom line is that America, and in particular Obama, should keep their noses out of European, and especially UK politics.
      Best Regards,


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