Are You Voting For Clinton?

Voting for Hillary Clinton – See what you think of this!

Just click on the link. It will open your eyes. I should warn you that I have no way of verifying this statement, but I thought it might interest many voters for it is going viral.



4 Responses to “Are You Voting For Clinton?”

  1. I wrote something fairly similar yesterday! I will never fully understand American politics but I enjoyed your article!


    • Hi Gunner and welcome.
      It seems that great minds think alike. I wonder how many more Americans are wondering what will happen to the country when either one of these two become President.
      Best Regards,


  2. One would need masochistic tendencies to endure 19+ minutes of unsubstantiated talking points, no story, with amateurish editing and graphics, no matter what candidate is the subject.

    If I want my eyes opened, I’ll have a cup of coffee.


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