Corbyn – What A Clown!

Corbyn Calls For The U.K. To Stay In The E.U.

Corbyn Calls For The U.K. To Stay In The E.U.

Jeremy Corbyn has just given his first official speech on the Brexit motion put before the U.K. public by David Cameron, and you have to admit that the man is a hypocrite. Why do I say this?

Well, he spouted that Britain should stay in the Union and not leave because to stay in is the best way to protect workers rights. He then went on and criticised the Union by saying: “Over the years, I and many others have been very critical of many decisions taken by the EU and I remain very critical of its shortcomings; from its lack of democratic accountability to the institutional pressures to deregulate or privatize public services, so Europe needs to change. But that change can only come from working within the European Union to achieve it.”

Perhaps This Is Closer To The Truth

Someone’s Idea Of Corbyn. You Have To Laugh!

For years he has been known as a staunch Eurosceptic but now suddenly he seems to have done a complete ‘about face’! In 1975 he voted against joining the European Economic Community (the EU’s forerunner). He also voted against the Maastricht Treaty (creating the EU), and not only that, he voted against the Lisbon Treaty (amending previous treaties forming the basis of the union).

So how can people believe a word this man says if he changes his mind every time he changes his underwear! The mind boggles!

It is true that Cameron’s popularity has dropped due to the ‘tax scandal’ which is not really a scandal at all because he did nothing wrong. But he is still getting condemnation from various quarters which is not right. But surely, if someone had to choose between Cameron and Corbyn any sensible person would stand behind Cameron, for Corbyn is a buffoon and should not even be an M.P., let alone leader of the Labour Party!

How this man ever got into the position he is in I really cannot fathom, but it does show how ridiculous, or perhaps desperate the Labour Party is at this moment. Mind you, after the vicious damage Tony Blair and Gordon Brown did to this country I can well understand their situation, for they still have not recovered and hopefully it will take some time before they do.

There can be little doubt that to vote in this clown will spell the total demise of the country and we might as well let the Muslims take over and call the country Britanistan!


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