Brexit – Yes Or No!

Get Out Now!

Get Out Now!

It is my firm opinion that Britain should exit the European Union, and for the following reasons. Brussels exerts too much interference on member states, and the Human Rights commission is an utter farce.

Firstly, in very many areas the British Government is unable to run the country as it should because of the dictates from Brussels which govern most of our daily lives. Their interference in areas such as immigration and human rights are dragging the country down into the mire, and unless we leave it will only get worse as they seek to control everything.

Our government needs the right to control immigration completely, but ever since Tony Blair opened the gates to all and sundry with his ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’ fantasy, we have been overwhelmed with immigrants who are slowly taking over the country. Even now we have very little control over who enters and who does not.

Secondly, the E.U. Human Rights commission have turned our Justice System into a joke that cannot fulfill its purpose. Remember that it took the government ten years to finally deport the two radical preachers Abu Hamsa and Abu Qatada! These two were responsible for radicalizing many young Muslim males into going to Iraq to fight with Islāmic State. Still today we have many radical preachers in the Mosques who are doing the same thing, but the government is powerless to do anything about it.

Another thing about the HRC is that it protects Muslim criminals from deportation, even if they are life-long killers, rapists or robbers. Our jails are filling up with these people and we cannot do anything about it.

A report came out recently which said that many English inmates of jails are afraid because the Muslims in the prisons are putting enormous pressure on them to convert to Islam. Some are in fear of their lives. We need to be free of the HRC to solve these problems for ourselves.

There can be little doubt that Britain needs to regain control over its borders and protect the population from criminals.

The only way to do that is to get out of the European Union now and decide for ourselves how we run our country.


4 Responses to “Brexit – Yes Or No!”

  1. I don’t vote for government, but I’ll certainly be voting against this unnecessary and unwanted layer of government in the referendum!


    • Hi Frenique and welcome,
      Good for you! Its the only way to lift this huge weight off the country’s shoulders and let the people get back to a normal life.
      Best Regards,


  2. Alfie Says:

    I also vote leave.


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