Why Is The U.N. Not Fulfilling Its Mandate!

Removing The Bodies In Ivory Coast

Removing The Bodies In Ivory Coast

The latest terrible attack in Turkey, and the killing of holiday makers in Ivory Coast reinforces my belief that the United Nations, instead of sitting on its fat arse doing nothing, should step in to solve this terrorism threat to the world.

When you consider that it was formed to ensure world peace, ever since the Korean War in 1950 it has done nothing to solve the world’s problems. Now, since the rise of terrorism, all it has managed to do is verbally ‘condemn‘ the actions of these radicals who enjoy killing so much.

These terrorists are nothing more than religious fanatics who think that one day they will rule the world. The rest of us know this will never happen, but in the meantime they are killing tens of thousands of people in many countries.

Considering that the number one mandate of the United Nations is to eradicate war, you would imagine that this body of people would step in and do something to end the violence. But no! they just sit on their fat behinds and talk, talk, talk before verbally ‘condemning’ the actions of these vile people.

Meanwhile people across the world are being slaughtered and tortured, with women being forced into sex slavery for these maniacs. It has to stop!

Terror Once Again In Ankara

Terror Once Again In Ankara

It is a fact that the majority of the victims of these killers are their own people, but it brings home to the rest of us what animals they are when they attack places like Paris, Ankara and holiday destinations like Africa. Of one thing you can be sure, it is far from over, for Islāmic State have already made clear that a series of attacks will take place in Europe in the near future.

Angela Merkel’s insane invitation to immigrants to come and live in Germany has already ensured that there are literally thousands of I.S. fighters who have crossed the Mediterranean among the refugees, and are now busy getting themselves organized for some major attacks. It is only a matter of time before they strike. Once they are here it is very difficult to find and arrest them before they can do some harm, but we must try.

The U.N. should get together an international force and go to any country where these bastards live and wipe them out to a man. There is no need to interfere in that country’s politics, just go in, do the job and leave.

U.N. Mandate

U.N. Mandate

Currently there are Islamic terrorists in  139 countries across the world. We do not get to hear of most atrocities because the main Press attention is fixed on the victims of Islamic State and other Middle East groups.

The world just cannot go on like this, otherwise we will end up in a world war with almost every nation involved as they all battle with these radicals on their own soil. There has to be some concerted action coming from somewhere, and it is up to the nations of the world to come together at the U.N. and unite against these despicable people. It they do not, it will continue for years and years and eventually millions will die.


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