Refugees – And Now The Panic Begins!

1I never thought I would see the day, but now European Union countries are beginning to really panic about the number of refugees entering the continent. After the major influx of one million last year experts were saying that we could expect another two million this year, but now their estimate has gone up to four million.



This of course is due to the ready acceptance of so many refugees last year, particularly by Germany, and Europe is now seen as a golden opportunity by millions more. Even during the treacherous winter months people are still trying to get to Europe through Greece by crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey. Many have died in the attempt, but it has not deterred anyone.

In the coming months we can expect the volume of refugees to increase greatly as the weather improves, and that is scaring many European countries.

It is clear that Europe has not been able to successfully integrate the million that reached our shores last year, which means that a further four million this year will no doubt cause the collapse of the entire Union.

Still Coming Even In Winter

Still Coming Even In Winter

To combat this Belgium, Austria and Sweden are proposing that Greece be excluded from the free travel Schengen Zone so that fences can be erected along its northern border to stop the refugees from getting any further into Europe. This would mean that Greece, although on the verge of bankruptcy, would have to care for all the refugees crossing into Europe on its own. As you can imagine, this is an absolute impossibility.

Austrian interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner made the following remark on the subject: “If we cannot protect the external EU border, the Greek-Turkish border, then the Schengen external border will move towards central Europe. It is a myth that the Greek-Turkish border cannot be protected. The Greek navy has enough capacities to secure this border. It is one of the biggest navies in Europe.”

It might be a temporary solution to the problem, but as the weather gets better more and more refugees will switch to crossing from Libya to Italy as they did last year. What will the E.U. do then, ban Italy also, and later Spain?

Swarming Into Europe

Swarming Into Europe

This is indeed a very serious problem for Europe, and it all started when Angela Merkel stupidly opened her big mouth and invited refugees to Germany. As I have mentioned before, this is exactly what the traitor Tony Blair did to Britain at the end of the nineties, and look at the state of the place now.  With this massive influx of migrants the same thing is going to happen to Germany and the rest of Europe.

It is not fair to allow Greece to take the brunt of the criticism, for this whole catastrophe is not that country’s fault, for if anyone is to blame it must be Germany and Merkel.

The only solution is to weed out and return the economic refugees to their country of origin, for they made up two-thirds of last years influx, and then refuse entry to all those who wish to enter this year. All countries need to participate in the procedure by helping out Greece, Italy and Spain with their border controls.

There can be little doubt that this will cause mayhem in international politics for country after country will be protesting at the inhumane response to the refugee crisis but the simple answer is: “If you don’t like it then YOU take them in!”

On top of this, political pressure should be put on the countries bordering the other side of the Mediterranean to put the smugglers out of action and stem the flow of those trying to make it across.

Radical Islam

Radical Islam

Both of these are really temporary measures, for the prime target must be to end the turmoil in the Middle East by putting all the terrorist groups in the ground. I have said it many times before, but this world crisis will never end until the United Nations sanction direct action to eliminate totally groups like Islamic State, Boko Haram, al Shabab, al Qaeda and all the rest of them. It needs to be an international effort to eradicate all terror groups  in the world wherever they hide. Only then can the refugees go home and the world live in peace.


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