Europe Fuel Tax To Pay For Migrants? Not On Your Life!

After Merkel’s ill-advised open-door announcement to migrants the German’s are now discovering they cannot handle the numbers. Surprise! Surprise!

Wolfgang Schaeuble,

Wolfgang Schaeuble,

Just yesterday the German  Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, suggested a Europe-wide fuel tax to help pay for the massive influx of refugees that invaded Europe last year. He said to a German Newspaper, “If national budgets or the EU budget are insufficient, let’s agree to set up, for instance, a tax of a certain amount on each litre of petrol. This way we would have the means for a European response to the refugee issue.”

So in his opinion every man, woman and child throughout Europe should pay towards the feeding, housing, and welfare of the more than a million ‘refugees’ that have flooded into Germany, and I might add, overflowed into the rest of Europe,  just because their Chancellor Angela Merkel made a catastrophically stupid announcement to the whole world.

Sorry, I don’t buy it!

"Oh Crap! What Have I Done?"

“Oh Crap! What Have I Done?”

“Things are moving too slowly in Europe,” he said, adding that he fully backed Chancellor Angela Merkel’s efforts to solve the challenges posed by the migrant crisis. “I support, with the full force of my convictions, what the chancellor says: we need to solve the problem starting from Europe’s external borders. Otherwise, Europe will find itself in an even bigger crisis.”

Considering the events in many German cities over the New Year I would say that is an understatement of colossal proportions. The problems will not be restricted to the external borders but to every city, town and village in the country, for the migrants haven’t been here five minutes and already they are attacking and raping women which in Islam is strictly normal.

What he fails to understand is that with her one idiotic, thoughtless statement inviting refugees to Germany, Merkel has put the whole of Europe in peril just like Tony Blair did to Britain. You only have to look at the state of Britain today to see what the future holds for the rest of Europe, for the pattern will certainly repeat itself. The so-called refugees will continue to come year on year until we either mine the approaches or start shooting. And that you can take to the bank!

The experts have already predicted that we can expect in excess of two million refugees this year, and that is on top of the 1.1 million we accepted in 2015. Once the floodgates are opened it is almost impossible to close them fully again, for it is certain that even after the huge numbers this year the flow will not stop.

Economic Refugees?

Economic Refugees?

One of the biggest problems is not the true asylum seekers from the war-torn countries of the Middle East, but the ‘economic’ refugees that take the opportunity to hide among them. Statistics have already shown that of the 1.1 million refugees accepted into Europe this last year, two thirds of them are economic refugees and not fleeing war. Unfortunately the total numbers have been so high that the authorities have been overwhelmed, and it has been impossible to weed out these people and accept only the real refugees.

As I stated in an earlier post, hundreds of Afghan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and African passports and identity documents were found at the Hungarian border by Croatian Police, They had all been discarded so the people could claim they were from Syria or Iraq.

If  Schaeuble thinks there is a problem now, then he has seriously underestimated what is going to happen later in 2016. You can stake your life on the fact that as soon as the weather gets a little warmer as Springtime approaches, we will see the same swarms of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean as we did last year. The only difference will be in the much greater numbers, and when that happens Schaeuble will need a lot more than a few cents on the price of petrol.

I.S. Fighter Recognized And Caught

I.S. Fighter Recognized And Caught

Last year it was widely known that a large number (4k plus) of Islamic State fighters crossed into Europe in the guise of being refugees, and you can bet this year will be no different. I.S. already stated last year that they would flood Europe with fighters by sending them across the Mediterranean among the refugees, and this year will see the numbers multiply significantly.

It is already known that they will not necessarily come here to fight themselves, but train those Muslims already living in Europe and form fighting groups. As we saw in the Paris atrocities, most of the attackers were of French or Belgian origin.

The Future?

The Future?

Just peruse newsreels and photo’s from last years migrant swarms and you can see that less than a third are families. The great majority are young single males, so where are their families? Why are they coming here – perhaps to fight?

Last years immigrants have already proven to be a major problem with regard to housing and feeding them, so what do the politicians think will happen this year when twice as many make the crossing. It will without doubt be utter chaos within the Union as we scramble to find sufficient food and lodging for these people. The end result will I am sure be tented cities much the same as in Jordan, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries.

Again This Year?

Again This Year?

A great deal of pressure will be put on the E.U. countries to accept their ‘fair share’ of immigrants, and that will lead to more chaos. Our politicians must see that there is just not enough housing, benefits, or medical care for all these people. The plain fact is that Europe just cannot absorb so many without causing a lot of hardship among our own people, and that does not include the terrorist danger from Islamic State.

The Future For Europe

The Future For Europe

Because of Merkel’s reckless statement, in years to come the rest of Europe is going to find itself locked in the same struggle as Britain with its immigrant population, and I can assure you that nothing good will come of it! May God help us all!


2 Responses to “Europe Fuel Tax To Pay For Migrants? Not On Your Life!”

  1. Hi Roy

    Just one question. Are the German government on some sort of stupidity drug? Their actions and proposals are now beyond the realms of sanity, one cannot reason with the insane. I would be interested to know how many pence per litre would be needed to fund a multi national force aimed at destroying ISIS etc. This would ensure that no migrant had any reason to leave their country using ‘refugee’ status’ as a reason. But, as we well know Merkel et al are acting, surely, ‘under the influence’. I could rant on for hours but, to be honest their stupidity is wearing me down. Finally I will reiterate my prediction in an earlier reply, I fully believe that should the current situation remain as it is the result will be the rising up of the native population of the country being ‘invaded’ and their backing of a government that will provide a rapid resolution to the problem, unfortunately the further down the current road we go the more reactionary will be the elected party. Make of that what you will. As we all know the man trapped in the corner is the most dangerous man of all, and pretty soon we will be in our corner.



    • Hi Rich,
      welcome back! I think your first comment is probably correct for they have not made any sense since Angela Merkel’s ‘welcome statement’. I agree that things are going to get tough in Europe over the next five years as more and more people see the immigrant problem for what it is!
      It would appear that we have nutcases in charge at the moment for nothing of what they do makes any sense. It is time they gave the people a free voice and listened hard to what we have to say. I am sure you are right that we are heading for battles on the streets at sometime in the future if our politicians do not put a stop to this whole fiasco.
      Best Regards,


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