Focus On The Future

Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga

I hope you had a great New Year and your hangover has gone, for now it’s time to get serious.  Do you believe in people who say they can see the future? I am not sure that I do, but sometimes a story sticks out  that makes you wonder.

This is the case with a blind Bulgarian mystic called Baba Vanga, who before her death in 1996 aged 85, prophesied the end of Europe as we know it. It would appear that she had a knack of foretelling the future.

For example, she predicted the following events: 9/11 – the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami – a “great Muslim war” beginning with the Arab Spring and culminating in the rise of ISIS – the election of Barack Obama, predicting that the 44th President would be an African American. This is just a fraction of what this lady has prophesied, and surprisingly enough all that she said came true.

Her next prophesy however hits very close to home, for she predicted that Europe will be invaded by ISIS sometime during this year. Now that must be a disturbing thought for anyone living in Europe, especially in the southern countries like Spain, Italy and Greece!

I know, the whole idea sounds ridiculous, but the lady said she “foresaw a Muslim invasion of Europe in 2016 which involved chemical weapons, and Europe would cease to exists!”

When you think about it, the whole idea is not so far fetched when you consider the thousands upon thousands of single, fighting age Muslims who have crossed the Mediterranean among this year’s one million refugees! Once the weather gets warmer the experts are of the opinion that we can expect at least another two million migrants to cross into Europe this year. If that happens, how many of them will be ISIS fighters?

Now you could say the lady was crazy, but she has correctly prophesied 11 world events and every one has happened, on schedule.

She even went so far as to foretell events way in the future like; The ice caps will be melted by 2045 – the US will launch an attack on Muslim-held Europe, using a climate-based ‘instant freezing’ weapon – between 2170 to 2256 a Mars colony will gain nuclear weapons and demand independence from Earth – we will have time travel by 2304 – the Earth will be uninhabitable by 2341, and in 5079 the universe will end.

Makes you think doesn’t it – a fairy story or could their be an element of truth in these predictions. I guess only time will tell.


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