Europe In 2016?

The Swarm

The Swarm

During 2015 more than a million refugees have flooded into Europe from many countries, and due to the impossibility of dealing with such large numbers most will be allowed to stay, even though two-thirds of them are economic migrants. Already this influx has put great strain on the resources of many countries as they try to house and care for them. But what of next year?

We can expect the numbers to drop significantly during the winter, but when the weather gets better in the spring, what then? Experts have already assured us that next year we can expect more than two million to attempt to enter Europe due to the success of so many this year.

Just A Simple Question!

Just A Simple Question!

For most people living in Middle Eastern countries, and others like Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Africa, Europe is the ‘Promised Land’ of opportunity and they will do anything to get here, especially now that Angela Merkel has opened the doors wide, just like Tony Blair did for Britain.

It will be a massive struggle, and a severe drain on our resources to care for all those that have entered this year, but next year, if the experts are right, it may well lead to the total collapse of the European economy and severe hardship for the people.

Pegida in Germany - An Example

Pegida in Germany – An Example

If our people are to have a life in the future this has to stop, for governments cannot support these numbers because there will be intolerable strain on the social assistance resources and there is just not enough jobs or housing for these refugees. Already there have been many instances of demonstrations and acts of aggression by the people against those that have come this year, and if as the experts expect, we end up with another two million next year all hell will break loose.

It is indeed a sorry state of affairs that our politicians do not heed the voice of the people when they know we are against such a thing. I am sure Angela Merkel had no idea of the problems she would cause when she made her rash comment in welcoming all refugees to Germany. Had she sat back and thought about it for even a minute she may well not have said what she did. But unfortunately she did and now the entire continent is in an uproar. She has unwittingly condemned many countries in Europe to a period of extreme hardship as they try to cater for the refugees.

So Happy To Be Here And So Grateful For Our Generosity

So Happy To Be Here And So Grateful For Our Generosity

Personally, I think that unless it is made clear to all nations that we will not accept any more refugees in such numbers, either now or in the future, there will be blood on the streets as the European people react when their anger boils over. What we have experienced so far in the way of demonstrations and attacks will be but a drop in the ocean compared to what is coming.

On the other side of the coin, as their numbers increase the Muslims will intensify their activities to change the face of Europe to be more in line with their way of life. It has been proven that when Muslims reach a certain percentage of the population they will exert more and more pressure on the lives of those that took them in.

After A Short While In The Country No Longer Grateful But Showing Their True Colours

After A Short While In The Country No Longer Grateful But Showing Their True Colours

We see this daily in Britain with their demands for halal food, taking over schools, more mosques, areas of towns and cities with Sharia Law and a total disregard for the British way of life. This will happen in Germany too once they get themselves established, and that you can take to the bank.

With Muslims Next Door To Dress Like This Is Tempting Fate!

With Muslims Next Door To Dress Like This Is Tempting Fate!

In many areas of Britain where they have all but taken over, English women and girls are no longer safe on the streets after dark because rape is condoned by the Qur’an in the Islāmic religion. Some German school headmasters have already warned parents about allowing girls to wear short skirts or see-through blouses on the streets. To many Muslims this is an open invitation.

Muslims Taking Over Entire Towns

Muslims Taking Over Entire Towns

There can be little doubt that in time many things will change within Europe as this new wave of Muslims assert their place in our society. The creep of Islam into European culture is becoming stronger and faster as the years go by, and they are influencing more and more the lives of the European people. The sad thing is, our politicians just do not recognize the dangers associated with it.

If as predicted we see a further two million refugees swarming ashore in Greece and Italy next year, then it will certainly not be long before Islam begins to show its muscles within Europe and the lives of every native will be changed for ever.

“Which do you fancy darling, this black burqa or that black burqa?”


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