Anti-Refugee Protest? – The Tip Of The Iceberg

With the massive influx of refugees from Syria and the huge number of economic refugees taking advantage of the situation, it was inevitable that somewhere in Europe trouble would begin because the people were not consulted about the acceptance of so many refugees. This has proven to be true as outbreaks of violence against refugees takes hold in some countries.

Germany has already seen demonstrations and attacks against the plans where proposed refugee centres have been vandalized, and in one case burnt to the ground.

Now the trouble has spread to Holland. In the town of Geldermalsen near Utrecht a violent riot took place on Wednesday night against plans to build  facilities to house 1500 asylum seekers. This follows an attack on  a Syrian refugee centre in October.

The demonstration of around 2,000 people turned violent as missiles were thrown at the police, and the demonstrators surrounded the meeting hall where the town councillors were discussing the plans. As the demonstrators finally broke into the building the councillors had to be evacuated. Eventually the police had to fire warning shots into the air.

Migrant Arrivals - Where Do We Put Them All?

Migrant Arrivals – Where Do We Put Them All?

From these and many other demonstrations, it becomes clear that the public do not agree with the ‘carte blanche’ acceptance of so many refugees by the governments of Europe, and in particular Germany.

In my view this will only escalate as time goes by, for there are already too many refugees in Europe who are living off the back of the taxpayer and it has to end. Already the experts are saying that after the huge influx of more than a million this year, we can expect a further two million next year as people from many countries take advantage of Angela Merkel’s ill-advised announcement that Germany would accept all refugees.

If it were purely refugees from war-torn countries like Syria or Iraq the numbers would be acceptable, but the bad thing is, around two-thirds of these refugees (official figures) are purely economic refugees from many countries that are not at war.

Any Way They Can!

Any Way They Can!

That is something we know all about in Britain, for when the traitor Tony Blair opened the gates of the country to anyone who wanted to come here he caused a major disaster for the whole country. Angela Merkel has now done much the same thing for not only Germany, but the whole of Europe as countries struggle to house and feed those pouring in.

After the demonstrations in Germany and now Holland it is clear that people are not siding with their governments on this issue, and that will eventually lead to more trouble.

It is indeed unfortunate that numbers are so overwhelming that it is impossible for the authorities to weed out all the economic refugees and send them back where they came from.

The Truth Of It!

The Truth Of It!

Those who have come alone will, once settled here, have their entire family join them which will increase the refugee total significantly. This will eventually mean that Muslims in Europe will increase their numbers by much more than a million.

I do strongly feel that we are sowing the seeds of destruction for the Europe we once knew, for the Muslims get more and more powerful as their numbers increase and they will naturally demand more and more from us until there is little left of the Europe we once knew.

I for one am very very glad I am not a twenty something year old who will be forced to watch the final demise of the European continent.

6 Responses to “Anti-Refugee Protest? – The Tip Of The Iceberg”

  1. Hi Roy
    It is with great concern that I look at the current migrant problem and its longer term effects. As we are seeing citizens are starting to rebel against their governments policies. This may seem a little extreme but I have to ask “is Merkel the sacrificial lamb for the new Nazi party”? Is she a willing co-conspirator? Are the migrants going to become the modern day Jews of 1930’s Germany.
    If we look back at the 1930’s in Germany we will see that the Nazi party came to power not only using aggression but also due to economic hardship. Migrants putting severe strains on a countries economic system cannot help but have a negative effect on that countries population. This is a situation ripe for the rise of an extremist government. The thing is !!……..if enough migrants are resident in each country then we will face the prospect of multiple countries having civil wars at the same time! I believe that we have seen the end of wars between countries, wars will now be fought within countries across Europe all at the same time, but, the enemy will not wear a uniform.
    Thankyou Merkel. Your stupidity knows bounds, the only reason why I can understand your policy is that you must be a Nazi warmongerer.
    Hitler was a chancellor, enough said !


    • Hi Rich and welcome.
      To be honest, I doubt that we will have to watch out for the rise of an extremist government in Germany, but more the rise in power of the Muslims within Europe. We have now reached the one million mark in refugees this year, and the expectation is that next year we will see TWO million coming here. It will be interesting to see what Merkel and the European bureaucrats do next year.
      Best Regards,


  2. Alan Says:

    A reaction that is totally inevitable Roy. After years of discussing the subject of immigration with many, many people, I have yet to meet someone who asked for these undesirables to settle in our country, it will be the same in Holland and Germany. As you say, there will be repercussions in the future, I just hope that Merkel and Blair are around to be punished for their crimes.

    Just to confirm the stupidity of their actions, I see that there is a real education problem in the UK – probably in other European countries too –

    This was also in the Pakistani friendly Independent & Guardian.

    When will these idiots wake up to the fact that ALL muslim children are brainwashed from the day they were born? This indoctrination is totally against the Human Rights of any child, they were born free to choose how they want to live, just like you and me, yet the powers that be seem to think that the child is the property of the parents.

    It will never change until they are sent to where they belong, it will be very disruptive, but that is the only answer.




    • Hi Alan, welcome back.
      Well said Alan. Our politicians are dragging the whole continent down into the mud and none of them seem to see it. They should face justice, but I fear they never will. I guess that will leave it up to the people to change their policies.
      Best Regards,


  3. Blair and Mercle need to locked up for ever


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