Dec. 17 - Migrants force their way into a truck.

Dec. 17 – Migrants Force Their Way Into A Truck.

Once again the French have shown how pathetic their attempts are to control the situation in Calais where migrants are concerned. Yesterday between 800 and a 1,000 migrants tried again to storm the Channel Tunnel trying to get to Britain and it was eventually necessary for the police to use teargas to drive them back.

This farce has been going on for years and yet the French government seems totally incapable of putting an end to it. Violence breaks out almost every day at Calais as migrants try to get across the English Channel to Britain. As you would expect, they choose Britain above all other European countries because of the generous benefits they receive.

The numbers in Calais have increased steadily over the past year, until there is now an estimated 6,000 of them living in a place near the docks called ‘The Jungle’. Each day they search for a way to sneak aboard trucks passing through the terminal or get into the tunnel that joins Calais with Dover in Britain.

As I have reported in earlier posts, the French seem to think it is a British problem even though it takes place in their country. Currently Britain is providing much more security at the port than the French government, which is ridiculous.

Now that security measures have been beefed up at Calais some migrants have moved on to Zeebrugge in Belgium in an effort to get across the Channel.

These people will never give up, so it is really up to the authorities to solve this problem once and for all. The one sure way is for the French authorities to round up every migrant in Calais and ship them back where they came from. Do this a few times and the flow to the channel coast will stop.

I just wish the French politicians could see this quick, simple solution that is staring them in the face.


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