Migrants – And The Shape Of Things To Come!

It was no surprise to me to read today that a cleaning woman at a refugee camp has been sexually harassed by two Muslim inmates. The cleaner was assaulted every day for ten days before she had the nerve to report the abuse. Two refugees, one aged 38 and another of 52, have been arrested at the refugee camp in Kitzingen, Germany.

Local councillor Tamara Bishop said: “As a woman, what happened here really worries me.” To combat this problem the company charged with cleaning the centre will now send only men to carry out the work.

Muslim Violence In A Refugee Camp

Muslim Violence In A Refugee Camp

It would appear that this is not an isolated case for many refugee camps in Germany are suffering from a wave of violence among the inmates. Doctors in Calden have said they will no longer treat the sick in the camp without an escort because of attacks on them. Last month an ambulance was attacked by refugees at the camp, and around 300 people attacked each other with metal bars after an argument in a food queue.

To me this comes as no surprise, and yet Angela Merkel has opened up a ‘can of worms’, for Germany is expecting 1.5 million refugees to arrive this year, and what next years total will be is anyone’s guess. There can be little doubt that with her rash statement of a few weeks ago she has opened up the doors to a wave of problems for Germany.

I very much doubt that these incidents, and in particular the rape of a German women, will be the last when these refugees are released into the community. Rape in particular is considered a right in Muslim society and is even condoned by the Qu-ran.

Muslim View On Rape

Muslim View On Rape

In Britain the number of rapes per year has gone through the roof since Tony Blair allowed the country to be filled up with Muslims. When they see our women dressed the way they are each of them is considered a legitimate target for any Muslim male who is feeling a little randy, or thinks he can exploit the situation.

In my view we haven’t seen anything yet, for once these people are released into the community the crime rate, and in particular rape, will skyrocket and we may well reach a situation where no German woman feels safe on the streets without a male escort.

What most people here seem to forget is that these people do not live by the same rules as we do, and even though they are now living in a Christian country they still feel they can do as they please. This fact has been proven time and time again in Britain, and it will come to Germany too.

Europe is being overrun by these so-called refugees and I say that because as previously reported, from the influx between April and June of this year official figures based on registration data state that barely a third were from Syria and Iraq. The rest were all economic refugees from Albania, Pakistan, Bangladesh and African countries here to live off benefits and make money.

And They Just Keep On Coming

And They Just Keep On Coming

With so many entering Europe the resources of many countries like Germany will be bled dry within a year, and that is not counting the wave of refugees that will come next year once the winter is over. People in the know are of the opinion that we will see a far bigger flood of refugees to our shores, making 2015 seem like a party.

It is time for the European Parliament to begin working together to stem this flow before we all drown under it.


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