Proof Most of The Refugees ARE Fake!

EurostatA report released by Eurostat, the E.U’s official statistics agency, has laid bare the lie of refugees fleeing to Europe saying they all come from Syria. It endorses what I have said for many weeks about the influx of refugees and their origins.

They all claim to be from Syria in the hope of being accepted into the E.U. as war refugees, but now official figures confirm this to be a massive lie. It has taken quite a while, but finally the European Union politicians have the truth in front of them. What they will do with this information is anyone’s guess.

Coming Thick And Fast

Coming Thick And Fast

The report covers just the second quarter of this year when 230,000 crossed into Europe with only 44,000 actually originating from Syria, and a further 13,900 coming from Iraq. The second largest group of 27,000 are in fact from Afghanistan, with another 17,700 coming from Albania of all places where there is no war or strife. The rest come from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Africa.

While the 57,900 from Syria and Iraq have a legitimate claim to be refugees from war torn countries, the rest most certainly do not. This makes them purely economic migrants, and means that a total of 173,000 from the entire 230.000 are not entitled to refugee status in the E.U., and do not forget that this is only from April, May and June of this year.

In recent weeks of course the influx has more than doubled, but the same is still true. It’s a safe bet to assume that in time it will be shown the large majority of refugees coming to our shores since this report was issued also have no right to stay here!

Coming Thick And Fast And All On Top Of The Non-EU Economic Migrants.

Coming Thick And Fast And All On Top Of The Non-EU Economic Migrants.

Most of the economic migrants are from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and a few African countries, all claiming to be from Syria in order to gain entry, but now the facts are out in the open.

Pakistani Passport

Pakistani Passport

I previously reported on the Macedonia police and border guards finding a huge number of discarded Pakistani and Bangladesh passports and identity documents in fields along the border. It becomes obvious that asylum seekers from these countries know they have little chance of being accepted as refugees, but thought they could be if they had no documents and claimed to be from Syria.

Germany alone is expecting more than a million asylum seekers by years end, and the fact is that should Europe accept all those swarming over our external borders this year, you can be sure they will keep on coming year after year because they look upon Europe as the ‘Promised Land’. Eventually the entire continent will be totally overrun and the economy of all European countries will be destroyed.

Example of Child Benefit Across The E.U.

Example of Child Benefit Across The E.U.

How on earth can the many European nations afford to house, cloth, and feed such numbers for free when their people are already being hard hit by the slowdown of the European economy?

I am just amazed that the dumb idiots in Brussels cannot see this and start returning those who have no right to be here. While I do have pity for those who are genuinely fleeing war in their home country and think they should be helped, I have none for those who come here just to make money and live off benefits.

This unprecedented influx of refugees has turned Europe on its head and caused severe problems for the whole bloc. The idiots in Brussels have been demanding that each country take its share of 120.000 refugees but many have refused, and rightly so. Why should Europe accept several hundred thousand refugees who have no right to be here? It is tearing the economy of Europe to shreds, and will eventually cause severe suffering for the European people, especially the not so well off.

Spreading Out Across Europe

Spreading Out Across Europe

Right now they are spread out all across Europe which will make it almost impossible to rectify this major blunder. Many have already been registered and their lies believed, so they are now able to accept the handouts, housing and health care being offered to them by the various European governments for free. Also, after five years they will be given permanent status and legally become European citizens, which I think is a huge mistake.

The only thing I am grateful for is that Cameron has kept Britain out of this circus by refusing to accept any of the refugees currently flooding Europe. His plan of taking refugees directly from the transit camps in Jordan and Lebanon is a far better and more measured response.

Indeed - How Many?

Indeed – How Many?

What does come out of all this is that the British public are hardening their attitude towards the E.U. and Brussels as thousands of people sign up to the various pressure groups that want us out. As many know, Britain is to hold a referendum before the end of 2017 on whether we should stay in the E.U., but with this refugee crisis, more and more people are swinging to the ‘No’ side of the argument.

The Ukip leader Nigel Farage said: “It is clear that the issue of immigration is going to dominate this EU referendum campaign, with the border chaos across Europe making the issue even more of a concern for the British people than ever before. The choice is clear: either we vote to leave the EU and begin controlling the quality and quantity of those coming into the UK or we have complete open borders, with all of the problems and dangers that come with it.”

Sir Bill Cash

Sir Bill Cash

Sir Bill Cash, chairman of the Commons European Scrutiny Committee, called on Home Secretary Theresa May to press the German government to do more to tackle the migrant crisis. He urged her to “have a word with her counterpart to ensure that Germany does actually step up to the mark in doing the sort of things that are really going to help and stop the tsunami of millions of people who could well come over here and swamp Europe.”

More And More Will Come!

More And More Will Come!

It will be difficult to sort out the real refugees fleeing war in their own country, but it must be done and the economic refugees sent back. If the governments and the E.U. idiots in Brussels do not do this, the continent will indeed be swamped and that will have dire consequences for the future of us all.

Imagine that due to the stupidity and gross negligence of the current idiots in Brussels, at some time in the future Europe becomes ‘Europistan’, then you can bet your last dollar that America will be their next target.
I’m just glad I won’t be around to see it.

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