Merkel Brings Chaos To The European Union

Bugger! I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut!

Bugger! I Should Have Kept My Big Mouth Shut!

Angela Merkel must surely be regretting her big mouth when she so openly invited refugees to come to Germany a short time ago. She has been partly responsible for bringing utter chaos to the European Union with this one stupid statement. The entire Union is being overwhelmed by the numbers seeking refuge, and in my view this could eventually lead to the breakup of the whole European Union as one country after another is refusing to take the refugees.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has already stated that because of her ill thought out speech some time ago, she can expect more than a million refugees to make their way to Germany this year.

Its the old old story, once the door is opened its nigh-on impossible to close it again. Britain knows all about that saying when Blair opened our gates to the whole world and the immigrants came pouring in.

The best the stupid E.U. parliament in Brussels could come up with was distribution of the refugees over all Union states which has been firmly rejected by some. Germany itself is now saying it cannot absorb all those wishing to live in Germany. So much for Merkel’s big mouth!

But currently the numbers coming in are so staggering that it will be impossible for the countries of the E.U. to take them all. But they will keep on coming so long as there is a glimmer of hope they will be accepted.

Migrants Fight With Border Police In Hungary

Migrants Fight With Border Police In Hungary

We are rapidly seeing the death of the Schengen Agreement that allows free travel between all E.U. nations because one country after another, including Germany, have closed their borders due to the crisis. The first was Hungary, but now Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have done the same, and possibly Romania and Bulgaria will join them.

Even the Netherlands has introduced border controls to monitor those passing to northern countries, and because it fears being overwhelmed by the influx of refugees. Most of them heading north are demanding to be let into Finland or Sweden, and have refused to settle in Denmark ‘because they do not get enough money in benefits‘!

They Just Keep On Coming.

They Just Keep On Coming.

This explains and reinforces claims that they expect to live off  our generous benefits system in whichever country they settle. The current huge numbers will cause a complete breakdown of the entire system, and the people who will suffer the most are the people of Europe. This will no doubt cause havoc with the entire economy of many countries.

It is no use thinking that this will be a temporary situation, because European governments make the very big mistake of giving these people permanent residency after five years. This means they will get a  passport and become proper European citizens. In my view, as refugees, they should be given temporary residency so long as there is trouble in their homeland, but once peace returns, their permits expire and they are returned there.

British Help Volunteers In Calais

British Help Volunteers In Calais

The sad thing is, there are people who feel so desperately sorry for these individuals, as evidenced by British ‘bleeding hearts’ turning up at Calais, who sympathize with immigrants when they demand to be let in to Britain. Not one of them thinks of the consequences in the future. These are ordinary people who feel sorry for the 4,000 young male refugees who have been trying to get into Britain by any means for the past months. So far, new fences and strict controls have prevented this, but what if we did accept them?

As previously said, they are all young males and who can say what their purpose is in getting to Britain. They will live off the benefits system, get free housing and medical care, but will they integrate into British society? Will they hell!

You have to ask the question, how many are radicals? Are some members of Islamic State? How can you tell with a five minute interview prior to giving them the papers they need to live here?

Islamic State Fighter Arrested In Spain

Islamic State Fighter Arrested In Spain

It is well known that many Islamic State fighters have infiltrated Europe under the guise of being a refugee, and it remains to be seen what they will do when they get here. It does not need a major stretch of the imagination to figure out their purpose in coming here, i.e. organize terrorist cells within the E.U.

That is one great danger for the people of Europe, but there are others. What do the politicians think is going to happen to the economies of nations that take in hundreds of thousands of refugees? And how about the future?

Some writers have repeated what I said some time ago, in that the European people will eventually become a minority in their own lands. It is well known that the birthrate of Muslims far outstrips that of westerners, and with such a huge influx as we have now, by around 2030 to 2050 Muslims will become the majority in Europe.

Welcome to Europistan!!!!


4 Responses to “Merkel Brings Chaos To The European Union”

  1. Hi Roy
    Germany’s ageing population required an increase in their ‘productive’ population to sustain support for the ‘oldies’. Did Merkel see the refugees as the solution? She seems to have now reached her target! and it’s time to offload her ‘excess’ onload onto the rest of Europe. I live in Mallorca and am going back home to the UK for 6 days in October, what will I find? To be honest I shudder to think, I haven’t been home since 2008. Will it still be the UK I left ??


    • Hi Jack and welcome.
      Sorry for the late reply but I have been having internet problems – again! I agree with your comment and it seems that Merkel has reached her limit. However, I cannot see that she will be successful in ‘off-loading the excess’ onto many other nations. Good luck when you get back to U.K. because I think you will need it. The country has gone downhill ever since Blair opened the gates and I don’t ever want to even cross the coastline again. It would take a major disaster for me to go back there again. I doubt that you will recognise the old country when you get back, but good luck anyway.
      Best Regards,


  2. Well said , now there has to be accountability by Merkel and all Eu leaders . The only solution is dissolve the EU before its too late and their is instability across the EU


    • Hi PG and welcome.
      I think what you say is about right. Although, to expect any sensible solutions to the crisis to come from the E.U. Leaders will be like waiting for Hell to freeze over.
      Best Regards,


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