Heading North – They Are Coming To A Place Near You.

As predicted the number of refugees has increased dramatically during the summer months after we let so many in during April and May. Since then the numbers have steadily grown week on week until we recently had 3,000 in one day last weekend landing on the shores of Italy.

Another Boat Load Makes It To Kos Greece

Another Boat Load Makes It To Kos Greece

This year, up to the end of July, a total of 350,000 have landed on the European mainland and we still have five months to go before year’s end. These figures have raised many questions among the governments of E.U. countries, and also among the population. Just how much longer can we continue to take in these people before we have to begin turning them away. No-one seems to know, and that is worrying.

Dresden People Demonstrate

Dresden People Demonstrate

Already the people in some parts of Germany are letting the government know that they are not prepared to continue accepting the endless stream of refugees. In eastern Germany police said protesters shouting “foreigners out” and carrying banners against the “asylum flood” threw bottles and stones at busloads of asylum seekers arriving in Heidenau, near Dresden. As the flow increases it is certain that more people in other countries are going to take action.

It is a solid fact that as long as we continue to accept these people, so more and more will try to come here because they know they will not be turned away.

Since this whole crisis developed it has been well-recognized that very many of the ‘refugees’ are in fact economic migrants who come here for the free handouts. They are hiding among the genuine refugees who are escaping the killings in Syria and Iraq.

While I have a great deal of sympathy for those fleeing violence I believe they should be seeking help in neighbouring countries and not all be heading to Europe.

Pakistan Refugees Brawl With Other Nationalities For Papers

Pakistan Refugees Brawl With Other Nationalities For Papers

For example, it is well-known that many are from Pakistan and we all know there is no war in that country so why are they here? If they are from the north where the Taliban are active they could just move south and get away from it, but no, Europe is the big attraction because we take everybody in.

As I have said before, very many of the refugees are men, and once they are allowed in their entire family down to uncle’s, aunts and cousins will eventually follow. Some will say “Why Not?”, but what you have to remember is that they will be draining tens of millions from the benefits system until it eventually runs dry. Already British people are suffering heavily, especially the old, and many are living on the bread-line for there is not enough money to help them because it is all going to ‘refugees’.

World War 2 Refugees

World War 2 Refugees

The world is undergoing a major upheaval right now, reminiscent of World War Two, and it is all caused by a few terrorists organizations like Islamic State. Their butchery is almost unparalleled in history as they try to sow unrest in countries one after another in the hope of gaining power.

They have even attacked the powerful Saudi Arabia, causing unrest in the country in the hope they can eventually move in and take control. If that happens it will certainly cause a massive problem with oil production, and will have repercussions world-wide. I agree it is not likely to happen, but it does indicate how high they have set their sights.

The War In Syria

The War In Syria

What is more likely to happen is that they will eventually take over Syria, for Assad’s regime is losing heavily and will be defeated by the joint rebel and I.S, forces. Once he is finished does anyone think that I.S. will then leave Syria to the rebels to form a government? Not on your life. Unless the rebels join them, they will turn on these people and defeat them, and thus gain control of the country. If they manage to accomplish that, surrounding countries like Lebanon and Jordan will then be attacked.

All this will do is increase the number of refugees that head for Europe. Month by month the numbers are growing and Germany alone is expecting 800,000 refugees to arrive in the country by years end. In July 50,000 refugees had reached the Greek islands, and for the whole of Greece the number is 158,000. Italy has also rescued 90,000. One of the biggest surges happened on 6-7 June, when nearly 6,000 people were plucked from the sea and taken to southern Italy, in a major international operation. These figures compare with  a total of 219,000 refugees last year, and a mere 60,000 in 2013.

Self Explanatory

Self Explanatory

There can be little doubt that Australia has the right approach by sending them back where they came from. It is tough, but the government do not want the country overrun by these people, and European nations must eventually accept what is necessary.

Instead Of Parading Up And Down Why Don't You Do Something Useful - Like Destroy I.S. and Boko Haram?

Instead Of Parading Up And Down Why Don’t You Do Something Useful – Like Destroy I.S. and Boko Haram?

The problem is, that if we take these people in without doing something to stop the reason for their flight it will get worse year on year until we are totally overwhelmed. This is why I continue to say that we must see some action from the United Nations who are duty bound to maintain peace in the world. For many months they have not made a single move, or even voiced their opinion on the I.S. tragedy in the Middle East. They have remained silent on the entire issue.

This is just not good enough from a body that was formed with such high intentions. It is time for them to start taking action against all the terrorist groups by forming a multi-national force to put an end to this global tragedy so the refugees can return home.


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