This Just CANNOT Continue!



Although the tensions in Calais seem to have diminished, there are other parts of Europe that are struggling to deal with the immigrant crisis, and still the EU Council does nothing.

It makes me wonder why we bother having politicians at all, because apart from laying down stupid rules that no-one wants they never seem to be able to deal with a real crisis.

While Britain and France have struggled to control the thousands of migrants who are trying to cross over into Britain they have not lifted a finger to assist.

Bulgaria Refugee Camp

Bulgaria Refugee Camp

Now we also have a crisis in Italy, Greece, the Greek Islands and Bulgaria, all being over-run by migrants wanting to settle in Europe. So far this year a total of 350,000 migrants have landed on European shores, which is an increase of 175% over the same period last year. At this rate it will be close to a million by the end of the year. Should Europe take them all in and be done with it, or should we begin shipping many of them back where they came from?

Pakistan 'Refugees'

Pakistan ‘Refugees’

From news broadcasts it is clear that a large majority of ‘refugees’ are from Pakistan and they all want to settle here. Why? There is no war in Pakistan, but they are here because they are economic refugees and see an easy future in Europe. To begin with I think all those from Pakistan should be immediately repatriated to their own country which will take a great strain off our resources.

Many Are From Islamic State

Many Are From Islamic State

Some may find my stance on this issue harsh, but we cannot allow a whole continent to be swamped by refugees when the majority are here purely for economic reasons. While I have sympathy with those who are fleeing war, I have none for those who are coming here for an easy life. Plus the fact, how do we tell those belonging to Islamic State from genuine refugees?

If we accepted only genuine refugees from war-torn countries like Iraq the numbers would be more than halved, but the economic refugees only see Europe as somewhere to feather their nests!

One should not forget that for every migrant allowed to stay in Europe there will be a whole line of family following them. Wives, children, parents, grand-parents, uncles, aunts and their children, the list is endless, and how are we supposed to cater for this mass influx? Most will be living off benefits, especially in Britain which is an easy target for these people.

Kos - Immigrants Taking Over Tourist Hotels

Kos – Immigrants Taking Over Tourist Hotels

This invasion of people is crippling the economies of countries like Italy, Greece and Bulgaria and currently there is no answer, especially from the European Union idiots in Brussels! They just sit in their ivory tower and take no notice, probably hoping the whole crisis will disappear of its own accord. I have news for them: IT WILL NOT!

The situation in Bulgaria is now becoming desperate, for this year official data shows 25,000 people have applied for refugee status in Bulgaria in the past two years, as many as in the previous two decades combined. That may not sound like many but you have to remember that the country is both poor and small, and relies on EU financial support to receive and provide shelter, medical care and food for over 3,500 refugees housed in camps, and has already used 80 percent of the 4.2 million euros it received to that end.

Border FenceThings have become so desperate in the country that they have begun fencing off their border with Turkey, much like Hungary on its border with Serbia. No matter how desperate the situation in the country the usual ‘bleeding hearts’ people have condemned the move to put up the fence. Boris Cheshirkov, spokesman for the Bulgarian office of UNHCR is quoted as saying, “The barriers, not only in Bulgaria, are only increasing the risks to the people in a desperate situation, fleeing from war – but force them to put their lives in danger in the hands of smugglers and human traffickers,”

Boris Cheshirkov, Spokesman For The Bulgarian Office Of UNHCR

Boris Cheshirkov, Spokesman For The Bulgarian Office Of UNHCR

As you would expect, Human Rights groups and the United Nations’ refugee agency UNHCR have criticised the border fence, saying that barriers will not stop the refugee inflows. What these people forget is that the greater majority of ‘refugees’ coming to Europe are coming for economic reasons! They are not fleeing war in their homeland!

However, the problems in Bulgaria are nothing compared to those in Greece and Italy. As we all know, Greece is surviving on handouts from the ICC and the IMF but the refugee crisis is straining it to the limits. Only last week a total of 21,000 refugees landed on Greek shores. How much longer can the economy stand this pressure? We have all seen on the news the tens of thousands of migrants jamming the island of Kos among others. There are so many that removing them is a mighty task and costing millions of euros.

Enoch Powell

Enoch Powell

The simple answer is, this just cannot go on. Every day I read the comments of ordinary people on news items on the internet and it is clear they are close to having had enough. The governments will not take decisive action to solve this crisis and allow more and more to come to our shores. But every one that is successful gives ten more the idea that they too will be accepted. As I said, for every one that makes it there follows maybe twenty or more family members. This just cannot go on for if it does it will destroy Europe, its infrastructure, its economy and health care system. Eventually, as Enoch Powell predicted so long ago, there will be blood on the streets.

Time For Decisive Action Mr. Moon!

Time For Decisive Action Mr. Moon!

Europe desperately needs its government to make some decisive decisions to solve this crisis once and for all before we are swamped. But it is not only the E.U. that needs to get off its fat backside, but also the United Nations who could solve this entire crisis with a series of actions. I have often said on these pages that the U.N. must get together an international military force to go from country to country and wipe out all these terrorist groups that are responsible for this refugee debacle.

Is This What You Want For The World Mr. Moon?

Is This What You Want For The World Mr. Moon?

They should wipe out all groups like Islamic State, Boko Haram, al Shebab plus all the other 176 terrorist groups that infest this world. Once this is done all the refugees can go home and everything can return to normal. To many this may sound like an impossible task, but believe me, it is not! The U.N. acted 65 years ago when the North Koreans, under influence from the USSR attacked the south and solved the crisis. They can do the same with this one. It just needs someone with the balls to get things moving.


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