The Calais Farce Continues!

French Police Not Effective Enough

French Police Not Effective Enough

It amazes me how governments can be faced with an ever-growing crisis and yet do nothing but argue and whine without taking the necessary steps. The situation in Calais has gotten steadily worse as more and more migrants turn up there in the hope of getting to Britain, but neither government, not the French nor the British, are actually doing anything about it except blame the other side.

Now the French are saying that we should send troops across the channel to deal with the crisis rather than engage their own to sort things out.

It seems to me that when all this dies down and the recriminations start flying, the French want to be able to shout loudly, “It wasn’t us it was the British!”

They refuse to bring in sufficient police to handle the situation, they refuse to bring in their army and then scream and shout that it is all the fault of Cameron and the British government. These people are on French soil dammit!

Bruno Noel, who is head of the union for police deployed to the French port and Eurotunnel has been quoted as saying his men are “doing Britain’s dirty work.”

Words Of Wisdom?

Words Of Wisdom?

There have been several calls to bring in the military to check lorries and stop people illegally entering Britain, among them Nigel Farage of UKIP. For myself, I think he is right, the military should be sent in to clear the whole Calais area of migrants. The best and cheapest policy for all concerned is to round them up and ship them back to where they came from.

The gangs organizing these efforts by the migrants have last week started a new tactic to get the people into Britain. Holiday makers who are returning to Britain on the ferries are being offered cash rewards for smuggling migrants onto ferries and through customs in their vehicles. Most of those targeted are older couples because they come under less scrutiny from customs officials.

The entire scenario has come under criticism from François Crépeau, the UN’s special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants. He is reported to have said, “It is not an invasion. It is called mobility. It goes with globalisation. That is what we do when we go for vacation in Thailand.”

François Crépeau - An Idiot On Two Legs

François Crépeau – An Idiot On Two Legs

He even went so far as to accuse Britain of racism with his remark, “It is remarkable that in most of our countries we have nothing against numerous Germans and French coming in and we dislike profoundly that people with darker skin colours are coming in, so there are elements of racism in this nationalist, populist reaction to migration.”

Tory MP Andrew Percy branded Mr Crépeau’s comments “claptrap from a UN do-gooder” and said it was “disgusting to call British people racist for simply wanting to do what every other country does in the world, which is defend its border and protect people in other countries by cutting off a route which means they have to put their lives at risk”.

Illegals Attempting To Enter A Truck.

Illegals Attempting To Enter A Truck.

Britain’s trucking companies have been hit hard by this crisis and it has come to light that they have had to destroy millions of pounds worth of medication destined for NHS hospitals because of the backlog in Calais. The companies say they have been forced to bin the medication over concerns it could be contaminated by the presence of an intruder because it is meant to be transported in a secure environment.

Also, I have to ask why the French Police have not dismantled the burning tyre barricade that the striking ferry company workers put up to stop people entering the French terminal. Why have they allowed these people to perpetuate the chaos currently suffered by travellers? If these people want to strike by all means go ahead, but they should not be allowed to interrupt all traffic flow into the port. The French Police should have stepped in and removed them from roads in the very beginning.

I have to say that if sending British troops to operate on French soil is the only answer to this chaos, then the plan should go ahead, but they must be given a free hand to clear the port area of all migrants, and striking workers so that things can get back to normal quickly. This farce has gone on long enough!


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