Ban The Burka – An Excellent Idea – And Here’s Why!

Male? Female? Terrorist? How Can You Tell!

Male? Female? Terrorist? How Can You Tell!

When France first passed laws to ban the Islamic burka and niquab face veil in public places in 2010 there was a hue and cry about among other things, religious freedom. The ban was approved by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in July 2014. Since that time it is illegal for Muslim women to cover their faces when out in public. This I have always found to be an excellent idea, for in the current age of Muslim terrorism it is impossible to police public places for suicide bombers when thousands go around with their faces covered.

This fact has been brought home yet again today, as news reports tell of a male suicide bomber in the Chadian capital of N’Djamena who has killed 14 people and injured 74 at the entrance to a market. Witnesses have said that the man tried to enter the market but was stopped by Police because he was wearing a veil. He then proceeded to detonate his explosives. Had he been able to commit this act inside the market the casualty rate would have been much higher.

 N'Djamena Market Entrance

N’Djamena Market Entrance

Chad authorities banned the head-to-toe religious garment last month, citing the risk that attackers could use it as a disguise or hide explosives underneath. It turns out they were right. Although it is not yet known for certain, all evidence points to Boko Haram being behind the attack. Chadian authorities, along with those of Niger, Cameroon, and Boko Harams home base country of Nigeria have been fighting collectively to rid the world of this stain on humanity. 

This entire episode just goes to prove how dangerous it is to allow Muslims to cover themselves from head to foot, for this is by no means the first such attack. France took this vital step in 2010, but Britain’s government has yet to wake up to the danger.

International Public opinion

International Public opinion

Daily, thousands of Muslim women walk our streets dressed in this manner and yet the government sees no harm in this. Let’s face it, the leader of Boko Haram, and even Islāmic State (I.S.), could be walking our streets daily and no-one would be any the wiser.

It is now well-known that many I.S. terrorists are crossing from Libya hidden among the refugees coming over in their thousands,  and who is to say that within a short time we could suffer the same fate of the Chadians.

Until the British Government steps up and accepts its responsiblity to protect the citizens of Britain from such attacks by also banning face veils, we will never be properly safe.

So Mr Cameron, do what is necessary, and ban completely the full face veil in this country before we suffer the same fate as the Chadian people.


5 Responses to “Ban The Burka – An Excellent Idea – And Here’s Why!”

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  2. This means if a smartphone used as a detonator, u will ban the use of Smartphones & call the company a Terrorist organization?


    • Hi Muhammad, And Welcome.
      No, I don’t think you appreciate the dangers of the burka in society. When someone is covered from head to toe you cannot tell what or who is underneath. As I am sure you well know, there have been many cases like this Chad bombing, and to ban the veil like France has done in all western countries is one method of insuring that it is not so easy. It will not remove the threat of suicide bombers completely, but it will help. I hope you can understand that.
      Best Regards,


      • I am aware of the risk, but yet it doesn’t justify. Tommorow if some guys wearing caps, having beard, does this, then I guess…..

        It’s flaws in ur security not in Hijab. Just because somebody misusing it, you cannot ban it. Else ban knives, because it can chop vegetables & also human.


      • Welcome back Muhammad,
        I can understand your point of view, being a Muslim, but banning the covering of faces, which is what the Burka is all about, is good for security in countries that have suffered jihadist attacks.
        If you see someone with their face covered you do not know if it is a man or a woman, carrying explosives or not, in many cases. The attack in Chad is a prime example.
        Even the head of Hamas tried to travel to Egypt wearing a burka, but he got found out by Egyptian authorities.
        The essence of security in these troubled times is being able to see who you are dealing with. It is sad that some Muslim people must suffer because of the jihadists, but that is not the fault of western nations. I hope you understand.
        Best Regards,

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