Europe Safe From Islam? – Think Again!

It totally baffles me how European governments can think we are safe from Muslim terrorists. “Oh we don’t have any trouble here except for the odd attack now and then!” Well think again, because the holocaust could well be coming and there may well be blood on the streets as predicted by Enoch Powell.

Where Do They Come From?

Where Do They Come From?

Europe is currently taking in hundreds of thousands of refugees from Libya and the Middle East and we really have no idea who they are. It is certain that many are members of I.S. who have come here to begin preparing for an I.S. invasion from the inside.

A Syrian I.S, operative has openly claimed that the group have already sent 4,000 members disguised as refugees, and the numbers are growing day by day. He said the I.S. is taking full advantage of the generosity of European nations in taking in so many refugees and will continue to do so. Most are coming through Turkey, crossing at unguarded areas of the border and then making their way north through E.U. countries. Two Turkish refugee-smugglers backed up the claims made by the I.S. Syrian operative.

A spokesman for I.S., Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, praised the recent terror attacks in Australia, Belgium and France. “We repeat our call to Muslims in Europe, the infidel West, and everywhere to target the Crusaders in their home countries and wherever they find them.”

I said some time ago in a blog that once I.S. gain control of Libya they will be coming in our direction, and this proves I was right.

I.S. Taking Control Of Libya

I.S. Taking Control Of Libya

There will be some tough times ahead for Europe in the coming years as these people infiltrate the E.U., for it is sure they will attack at random and at unspecified times until they are either beaten or have attained their goal.

It may well begin with random attacks on members of our governments, car bombs in crowded places or outright assassinations but come it will unless we do something to stop this massive flow of refugees.

Do We Really Want To See This On The Streets Of Europe?

Do We Really Want To See This On The Streets Of Europe?

One formidable threat from I.S. taken from telephone intercepts states that they will send 500,000 migrants across the Mediterranean in a huge fleet of boats at the same time as a ‘psychological weapon’. I do find that a little hard to believe, but either way, it is a threat our governments cannot ignore. If it did take place many would drown and the rescue services would be completely overwhelmed.

Other newspapers have stated that most Muslims currently living in Europe do sympathise with the aims of Islamic State, and would most certainly like the whole of Europe to be a Muslim State, with Sharia Law of course. We don’t have to look for the enemy for it is already here, living among us.

Now let me make it very plain that I am not racist in any way and do not advocate vigilante action against peaceful Muslims who live among us. I will say however, that it would be nice to see them properly integrate with our way of live, learn the langauge and become creditable members of society, but unfortunately this has not happened. I freely admit that I do not like the way they have taken over whole districts in towns and cities and turned them into something like their own country, for this is not what you do when someone gives you a home from home.

A Muslim Imams Message To All

A Muslim Imams Message To All

It is clear that not all the Muslims living among us will heed the call from I.S. when it comes, but sad to say, a significant number will. We already have Muslim agitators like Anjem Choudary who uses any excuse to turn Muslims against us, and there are those that demonstrate daily on our streets, and there are are no doubt very many young Muslims who will ‘pick up the sword’ and turn it against us given the chance.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I am not going to say anything to those who will scoff at this post and consider it rubbish, but as I see it, ‘the writing is on the wall’ and we should not be afraid to see it.

I also have to mention the defunct United Nations that is doing absolutely nothing about the crisis, or the terrorist wars going on across the world. If they wait until Europe is overrun it will be too late.

I do firmly believe that there is a serious threat to the European way of life from I.S., and if governments continue to ignore it then God help us all!


7 Responses to “Europe Safe From Islam? – Think Again!”

  1. Please read my blog you play the sahadowboxing game so well. David Cameron would be proud of you.


  2. When they are 2-5 % of the population they are peaceful .When they are 5-10 of the population they demand Halaal food ,equal work opportunity ,school,mosques and centers.When they become 10-20% of the population they will riot,and demand SHARIA Law so they won’t obey the law of the land ,no one can stop them from there on.In the.1979 l told the people of Vienna they did not believe me .Then there where no mosque now there are many many mosques.My poor beloved Vienna been raped.


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