Oh England! What Has Become Of You?

The Future - Unless We Do Something About It!

The Future – Unless We Do Something About It!

As a Brit have you ever had that sinking feeling as you look around at what is happening in the country today? When I see the incompetence of our politicians and justice system in today’s world it makes me want to cringe. When I see the thousands upon thousands of immigrants clogging up the country’s entry points it makes me want to scream. And yet, no-one seems capable or in some cases interested, in doing anything to save our civilization.

Some of the recent news items made me want to move to a desert island somewhere (with all the mod-cons of course) and shut myself off from the world completely.

Theresa May - Home Secretary

Theresa May – Home Secretary

Just this last week the U.K. Court of Appeal has given immigrants facing deportation for crimes committed in the U.K. the right to appeal their deportation in the courts in direct contradiction to the new rules initiated by the Home Secretary Theresa May. May’s new rule makes it possible for immigrant criminals to be deported immediately, but allows them to appeal from their home country. So far one thousand have been deported under this rule, but now, Lord Dyson, Master of the Rolls, sitting with Lord Justice Underhill, has given permission for two convicted drug offenders to challenge May’s ruling.

The challenges are being brought by Kevin Kinyanjui Kiarie, a Kenyan who came to the UK as a young child in 1997, and Courtney Aloysius Byndloss, a Jamaican father of at least seven children born in the UK from three partners.

See What I Mean

See What I Mean

The Justices argue that deportation would cause harm to their ‘family life (Art. 8 of the HRC), and according to them, the criminals will not have the benefit of legal aid and could face serious problems, including gaining access to video-link or internet facilities. Oh dear! What a shame! They are convicted drug criminals for crying out loud! Should we feel sorry for them?

Following this farce you can bet your last dollar they will be allowed to stay and continue their chosen trade. It seems we let them all in but can’t get rid of them when they turn out to be criminals.

It was also revealed last week that the U.K. population has risen drastically in the last year and now stands at a record 64,596,800, an increase of almost half a million since mid 2013.  Now I wonder how that happened?

Between mid-2013 and mid-2014 the overall figure for migrants arriving in the UK was 582,600, compared to 322,900 people leaving the country. I have to ask, just how long is Britain supposed to accept these immigrants before we can say NO MORE! They are breeding like rabbits once they get here and pretty soon will outnumber us.

Immigrants - Getting in Any Way They Can!

Immigrants – Getting in Any Way They Can!

We already have far too many, but we can’t deport even the criminals because of stupid laws from Strasbourg and our own impotent justice system, so I guess in 20 or 30 years they will take over. Don’t think that Britain is alone in this, for it will happen in the majority of European countries. Even the mighty United States is in danger at sometime in the future.

When it comes to immigrants everyone is so ‘touchy’ and frightened that last Thursday (25/6) a man was charged with “inciting racial hatred ahead of a proposed demonstration in an area of London with a large Jewish population.” The Police are reported as saying, “We are working with residents to ensure that people can exercise their rights in a way that is lawful.”

A Muslim Demonstration

A Muslim Demonstration – See What I Mean?

There is not much information on this issue, but when it comes to racial hatred the Police and laws are very one-sided. If British people demonstrate in the streets about the flood of immigrants they are arrested, but if the Muslims stand on a street corner shouting hate slogans at passers-by they are given a Police escort. Where is the justice in that?

I think we are getting close to the time when mankind should be eradicated on this planet so we can start all over again, and hopefully make a better job of it.


4 Responses to “Oh England! What Has Become Of You?”

  1. Remember that non-EU immigration is strictly controlled, but EU immigration is not controlled at all.

    A lot of the non-European (racially) immigrants have actually entered via this route. For example the large number of Somalis. Very few of these were given asylum by the UK. They typically come from the Netherlands and Nordic countries. Even if the benefit system wasn’t relatively generous we would still be a destination of choice for vast numbers of such immigrants because of the primacy of the English language and Anglo-American culture across the globe. Years ago when I visited Syria they were all learning French, the language of their colonial power, the Syrians today are all learning English, it’s the global language.

    I am old enough to have noticed the change in the character of this country, but there has always been ‘another Britain’. I don’t really agree with your view of Britain. Both my parents were ‘White’ but neither was born in the British Isles, they were born in different distant corners of the British Empire. The concept of Britain that existed for 200 years was of a global Imperium, composed of countless nations, religions and cultures. In a sense little Englanders are trying to have their cake and eat it, because much of the pre-EU non-European immigration was a consequence of Britain’s imperial legacy. In a way it was pay back for invading conquering and dominating other peoples countries, a process which greatly enriched the British homeland (economically).

    The reality though is that all this immigration is only for one reason, the powers that be wish to create what they euphemistically call a ‘flexible labour market’. There are people for who high levels of unemployment are a desirable thing as they mean worse pay and conditions, weak or non-existent unions, and business owners cutting themselves a larger share of the profits cake. If it wasn’t for this I don’t believe we would be seeing this immigration situation, which I agree is going to cause serious social and economic problems.


    • Welcome Back Annie,
      Sorry for the late reply Annie, I had internet problems.
      I am afraid there is little Non-EU immigration control these days, as many thousands enter the country illegally. We are still accepting more immigrants than the country can handle in its current state.
      I am well aware of the people from previous Empire countries that came here in the 50’s and 60’s and they all integrated into the country very well.
      So far as your last paragraph is concerned, that may well have been the target for the previous Labour government, for they certainly ruined this country with their ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’ policy, but certainly not for the present government. They have been left a horrendous mess to clear up and it will be long and difficult, especially fighting against the EUHRC and the Politically Correct Brigade here at home.
      Something must be done soon or it will be too late.
      Best Regards,


  2. The increase of UK immigration is the result of two things. Firstly the uncontrolled immigration from the EU, secondly the 2004 expansion of the EU which fundamentally changed the character of the EU project. Most people in the former socialist countries of eastern Europe earn one fifth to one tenth of what they can earn in the UK. They also generally have poor public services available. Such people are largely coming here to settle and start a family because they will have access to good free education and healthcare. I can’t blame them personally, because I would do the same thing in their shoes. However the policies are all wrong. These countries should have been put through a special transition programme by which the richer countries helped them to develop their economies to a similar standard before admission, but that would be communism, and expensive! So instead the capitalist solution is the free flow of people to reallocate labour resources.


    • Hi Anniepani,
      I agree with what you say, but don’t forget the hundreds of thousands of non-EU immigrants that are slowly taking over the country.
      Best Regards,


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