Ignore Islamic State At Your Peril!

The United Nations and world governments reaction to the advances made by Islāmic State (I.S.) in Syria and Iraq are to say the least, shameful. Everybody watches the TV news or reads reports in the newspapers about the advances they are making and just shrug their shoulders: “What’s it got to do with me?”

The Way Things Stand Its No Idle Threat!

The Way Things Stand It’s No Idle Threat!

Few people seem to realize that these Muslim terrorists are fast becoming a global threat as they spread their influence to more and more countries. Informed reports stated this last week that recruitment by I.S. is far outstripping those killed in battle. Kill ten and they get a hundred more recruits!

So what does this say to you? “Oh its nothing to worry about – It’s a Muslim problem – It’s all happening far away from our country!” Typical of what people think about the crisis as no-one gives a second thought to what is happening. But to be honest, I think we are fools to ignore this situation.

Deadly Mosque Attack By I.S.

Deadly Mosque Attack By I.S.

A year ago, who would have thought that Saudi Arabia, the most stable country in the entire Middle East would be the hotbed of violence it is today? A month or so ago I.S. said they were going to target the country because of the Saudi Air Force attacks against militants in Yemen, and they have. Last weeks mosque bombing is but the tip of the iceberg of what may well come. Muslim terrorists have used the tactic of fermenting trouble among the indigenous population in lands they wish to target for several years. It happened in Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, Yemen and many other places across the globe.

All they needed to do was send in a few agitators who would stir up the feelings of the locals and an insurrection is born. Muslims are easily agitated into a mob even though half of them do not know what they are agitating against. These people are by tradition easily excitable, as we have seen many times in the past where someone whips up a mob against anyone they see as having ‘insulted Allah’.

Insulting Message To I.S.

Insulting Message To I.S.

Apart from a small number of countries assisting Iraq with bombing I.S. camps, supplying arms and ammunition, not a single government is concerning itself with this menace. And meanwhile, I.S. is slowly but surely spreading its influence to other countries.

Europeans should be asking themselves how long it will be before we see the first I.S. attack on our soil. At the moment we are concentrating on rescuing migrants from boats in the Mediterranean Sea and giving them a home. The point has already been raised about how many of these people are I.S. terrorists mingling with the refugees to get a free passage here.

How Do You Tell If Some Of These Belong To I.S.?

How Do You Tell If Some Of These Belong To I.S.?

The migrants are coming across in such numbers that it is impossible to vet each one before allowing them to enter. Who knows how many there are hidden among the refugees, dozens, hundreds? I am sure we will find out in the next year or so.

There are more than enough Muslim agitators on European soil to start a campaign against us. All it takes is someone from this group to organize them and bolster their hatred for the people who gave them a home before they begin a campaign of bombing and attacking innocent civilians.

On top of this, we also have people who left Europe to go and fight with I.S. in Syria and Iraq that we know have been trained in making explosive vests and car bombs. These people have also been filtering back into Europe, and the authorities know that several hundred have returned already without being stopped at the border.

London Attack

London Attack

In my view, (you can agree or not) we are in the build-up phase to an internal fight against terrorism right here in Europe. We have in excess of 56 million Muslims living among us, and a large majority would be happy to see Europe become an Islāmic State, although most would not admit it openly.

It only takes one group like I.S. operating in this way, quietly and behind the scenes, to organize a rebellion in any country, especially among Muslims.

But what to do to combat this menace? Well, considering the world-wide problem we have currently with Muslim extremists, the only way to deal with it, as I have said many times before, is with a multi-national U.N. task force that goes from country to country and wipes out all the terrorist groups. The problems are not only in Africa and the Middle East, the areas that grab the headlines, but also in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the list just goes on and on.

Symbolic Of What The U.N. Is Capable Of - NOTHING!

Symbolic Of What The U.N. Is Capable Of – NOTHING!

Each day the problem is getting bigger but no-one seems interested enough to take solid action. All the world governments express their sympathy with the various countries and take in millions of refugees fleeing the violence, but that could well be exacerbating the problem. No-one takes the time to realize that stopping the violence will solve the refugee problem in a short time.

Everyone on the planet should have the right to live in peace, but that is something far away from the present day, and unless we make our governments come together to stamp out groups like Islāmic State and their ideological followers, we never will. Go in peace.


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