Australia’s Sneaky Tactic To Stop The Drug Execution!



It is to me unfathomable that any nation would stoop to sneaky tactics to stop the execution of two of their nationals accused of drug running in a foreign country. But that is exactly what Australia did in the case of Chan and Sukumaran in Indonesia. These two, along with seven others, were accused of smuggling drugs in Indonesia and executed by firing squad last Wednesday, and before that time the Australian government was trying every tactic in the book to get the executions stopped.

Now it has come to light that their Minister For Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop has said that the executions were illegal under international law! In an effort to get the executions stopped she tried to get the case heard by the International Court, but to do that she needed the agreement of the Indonesian government. She sent a request for the hearing to them but they did not respond.

Julie Bishop - A Foolish Woman

Julie Bishop – A Foolish Woman

She had received advice from ANU academic Don Rothwell and Sydney barrister Chris Ward that the men’s execution was illegal under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Indonesia signed in 2006. According to them the accused could only be executed for ‘the most serious crimes’.

According to legal safeguards added to the treaty in 1984, and according to the advice commissioned for Chan and Sukumaran’s legal team and provided to Ms Bishop, “Drug trafficking does not constitute such a crime when it involves no prima facie harm or violence to another person. (WHAT???) We concede that one of the possible consequences of the trafficking of drugs is self-abuse of the drug, possibly resulting in death. (Oh how magnanimous of you!) However, this is an event which is considerably removed from the actual trafficking of the drugs and ultimately involves an act of self-choice by the drug user.” Cobblers! Who tries their hardest to get someone on drugs? The dealers who receive their supplies from the likes of Chan and Sukumaran.

Sukumaran Family Arrive Back In Sydney

Sukumaran Family Arrive Back In Sydney

The accusations went further by claiming Indonesia subjected the criminals to “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” which is also against the covenant. Professor Rothwell and Dr Ward also pointed out that “execution by way of firing squad, the men’s treatment over 10 years in jail, the Attorney-General H.M. Prasetyo’s decision to execute prisoners in large groups ‘described by Indonesia as batches, in the presence of each other and before a massed group of executioners’, and repeated comments in the lead-up that the deaths were ‘imminent’, ‘will not be delayed’, may be ‘this week’, and that ‘on-going legal processes would not be respected’ were all cruel and inhuman.” Pile it on boys pile it on!

For myself I have never heard such a load of tosh in my life. So they were Australian nationals, so what. They got caught and had to pay the price. Tough! You know what they say, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!”

Chan Family Arrive Back In Sydney

Chan Family Arrive Back In Sydney

Now the papers are filled with hand-wringing, tear-filled photo’s of the coffins and family arriving back in Australia. I suppose next we will be hearing they are to be given a state funeral because of their suffering at the hands of those dastardly Indonesian! Get this through your head Australia – THEY WERE DRUG SMUGGLERS!

I have no pity for these people because of the death and misery they sow by making these drugs available, even to small children! They do not have a moments thought for the thousands that die every day from drugs. They just smile and pocket the cash, and we are supposed to feel sorry for them?

Now there is more sympathy for these two animals than for a single victim of drug taking. Putting them out of business has quite possibly saved the lives of very many teens who would otherwise have been mentally destroyed, or even died using their smuggled drugs.

What Happens When A Pregnant Women Does Drugs!

What Happens When A Pregnant Women Does Drugs!

I for one would like to know how these tearful sympathizers would think if their son or daughter had died from a drug overdose! But typical of today’s common attitude, it happened to someone else so who cares!

Now the newspapers are full (37 photo’s in one paper) of the family arriving at Sydney airport along with the coffins of the two drug smugglers. To see so much attention given to two men, who with their partners conspired to destroy lives is sickening. I guess the family would have had no qualms about spending the money these two made with their vile trade.

Thankfully all the hand-wringing and tears will not bring this pair back, for they have paid the ultimate price for their cold-hearted crimes.


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