The Last Day of Life

Much of today’s news is about the execution of the nine drug traffickers in Indonesia which has hit the headlines constantly over the past weeks. According to reports they were to be executed at 6pm today British Standard Time, so as I write they should have been put before the firing squad and shot to death just 23 minutes ago.

The news of late has been filled with protestations from the governments of those concerned. Chief among them have been Australia and France who have ‘demanded’ that they not be executed.  Further protests have been lodged by the governments of the USA and Great Britain among others.

As I said in my previous post on this subject, foreign powers should stay out of dictating to any country what to do with criminals that have been found guilty of crimes.

In my view, if Indonesia wishes to execute these drug dealers then that is their right and it is not for foreign governments to dictate otherwise.

So there are two Australian citizens and a French citizen among the criminals – So What! It was a tip-off from the Australian police that got them caught in the first place. They did the crime and now they must pay.

Currently there is more thought given to this drug gang than for the thousands of lives they could have ruined if their vile drugs had reached the shores of Australia. Its pathetic!


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