Is This The Beginning?

Last Monday saw what could possibly be the beginnings of major Europe-wide protests about the number of immigrants that are flooding into the Union. Whether this small demonstration opens the floodgates across Europe remains to be seen, but who knows, it could be the spark. There is certainly a huge swell of dissatisfaction among the European people on this subject, and in my view the dam will have to burst soon.

Dresden Germany 15/12/14

Dresden Germany 15/12/14

In Dresden Germany, 15,000 people marched against the ‘Islamization’ of their country in a show of solidarity. Such a small demonstration could be the spark that is needed for people in many European countries to come out and say what they have long thought.

By most standards the demonstration was small, but it soon became evident that among the German people 49 percent sympathised with the marchers stated concerns, and 30 percent indicated they “fully” backed the protests’ aims.

A further poll indicated that 73 percent of Germans were worried that “radical Islam” was gaining ground, and 59 percent said Germany accepted too many asylum seekers.

Demonstration Dresden

Demonstration Dresden

The people marched under the banner PEGIDA which translates as ‘Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident ‘ (Occident standing for the Western nations). Membership of PERGIDA has risen by fifty percent since the first small demonstration in October, and it is certain to rise even further in the months ahead.

The group’s founder Lutz Bachmann said to the crowd, “Everywhere now, in every news rag, on every senseless talk-show, they are debating, and the most important thing is: the politicians can no longer ignore us! We have shown by taking another ‘little stroll’, and by growing in numbers, that we’re on the right path, and that slowly, very slowly, something is beginning to change in this country,”

German politicians have been shocked by the emergence of this group and its rapid popularity, for the people are telling them that the immigration and asylum system in Germany is broken and rapidly needs repair.

It is a fact that since the European economy fell flat, Germany is in a better financial state than most other Union members. This has in turn caused the country to be the number one destination for immigrants and refugees, second only to America.

Anti-Mosque Demonstration Berlin 18/8/2012

Anti-Mosque Demonstration Berlin 18/8/2012

The one big complaint among the German people is as stated by one demonstrator Michael Stuerzenberger, who said he does not oppose asylum for refugees, but asserted that 70 percent of people claiming political asylum here are economic refugees.

Not only that, but the majority of them live off benefits, much the same as in Britain. Germany has a major problem with its Turkish immigrants. A case in point is a man called Kamal and his wife Shadia who have ten children under eighteen and earn from the benefit system €3,000 a month. More than the average western family. On top of this he gets his rent, health care, transport, heating, etc. paid by the state.

Klaus, Kamal’s landlord says, “The man is fit. He even confessed to me that he lies when he says he is ill. He told me once, why should I work if I can live well without” Klaus quotes Kamal.

German Employment Office

German Employment Office

When Kamal has to report to the Federal Employment Office to get a job he tells them he has “unbearable pains in his back and joints.” Therefore, he cannot take any job. Much the same scam as happens under the British system.

I think there are many similarities among the greater majority of those coming to Britain, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and France. All these countries have the same problem, just too many immigrants, too many of whom have everything paid for by the tax payer.

Town Centre Closed For Muslim Prayers?

Town Centre Closed For Muslim Prayers?

The ‘baby’ scam has led to many Muslim families having a large number of children in order to get more benefits, but this also has another negative affect in that the birthrate among the Muslim population far outstrips that of the indigenous people. The inevitable outcome is that they will outnumber us in twenty or thirty years time.

In Britain in particular the people are muttering under their breaths much the same thing, but dare not say anything out loud for fear of being arrested under Tony Blair’s disgraceful Racism Laws.  The laws he specifically enacted to prevent criticism of his Multi-Cultural Britain policy.

EU Leaders - People With A Lot To Answer For.

EU Leaders – People With A Lot To Answer For.

Now that the ‘cat is out of the bag’ in Germany so to speak, there is the possibility that people in other European nations will finally stand up against the politicians and tell them in a clear voice that they too have had enough.

It will happen eventually as the hundreds of thousands of immigrants continue pouring into Europe because of weak politicians and an interfering Brussels. With the governments doing nothing to stem the flow it is up to the people to tell them they will stand for no more.

There can be little doubt that turbulent times are ahead of us, but the sad thing is, the politicians seem incapable of doing anything about the problems facing us. Europe, and in fact many other western countries, need a new breed of politician who can not only see the threat the western world is under, but be brave enough to do something about it. I live in hope!


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