Racist Crap Going Too Far In America!

A Beautiful Christmas Song Not A Symbol Of Racism

A Beautiful Christmas Song Not A Symbol Of Racism

Some of this current racism going around in America is such a load of bullshit it makes me angry. Now the poor ‘downtrodden’ blacks in the States are criticising the fact that the age-old Christmas song ‘White Christmas’ sung at the lighting up ceremony of the New York Christmas tree is racist!!!

Darius Rucker, the former Hootie and the Blowfish singer, sang the song when the famous Rockefeller Centre tree was lit up during the annual event. Immediately this was seized upon by low-lifes as being a racist song.

Says It All

Says It All

So what do these idiots think Marius should have sung: I’m dreaming of a Black Christmas? I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a black Christmas and especially black snow! When I read of such things it makes me glad I am not an American because this is so petty as to defy all forms of logic.

This song was written by Irving Berlin in 1940 and has been a major hit across the world since then. The Bing Crosby release is perhaps the best-selling single of all time with over 50 million sales, and is still widely played at this festive time of year .

Racio Blacks, Hispanic and White Deaths

Ratio Blacks, Hispanic and White Deaths

I am well aware that many black people in America have legitimate concerns about how they are treated by the police, what with the shooting of unarmed black people recently in the news, but come on, this is way out of line! Its just a traditional song for crying out loud.

We have reached a stage of ‘political correctness’ where the word ‘nigger’, yes I said Nigger, cannot be used by white people in case we offend some black person, but the funny thing is, black people use it all the time among themselves, but if a white person uses it he’s racist!

So far as the recent incidents with the police are concerned, It is very obvious that the news bites did not show the run-up to the shootings. I refer in particular to the ‘choke-hold’ death of  Eric Garner, who was a very large man, pushing away a police officer before he was grabbed. After all, it took four of them to bring him down. In such a situation a little cooperation will go a long way, like just answering the questions put to you without a show of resistance.

Yeh! Yeh! Of Course He Was Innocent Just Because He Was Black!

Yeh! Yeh! Of Course He Was Innocent Just Because He Was Black!

Self Explanatory

Self Explanatory

The big problem from my perspective is that the black and hispanic people in America feel they are persecuted by all, but do not have the capability to look inward and ask themselves could they become better citizens. When you see black and/or hispanic communities on the TV or in films they are often hanging around on street corners in gangs, are deeply involved in drugs, and committing other crimes. This of course is not indicative of all black or hispanic people in America and I have no intention of indicating that it is.

Rightly or wrongly, part of this scene is they appear to make little or no effort in school to try and get a proper education and make something of themselves, and so consequently are doomed to a life of crime.

It does not matter if you are black or white, if you learn properly in school, pass your exams and get into higher education, you will have a better life than hanging around on street corners looking for a chance rob someone or sell drugs. This is far better than constantly whining about how hard done by you are.

Open Society

Britain’s Open Society

When the Caribbean people first came to Britain in the sixties there was to begin with some resentment from the British people, but they very quickly assimilated into our society and have for decades been respected as equals. Certainly a lesson for the black population of America.

I am well aware that this post may be controversial but I think someone has to say it and it might as well be me because the ‘persecution complex’ used by so many black and hispanic people in America today is getting very tedious.

Black Gang

Black Gang

Just like the white man, it is up to each and every coloured person to stop whining about how hard done by they are and assimilate into the American culture, and to make something of their lives by paying proper attention when in school for example, instead of staring out the window or going to sleep in class.

Very many black people have gone down in American history as great examples to the modern generation so it is time to get off the ‘persecution train’ and make something of yourself. It may be hard in the beginning but it is the only way forward. And please do not associate White Christmas with racial hatred, after all its only a traditional Christmas song.


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