Worried About Islam – You Should Be!

Someone just sent me an e-mail about the changes in the Muslim world over the past fifty years, and it is an eye-opener. It features photo’s about the changes that have come about regarding women in the Muslim world, and identifies clearly their increased subjugation over the last fifty years. See what you think.

In Iran under the Shah in 1970 life was good for all concerned, especially the women as you see here:



Then came the Islamic revolution, and look at it today!


Makes you think doesn’t it! Much the same has happened in Afghanistan as you can see here with a photo dated sometime in 1967 and then today.


And now today:


Egypt is known as a secular nation today, but the changes in the woman’s dress code has had its influence here too. This first picture was taken in 1959.


But today:


However, if you consider this is only restricted to Arab countries you would be wrong. Take a look at Holland in 1980 and now:


And now today:


Life for the women of Islam has changed drastically over the last fifty years as the strict Muslim code for women has been enforced by Muslim men. Even those living in western countries have seen the domination of the Muslim male strangle their freedoms. It is in my view a crime that the freedoms enjoyed by these people fifty years ago have been snuffed out like a candle, and they are now forced to live as little more than slaves to their male masters.

The sad thing is, unless the people of the west wake up and take note of what is going on in our own backyard, this will in years to come apply to us as well.


8 Responses to “Worried About Islam – You Should Be!”

  1. Hi.

    So I read your blog…I thought to myself – another guy just generalising what “he thinks”. Your thoughts can effect others, and in result hate begins. Where is the peace at?

    Islam is the highest growing religion. Lol. Not because of men but because of truth. I, myself am a Muslim who wears the hijab in the west. I have many muslim and non-muslim friends. I know over 100’s of Muslims in the west either through family or friends. NOT one, Let me emphasis, NOT ONE of those people are “forced” to wear it. I’m not saying that it does not happen around the world, it might be here and there. But you, cannot generalise that more women are wearing the veil because they’re forced.

    If only you knew how honoured women are in Islam, they have many rights. When islam was introduced, women had the right to own a business, women had the right to vote, women had the right to keep every penny of their wealth from their earnings while her husband still needs to provide for her. Women in islam had more rights than any western woman 1400 years ago. What does that really say?

    Allah loves you brother. Maybe you should see why Muslims are growing in size. Read the translation of the Qu’ran with an open mind. And In Sha Allah (if Allah wills) he will guide you to the straight path.

    Take care 🙂


    • Hi Aasfaque,
      Nice of you to comment, I am always glad to hear the views of Muslims. I have no doubt about what you say, as there are many Muslim women who prefer to wear the Hijab, but equally there are many who prefer not to, but the important thing is, they have no choice. I applaud what you say about Muslim women’s rights and I do not doubt what you say, but on the other hand, what about the fact that women are not allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia? What about the fact that a woman was sent to prison for a year because she watched some men play volleyball? There are many more cases of such discrimination, too many to go into here.
      You cannot deny that women in the west have total freedom to do as they wish, but the same is not true in Islam. What about young girls of eight or ten years of age who are forced into marriage, which is perfectly acceptable in Islam? We should also not forget such things as ‘Honour Killings’ where a young girl is murdered by her family because she looked at a boy or went out wearing western clothes.
      What I wrote is certainly not an act of hate but the plain truth. You may well be one of the lucky ones who does have a certain amount of freedom, but you cannot say that is true of all Muslim women. As you will see from the photographs, Muslim women wore western style dresses fifty and sixty years ago which was perfectly acceptable, naturally those that did not wish to didn’t have to. But today a women does not have that choice! Either way you look at it, Muslim women do not have the freedoms their western counterparts do, and to me that is very sad.
      I wish you well, and may all your dreams come true.
      Best Regards,


      • Hi Roy,

        I am glad that you respect everything I say Alhumdullilah.
        And I agree there are some people who do not have the choice to wear the hijab, there is always minority somewhere however you cannot base your judgement on ISLAM.

        Forcing anyone to do anything is HARAM (forbidden) in Islam. That is not the teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammed peace be upon him.

        Let me tell you something. Saudi Arabia, Africa, UK, Turky, Pakistan..etc…none of these country can justify and represent Islam.
        Islam is just Islam and this can be practised anywhere in the world. If a woman is not allowed to drive…Saudi Arabia does not allow it but ISLAM does not say you cannot drive. Saudi Arabia is not Islam. Saudi Arabia is NOT a religion, its a country.

        About “force marriage”. It is again HARAM for any girl to get married before puberty let alone forced. Every girl in Islam has a right to choose their own spouse and they should not be forced. Again that is the teaching from our Qu’ran and teachings from the Prophet Muhammed PBUH. Islam does NOT allow force marriage. Just because there are some little girls out there who are getting forced to get married, does not mean Islam is the one to blame.

        And honour killing??? Are you telling me Islam teaches this? Subhan’Allah. Islam teaches that if you kill someone, it’s like killing the whole mankind. Murder is one of the greatest sins one can make. So how can honour killing be acceptable? you tell me. And please do not say just because Saudi Arabia or some other country does it, Islam is the one to blame.

        Also you have mentioned that the clothing has changed within 50-60 years. I can tell you – me, my mum, my grandma, my great grandma all wore the same style of hijab and abaya (The islamic clothing). Just because you saw a few pictures here and there again does not justify your judgement. Islam is the fastest growing religion, I know many converts myself from white, black and asian background and they cover like any other muslim woman. Are they forced? Do they have a choice, YES, because they learnt the truth about Islam – and it’s beautiful.

        I disagree that what you wrote is “truth”. In fact everything you have mentioned was from the result from a community or a state, Not Islam.

        You are intelligent Roy, and I hope Allah guides you to the truth Ameen. Look into the Qu’ran with an open mind. Go to your local mosque and find out more about Islam? You will honestly change what you have thought about Islam.

        Best Regards,

        P.S Read my blog to have an insight about my lifestyle as a Muslimah. You might enjoy it. 🙂


      • Hi again, welcome back.
        I hear what you say and agree with most of it, for believe me, I am not against Islam. The true faith of Islam may well be just like that of Christianity, but like all religions, it is the interpretation that mankind puts on them that is important. Like all religions, Islam is interpreted by man as they see fit, it may not be what is written, but it is what the world sees. How do you account for Islamic clerics like Abu Hamsa and Abu Quatada among others who have spread not peace, but hatred among their flock for everything non-Islamic and persuaded innocent young men to become suicide bombers? To be honest, if I had been one of his flock I would have stood up and denounced him, for what he was doing was against the Qu’ran and common decency. However, like all religions, Christianity has been interpreted by man and has blood on its hands, so no-one is innocent.
        Today we have in the Middle East heavy fighting between the Shia and Sunni sects that is costing the lives of many innocent thousands annually, I know this is against the Qu’ran but it happens anyway.
        Fighters are trying to force Islam on the rest of the world for the last ten years or so against the will of its people, this is also not in the Qu’ran but is happening. With groups like al Quada, the Taliban, Boko Haram and al Shabaab etc there is no mercy for unbelievers, nor even those of Islam who are not ‘one of them’. In the Far East, Pakistan and India for example Christians are being persecuted by Muslims for what, just being Christians! This is not Islam!
        The changes in clothing since the fifties can only be put down to the rise of more radical Islam in the Middle East, for as you say, it is not in the Qu’ran. Again it is the interpretation of the Islamic faith by the radicals.
        It is clear that you and your family have found a safe place to live to follow your religion in peace, but sadly this is not true of the rest of the world. Ever since 9/11 the rise of Islam has been accompanied by rivers of blood, mostly among fellow Muslims and I agree, this is not in the Qu’ran. What is really disturbing, is that this terrorism will not end until every righteous Muslim stands up against these people and puts them out of business.
        I admire your beliefs and wish everyone else could be the same, but sadly that is not the way it is, and I don’t see people changing in the near future.
        Best Regards,


      • Hello, Im back..

        Everything is interpreted by man but I believe and know like any other muslim out there that the Qu’ran is the word of Allah, not man. Not even a letter has been changed since 1400 years ago, and that miracle would stay there till the Day of Judgement.
        The prophet PBUH is known as the “Walking Qu’ran” just so us humans do not interpret the Qu’ran the way we want to. Us human beings need role models, and Prophet Muhammed PBUH is the best role model to man. His character, his manners, his well-beings, Masha’Allah is something to look up to for muslims and non-muslims alike.

        As for the minority in Islam, well, they do not speak for Islam. Everything has a minority, even other religions. But what I cannot stand is people just basing their judgment on the religion rather than the individual.
        ~ “Islam is perfect, but Muslims are not”.

        In fact no one is perfect, and I do not see why other Muslims also share the blame for the ones who do cause trouble. IT JUST DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.
        And you say you are not hating on Islam, but what is with the title “Worried About Islam – You Should Be”?? Please do not contradict yourself, because it does not look great. Islam is not something to be worried about, it brings peace and nothing more.

        Everyone will be judged on the Day of Judgement and my advice is that you should stop worrying about others and start worrying about yourself. We need to make more good deeds and spread peace, after all, we won’t live forever in this world.

        Anyways I must be off now because we can go on forever. It was nice talking to you and again I hope Allah guides you and shows you the truth about Islam. Ameen.


      • Hi Aasfaque, good to have you back.
        You seem to have misinterpreted my post somewhat. As I said before I do not blame Islam itself, but more the way many Muslims are interpreting the Qu’ran for their own ends. Christians have done the same with the Holy Bible! The Bible has much the same rules as laid down in the Qu’ran: Number 6. Thou shalt not kill. Number 7. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Number 8. Thou shalt not steal. So you see, the two religions are pretty much the same in many respects. Sadly today, very few people live up to the Ten Commandments during their lifetime, some have never even heard of them.
        Despite what your Holy Book says, what the people of the world see are the actions of those that interpret it for their own ends. It is one thing to say the Holy Scriptures are written to show love, mercy and compassion for the world and its inhabitants, but something completely different to see and hear almost daily about the atrocities that are carried out ‘in the name of Islam’. For this I do not blame the religion of Islam but the people responsible. I have never said that Islam as a religion is a bad or terrible thing.
        When I wrote this post I was pointing out that when Islam eventually spreads to the western nations then these sort of changes (i.e. the reduction of women’s rights) can be expected under the current radical regimes. Do you honestly think that western women will be allowed to dress as they always have if the country becomes Islamic? I certainly don’t! After a while they will be restricted to the same dress code as other Muslim women. Let me reiterate, this is not the fault the religion, but the people who interpret it for their own ends.
        We see daily more radical Muslims on the streets of Britain demonstrating for Sharia Law, and in some towns and cities in the land it is already in place. As you should know, this is in direct conflict with the laws of this land. The law of this country is British Law and no other. When immigrants come to a country they are expected to integrate and respect the laws of the country they are in, not bring their own with them.
        You may not know, but the birthrate among Muslims in Britain is nine times higher than that of indigenous British. Now that should tell you that in thirty or forty years time Muslims will be in the majority and the end conclusion is inevitable. It is the same in Holland, France, Belgium, Denmark and Germany.
        This has nothing whatsoever to do the with the actual religion of Islam, but the figures do give a good indication of the future. For this I do not blame the Islamic Religion but more the fanatics within its structure.
        You say: “I do not see why other Muslims also share the blame for the ones who do cause trouble” and in essence you are right, but is it not also right for all good Muslims to stand up and condemn the insurgents and terrorists who are disgracing your religion ‘in the name of Islam’? Would it not have been right for good Muslims to condemn out loud the likes of Qatada and Hamsa in the mosque when they were preaching sedition instead of staying silent? How about some nation-wide demonstrations by good Muslims telling the terrorists you do not agree with them? All the Muslim leaders of countries and communities across the world should be standing together and saying loudly to the terrorists: “Not in the name of Islam. You people are wrong and you should stop!”
        I hold no grudge or hatred against Muslims or the Islamic faith, but I have no time for those who would corrupt it for their own ends and kill indiscriminately in its name. I hope you understand me better now.
        Go in Peace
        Best Regards,


  2. Generalisation is a bad route to go down. In most cases muslim woman choose themselves to wear the hijab as it Is how they interpret their religion.


    • Hi, and welcome.
      I am well aware that some Muslim women wear the Hijab out of choice, but they are mainly the older generation. My piece is not a generalization because the majority of young women do not wish to wear such garments but have no choice. It is not the women who interpret the religion but the men. In the words of the Koran, as interpreted by Muslim men, women shall be covered from head to toe in order not to inflame the passions of man. So I am sorry, but I cannot agree with you on this, although I always say, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
      Best Regards,


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