‘Tom And Gerry’ Cartoons Racist???

Now I know the world has gone stark raving MAD! I just read that Amazon is issuing a racism warning with all Tom and Jerry cartoons shown on Amazon’s Prime Instant Video channel. Tom and Jerry racist? Which dumb, Neanderthal-brained idiot came up with that idea? Its a harmless (and very funny) cartoon series for crying out loud!!! It just goes to prove that we, as a species, have finally lost it!!!

For Some Reason People Look At This And See This!

For Some Reason People Look At The Left Side And See The Right Side!

Tom and Jerry have been around since the forties, and from that time onward have entertained billions upon billions of people around the world, and I have never heard a single person accuse the cartoons of being racist. But now some ‘holier than thou’ idiot has given the ‘Racism Ball’ another push, and who knows what it will roll over next! People have even complained about characters in the cartoons smoking for crying out loud. Professor of Sociology, Frank Furedi, said: “it was a form of a false piousness and a type of censorship which seems to be sweeping cultural life.” Well, he got that right!

However, it would seem that complaints have been received because the housemaid in the cartoons is shown as being black! To some weird people this is seen as racial stereotyping. Because of this, Amazon have released a cautionary note about “ethnic and racial prejudices”. The actual wording put out by Amazon is as follows: “Tom and Jerry shorts may depict some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society. Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today.” For crying out loud, give me a break!

The cartoon series has been relaunched over the decades several times but it was necessary to edit some portions to satisfy the current sensibilities of the watching public i.e. the limp-wristed  moaners in today’s society.

If these people get their way perhaps the word ‘Black’ will be banned from the English language altogether soon because of its racist connotations. You can just imagine it can’t you: Shop Assistant, “What colour would you like Sir?” Gentleman: “Er… The very very very very dark one please” Shop Assistant, “Oh you mean the black one?” Latest headline: Shop Assistant Sentenced to Death for Racist Comment.

Surely Something For The Animal Rights People To Complain About?

Surely Something For The Animal Rights People To Complain About?

As a reasonably intelligent person you really have to ask where all this racism crap is going. How far are we going to allow this insanity generated by a very few bigoted people to control us. Racism is a bad thing because we all have to live together on this planet of ours, but going to extremes is insane.

At least in Britain, this whole business started when Tony Blair introduced his famous Racism Law to prevent the public from criticising his Multi-Cultural Britain policy. This opened the floodgates to every lunatic in the country who saw it as a chance to make a name for him/herself.

Today it has gotten to the stage where you barely dare open your mouth for fear of upsetting some self-important wise-ass. I am waiting for the day when some sanity comes back into people and we can live our lives in harmony without all this stupidity. We are all different, but contrary to what some people think, it is perfectly possible to live together on this planet and for some to have a black maid without it being an insult.


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